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Roccat Ryos MK FX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry Brown Switch @ Scan £58.99 C&C / £5.48 delivery
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
RGB PER-KEY ILLUMINATION - for endless options in 16.8 million colors EASY-SHIFT[+]™ BECOMES EASY-KEYBOARD - for completely re-mappable customization ADVANCED ANTI-GHOSTING… Read more

Thanks @CaptLevi and @flusteredpie for the advice. Currently a keyboard is not required as my new build won't boot, next step will be to see if chucking it out of a window will fix it.... (poo)


The typing experience is way better on a mechanical keyboard compared to membrane. There are a lot of other brands that make mechanical keyboard like Corsair or Logitech so u can have a look around. The noise level of ur PC depends on how many fans u plan to put in it. Generally, PC tend not to be as loud as laptop so I think you should be fine. Noise level of mechanical keyboard also depends on which switch type it’s using but it’s louder than membrane for sure


Brown switches (as seen in this keyboard) are the quietest but still noiser than membrane. I have a keyboard like this one and have woken my 16 month old daughter in the room next door on occassion with the clacking. You can buy dampeners but I haven't tried them yet so can't comment on their effectiveness - see


Can someone tell me why I should buy this? Or indeed what other keyboards I should buy? I am in the middle of building my first PC since I studied the fine art a couple of decades ago. Things have changed a fair bit since then and I don't know what I need. It is a budget orientated gaming machine so it will be used for gaming but also general use so will this be noisy? Not used a mechanical before. I have a kid sleeping next door to me playing in the evenings. Is mechanical much more noisy than membrane I take it?


I have this keyboard and it’s amazing! I can’t go to another brand now that my muscle memory is setup for the thumbster keys just below the space bar! You can map them to any key or macro, and they are ridiculously useful, normally your thumb is “jump” and that’s it, but now it can use 4 keys, or more! I have the keyboard paired with a Roccat Kone Aimo, best setup I’ve had in ages

Roccat Pro Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard with Key Illumination - Cherry MX Brown £39.99 @ Amazon Dispatched from and sold by EI - Retail.
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Seems like a decent price for a Mechanical gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches.
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I've found an explanation and a way of preventing leds from dying in the comment here. It seems reversed voltage passes through the leds and kills them by time when they are turned off. So keeping the leds on all the time and turning off all the effects is a temporary solution. There is also a permanent hardware fix that involves soldering but I am not sure if it would worth it.


I've had a few Roccat devices over the years. They all failed (most just after the warranty period). I had LEDs failing on the keyboards and buttons failing on the mice. My Kone mouse also lost all the rubber as the glue gave up an it all peeled off within a year. They're nice bits of kit initially but in my experience, not built to last. Roccat customer service didn't want to know about any of the failures whether cosmetic or mechanical, in warranty or not. I'm now on an illuminated Coolermaster mechanical keyboard with brown MX switches (bought for £60 in 2015 ) and a Logitech G300s (bought for £16 in 2016) - both are still going strong and take a lot of punishment!


I think your joke's flying over everyone's heads lol.


The top row. So QWERTYUIOP.


Ah, you're now in Stealth mode ;)

Corsair K70 LUX Red LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard £79.99 @ Amazon
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Amazon have dropped the K70 from £100 down to £79.99 now. Looks like they price matched Scan.

Unlucky indeed, sonny.


Unlucky kiddo (highfive)


I find your last sentence somewhat ironic/amusing, considering you're basically posting about something you don't 'like' - in this case, my opinion. Also, I wouldn't bank on Amazon's usual approach at customer service. I had an issue with a TV about 6 months ago and Amazon directed me - despite protest - to the manufacturer for a warranty claim. Not the norm, but it sets a precedent.


Purchase from amazon, they'll always help even after warranty (highfive). I'm glad i dont spend my time on the internet posting on stuff i don't like.


Sure; however, that doesn't take away from the fact that when faults do happen, you can't expect much help from Corsair to keep a customer satisfied. Personally, I'm not ever purchasing another Corsair product.

Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit, Qwerty UK Layout - Black, £31.99 at Amazon(£28.80 for students)
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Prime Student Members Get an Extra 10% Off selected Logitech Product Range • Customisable RGB lighting zones with 16.8 million colours. • Spill-resistant design for easy cleanup.… Read more

I have posted it, and missed it, how crazy is that XD


Got this Friday. For the price I think it's great. I actually prefer it to my Logitech mechanical because it's lower profile and has a palm rest.


Purchased thank you. I'll update this post once I receive it.


im not a gamer, simply wanted a keyboard thats decent for typing (random gibberish or doing work - the lighting helps if in a dark room and cant see a func key or what not), and was considering a razer cynosa chroma. Obviously this is cheaper and the palm rest isnt detouchable, but I was wondering how does this compare to the razer cynosa chroma (which is also a membrane keyboard).


No it’s perm. That’s the only negative. You’ll need the space on your desk/table to accommodate the width

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard w/ Free Delivery @ Currys PC World free c&c - £44.99
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Product features Anti-ghosting 6 programmable buttons Multicolour backlit keys Ergonomic design The bundle price with the CORSAIR Harpoon RGB Optical Gaming Mouse is £69.9… Read more

Budget k95 lol, cost around the same as pbt keycaps


Nice keyboard for the design, RGB lighting and brand but it's a lot of money for a membrane keyboard isn't it?




I am just a gamer but love a good deal especially on digital so I know exactly what you mean :)


Hehe ^_^ I do understand some of the opinions when it comes to the games, (whether I agree or not) such as Anthem - but again some are based off reviews so it’s best to keep my opinions to myself and hope someone enjoys the deal :P

Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Reds) - £90.24 @ Amazon
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Only 25p more than the tkl version. Edit: MX Blue variant can be had for £87.98
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Been keeping an eye on mechanical keyboards for my brother. Been this price for about a week now.


I think, from what I can tell the 68 is plastic case and the 70 is aluminium. I have a K70 and the keyboard is fantastic but kinda regretting not getting RGB at the time.


What's the difference between the K68 and the K70?


How'd you find that? (highfive) heat added.

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ADX Firefight K01 Gaming Keyboard & Optical Gaming Mouse Bundle £39.99 @ Currys
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Keyboard is 49.99 Mouse is 29.99 So you get the keyboard for £10 basically but if theres no stock then ask in-store and they can give you the bundle for the online price 39.99… Read more

Thanks cattle. (y)


Just type "mech Keyboard" into amazon -,aps,130&sr=8-21,aps,130&sr=8-32,aps,130&sr=8-38 2 of those are even RGB (for that classical "mugs eyeful" that people seem so fond of (pirate) ).


Any chance of a link?


This keyboard has recently been £16.99 and the mouse similar/lower price to the keyboard.


Can get a mech for that money. Not voted either way.

SteelSeries Apex M750, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB Illumination, 6 Macro Keys, PC / Mac, UK Layout, £79.99 delivered at Overclockers
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Free delivery. Specification Compatibility PC/Mac Cable Length 2m Switch type SteelSeries QX2 Connector Type USB Documentation Type Quick Start Guide Sample of Documentation N/A … Read more

Mecha membrane is where it's at. The feel of a mechanical without the obnoxious noise


The reaction time is faster for mechanical keyboards as the key is activated half way though the keypress rather than when it hits the membrane. Also less pressure is required to activate the key. There are 3 types of Mechanical keyboards - Linear, fastest reacting and quiet; bumpy, still fast but gives a tactile feel when keypress has been activated and clickly where you can hear when it has been activated. The cheapest are the clicky ones. If you are not a touch typist and press the keys hard they will make a sound, but if you can control your keypresses this should be a quiet keyboard. Mechanical keys will last virtually for ever and will perform consistently. They do not stress the fingers if you type correctly as they will not hit the base of the keyboard to activate, which is what you get with the non mechanical keyboards. I deal with so many people who develop hand/finger problems by using the cheap membrane keyboards normally used.


I don't get it either, I've tried it, it's just loud, maybe feels a bit better when clicking the keys, tad more responsive, in professional gaming sure, but I vow to my razer deathstalker, had it for 5 years and still so nice lol


What do people see in mechanical keyboards? :/. When we play online all you can hear on discord is people's keyboards going off in the background. Can anyone explain the purpose of these over, say, a membrane keyboard like the razor chroma?


Been using this for a few months now, ok for gaming, colours look pretty but it's terrible for typing on, I make so many more mistakes with these keys than any other keyboard I've used.

Ducky One2 TKL Horizon Blue Cherry MX Switch USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, £98.69 delivered at Overclockers
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Delivery included. The Ducky One 2 TKL Horizon is a compact gaming keyboard with a minimalist exterior, a range of useful features in addition to the sought after and premium… Read more

The site says UK layout however the pictures shows a US layout (Small enter button). Anybody know which it is?


Got a ducky tenkeyless and its fantastic, just wish i had got blues instead of brown though, but thats just personal preference


Well there is mx silent and mx browns which have much quieter click compared to the blue ones. They are all much noisier than a membrane but some of them you dont need to swap for membrane when u play at night. Just sayin.


This is not even backlit, is that too much to ask for 99 quid?


"Noisy" is actually a feature. Anybody shopping for mech keyboard knows or should know the difference between at least basic 3 types of switches (red, brown and blue).

LOGITECH G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Romer-G with USB Pass Through, UK Layout £44.79 at Currys-with code
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
DISCOUNT CODE - 20% off marked price. Enter code LOGIGAMING20 at checkout

The 513 has RGB, wrist rest and offers a few choices in switches.


If you can't get it delivered you won't get it at this price.


100 :D


would of had this if it was RGB to go with my G403 mouse


Does anyone know what the main difference between the g513 and the g413 is?

Logitech G513 RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Romer-G Tactile Key Switches (UK Layout), £79.99 at Currys-with code
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
DISCOUNT CODE - 20% off marked price. Enter code LOGIGAMING20 at checkout

Ah fair enough. This logitech looks like a really good option but all I can see online is people complaining about the keycaps and romer g


Won it on eBay :)


Where did you get it at such a low price?


I've literally just bought a hyper X alloy FPS RGB for £50


Why is it expired? It still worked just fine for me.

MSI Vigor GK80 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cherry MX Red - UK Layout, £89.96 at CCLOnline
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Good deal for a mechanical keyboard from MSI . Cherry MX RGB Red Switches backed with Lightweight aluminum construction Full RGB LED Illumination, millions of colors and severa… Read more

Sure, be well :)


it was showing without VAT nvm me (embarrassed)



Hokukdeals doesn't allow search results they have both red and silver switches, updated link to product page. It's all there mate :{


Your comment, own it or admit you were wrong :)

SteelSeries Apex 300 Gaming Keyboard (UK English), £24.98 delivered at CCL
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
cheapest I could find. Low profile keys for great feel with short travel distance and fast response time Ergonomically elevated F and macro keys SteelSeries Engine drives everyt… Read more

Cheers, @Fearone, went to eBay, 24.99, plus a £10 voucher randomly popped up. Very happy. Heat


Its down to 19.99 now


24.99 on eBay


i have had this for 2 years and its great,good for gaming and the low profile has managed to stop my wrist pain,the price is very good i would highly recommend this,steelseries i find is a good overall supplier


Yes it does, but I think my mum wipes it off, as I know they clean my room every time I'm away. But definitely does and the dust really sticks out on the glossy parts.

Obins Anne Pro 2 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Blue/Brown/Red Switches - Both wired or wireless via Bluetooth 4.0 - £52.17 @ Banggood
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
These 60% keyboards are more popular than ever now! The Anne Pro 2 is an awesome alternative to the Ducky One 2 Mini, which is currently hugely popular due to popular E-Sports end… Read more

Probably cause it isn't a £199 Razer Huntsman Elite!


Why is this cold? From what I’ve seen the Anne Pro 2 is one of the best value keyboards out there, and this is a good price for i


Have some heat! Only thing I don't like about ANNE is that the firmware isn't open source. If it ran something like TMK/QMK it would be even more of a steal.


ANSI layout like most of the keyboards on Banggood/Gearbest, but if you can get over that then they're pretty swish. For those who need a big enter key in the euro style you're looking for the search term ISO.

Ducky One2 TKL Horizon Blue Cherry MX Switch USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, £98.69 delivered at Overclockers
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
On pre-order. The Ducky One 2 TKL Horizon is a compact gaming keyboard with a minimalist exterior, a range of useful features in addition to the sought after and premium Cherr… Read more

Oso: Ignore layouts in kbd pics, they always ship correct region-specific. /msg


not brown


What did you replace it with? I'm looking a for a full sized mechanical keyboard as well.


Kids are going crazy over ducky boards due to certain Twitch streamers using them, I bought a Ducky One2 Mini for £115 last month but I missed having dedicated arrow keys and even function keys too much, put it up on eBay and was offered £165 for it within an hour, seems like I could have got more if I was greedy but I was more than happy to get that for it :D The actual quality of these boards is really nice and the PBT keys feel really satisfying to type on, personally I like mx browns the most.


Yeah I bought one of these from OcUK and it was UK layout. I ended up selling it and replacing with a Corsair K63 since I missed having media keys, and with no backlighting it was hard to game in the dark, but it's a quality keyboard, and the blues are lovely to type on.

Wireless Gaming Keyboard & Optical Mouse Set - £11.79 from eBay / justopeshop
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
The new GAMER WS880 is your ideal partner for a better gaming experience. With the supplied 2.4 Ghz, installation free wireless nano adapter means you can now enjoy a wire-free en… Read more
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Did you paid with paypal ? Are you not registed for free returns ?


Same here, both keyboard and mouse are laggy as f%$k. Sending it back.


Urgh .. this has to go back as well. The mouse is unusable. Although for £11.79,and likely having to pay the return postage, i'm half tempted to try and sell it in cash converters. i'd probably end up with the same amount of money ..


The one thing i am finding is that the mouse sometimes freezes - it might be because i'm pressing the DPI button accidentally but every now and again the mouse pointer just stops. and now it's doing it all the time, to the point of becoming unusable


it's weird because i also got mine today and so far it seems fine - no delays at all. the mouse is very plasticky - didn't realise how cheap it would actually seem. My one gripe so far is that it does tend to slip and slide around my computer desk quite a bit but i might be able to sort that with some sellotape I suppose. so far, so good though. won't get rid of my microsoft wireless 800 keyboard set though, just in case.

*IN STOCK* Razer Huntsman Elite Opto-Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard & Wristrest, £158.72 @ Amazon
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
I’ve been on the hunt for a new gaming keyboard for the past week or so, and I just can’t stay away from Razer. Their stuff feels great, looks amazing and is admittedly a bit of a … Read more
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Heat added. I don't know why I am spending £160 on a keyboard, but order placed. My trusty K70 RGB has started having a problem with double typing keys when I press them sometimes. Had it for 3 years so unfortunately it's out of warranty. This one looks good should receive it by Monday :)


Yep, for me it's more about typing pleasure. Mine are the green switches, they're a cross between membrane and mechanical. The thing I love the most about it is the vibrant colours shining between the keys.


Now in stock at this price! Edited, thanks Rob


Well now it's straight up in stock, so that's cool


I think you would see a major difference on this compared to the Ornata. I believe the Ornata isn't actually mechanical, it's membrane which is alot slower for sure. Some people actually prefer membrane in general but for gaming mechanical is definitely better. This would type a lot louder and faster and would be a lot more clicky. Not to say the Ornata isn't good for you or an excellent piece of kit either! It's just a different type of keyboard to this one ^^ Razer make nice keyboards, end of

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