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Cadbury's Creme Egg Easter Eggs 3p at Tesco Wembley (London)
Updated 13th MayLast updated 13th May by ziggycjLocalLocal
Cadbury's Creme Egg Easter Eggs now only 3p at Tesco Extra in Wembley, maybe elsewhere. Eggs with mugs 25p.
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Would it have made any difference if he wasn't staff? In the end of the day, as long as they aren't on shift, staff are customers too.


Wow, what a deal! :D I visited my local Tesco just a few days after Easter and there were no eggs in sight ;(






They're probably still making a profit at that price!

Single Creme / Oreo / Caramel eggs only 6p instore Tesco
Updated 2nd MayLast updated 2nd May by brychrisLocalLocal
worth popping in if you've run out :p Seen in Tesco Gants Hill

Your lucky, I haven’t seen a Cadbury Creme Egg, caramel egg or Oreo egg since Easter, we did have Reese’s peanut butter egg for 13p but that’s it (skeptical)


Yes. I went to my local Tesco express they are still 12p


Upload a pic because I’m not having any of this, never would they drop to 6p


Same here loads on shelves on the Saturday shut on Easter Sunday, Easter Monday not an egg in sight makes you think


My local Tesco express also seems to have received lots of extra stock overnight, all kinds of eggs...

Cadburys Creme Egg Easter egg Reduced to 38p Tesco.
Updated 2nd MayLast updated 2nd May by therealclairehLocalLocal
Found at Tesco Aldgate.

Think it was more making sure public couldn't get the best deals seen that behavior a many a time especially around the time when stuff is getting further reduced anything really good won't get put on the shelves it'll get left on the cart


;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(


I am afraid not.


That’s a shame I thought they would, does Loughborough Tesco extra still have stock they had plenty Kitkat sensations eggs a few days ago


Doesn’t look like. I have checked for stock and looks like Holyrood rd express has 26 of Lindt Lindor milk choc shell egg 355G left for price of £3.75. Edinburgh btw.

Easter Creme Egg + Mug for £1 @ Tesco In Store
Updated 1st MayLast updated 1st May by WhkaffaBegumLocalLocal
Cracking price for some creme eggs and a mug. While stocks last @ Tesco.
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There’s still quite a lot of eggs with mugs in Stevenage. Some Lindt ones and Thorntons.


There’s nothing ever good in Stevenage...


Anyone know if there’s anything good left in the Stevenage one?


75% off all Easter eggs now however no mug eggs at my local and the large sizes e.g. bounty dark/milk with egg was £2.50 still. I just got the £1/£1.50 ones.


When oh when will they just cave in to demands and do an entire egg filled Creme Egg?

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Box of 5 Creme Eggs for 60p @ Sainsbury's
Updated 30th AprLast updated 30th Apr by ukbootlegs2015LocalLocal
Creme Eggs for 12p each from Sainsbury's Borehamwood there were loads left when I was there. They also had the Oreo Eggs box of 4 for 60p

Yeh, i noticed Tropicana had gone down from 1l to 950 or 900ml


All chocolate seems smaller to me when compared to how I viewed it as a 5 year old. I'm pretty sure the BBC did an article on product shrinkage not that long ago. Most products seems to be getting smaller - take formula powder, I'm pretty sure they were all 1kg originally now you get 800g and 900g boxes all for the same price.


They were advertised as £1.20 at my local tescos, got to the till and scanned at 41p went back and grabbed another 2 packs


Not in my Sainsburys they arnt


Great deal, but as well as 5 in a pack instead of 6, are they smaller? They certainly seem it.

(From 26th April) Get 70% off all Easter Stock @ Sainsbury's (e.g Cadbury Creme Egg x12 £1.20 / Medium Easter Eggs £0.38 / Large Eggs £0.90)
Updated 30th AprLast updated 30th Apr by swe
The 70% discount should show on the website from this Thursday. I have been reliably informed by a friend who works at Sainsbury's that their Easter stock will be boosted to 70% of… Read more
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Single creme eggs are still 40p at Haywards Heath :(


Our Tesco extra had shelves n shelves of big Easter eggs at 50% but staff unaware if there was going to be further reductions (confused)


Funny Wilkinson’s hasn’t been mentioned regarding Easter eggs in forum(confused)


You better get a pallet (lol) (lol)


Loughborough had reduced price yesterday so today there was stock but nothing really worth buying in my opinion

Cadbury Creme Egg Single Only 13p @ TESCO Maybe Nationwide(Newcastle Upon Tyne)
Updated 29th AprLast updated 29th Apr by Mrswitch
Just spotted these in my local tesco/esso filling station, convenience store, 13p not bad, bought 6, love these things.

(lol) (lol)


Well at 8.3% more expensive than I can get Creme Eggs for it would be cold, I'm not made of money you know (cheeky)


Cold for 13p?wow,thats a new low in my life


Cold for me - bought the boxes of 5 for 60p yesterday from Sainsburys in Borehamwood. They also had theboxes of 4 oreo eggs for 60p and they are yum!


They were also selling Lindt eggs for 13p as well so picked up 10 of those.

9x 138g Creme Egg Easter Eggs for £12.05 Inc delivery at Cadbury Gifts Direct
Updated 29th AprLast updated 29th Apr by therealclaireh
1 Box of 9 x 138g Cadbury Creme Egg Shell Egg. Each with One hollow chocolate egg, One Creme Egg Code Darkmilk gets 10% off at basket. Not sure if free delivery is available.

These were 38p each in my local Tesco on Saturday and all gone on Sunday when i went to get a few bits


Paid 75p for one of these before Easter in Tesco


Brrr it's cold in here ;(


I’d consider giving heat if they were around .50p each... you could buy them before Easter for less than this


If not upgrade to the bigger eggs for £1 each still only £9 for 9 bigger eggs.

£2 box of 12 creme eggs instore in Waitrose & Partners
Updated 24th AprLast updated 24th Apr by ianowenLocalLocal
works out a little over 16p per egg

They were the same price in Sheffield yesterday. I’ve only managed to eat 4 so far


Awesome price


No 12s in my local but they had 5s for £1 so made do with those, thanks for the heads up.


I would destroy the whole box easily.. but I'm on diet so I will only have 6


Ooo...I like your thinking. The coffee is a given, I've a dislike for all the newspapers....but free newspaper, I like that. ;) Thanks

5 pack Cadbury Creme Eggs 83p at Tesco
Refreshed 23rd AprRefreshed 23rd AprLocalLocalUpdated 23rd AprLast updated 23rd Apr by hoofolahoofalot
5 pack Cadbury Creme Eggs 83p at Tesco, nationwide.

Typical couldn’t find any on run up to Easter....


You could say sales weren’t as eggspected!


Lidl had them at the same price.still can’t believe they dropped to 5’s


Il probably wait till their are 43p (like last year) if I miss out I miss out


12 pack £2.00 at Waitrose. About the same price per egg

5 Pack of Cadburys creme egg 89p in store at Lidl
Updated 23rd AprLast updated 23rd Apr by brillyLocalLocal
Lidl Hersham have plenty of stock left of packs of 5 Cadburys Creme Eggs down to 89p a pack. May be available in other stores.

82p in mine - had loads


This will likely be in all stores, Easter is over so most Easter themed stock is half price. It just depends on whether your local store has stock. I know mine doesn’t :(


£2 for 12 in Tesco.


Good price if its in all the stores but i think maybe


Bugger.. was in there too today and didn't keep an eye out for it

Cadbury Mini Creme Egg & Dairy Milk Oreo Found Poundland Instore (Great Yarmouth Town Centre) £0.50
Updated 23rd AprLast updated 23rd Apr by 2facedshanks
my poundland great yarmouth town centre opposite kfc had these @ £0.50 and the oreo ones Cadbury Creme Egg Minis - foil wrapped eggs. Creme Egg Season is here Easter eggs perfec… Read more
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To poundland tomorrow


True but i think thats why people are voting cold. I voted hot for you :)


yes maybe and obviously a million Easter egg deals and posts.but these are half retail price Easter gone or not. :)


Probably same price in tesco Sainsbury’s etc after easter sale


no idea thanks for your comments. :)

FREE Cadbury Oreo Egg, Caramel Egg, or Creme Egg @ WHSmith via Wuntu
Updated 22nd AprLast updated 22nd Apr by jamie15
Finally a freebie from Wuntu again! WHSmith travel stores only, participating stores in the link. Offer is for one free single egg, choose from Cadbury Oreo egg 31G, Cadbury Crè… Read more

Thanks, will expire.


Great fund


Just tried it and didn’t take anything off the price with screenshot. Then somehow managed to load it on the app and it again had no reduction applied.


I think that this has expired as it is gone from my app. The code may still on self checkouts but don't think I will risk it... If anyone does, please let me know if it works :)


Offer still live on the app despite the 20th being mentioned as the last day in the terms and conditions. Looks like this is running until the 23rd!

Cadbury Layers Of Joy Creme Egg Trifle 550g - £1.49 @ Fulton Foods
Updated 21st AprLast updated 21st Apr by moggith
Currently£3.49 in Tesco Leeds Meanwood Branch
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These are disappointing. Don't taste anything like cream eggs


Do these taste like the yoghurts? Or better? :D


These were £1.20 in Hoyland Fultons today


Used to be Jack Fulton's, been Fulton foods for about 10 years.


I've never heard of Fulton Foods before. Are they new?

(Easter Offer) Get 2 x 12 packs of Creme Eggs (24 total) for £5 @ Ocado
Updated 18th AprLast updated 18th Apr by Bradley_AH
£1 cheaper than yesterday (shock) Superb price! An Easter favourite - a pack of 12 Cadbury Creme Eggs. Delicious milk chocolate egg with a gooey fondant centre. Perfect for hidin… Read more
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Really? I've only ever seen it cheaper than this once


Not a bad price, certainly not superb, it's been cheaper than this per egg on multiple occasions this year without needing to buy 24....give it 5 days.

Easter offer - 24 x Cadbury Creme Egg £6 @ Ocado
Updated 16th AprLast updated 16th Apr by callmeleroy
2 Packs of 12 eggs (24 total) for £6, the cheapest you will find these now before Easter :) An Easter favourite - a pack of 12 Cadbury Creme Eggs. Delicious milk chocolate egg w… Read more
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Guess i am just unobservant and still little (y)


1 week does go by pretty quickly.


Don't ever remember paying 25p for one of these since I was little. Shame it will never be the same taste. Heat added

Large Cadbury Easter Eggs 3 For £8 in ASDA
21/04/2019Expires on 21/04/2019Updated 16th AprLast updated 16th Apr by lbutler1995
Large Cadbury Easter eggs are 3 for £8 in Asda until Easter! Twirl, Wispa, Crunchie, Hero’s, Creme Egg, Picnic, Oreo, Double Decker and Freddo

The medium ones are £2.50 these are usually £4-£5


Aren't these mostly £2.50 each elsewhere?


Compared to Tesco's : 3 for £10 this is a good deal.



Drool alert! Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Cream 480ml £2 at Asda instore and online
Updated 14th AprLast updated 14th Apr by omendata
Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Cream now £2 at Asda 480ml Suitable for Vegetarians. Allergy Advice: May Contain: Nuts, Peanuts. Contains: Milk.

Do it might but you might get addicted lol


Coh that's a big claim, will have to give it a try now. Would have expected it to be chocolate icecream though


My local Sainsburys have the fridges full of these for £2. Try your locals.


I think i will give the co-op a go as well i need this stuff baddddly its the girlfriends totm and this calms her right down. lol (shock) (highfive)


My local Asda didn't have any until I spotted it today. They've had none at all until now but found it in an end-of-aisle freezer. Happy hunting!

Free Cadbury’s creme egg at Bargain Booze Club Members
Updated 14th AprLast updated 14th Apr by mangomonkeyLocalLocal
Free Cadbury Creme Egg Subject to availability, whilst stocks last. Simply show your bargain booze club membership at the till to claim 1 free Crème Egg per Club member availabl… Read more

All the best trying to find a bargain booze which have the eggs in stock. I tried this the day it came out an none near me had any. It’s a good way for them to get all your details.


Come on Bargain Booze, your loyal customers deserve a better egg. ;)

Cadbury's Creme egg Mcflurry & Cadburys Caramel Mcflurry 99p from 20th March
Updated 13th AprLast updated 13th Apr by LordFlashHeart
Cadbury's Creme egg Mcflurry & Cadburys Caramel Mcflurry 99p from 20th March
99p for small, £1.39 for large - will be aval from 20th March, same time as Mcdonalds Monopoly game kicks off Offer ends 30th April so stuff your faces before it's gone :) M… Read more
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Because it's a well known psychological fact that 'most' people will vote hot on a deal just because they like the product (regardless of whether It's a good deal or an actual deal) Oh and this is isn't a deal but a third party announcement advert that this product will be available on the 20th of March.


Must mention that the 99p mini mcflurry is excluded from the monopoly promotion. You can only get the tokens on the regular.


Just read other posts.. so I'm not the only one thinking that... (shock)


How is this a deal? It's just a notification about a McDonald's seasonal promotion? (skeptical)


...still going to fill my face though! 🐽

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