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Updated 10 m agoLast updated 10 m ago by Discotech
Cheaper than Amazon has ever had it. Modern, Simple & Professional Narrow Bezel Design Ducky One has been designed with a narrow bezel compared to the previous Ducky keyboard,… Read more

Good price for RGB I bought a Ducky One2 TKL with cherry blue switches from Kustom PC for £107.99 (Newer model with detachable usb-c cable) and it is a great well built keyboard. My backlight is blue the only downside I find is to program the lightning patterns is fiddly as you use the Fn key on the keyboard, but to be honest I rarely use the backlight and after the initial enthusiasm I didn't bother with trying custom patterns.


I like how no one says why they a voting cold or where you can find a better deal


I would have put “Ducky” in the title so people understand why this quality 10key less mech is rather expensive.




Hopefully has a CAPS LOCK key

Updated 7 h, 52 m agoLast updated 7 h, 52 m ago by Chojiin
Next best price is around £150. This is the Core version, so no numeric keypad
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RE: Missing numpad. It's a TKL (tenkeyless) layout, often favoured by gamers. It's a gaming keyboard, so...


I think the numpad can be purchased separately for another £40, and clips on to the rest of the keyboard. Buying the kb and numpad separately costs less than the price of the package with both included :) Also if you're a heavy numpad user this kb is not recommended anyway. According to all reviews I've read, the numpad is a bit wobbly when it attached to the kb.


Ok. Never said they didn’t. Just disappointing for me that it doesn’t include a numpad


Can't decide on this or the Corsair K65 LUX. Got the K70 already and love it but want a TKL as never use the numpad. Is there a way to get free delivery on Overclockers?


Some people don't want nupads on keyboards...

Steelseries Apex M750 + Rival 310 Mouse £119.99 @ Currys
Updated 17 h, 37 m agoLast updated 17 h, 37 m ago by MikeyG1
I was in the market for a gaming keyboard for my son, this model was in my shortlist Spotted this, the keyboard and the mouse for cheaper than the keyboard alone at Curry's Keybo… Read more
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Great keyboard and decent mouse. Heat added, nice find


Excellent deal. Cheapest for them both combined is £88+£39 on 3camels. Good quality keyboard AND mouse unlike other bundles at this price.


a very warm welcome to hukd newbie.thanks for taking the time to share your deal with us today.have some heat :)

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Razer Huntsman Elite, Gaming Keyboard at Amazon for £160.14
Updated 16th NovLast updated 16th Nov by neilstud00
Cracking price
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Why are people voting cold ? Voting is for the price not whether you like the item or not :/ this is a good price


Its just a plastic keyboard ffs


Thinking of waiting till Black Friday to get it but now that is the first time under 200 couldn't resist.


Razer sells Keyboards that are just as good as this one for a lot cheaper.


I have this keyboard, Such a beautiful keyboard the wrist support is insanely comfortable, the fact that every single key is customiseable is the main selling point for me, in both the fact you can change the colour or the function, easy to set up macros ect. Wonderful, Would i say its worth £160? probably not... but i don't think any keyboard is worth what they value them at.

ADX Firefight K01 Gaming Keyboard, £16.99 at Currys
Updated 15th NovLast updated 15th Nov by Mechtup
Worth that much? Have an edge over your opponents with the ADX Firefight K01 Gaming Keyboard . The smart black and orange keyboard comes with a choice of three different backlight… Read more

I bought this for £24.99 last week. It’s absolutely typical that it’s gone down. I haven’t opened it yet but I just can’t be bothered to fuss around with returning it and rebuying it when the store isn’t even local anyway.


The only gaming thing about this brand is the word gaming on the box :)


Was 25 quid recently, never 50


This is usually around £15-20 not 50

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Razer RZ03-02040300-R3W1 Ornata Chroma Mecha Membrane Gaming Keyboard - £70.58 @ Amazon
Updated 15th NovLast updated 15th Nov by triobot
Full title: Razer RZ03-02040300-R3W1 Ornata Chroma Mecha Membrane Gaming Keyboard with Mid-Height Keycaps, Ergonomic Design, UK-Layout, RGB Chroma Backlight. This is down from aro… Read more

Why not get new keycaps? Cheaper than getting a new keyboard.


"This is down from around £90. Although I know not everybody will want to pay this for a keyboard." I paid abobut £130 for my k70 about 2 years ago and im bored of it so on the look out for a new keyboard so the money side dont bother me................but £70 for membrane oO


membrane lol seriously im actually confused now. what market is this for for?


Mecha membrane? Ew..


You are paying for rgb :S I mean this is a membrane keyboard.

LOGITECH G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard at Amazon for £35.99
Updated 14th NovLast updated 14th Nov by shaazzAArr
Good price for this keyboard, was £44.99 few days ago.

Not a fan of the enter key layout, but good price HEAT.


Wish the wrist rest was removable.


need a new keyboard after spilling water on my decade old microsoft ergonomic. fancy a K95, but can't really justify the cost. I was going to order this yesterday, but it £5 cheaper last month, so may drop again.


so tempted by this


Mech dome switches for those interested.

RAZER Ornata Mechanical Membrane Gaming Keyboard, £49.97 @ Currys
Refreshed 12th NovRefreshed 12th NovUpdated 12th NovLast updated 12th Nov by Hondo
Free delivery or collection. Razer Mecha-Membrane switches Backlit keys Fully programmable keys Anti-ghosting Ergonomic design

Hellman's or Coleman's ??? ... :o


Anyone know if the wrist wrest is the same as the “leather” style one on the blackwidow?


Oh, bless.


Too close in price to a true mechanical.


Maybe you shouldn't eat your dinner whilst on your computer (annoyed)

MSI GK-701 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, £49.99 @ CCL
Updated 9th NovLast updated 9th Nov by nellybauer
Free delivery with this Cherry MX SPEED RGB Silver Switches RGB LED Backlight Windows Key Lock N-Key Rollover Braided Wire and Gold-plated Connector

You are comparing clicky blue switches with linear quiet silver ones on this keyboard. Having tested different switch types the noise of blues would drive me mad


29.99 on amazon uk


AFAIK g413 comes with G-roamer which are like the others mx clones but worst . havent tryed them, but when i did some research everibody said G-roamer are the worst clone of mx, even kahil switches are better.


Same keycaps as standard keyboard and are identical to cherry reds but travel 3mm instead of 4mm and actuate slightly sooner.


thats what im thinking cause i want the G413 but dunno which as i do want RGB to go with my logitech G403 mouse

Logitech G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Romer-G with USB Pass Through £58.99 Amazon
Updated 9th NovLast updated 9th Nov by GhostCaspar
The Romer-G mechanical switch is purpose built for pro-grade performance, responsiveness and durability Precision key lighting: Romer-G is also purpose-designed for precise and … Read more
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Seems like a rubberdome keyboard, these are mechanikcal, look up the difference between the two on YouTube and see if it's something you would like.


Can anyone help, I'm looking to getting a keyboard but theres so many different type of "keys" I like the one I use at my work which is HP SK-2027 anyone can help I can get similar keyboard?


damm id love this one but with RGB like to go with my G403 mouse


You mean red are for gamers


Review here with typing test at 10:30ish :

Corsair K70 LUX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown Switches, Red Backlighting) £91.99 Amazon
Updated 8th NovLast updated 8th Nov by azual
Great deal for a quality keyboard with cherry mx brown switches...for those who aren't too fussed about RGB. Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminium frame for superior durabil… Read more
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my gawd 92 for keyboard!!!


Looks like a nice deal. I have a cheaper Strafe RGB. For me that feels grsat quality. No doubt the K70 will feel more premium. I didn't expect much of RGB, but I just wanted to say, I rate it. Some games (eg Homefront) and recognise it and automatically control the lighting which is surprisingly immersive. For other games, I've set up bespoke lighting to help me remember the relevant keys. So, theres my cool story, bro.


Been using main daily for the last year and it's fine.


thats the one im tempted & logitech just sent a random email with a pick a discount & it was 20% but it excluded that keyboard though


I was looking at these but ended up getting the hyper x alloy elite. Great keyboard.

MSI GK-701 RGB Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Silver £49.99 @ CCL
Updated 7th NovLast updated 7th Nov by SUPERCOOLWILLOW
Free click and collect or £4.99 for DPD shipping Pretty amazing price for a fully RGB mechanical keyboard
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intresting idea that


Going back to this old thread, but the deal is still on which is impressive! Not sure if you ever made a decision, I have just recieved this from ebay which then gives you 4 common switches to feel the difference, handy to have them next to each other. It doesn't have the silver switches as used in the keyboard on offer on this deal but I understand they are just a lighter version of the red so still get a good idea.


Maybe email the company and see what they offer?? Can't see them doing a partial refund though but you won't know unless you ask them


Hi guys, I ended up purchasing this keyboard. It arrived today and the number 8 buttons light is inactive. BUT the button works. I don't want to wait a week for the item to be returned and processed. I rather be refunded partially for the slight damage. Is that possible? I live far the actual store. Any advice? Thank you :)


Does anyone know how the keys compare to a SideWinder X4? Mine's still going strong but the keys aren't removable and there's a decade of gunk and probably rot underneath the keys. Both are gaming keyboards and from what I've read both have a short key depth.

Corsair K70 LUX mechanical keyboard with cherry MX Blue Switches. £74.99 @ Amazon
Updated 6th NovLast updated 6th Nov by CoeK
I just ordered this after checking my wish list and noticed it was down to 74.99. I think scan have it for this price too if you prefer not to use Amazon. This is the Blue one, so … Read more
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Where were you yesterday?


We used to hear jokes like this all the time when I worked at the keyboard factory. Great job. Unfortunately I got fired because I wasn't putting in enough shifts.


You might have got me there. Well done ;)


Kinda Board of you bad jokes already


I just bought this a few hours ago and checked if it was posted. great spot OP

HYPERX Alloy Elite RGB Gaming Keyboard £119.99 @ Very - Free c&c
Updated 4th NovLast updated 4th Nov by hairray
HYPERX Alloy Elite RGB Gaming KeyboardThe HyperXTM Alloy Elite RGB is a full-featured RGB keyboard that has as much stunning style as it has substance. Customize your keyboard or i… Read more

Shame that couldn’t have been said....


yeah ordered one from Amazon £84.99 last week which will be good price if I get it(expedited delivery)


Nothing mystic about it being £85 on Amazon a couple weeks back. It's a good keyboard but not worth K70 money.


Crystal ball Mystic meg...


Wouldn’t be surprised to see this going lower during Black Friday, might be worth waiting

Cooler Master CK550 RGB Gateron Blue Keyboard £55.00 @ AWD-IT
Updated 3rd NovLast updated 3rd Nov by Syst3mzero
The CK550 is a mechanical keyboard with Gateron Blue switches so something a little different to Cherry. Its normally £74.99 but is £55 with AWD IT The CK550 features robust RGB… Read more
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not a bad looking keyboard, the only reason I wouldn't call it hot is in a few weeks you will be able to get a lot more keyboard for a little more (Logitech g keyboards on black Friday) Macros, features, software, things like borderlands integrated keyboard lighting and smartphone map app type stuff. the Logitech g keyboards win for gaming. can't vote it cold either.


I use a red switch keyboard in an open plan office, no problem. I brought in my blue switch keyboard for a day on 1st April and typed like a maniac all day, everybody in the office wanted to kill me.


It depends how you type. An experienced touch typist will generate little noise, although the keys make a noise on the way up and the way down. Red are the quietest as they provide no feedback sound, brown are designed to provide a little noticeable feedback, either with a feint click or a slight bump when the actuation point is reached - the point when the letter appears on the screen. If you are heavy handed they will be noisy whichever keyboard you use. Blue will be clicky however light you type.


I have browns. They do make enough sound to stand out. If you are listening to music or otherwise giving yours ears to something else then you won't notice. My partner watches TV and even sleeps in the same room I'm using the keyboard in.


Yeah, they are not too bad so imagine blues in an open plan :) 1m 35s

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, UK layout, Cherry MX Red £84.99 @ Amazon
Updated 29th OctLast updated 29th Oct by flow
Sold directly by Amazon for the low price of £84.99 According to Camel... It's the lowest price it has ever been! Note: You have to click "other sellers on Amazon" and choose Ama… Read more

Hot from me


Why is this cold?


I don't have a lot of experience of mech keyboards but I type a lot (and fast) so I buy with that purpose in mind, rather than gaming. I had a cheap Chinese brand Outemu Blue 'board a while back - and the racket it made was unbearable!! It didn't help that over time it developed a stutter for no apparent reason (typing "tttttttt" etc), rendering it unusable. I would've moaned to Amazon but it was about nine months old - filed it in the bin. Now using Kailh Reds, which was to be my last ditch attempt at trying a mechanical. Much, much prefer these. Quieter (still makes a little clatter compared to membrane, but not jarring as those horrible Blues), keys feel smoother to type with than Blues, and nearly a year in, it still functions perfectly - no horrible "stutter"ing. TL;DR: I'd recommend Reds if your first experience of mechanicals was Blue - Kailh are supposedly very similar Cherry MX clones.


Totally agree i love my Merc :)


I've had my eye on the HyperX Elite for a little while, as it's a mechanical keyboard that is not completely hideous (unlike a lot "gamer" peripherals) and has media controls. Just not sure how I'd get on with the Cherry MX Reds as, by all accounts, they are super-sensitive, I'm used to membrane keyboards and I've not used a mechanical keyboard since the Model M keyboard many, many moons again.

Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit, Qwerty UK Layout - Black, Amazon £34.99
Updated 24th OctLast updated 24th Oct by PhilK
Cheapest its been on Amazon. I'm not sure what a gaming keyboard brings to gaming experience but all the esports people use them so I assume there is some appeal to them. My key… Read more
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£45 now


im feeling the same im toying bewteen this to match my G403 Mouse & my G240 Gaming mat but i rather like the MSI one too


This has just been delivered, thanks for the post! I also have the K350, it's at least 8 years old now. I've broken the feet and recently the spacebar came off. I put it back but it's not the same, have to press it in the right place. I've wanted an illuminated k/b for ages, so decided to get this one. Bit torn now the MSI mechanical has been posted for £49.99. I do like having a dedicated volume control and mute though, so I'll probably just keep this Logitech. It feels nice enough and I don't really do that much gaming these days anyway. Looks great, I much prefer the understated look and the keys feel pretty decent actually.


It's a rubber keyboard but it feel okay. Good price from what you get.


hehe yeah thats what im thinking & this is a good price for it though dont really need it right now as i got a nice keyboard from maplins when it was closing down but it would complete my trio as i got the G240 gaming mouse mat that is amazing to go with my G403 mouse

Corsair K70 LUX MX Brown RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Factory Refurbished) £89.99 Scan
Updated 7th OctLast updated 7th Oct by esk02k
Product Overview The K70 LUX RGB gaming keyboard has Cherry MX RGB Brown switches backed by a lightweight, durable aluminum frame. Advanced lighting control and large font keycap… Read more
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I bought a factory referb K70 from scan about a year ago. The first one had problems, some leds not working. Luckily the warranty was direct from corsair so they sent me another k70 (which took about 2 weeks) which was mostly fine but has slight a buzzing sound when at full brightness. Thankfully you cant really hear it unless you put your ear close to the keyboard. Overall experience, poor. Wouldnt go through that again.


Seems to be some Scan haters ! I find Scan great even in the early days.


(y) Because im a total geek! (nerd) You can go down a pretty deep rabit hole with mechanical keyboards. When your ready for custom ABS, PBT Keycaps, Artisan key caps, O-Rings, or ready to choose your own board, switches, keyboard plates and personal aesthetics then come join over at reddit/MechanicalKeyboards (y)


Wow... How did you know all these stuff? :) Thanks... Will scout around... Probably will start with the cheaper options...


If you dont mind blue switches you could have a look at the following which are under £30 Redragon K552 KUMARA or K551 or the VARA AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard TeckNet Mechanical Keyboard They all are the same board under diff manufacturers - all are 87/88 key compact keyboards using Outemu Blue Switches. Good build quality, Acceptable for the price If you want red, white, black, brown, blue cherry mx switches then youll need to pay more. Have a scout around and see if you can pick up a Filco, Ducky or Das boards if you want something better.

FUNC-KB-460-UK  KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switches - £37.75 @ CPC Farnell
Updated 1st OctLast updated 1st Oct by fell123
Bought one of these for myself and my nephew who is an avid gamer and has no complaints. Review

Did anybody recieve this? I bought one but have received an email cancelling my order


It's built well. Has since been rebranded when Func was bought by Fnatic. I have the Fnatic Gear Rush which is the same keyboard. Has Cherry MX Red Silent switches on my version and a proper stabiliser bar on each of the longer keys, not double guide stems which are more wobbly (a la the Corsair Strafe RGB I bought). I returned the Corsair as the Fnatic went down in price from £80 to £67, so at this price it's a steal! I couldn't get it because it's not the Cherry MX Silents, but otherwise, yes. Go for it. Works in WIndows 10.


I bought one of these with Cherry Blues in it back in 2015, great keyboard definitely worth it at this price!


One of the best made keyboards I've ever owned. I bought mine year before my mates bought Corsair K70 's and these are nearly dead. Lights have gone on theirs but mine is golden and I play twice too three times more then them. I was hoping it would die so I could get an RGB keyboard, but no it just keeps going.


It's probably about 5 years old - still a great keyboard nonetheless. Cherry switches and decent build quality + wrist rest. Not bad at £40, though was cheaper in previous years.

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