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Updated 29th Feb 2020Last updated 29th Feb 2020 by psychobitchfromhell
Fabric conditioner
Hello everybody, Please help! Can you recommend nice fabric conditioners that don't make you itch please? Many thanks!

I haven't used it in years. Can't tell the difference. Waste of money.


Second that. Stopped using it and now don't even know why we were using it in the first place...


try the wash without fabric conditioner. i don't use it any more and i haven't noticed any difference!


I’ve tried & tested a few over the years, definitely recommend Fairy Fabric Conditioner :)


May be fabric conditioner for sensitive skin? BTW, I don't have sensitive skin, but my current one is Ecover Fabric Softener Apple Blossom & Almond 50 Washes. Chose it purely like the smell. £2.50 when it is on offer.

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Best deal for fabric conditioner?
Previously I bought x6 bottles of Tesco' fabric conditioner when it was 2 for £2 and it lasted good 6 months. On my last bottle and looking for an equivalent deal. Can anyone re… Read more

Comfort at Costco


Comfort can be bought for £1 a litre if you shop around. There's always the cheap asda value stuff if you actually want the cheapest.


i have given up on fabric conditioner and haven't noticed any difference to be honest.




60 wash comfort intense from amazon subscription or try Wilko as they had a good deal

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Updated 3rd Aug 2019Last updated 3rd Aug 2019 by eslick
Lenor unstoppables in a washer dryer
is it safe to use lenor unstoppables in a washer dryer? cheers guys

They will melt some well let’s just say daft people melt them in candle burners, wouldn’t be putting them in a dryer, but in the washer of course that will work.


Yes you can.


Thank you. Manual says no but just seeing what the community says


I'm just asking for clarification. My generation is too busy trying to get on the property ladder and worrying about pensions. Can we use pods in a washer dryer? As it states it in the manual


Ah, don't know about that, I'd imagine it's a risk if the capsule hasn't dissolved properly when it goes to the dryer cycle? But if you're not using the dryer function then not sure what the problem would be. Might be best to go to your machine manufacturer website and ask question on there?

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Updated 15th Dec 2018Last updated 15th Dec 2018 by esar
How does a washing machine get the fabric conditioner?
I appreciate this is probably the wrong place to ask, I know. I understand in most washing machines the machine washes the powder out of the tray and it all slides out the end, in… Read more

YouTube's pretty awesome too!


I tried.


That’s one for google if you don’t already know :/ 🙃 (lol)


A million and one? So there's only 1 question you haven't asked on here then?


I think that is really quite interesting. Thank you for posting it. (y)