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Cadbury Twinpot Daim 90G @ Heron Foods - 3 For £1 Or 40p each
Made hot 9 h, 55 m agoMade hot 9 h, 55 m agoLocalLocal
90p for 1 in other retailers Milk chocolates pieces (14%) with a crunchy almond caramel centre and Cadbury milk chocolate dessert.
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Daimmm that's a good deal!


Thanks @Twilight24 these are lush, I'll pick some up

(Amazon Pantry) Sensation Hickory Smoked Cheddar and Bacon Crisps 150g X 9 - £1.99 + £3.99 delivery
Made hot 10 h, 5 m agoMade hot 10 h, 5 m ago
Noticed this in the Amazon Pantry, never tried them before but it's a shed load of crisps for £1.99.
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Cheers for the concern... pal, it's refreshing having people like you about.


Not answering any of my questions I see! No victim here, simply stated that you've attacked others previously, which goes a some way into telling me what sort of person you are. You ought to try chilling out, find a hobby, do some DIY. Scouring HUKD looking for confrontation clearly isn't good for you, have you checked your blood pressure recently? Would hate for anything to happen to you... m8!


Glad you spent so much of your time going through my profile (cheeky) You haven't been personally attacked by me or anyone else, stop trying to act like a victim out of all this. I think it's time you went to bed m8, you seem to be getting a bit upset.. ;(


Why did you delete your comment? Looking at your previous comments on other people's posts, you clearly have some sort of OCD and get a buzz at being critical towards others and often resort to personal attacks. Classic ninja. If you can't say anything mildly useful or productive, your best off unplugging your keyboard.


Do your research, Amazon Pantry is for prime members only (or would you prefer that I clarify everything for you?), there is no without prime option. Not even sure why you are commenting. I posted a good deal in case anyone is interested, clearly you aren't interested in the deal posted, so what are you doing here?

Walkers Salt & Shake Crisps 6 X 24 G @ Heron Foods - 79p
Made hot 11 h, 11 m agoMade hot 11 h, 11 m agoLocalLocal
Salt & Shake crisps with separate salt sachet - Add as little salt or as much as you like, and give the pack a shake
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before you ruined it all for the next generation


When I was a kid ALL plain crisps had a little blue twisted pack of salt in them (shock) and Snickers were Marathons, and Starbursts were Opal Fruits.....LOL (y)

Spend £30 and get £15 OFF Pizza & Sides @ Papa Johns
Refreshed 1st JunRefreshed 1st Jun
Spend £30 on Pizza's and get £15 OFF. Don't forget cashback sites like Quidco.

I love this deal, I've used on multiple orders. Any idea on expiry?


works on desserts too for me .. hot!


Just tried the code and its telling me this Spend another £24.75 to get £15 off your qualifying products


Codes still working happy days


I just used this so it's still working - thanks guys

Refreshing Rowntrees Watermelon Ice Lollies 4x73ml just £1.50 @ in-store and online Sainsbury's
TODAYTODAYMade hot 11 h, 20 m agoMade hot 11 h, 20 m ago
Rowntrees Watermelon Ice Lollies 4x73ml just £1.50 in-store and online at Sainsbury's These are very nice ice lollies, very refreshing and juicy!
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Not very nice,too sweet


Yeah, other than the chocolate seeds these are amazing! I hope they don't get discontinued because I plan to buy these again Thanks for the heat :)


Love watermelon, like these. Is it me though or are the chocolate seeds a bit out of whack? I was expecting some sort of jelly concoction... just my observation (nerd) Heat for the deal OP!


thought these were pretty rank tbh


Didn’t really like these,icecream vans do a version and they taste the best

Coco Pops Kellogg's Bag Pack 2 kg now £5.96 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Made hot 11 h, 35 m agoMade hot 11 h, 35 m ago
feels like good value for 2 kilos of Coco Pops. They even turn the milk chocolately!
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I agree with you in regards to the children. The government should just refuse NHS treatment for any poor diet related health issues to anyone over 18.


Tesco own brand are much tastier and cheaper!


Which NHS posters say sugar directly causes diabetes? The arguments are nuanced and the NHS communication on it tends to be nuanced too with the caveat that they have to simplify the information for the layperson.


It’s nanny state interference and it needs to stop.


Same. They were little belters. He was also the reason school vending machines had to stock healthy food too. Thank god I had left school before that nonsense came in. XD

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Dr. Oetker Pepperoni Pizza £1.50 at Amazon fresh
Made hot 11 h, 47 m agoMade hot 11 h, 47 m ago
Price now down to £1.50 If you buy 10 , Amazon is taking £10 off So eventually only 50p per pizza. Minimum spend £40 and free delivery. You must sign and pay monthly fee £3.99 Don… Read more

As frozen pizzas go, these are decent. You need to cook them right, which means oven to highest it'll go and pre-heat, then cook for 14 mins. Turns out nice and crispy and nowhere near as greasy as most other frozen pizzas. I add a bit of grated cheese on top and finish it under a hot grill.


frozen pizzas really are awful.


Frozen pizza delivered? Now hold on a minute, lol


This poster work for amazon lol?


...defrosted pizza anyone (horror)

Fab Strawberry Fruity Lollies 12 x 58ml £1.50 + Free selected Ice Cream worth £1 with code online  @ Iceland
30/07/2019Expires on 30/07/2019Made hot 13 h, 36 m agoMade hot 13 h, 36 m ago
Update 1
As well as 12 x Fab lollies for £1.50, if making an online order you can get free ice cream worth £1, choose from…eam - need to enter code FREEICECREAM at checkout (all customers).
Iceland 7 day deal from Tuesday online (instore Wednesday) - Fab Strawberry Fruity Lollies 12 x 58ml £1.50 - 12.5p per lolly. Next best price is £2.19 at Lidl so looks a fab price … Read more

This is an accurate comment


All stores in the UK


Cold... Fab offer! ;)


Can’t beat a Fab 🔥


Sorry this may seem a stupid question but is this is instore for all stores around UK, or specific to certain stores only

Expert BBQ Tool Set 2 piece now 32p @ Asda Clydebank
Made hot 14 h, 6 m agoMade hot 14 h, 6 m agoLocalLocal
Expert bbq tool set was £1.29 now 32p @ asda clydebank

"Expert" (lol)


To be fair, it looks worth around 32p

50% off Pizzas when you spend £20 or more @ Pizza Hut
Made hot 17th MayMade hot 17th May
Phew, you made it. It's payday weekend! Treat your tastebuds and save that hard-earned cash with 50% off pizzas when you spend £20 or more! Lots of taste. Little cost.

Love pizza hut as they are always fresh. The biggest issue I have is their delivery service, average 2 hours in Liverpool even though they promise within 30 minutes, their store staff (at more than one place) simply lie when you call. The 50% off is pretty standard and constant. I never did understand this which is the same as some other pizza places; why they don't just lower their prices instead of trying to con people into thinking it's a deal.


You can't make a pizza for less than 1 pound.


Because this offer is constantly doing well and promoted and constantly incorrectly reported, even today there was a notification from the Hotukdeals app, again with the incorrect information


Thanks for the Saturday evening comfort food


Gone back to making my own. It's a fair bit of work, but I love pizza. It's my favourite food, along with curry, which im also a dab hand at making. There's something just not right about Dominoes and Pizza hut that I can't put my finger on. I love it that much I'll be building a pizza oven to get that authentic crispy base.

Walkers Classic Variety Multipack Crisps, 18 x 25 g £2.50 @ Amazon Pantry (£3.99 Delivery)
Made hot 14 h, 38 m agoMade hot 14 h, 38 m ago
A combination of your favourite classic Walkers crisp flavours in 25 g bags Includes 18 individual bags including ready salted (five packs), cheese and onion (five packs), salt an… Read more
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I buy box of 36 for £3.99 @ farmfoods That's 11p per bag


same price in Tesco too.


Same price in Asda atm


the meaty version for £2.50 x 4


They are on the £10 off a £30 speend section on pantry, order 10 (think thats the max) of these, plus £5 worth of other stuff and only pay £20, then i would order cheap items for the free delivery.

Magnum Mini (x6) or Magnum Double (x3) for £1.94 @ Tesco (from 23/07 - more in OP)
Made hot 17 h, 59 m agoMade hot 17 h, 59 m ago
Half price offer on various 6 pack Magnum Minis available from 23/07. A delicious treat for staying cool this week 8) Don't forget to claim your FREE £1 off coupon on Magnu… Read more
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Thanks for voucher details (y)


Not quite as good as the Asda offer that finished last week, but cheapest around at the moment

John West Tuna Chunks 6 pack £2.25 @ Sainsbury's
Made hot 18 h, 56 m agoMade hot 18 h, 56 m agoLocalLocal
6 pack of 145g John West tuna for £2.25 in Sainsbury's Redhill with loads available. Not sure if it's just local and says while stocks last.
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High mercury levels... Eat in moderation... Hot. Kindest regards


Nice deal op 🔥


It's not a line that most stores will stock, plus the low price.


Can you tell from the reciept or some other way?


Good deal. Heat

Save 1/3 on Green and Black’s Chocolate at Waitrose - £1.33
13/08/2019Expires on 13/08/2019Made hot 19 h, 6 m agoMade hot 19 h, 6 m ago
Green and blacks bars are all save 1/3 at Waitrose and Partners marking the large organic bars only £1.33 each and the newer Velvet Edition bars only £1.19!
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Yes, my mistake.


This is exactly the cheapest I've ever seen it.


You must be confusing it with another place, Sainsburys hasn't had this for a £1. Cheapest it's ever been since Dec 2018 was £1.50.


They were a £1 in Sainsbury's recently - big displays of them but no mention, of course, of the weight reduction. They are worth a £1 tops IMPO. No more. But if they keep reducing quantity, and perhaps quality as well, then people will avoid I suspect.


I noticed this on Friday when I bought some. All part of keeping the Mondelez International shareholders happy. Very sneaky.

Various Mr Kipling Cakes & Fruit Pies Half Price 82p @ Tesco from Tuesday
12/08/2019Expires on 12/08/2019Made hot 19 h, 21 m agoMade hot 19 h, 21 m ago
Various Mr Kipling Cakes & Fruit Pies Half Price 82p @ Tesco from Tuesday Mr Kipling Viennese Whirls 6 Pack Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells 6 pack Mr Kipling Country Slices 6 Pack… Read more

Same in aldi aswell i think. I cant tell the difference they all taste the same to me


Bakewell tarts are 75p in lidl


Bakewell tarts are amazing! Always get a few packs when they're on offer for £1, so this is even better than usual.


Premier foods make exceedingly bad cakes


Exceedingly hot.

(From 23rd July) Linda Mccartney 2 Mozzarella Burgers 227G £1 / Magnum Double (All varieties)  £1.94 @ Tesco
12/08/2019Expires on 12/08/2019Made hot 19 h, 24 m agoMade hot 19 h, 24 m ago
More decent 1/2 price offers :) Link for Magnum Double Ice Creams: Offer… Read more
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God god, you are like two of my mates at is Muslim & does Ramadan, but at other times of the year is down the pub drinking & he smokes too. Other one wears a Turban & goes on & on about his religion all the time, but takes his turban off before going out sometimes.. But got forbid you try to make a point to them, they won't have it... for me you are either all in & or all out, there is no middle ground.


So you're a fegan then? (lol)


I honestly think these taste really good and as a meat eater I couldn't tell they were not meat. Seriously I'm not trying to troll anybody.


Agree with above comments, these burgers win THE worst burgers award. Those banging on about the best burgers have clearly no idea what a good burger is supposed to taste like. Can't wait for this bloomin vegan fad to be done and over with.


Yeah people have been banging on about these for about 10 years on here and I genuinely don't get it. I tried them circa 2010 and they were utterly revolting. Like literally inedible, I took one bite and binned them.

Nik Naks Assorted (14pk) for 49p instore at B&M
Made hot 20 h, 9 m agoMade hot 20 h, 9 m agoLocalLocal
Now only £0.49, were £1.00. Enjoy the great taste of Nik Naks crisps with this fabulous assorted pack of flavours. 5 x Rib 'n' Saucy 5 x Nice 'n' Spicy 4 x Scampi 'n' Lemon … Read more
Avatardeleted1620404Get dealGet deal

How is it trolling? pointing out that very few of these online bargains are available for the majority of members to buy is not trolling. If you have a problem with my deal posting report me and get me banned, Oh wait a second being a member does not require me to post deals does it?


Why is it in these multibags there are always one nasty orrible flava. Scampi and Lemon nah just nah! Still heat+ Good price can give the Scampers and Lemon to the seagulls they love 'em!


A deal is only a deal when someone can buy it,so many deals from B&M exist online only(or in 1 store). this exists and is a deal. this exists and is a deal. No WTF needed ;)


As expected unfortunately ;)


so another 500 degree deal with no actual proof ! wtg

Kelly's IceCream (Clotted Cream / Honeycomb Crunch / Cornwall Cherry Bakewell) 950ml now £2 @ Morrisons
Made hot 20 h, 57 m agoMade hot 20 h, 57 m ago
Some of the flavours of the yummy Kelly's ice-cream is currently 1/2 price and available for £2 at Morrisons. The Flavours on offer are : Kellys Clotted Cream Vanilla Ice Crea… Read more
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Asda are closer to me ever since the morrisons next door decided to close - damn them :) Thanks for checking the instore stock, might visit the one next to me on my way back to see if I can pick some too.


Really nice Ice Cream, Honeycomb Crunch is possibly the best I've ever had, (maybe I need to get out more lol) Have some heat..


I saw the offer in store. I didn't check online. Voted hot matwaboy :)


Anyone tried the cherry Bakewell one?


Yes one flavour - the others are out of stock online - and I mentioned those in the original post too.

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages x6 / 6 Red Onion & Rosemary Sausages / Mozzarella Quarter Pounder Burger x2 for £1 @ Asda
Made hot 22 h, 40 m agoMade hot 22 h, 40 m ago
The Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages (6*50 gm) are currently for £1 at Asda Also on offer are Linda McCartney's Meat Free 6 Red Onion & Rosemary Sausages Linda … Read more
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I tried Veggie to please the grilfriend but I could not resists the urge for a Chicken Thai Green Coconut Curry it just doesnt work with Quorn pieces Im afraid there is just something about biting into a succulent piece of chicken that you veggies will never get the pleasure of - I feel really sorry for the girlfriend and veggies in general never to have bitten into a Mc'ds cheeseburger and tasted that Gherkin mixed with horsemeat and cheese, never been poisoned by a KFC or been in bed for days after a bout of past its sell by date egg and bacon omellette lol Or the pure delight of an all day breakfast - two rashers of bacon in a fully packed roll dripping with Lurpak and Heinz ketchup. Poor veggies! Even Jesus ate fish thats what i keep telling her so it cannot be wrong! (confused)


Even the burgers? I found them great. Best sausages I've had as a relatively new veggie are Cauldron chilled variety.


The burgers are absolutely amazing!!


Best burgers by far and a great price. HOT.


Heat for price but horrible compared to real thing and standard Linda McCartney sausages.

McCoys Muchos folded crispy tortilla snacks 50p @ Asda
Made hot 23 h, 47 m agoMade hot 23 h, 47 m agoLocalLocal
Much loved new-ish crisps and they finish quick at office buffets everywhere Not the usual reduced ticket as shown in pics & only these varieties found at Asda Armadale

A friend mentioned they are available in Dalgety Bay Asda also


That was me just heading to bed haha! Wanted to post this before someone else did (highfive)


Spicey chicken is the best flavour but the cheese is also great. Hot. Anyone know if any in colchester, harwitch or clacton are reduced?


Anyone checked thurmaston yet?


These are some tasty snacks. Heat.

Haribo Gold Bears/Star mix/Giant Strawbs/ Tangfastics 1000g tubs £4 at The Food Warehouse
Made hot 21st JulMade hot 21st JulLocalLocal
Yum yum cheapo sweeties.
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Omg go back to gaming, your mum called and wants you to tidy your bedroom in the attic (lol)


Not only vegan but a sjw too...


Actually I’m not- I have severe allergies and foods like that make life a lot easier for me. Childish trolls lmao .


Vegan detected


What’s pathetic is someone upset at the fact someone was stating it would be nice if these foods were available to people with allergies or eating restrictions. They simply made a comment- haribo offer a good range of vegan foods but nothing compares to gummy bears so sure it’d be nice if they add them to the veggie range. The gelatine veggie alternative is also far better for the environment - natgeo had an awesome article on it. So please- grow up before snapping at someone for saying it would be nice if they had access to certain foods.

Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Bars - £1.39 Instore at B&M Bargains
Made hot 21st JulMade hot 21st JulLocalLocal
Best price for this bar I've seen outside of Amazon Prime. These are usually £2 to £3 a bar, but found this at the Watford B&M Store!
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Carb loading is a bit of a myth really, as long as you eat well you shouldn’t have to concentrate on it. It’s generally not needed for anything other than a half marathon or above. No matter how well you’ve loaded, pretty much all is depleted after 90 minutes of running. So not really needed for a 10k or less and if you’re really quick you should still be able to use your reserves on a half marathon. If you don’t stay fuelled during a long race, and before the 90 minute mark, you stand a chance of hitting the wall. I find any sort of bar will give me enough to keep me going so I don’t crash. I’m not very quick, so need to fuel during anything that’s 10 miles or above. This wasn’t pleasant to use for that though due to the texture.


No they are not. Only one bar is sold there and that is the brownie with a lower protein content - 15g to the 20-21g of these bars.


Sorry I'm going to have vote cold, these are 99p in Quality Save / Home Bargins




im not trying to lecture anyone im just saying i went through a fad of using these and the drinks and they dont satisfy you with the feeling of a chocolate bar and they are full of chemical processed crap, there are cheaper healthier products maybe this one is better though (y)

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