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Tesco reduced to clear Lenor 200 washes  £1.88
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Tesco reduced to clear Lenor 200 washes
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How do check instore stock


Thanks OP! A great find. Heat adde


I saw a staff putting it in their car (which seemed to be packed) of the stuff, went in and was told by another member of staff that the staff were raiding it. Didn't get a chance to get 1


Yes .... clear the shelf. I would take the whole palette from the back


Can stock be checked online

Scent booster, laundry liquid 33 wash, fabric softener 33 wash £1 @ poundland in store
LocalLocalFound 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Spotted these today all £1 handy for a spare or if you are on a tight budget just used the laundry liquid and its quite good smells nice the scent booster is similar to lenor unsto… Read more
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Thank you :) will have to give it a try


Yes i’m actually impressed and they’ve come out smelling great for a £1 it’s a bargain! This is the one i’ve used


Does the liquid wash clothes well?


I’ve bought the washing liquid works brilliant, smells lovely and great price for 33 washes. The scent boosters however absolutely stink! Like burnt plastic! Gave them a miss :S

Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, 3.42 L - 228 Washes (38 Washes x Pack of 6) @ Amazon £9 Prime £13.49 Non Prime
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
amazon have very kindly placed a 15% voucher on these at the already discounted price.this can only be added to subscribe and save.if you add this and have 5 items in your subscrib… Read more
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yes maybe.but for those unsure about subscribe and save.its so straightforward there are no penalties,the best thing if it suits. is the extra 15% off 5 items,i as per my username probably go a little silly.my monthly average is about 15 items. (embarrassed) (embarrassed)


£1.05 :p




Think this optino should probably be renamed to subscribe, save and cancel lol.


cheap as chips. Takes up less room in the cupboard. Well, maybe not five bottles.

Lenor Summer Breeze or Spring Awakening Fabric Conditioner 3.9 Litre 112 washers  £4 @ Tesco
29/01/2019Expires on 29/01/2019Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Lenor fabric conditioner gives you long lasting freshness - a fresh bed every night up to 1 week. With Lenor Summer Breeze close your eyes and imagine the soothing stroke of the su… Read more
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Heat, love the smell of Summer Breeze.


Give the tesco pure conditioner a try as seems just as good (2 x 42 wash is £2). Produced in the UK too and not France like lenor ;)

Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner Fresh Luxurious/Fuchsia Passion  64 Washes £2.50 instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 7th JanFound 7th Jan
64 washes cheaper than 38. Not showing in store as a deal but must be as the non concentrate is deal for 36 washes reduced to £2. Also same price in Wilko I think where listed as s… Read more

Good find @NikkoBee - nice first deal! Welcome to HUKD, have some heat :)

Comfort Creations Fabric Conditioner £1.75 @ Tesco online and in-store - 33 Washes 1.16L
All Fragrances.
29/01/2019Expires on 29/01/2019Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Comfort Creations Fabric Conditioner £1.75 @ Tesco online and in-store 33 Washes 1.16L All Fragrances. Save £1.25 Was £3.00 Now £1.75 Offer valid for delivery from 07/01/2019 … Read more

Amazon has price matched so it's cheaper with 15% S&S. £8.92


This stuff smells amazing. I've started splashing a bit behind my ears before going out <3

Comfort Sunshiny Days Concentrate Fabric Conditioner, 750ml (Pack of 21) £1.99 Amazon
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Temporarily out of stock. Order now and we'll deliver when available. We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your account will only … Read more
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Damn it! Missed it :S


It was sold by amazon too late its sold out


It is sold by amazon..


Would give it a go if it was sold by Amazon, you got no chance with 3rd party sellers


Worth a shot for £1.99 it does state pack of 21 thou. Just have to wait and see.

Ecover Fabric Softener Gardenia & Vanilla 25 Washes, 750 ml @ Amazon £1.50 Prime £5.99 Non Prime
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
so this is a little bit of a gamble people.not much at risk of it goes wrong.just going by the other sellers prices.just looks a bit wrong. We believe in happy skin. Our plant-bas… Read more
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thanks rodman :)


expired https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B07574TZ7N/ref=olp_f_freeShipping?ie=UTF8&f_all=true&f_new=true&f_freeShipping=true


go to amazon you will see it listed on the right hand side of the page. :)


£5.55 for me


Thanks, and happy new year to you and your family (y)

Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner Fresh Sky/Luxurious/Fuchsia Passion  64 Washes  Was £4.50 Now £2.50 @ Wilko free C&C
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Start the New Year in intense comfort. Please see OP for others Comfort Intense Fresh Sky Fabric Conditioner gives you outstanding softness, great fragrance and an amazing lasti… Read more
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Heat! I think also available in Tesco? Stock up now for rest of year! (party)


Another option, thanks. (y)


This is a bit better no?


Cheers @ZanyAngel for this. Hopefully this price and stock lasts in my local store for this weekend's shopping trip


And Happy Intense Year to you!

Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner Fresh Sky 90 Washes £1 + £4.95 Delivery @ Poundshop
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Comfort Intense Fresh Sky Leaves your clothes smelling fabulous and fresh. 1.35lt gives you approximately 90 washes. Keep out of reach of children
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Guess they have lol


All deals need postage, people don’t see this as pound shop and vote it hot thinking it’s Poundland when reality is unless you want more than one item it’s freezing cold.


Sometimes it’s not always deliberate just some don’t know a deal needs the postage in it, it was only reported a few minutes ago and mods fixed it already but by then it was 20 mins in. But sadly it’s to late as the deal gets the heat already and ends up on the first page as a hot deal and gains heat continuously when reality is it would never have got hot in the first place if it was right. Will help someone though but should never get this much heat.


its very simple to edit.the op is deliberately misleading people with the post.the postage needs to be put into the title.by the way i have not voted.and i stopped posting these because the postage kills the deal dead. :)


These always get hot until people realise it’s not poundland but the online store and delivery makes it expensive.

Comfort Sunshiny Days Fabric Conditioner, 5 Litre, 166 Wash £6 (Prime) / £10.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
also Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner, 5 Litre, 166 Wash at same price Comfort Sunshiny Days Fabric Conditioner 5L provides clothes with a fresh smell, exceptio… Read more

Cheers, just seen some bad reviews for it on amazon saying it doesn't even come with a label. The majority are good though. Will give it a go :)


Using the Wilko eco washing liquid the washing doesn't seem to need conditioner. £6 saved therefore and less chemicals used. :)


Costco selling 2 for £8


£4.50 for me as used the 20% coupon SNS20. First subscription I believe but I'm sure I've done this in the past!


£4,49 from poundstretcher for comfort pure

Comfort Pure/Blue Skies Fabric Conditioner 3L £4 was £8 @ Wilko & Tesco
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Both scents on offer. Online and in store. 3 litre family pack Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested 85 washes link to tesco same price click here

£3.75 at sainsburys https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/gb/groceries/comfort-blue-skies-concentrate-fabric-conditioner-3l-(85-washes)?langId=44&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrKLb7vqp3wIVQ-R3Ch37dAVREAQYAyABEgLDjfD_BwE&storeId=10151&krypto=x7oKReEYjve89kZh37y5YGr0SoBoPlSXXDROpu18BXmSAhdDfvo1ihjz+oqMK/iReNA7/iBE4kmH4aViG/rsrNbproPn+r+ayXgedxZI1wChCwgb2LOal2BvIo3GquaSeQCEHVxel5w8VPsuq+9qvCt8SmYkSZGkj3edLvQpZ/VdmUFtZHCDhckbFGgF7bOGBtcvtq5dy7lMP/lsJF/UkF3WgpzNtzI5FYJ/derGXRL0akdqUYIR8+mSOBuO3gDnnLt47i7th/qbhqmfaCtFLSdqWG/W6SvsvW90yPyDnTU=&ddkey=https:gb/groceries/comfort-blue-skies-concentrate-fabric-conditioner-3l-(85-washes)


£4 for 114 washes @ Tesco, just been shopping. Still a good deal and heat added.

Lenor Unstoppables £8 @ The Food Warehouse
LocalLocalFound 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Lenor Unstoppables 570g £8 the food warehouse by Iceland

Yea i bought two 570g for £16 best i could find. It wasn't Iceland it was a subsidiary shop called the food warehouse


You sure this is that size, normallly it’s the 750g in offer for that and that size shows on the Iceland page.


congratulations on your first post.heat added :)

Lenor Unstoppables Fresh Scent Booster 570g at Home Bargains - £7.99
Found 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
Seems like a good price for an XL bottle.

Thanks. It’s a shame this deal has gone cold though.


Great deal. I found the same ones today being sold in The Food Warehouse by Iceland, £8 for 570g


I think is more of an attention thing for some (lol)


Totally agree with you. Some people are too quick to judge. Oh well


I don’t think people read these deals correctly, this is for the XL Bottle 570g around £10 upwards supermarkets good saving

Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner, 5 Litre, 166 Wash @ Amazon - £6 (Prime) £10.49 (Non Prime)
Found 28th Nov 2018Found 28th Nov 2018
I believe this was previously a hot deal. You can get this cheaper @ £5.70 with subscribe and save.

Your still wrong, HB one does less washes.


Asda have 3L for £3


Ah, a goode fellow he is. With a strong goodwilling of men. I shalt raise a toast to thee.


Well sir, whilst I appreciate and agree with your valid commentation, I confess, I found myself somewhat in a frustrated state due to the frequent manor in which the the good folks of this country are unable to comprehend the queen's mathematicalls. And thus frequently comment on the state of the goode shop keepers in the name of Home Bargains at the price of Five of the queen's good pounds. But to my exclamation, the goode people fail to interpretate the amount of laundering is forty five excellent washes from five imperial litres. Thus explains my frequent frustration at such statements. However my goode man Stuart if thouh are correct in the statement of the goode shop Home Bargains offering for sale, the goods of Comfort pure 5 imperial litres at the price of the queen's Five pounds. And offering the most excellent washes of one hundred and sixty six. Then sir, and only then I do doff my hat and wish you the most goodest of willings my goode fellow. :{


And you sir.... I have nothing... I just wanted to be part of this :{

Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, 3.42 L - 228 Washes (38 Washes x Pack of 6) @ Amazon  £6.75 Prime £11.24 Non Prime
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
amazon deal of the day.these can also be added to subscribe and save for as little as £5.74 Product Description Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner. Add a little l… Read more
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my pleasure :)


its lovely and has won awards for being kind on skin.and for babies <3


Thanks for help


Ok then I am convinced and buying now. Hopefully it's not only for babies stuff and i can use it like Ariel or other liquid detergent:D


no this is ultra concentrate.therefore you only use a little.them big bottles you tend to put in more. (angel)

Comfort Sunshiny Days Concentrate Fabric Conditioner, 750ml (Pack of 21) @ Amazon £1.99 Prime 6.48 Non Prime
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
ordered one do not be greedy please temporarily OOS at the minute but can still be ordered. 100% more longer lasting freshness With odour defence formula Provides exceptional so… Read more
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yes get onto live chat free month or maybe some promo on the way. :p


Got this as well, might try my luck for compensation for the inconvenience of them cancelling an order (flirt)


not had mine yet louise :/


Bah, "We regret to inform you that we have been unable to source the following item: "Comfort Sunshiny Days Concentrate Fabric Conditioner, 750ml (Pack of 21)" http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000WIWBE8 Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. This item has now been cancelled from your order #XXXXXXXXXXX and we can confirm that you have not been charged for it."


I think that it is meant to say up to 21 washes.

Comfort Intense Fabric Conditioner Fuchsia Passion £10.20 for 6 at Amazon Prime / £14.19 non-Prime
Found 17th Nov 2018Found 17th Nov 2018
X6 38 wash bottles of Comfort Intense fabric conditioner in fuchsia passion scent. Also available in blue sky scent for £10 for 6 bottles.
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Not a good deal. Almost all the supermarkets have the larger 64 wash bottles for £3 each.


Kudos to the OP, got it for £6.63 with the promo too! Smelling like roses!


Don't forget the Morrisons pure offer too 5L 166 washes for £5. A sweet smelling deal.


always clear your subscribe and save after your monthly has arrived.the price is only guaranteed for the first order.any item you add now even if the price increases you will get it at the price added. :)


Yes , After the first order (y)

amazon comfort pure ultra fabric conditioner 6 x 38 washes £9 (Prime) / £13.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
Specifically designed for sensitive skin, Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner 570ml is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic Safe to use fo… Read more

If you have amazon prime this makes the bottles £1.50 for 38 washes, I regularly see them for £2.00 a bottle but £1.50 is a good price,


Considering the 3litre is regularly on offer at Tesco for £4, this doesn't seem like very good value...unless I'm missing something? Cold from me.


Good buy, currently on offer at Waitrose for £2 a bottle, so still saving £3 (if my math is right). (https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/comfort-ultra-concentrated-pure-fabric-conditioner-38-wash/842900-490499-490500)


Heat added,,, at wilko its a 90 plus washes for 3.50 i think


£7.65 with s&s

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