Posted 29 February 2024

New McDonald’s Menu coming 13th March Creme Egg McFlurry, Hot Cross Bun Pie, Hot cross Bun latte & Galaxy truffle McFlurry,Halloumi Fries

New McDonald’s Menu coming in stores and online from 13th March Creme Egg McFlurry, Hot Cross Bun Pie, Hot cross Bun latte & Galaxy truffle Bunny McFlurry,Halloumi fries. Get ready for Easter! mcflurry’s from £1.19



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  1. PloughDevice's avatar
    Thought this was a site for finding deals, not doing adverts for the biggest companies in the world?
    Haircut_100's avatar
    You just know that if a normal user on here had tried posting this as a deal it would have been deleted instantly (and rightly so). Definitely not a “deal”, it’s just advertising.
  2. frrft's avatar
    will defo try the hot cross bun pie. I remember when they did a banana and chocolate one, it was so nice (edited)
    OfnPanad's avatar
    I was living in Hong Kong when the Minions movie came out and they did a straight banana pie. It wasn't popular except at the restaurant nearest my building

    They also did a shrimp and pineapple burger and a steak one with a bun made of compressed rice.
  3. andrewworrall1's avatar
    Looking forward to Creme Egg McFlurry!
  4. PJ70's avatar
    I’d love to see a Crème Egg Pie.
    OfnPanad's avatar
    Some people just want to watch the world burn lol
  5. minifig290's avatar
    Wouldn't say its a deal, but yes that Creme Egg McFlurry , defo not a deal as will be spending too much
    suzy18's avatar
    I’ll be having a Creme egg McFlurry with a side of hot cross bun pie
  6. Visionspinner's avatar
    Straight in the door and trying out the hot cross bun pie/latte…I’ve tried the galaxy/double chocolate/raspberry w.chocolate pies and they were all 😋
  7. toad73's avatar
    hot cross bun pie ....... ooooooooo .... my
    my belly needs to recover from a month of lidl free bakery .... give me strength (edited)
  8. pinkcam101's avatar
    Thanks for sharing
  9. t4v's avatar
    My mother is currently into the (presumably limited edition) raspberry/white chocolate pie, she also likes hot Cross buns, so this *might* work. We will see.
    mocmocamoc's avatar
    That raspberry pie is really nice, be sorry to see it go. Can’t really picture what a hot cross bun pie will be like
  10. jungleboy123's avatar
    Tried smarties mcflurry last time and nearly broke some teeth. Was like eating pebbles.
  11. the_mayor's avatar
    wow what a deal (edited)
  12. Idntkno's avatar
    Here for the limited edition pies
  13. ApolloCreedXXX's avatar
    Those Mcflurrys i could eat the size of a bucket lol! So yummy.
  14. throwawaysociety's avatar
    McDonald's desserts are always superb. I might have to try these! (edited)
  15. MartyNUFC's avatar
    Hot cross bun latte? Hmm :/ might have to just try it lol
  16. s_mQR4's avatar
    I work at mcd's gonna miss the raspberry and white choc pie for sure
    pr.'s avatar
    How am I just hearing about this??
  17. Strixx's avatar
    do you know if this is a permanent or limited edition menu?
    suzy18's avatar
    I’m guessing just for Easter as it’s Easter themed
  18. MrAlbert's avatar
    Sadly you know the halloumi fries will be as overpriced as the Mozzir Sticks and the Cheresey Garlic bites, not will they be included in the things you can use your points on.

    Not that that'll stop me ordering them with every meal. Curse you Ronald McDonald.
  19. FrostyGlovez's avatar
    Seriously need the chilli cheese bites back (edited)
  20. NeverBagHolding's avatar
    Junk food ! Except for the ice cream ,everyone loves a ice cream
  21. dan_uk's avatar
    Another boring special sandwich 🥲 At the risk of giving away how much of a McD addict I am, I wish that McD in the UK was allowed to be a bit more adventurous with the menu we’re given. Almost every other country has really interesting seasonal menu changes, movie tie-ins, different flavour fries (I’m sure this was a thing here many moons ago) and more. We just seem to get the big tasty and gentle iterations of the quarter pounder and Big Mac time after time. 

    I’ve heard various rumours about why that’s the case, from the UK’s diverse cultural blend making it difficult for their special food offerings to conform to all the dietary, religious and allergen requirements we have, through to the UK generally speaking being a much blander country taste-wise. Probably a mixture of everything. 

    Just give me a McRib (annoyingly this was slated for a final tour in summer 2020 and never then happened (for obvious reasons)) and a Maharaja Mac and I’ll shut up.
    KenKorda's avatar
    Totally agree. I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s for so long for this reason. They used to do their “tastes of the world” or something fairly regularly and some of them were decent. There’s nothing on the menu that tempts me nowadays, especially as they’ve increased the prices so that you’ll do well to walk away having spent less than £10pp. Which for the standard of food is appalling.
  22. ZeroTheGhostDog's avatar
    Just read that the Double Big Mac is coming aswell on March 13th.
    cainer1's avatar
    Looks like they lied to you,
    i just checked to see what other new burger they have to go alongside the McCrispy Deluxe as they normally do a chicken and a beef 'special' and there's nothing…tml

    I think they should have kept the Big Tasty on the menu for this latest promotion, as the promotion that's just ended was a jazzed up McCrispy and the Big Tasty, and all we have this time is just another jazzed up McCrispy (edited)
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