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Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit, Qwerty UK Layout, Black - £34.97 delivered @ Amazon
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Personalise five individual lighting zones from a spectrum of over 16.8 million colours on this RGB keyboard Full-sized gaming RGB keyboard designed for gaming and productivity; t… Read more

It might not be what you're asking but I own this keyboard and cleaned it recently popping each key off and washing them in soapy water. I used a small screwdriver and almost all came off without needing to apply too much pressure. By the end I had found the knack to getting them off and next time will be a lot quicker. The letter and number keys pop on easily as you'd expect. The shape of the connecting part of each key mean there's only one way up you can push them on - handy for the arrow keys otherwise you'd have to judge from the angle of the key whether they're up, right, down or left. The larger keys (space, backspace, return, etc.) have a metal bar which clips in easily. The backspace on mine took a few swift hard presses to re-seat properly but all's working fine.


I got this keyboard just yesterday, after suffering with the use of a cheap ten quid one since my last one died. This one feels very comfortable and easy to type. The keys feel great and I've noticed I am making a lot less errors than with the cheap one.


Decent membrane keyboard but I got the mechanical G413 for less than this a few months ago (I know, I know, no time machine...)


I bought this as a works keyboard on offer at that time too. Excellent piece of kit. No complaints here. Heat


Got this for £24 in dec too, good keyboard.

CiT Builder Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard £11.85 delivered from CCL.
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
CiT Builder Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard A cheap USB LED Keyboard for the kids, so if ur one of them folks who come to me over packages for their kids, these be perfect.... pretty go… Read more

Would this work with Xbox one thanks


Thanks ordered


Already posted


Ordered one for my daughter, thanks! 2 year warranty too. The eBay CCL store had it for around £13.06 delivered, so direct from the site on its own still worked out cheaper at less than 12 quid when I ordered.


Nice (unicorn)

RAZER Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard for £43.69 delivered @ Currys eBay
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Good affordable gaming keyboard from Razer. Just thought the price is quite low here compared to other retailers. Apply voucher code PRICE8 at checkout for the double discount. … Read more
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Well yes fortunately I have worked out that paying less for something is generally a good thing :)


Usually this keyboard ranges from 50 to 65 pounds. Hence I would say you better off getting it from here than from Argos :) since anything that is below 50 and brand new is really good deal for this.


Have one. Great value board.. Full customisable LEDs with the software included.


Thanks, I didn't want a mechanical keyboard, I don't like them. This appears to be £59.99 in Argos, but of course Argos don't usually give you the best price or even close to a reasonable price at times.


I’m pretty sure this just normal Cynosa Chroma as pro versions cost about 83 pounds on Amazon UK (it does say “global store”) Regardless, for normal version at this price. It is a quite a good deal! But it is not a mechanical keyboard if that matters to you.

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard (Mechanical membrane) - GERMAN Layout £19.64 prime / £24.13 non prime @ Amazon
50° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
IMPORTANT NOTE: This keyboard is GERMAN layout (which you can view here ), I also understand that the keys on this keyboard are not easy to switch so I would not recommend trying … Read more

Great for typing rules for others!


Damnit could have done with this! I've got the UK version and you can actually pull the key caps out with a bit of force. I've done it numerous times to clean the insides and the reason I could do with this is because the leather wrist rest is peeling and some of the keys are beginning to fade (I guess these weren't laser etched or whatever technically ensures the keys don't end up losing their lettering. Not a major issue as I touch type anyway but the OCD in me can't stand the worn off paint and it's not nice having bits of faux leather being stuck to your palm after a long gaming session! If this was in stock I would have bought it and just swapped the key caps off them and used the wrist rest then kept the keyboard as a back up! I can see the keyboard layout is exactly the same - just some of the keys have different letters on them. Shame I was working and didn't see this!


Sorry, it's gone. It went OOS but could still be ordered and said it was back in stock 10th June. Now it's gone completely.


How do you know it's coming back in stock on June 10th? This could be gone...


A lot of foreign layout keyboards appear on Amazon Warehouse (often French or German) for next to nothing. I wouldn't pay £20 for a QWERTZ kb, but that's just me. US layout is okay as it's not much of a change. I once bought a mech keyboard that was German and thought moving the keycaps would be a good solution, but the keys were in a slight gradual curved format and I could "feel" the keys I'd switched around whilst typing (embarrassed) I have a mecha-membrane keyboard (which are cheaper than all-mechanical keyboards, obviously) in a cupboard somewhere...

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ADX MK0419 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Red switches), £30.58 at Currys/ebay with code
303° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Looks decent for the money, might suit someone. Double discount at checkout. Specification Switch type: Red switches Other features: Ergonomic soft wrist rest Cable length: … Read more

I got an adx mechanical keyboard for my girlfriend last year. After using it I regret the purchase. I’d just go for a decent membrane one at this price.


Nah, Curry's.


Outemu according to this article, which suggests it ain’t half bad for the price:



LOGITECH G Play Advanced Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Set £76 at Curry's/ebay
286° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Not a bad bundle for the money, might suit someone. Specification MPN: 991-000321 Mouse weight: 265 g Manufacturer's guarantee: 2 years Keyboard weight: 1.37 kg Box content… Read more

Hmmmm Well the best arcade joysticks use clicky switches.


I have a 10% off code for Logitech that was emailed to me after a recent purchase. Single use only though, first come, first served....66g32endd


I love gaming on blue switches, I don't like gaming linear switches.


Got this from Currys when it was 80 quid. Great set in my opinion


But, a lot of people love gaming on blue switches (confused) I personally prefer Red switches, but, to each their own.

Razer Blackwidow X Chroma RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for £69.99 delivered @ Box
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Nice keyboard on offer at Box. Was £109.99, now £69.99 which i think is the lowest it has been. Available with free delivery More reviews available on Amazon Multi-award W… Read more
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Try looking at the ducky one 2 mini


Check out the Wooting One. Very nice!


So you agree with me that that you wouldn't go back then. All mice do the same thing too going by that theory but having something responsive yeah definitely. I don't know many people who have a premium gaming mouse but a cheap membrane keyboard though.


Just need a good TKL keyboard man, why does everything have a numpad; I’m a gamer not an accountant (lol) .


To be fair, keyboards all do the same thing and anything that works reliably will suffice for gaming. A mouse is a much more important investment especially if you play competitive titles. I’ve had both mech and mem boards and whilst I wouldn’t go back I wouldn’t have a huge problem playing with them. A bad mouse on the other hand is inexcusable.

SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard - 10-Zone RGB Illumination - Premium Magnetic Wrist Rest for £55.19 delivered @ Currys eBay
305° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Think this is best available price for this new SteelSeries gaming keyboard. Use code PRICE8 at checkout to get reduced price. Free delivery. Water resistant gaming keyboa… Read more

Okay so this arrived today, I'd also ordered a cherry red xtrfy from overclockers on the advice that they are quieter. Having trying them both side by side I just prefer the softer feel of the steel series, they are much quieter and have this nice almost rubberised matt feel. Going to try some more gaming and see how I feel but just not sold on mechanical switches tbh.


Not all reviews are bad most are very good and rate this keyboard though I purchased the Apex 5 and its awesome with the rival 650 wireless mouse


looks really good! Was just about to purchase it too and then i came accross this review:


Gamers Tears


Get some quieter keys. I'm using the Cherry Silents and they're awesome.

Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Tactile & Clicky) - £119.97 @ Amazon
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Ebuyer selling at the same price. Gamer keyboard with Razer green switches (tactile and clicky); designed specifically for gaming, Razer mechanical switches provide optimised ac… Read more
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Can anyone recommend a low profile /short travel linear keyboard?


Thanks and back in stock and ordered


If you like Razer then they do a few different TKL ones, but what you go for depends on what kind of switch you're looking for. The BlackWidow Lite is pretty decent and has been as low as £55. It's got Razer Orange switches (similar to Cherry Browns). Or they have the Huntsman Tournament Edition which has their red linear switches but at the moment that seems to be £115 or more. Plenty of other options exist from manufacterers like HyperX, Steelseries, etc.


Yep I've been using it. Don't seem to get many emails but guess prices are not dropping.


I use in meantime. Still active tracking and can track your wish lists automatically.

CiT Builder Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard - £11.85 delivered @ CCL Online
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
The CiT Builder RGB has everything you would want from a gaming keyboard and will fit right in with your other peripherals. You can switch between 7 different colours at the touch … Read more
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Hahah, defo


No problem bud.


Ordered thanks op (=


Nice find...little distraction when working from home.


Postage has been included onto deal price, Thanks

XG1-R-LED-UK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - CHerry MX Red (XG1-R-LED-UK) £49.99 + £9.90 del at Overclockers
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
A full size mechanical keyboard from a respected brand.

£51.12, Free Delivery by Friday 29th May


Not really... Refurbished Corsair K70?


It looks great on paper & made by a reputable brand, take a look at some reviews on YouTube if you want to be sure.


Is this actually a good keyboard? Looks like its been around £110 on Amazon for a long time so big discount here.


Can anyone recommend a deal around this price point with cherry brown switches and similar layout?

Razer Gaming Bundle - Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard / Deathadder Essential Gaming Mouse / Kraken X Lite 7.1 Headset - £89.99 Delivered @ Box
969° Expired
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Box have this bundle down at £89.99 at the moment, which might be ideal if you're looking to upgrade the lot, or if you've just gotten into PC gaming. Nowhere can touch this price … Read more



I wouldn't trust any Razer products from eBay sellers. Incredibly easy to buy a bulk load of ~50 "Razer" mice from a well known Chinese Online Vendor for less than £12 each, and come in "genuine" packaging and look identical... Then be sold on eBay as genuine for $35...


Bought Razer Lachesis (basic one) in 2007 still working without issues, and IMHO much better than gaming Logitech G5, but used only to play CS.




I'm not just found it.

HP Pavilion 500 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard £29.99 at Scan
195° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Features: Connectivity Technology: wired Interface: USB Key/Button Function: Multimedia Keyboard Technology: mechanical Key Switch Type: red Adjustable Height: Yes Anti-ghosting:… Read more

I am surprised HP put their name on something like this thinking PC-people (who are known for tinkering) won't notice (lol) . I do like mechanicals but they are noisy so everyone else here hates them.


They did another video comparing various (Cherry MX and others) key switches too by running blind tests. Quite an interesting video. Almost convinced me to try a budget keyboard until I found a Corsair K70 with cherry Red's on scan for a good price


Watch Linustechtips on YouTube. They do excellent reviews on the best budget mouse and keyboards. They did a mouse on quite recently. They’ll explain everything you need to know.


I'm a few components away from my gaming pc.. but what do people look for in a gaming keyboard & mouse? is there anything I should definitely avoid?


These are dreadful. I have barely touched mine since it arrived. Not mechanical. Doesn’t have n key rollover (despite saying it does). Avoid.

PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard UK Layout - £20.39 @ Sold by QuTop Eu and Fulfilled by Amazon.
115° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Lightning deal ends in approx 2 hours Free delivery on prime Special Convenient Design - 9 independent multimedia keys and a volume wheel. Amazing RGB Backlight - Various Modes… Read more

Even though the £5 off is gone probably a decent keyboard at this price on a budget anyway. Good little breakdown vid of it here:


Something like this one?


Sorry to be that guy but is there any good deals on mechanical keyboard ay the mo? Ideally with a number pad attached


Thanks ... OOS now ... oh well prob for the best. I should probably do a bit of research before buying. I hate faffing with returns


£5 cheaper, you could buy it and send it back quite easily

LOGITECH G Play Advanced Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Set £80 @ Currys
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Back in stock Bundle: G512 SE Gaming Keyboard G502 SE HERO Optical Gaming Mouse Each item is listed for £60 separated but the keyboard is out-of-stock. RGB lightsync E… Read more

I have just ordered this from them two days ago absolute bargain mouse on its own between £50 - £65 also recommend RTX voice for those with nvida cards to cut out the clicks on your mics


That's what she said (embarrassed)


I had this mouse but had to send it back because I found it virtually impossible to middle-click. The wheel is not ideally placed for fingertip use and tilts too easily, resulting in a side-scroll and middle-click at the same time, which prevents the middle-click from registering. I also found the wheel a bit clunky for scrolling, but that's probably subjective. Funny, my ancient G9X also has side-scroll functionality, and still lworks fine, even after all these years. That'll teach me to upgrade for the sake of it (embarrassed)


Agree with this... although I’m yet to make the switch... 6 months of fbdidhebsidbdbekshdbrkdhdbsjsialmsbduwjansbeod djdkalshdneksksndhdinshsjsksbdbsjsjd Dudjenajisbdjeofhdjzhabakgbfksjsbd I think the switch to Razer is incoming...


Same my kkeyboard does that

RAZER Epic Gaming Keyboard, Mouse, Headset & Gaming Surface Gaming Bundle - £110 @ Currys eBay
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Keyboard, mouse, headset & mousemat bundle. From Curry’s PC World Ebay Store. Seems good value to me.
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Needs Dem cat ears though


£101.75 if you have access to perkbox or another employee discount scheme from the Currys website!


Thanks, my son would love this.


Also on the currys website


Box contents: - Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard - Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse - Razer Kraken X Lite Gaming Headset - Razer Goliathus Mobile Stealth Edition Gaming Surface Good price for the bundle

LOGITECH G815 LIGHTSYNC Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Lighting - £133 at Currys ebay
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
You can also get it on the currys site with Free 6 month Spotify Premium subscription for £140 and Amazon also have it listed for £140 also Great keyboard, imo the best you can ge… Read more
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Currys, there was a discount, plus a voucher, plus gift vouchers. It was a one off.


what site did you get it for that price?


I have this and am using it right now, got it for just over £100 just before Xmas, it is a great keyboard! Love logitech products, all my accesories are from them, headset, webcam, mouse, keyboard and speakers.


Let me edit that


Isn't this a lightsync keyboard and not the lightspeed one where the keyboard is wirelessly,m

Hyperx Alloy Origins RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - £75.99 delivered @ Currys eBay
196° Expired
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Nice RGB keyboard on offer. Was £84.99, then £79.99. Additional discount is automatically applied at checkout. Key Features Dynamic lighting effects The HyperX Alloy Origi… Read more
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I have this keyboard, red switches and they are a bit loud when you type but the build is solid and it looks nice. Don't be a idiot and try and hoover the dust and rubbish it collects behind the keys. It sucked up a key into the hoover and I spent 15 minutes looking for it.


this one :)


Completely new to keyboards that light up but love the appeal, could you recommend a basic one for general use?


I want the tenkeyless one but best price for that is 99.99 :(


Do the actual keycaps looks identical to the ones on Alloy FPS? I really like the look of mine but realised Kailh Silver speed switches are a bit difficult to get used to

HYPERX Alloy Origins RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard £79.99 at Currys PC World
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Dynamic lighting effects The HyperX Alloy Origins RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has custom red mechanical switches that are designed to be responsive and accurate. And the bri… Read more

Back in stock.


got my ducky keycaps and changed today. Overall I am pleased with the keyboard, only thing that lets it down is the terrible software :( come on hyperx sort it out.


sold out now pls close deal


Amazon have price matched


i was humming and arghing about the k70 mk2 se. What put me off was the non standard bottom row :(

LOGITECH G512 Special Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard £59.99 at Currys PC World
194° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
XG blue mechanical switches Full RGB

Isn't this the regular price? Currys were selling this plus the G502 mouse for £80.


You can set the board to have Inverse FN keys. I’ve had that on my G512 carbon since I got it. No need to press function anymore.


You can also inverse the fn key, so pressing just F9 will play/pause, and holding fn an pressing F9 will press F9, if that makes sense. Can be done in the logitech software


Currently using this keyboard, only thing I would change would be to make it tenkeyless find myself needing more room when gaming


Got this on Amazon for this price last month. Looks to be discontinued as Amazon no longer sell it. Decent keyboard for the price

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