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Emprex 9051H Gaming Keyboard + 883U Mouse - Ultimate - only £17.99 delivered @
Found 29th Oct 2010Found 29th Oct 2010
-- Intelligent, Dynamic, Powerful -- The Cheetah Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Kit is one in a series of powerful gaming device for serious gamer. Cheetah provides programmable Game-K… Read more
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aye but it has the USB ports and media keys i need for the missus hence why looking for one esp with the mouse bundled as that too has what she needs.


Dont suppose anyone knows where to still get this from without paying through the roof off a dodgy site ;)


can confirm i had mine in the post today see the blue lightbulb in the pic?? press that and they go off!! 2 workin day wait for delivery by royal mail too! have to say i havent got the lights goin to music yet! but even if i couldnt it is well worth the money! what a snazzy lookin bit of kit for the money!! keyboard has 2 usb connectors to go to your motherboard and i think its just in case you plug like an external hdd in or something that uses alot of power


also found this video for fixing the lightin show dont know if you be able to use it for it to work with windows 7 tho guys!


dont that look snazzy for £18 tho :)

Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard £16.95 @ Amazon
Found 28th Sep 2010Found 28th Sep 2010
Cheapest 'Gaming' Keyboard i've seen. Im sure it isnt as good as the Microsoft Sidewinder's or true Razer kit but looks good. Some good reviews, the bad ones just seem down to per… Read more
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It bugs me, the backlight on silver keys means I can't read it in low light, only in the dark! Mind you, my gaming days pretty much finished 3 years ago. Not had a proper clan war since 2006!


Yep, thats the one. I still have it, and swap over when i'm doing clan matches where I need to be at the top of my game. Sad I know :p


Funny, I had the Saitek Eclipse as well and found this better! Mine was an original Eclipse, with the silver keys, was yours the same one? EDIT: This one


21.95 then - either expired or wrongly listed


This looks good, but was slightly put off by the £5 P&P!

Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard £17.99 delivered @
Found 13th Sep 2010Found 13th Sep 2010
With the Microsoft Reclusa gaming keyboard, powered by Razer®, you get the best of both worlds — the latest in Razer gaming technology with the comfort and reliability you expect f… Read more

thanks mate. just ordered this! i read about 3 reviews and lots of customer reviews and it looks like an amazing keyboard!! even though its 3.5 years old, keyboard technology has hardly moved on so im fine with buying an "old" keyboard :)!


Cheers for that, may have to get one.


I have owned the Habu for about 3 years now. The early drivers were awful (wouldn't even work) but the newer ones are much better and work without a problem I find. I haven't used many gaming mice tbh but I do like the Habu.


good price, i too have one from the last deal. the back lit keys are sweet and the wrist rest is clad in padded leather. The only minor gripe is some wear on WSAD cluster after only a few months


I m gonna get one coz ms keyboards and mice are the best for me.

Razer Arctosa Black Gaming Keyboard - £27.99 @ Play
Found 6th Sep 2010Found 6th Sep 2010
* Slim Keycap Structure with Hyperesponse Technology * Selective anti-ghosting capability around WASD gaming cluster * Fully-programmable keys with macro capabilities … Read more
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I brought the G11 for a couple of reasons mainly price... As I am not a gamer, I just wanted a nicer looking keyboard with macros. For this reason I cannot justify spending too much on a keyboard. I managed to pick up the G11 for £29.99. Having purchased a Razer Imperator mouse (my first Razer purchase) their keyboards were soon on my shortlist which were then ruled out only by price. Also to note this mouse has a blue LED glow which matches the blue lit keys to the G11 However, a few weeks on and some of the keys make a slight squeaking type noise when tapped. The keys need just that extra little force to register when hitting them (always editing back a missing letter) and the keys feel plasticy. To be honest I think the G11 is the worse quality Logitech product I have ever purchased. Saying that it is still okay to use, if I had paid anything over £30 I would be well and truly annoyed.


Good price for this, but think im goina go for the logitech g110, minus the lcd screen, i read its the closest think to the g19 and for £60 it aint bad


Not voting either way but i would at least expect this to be backlit.......I got the micro$oft razor collaboration keyboard from play and that is fantastic with backlit keys and 2 jog dials and was roughly the same price when it was reduced.


Not bad a price, but I would go for the Microsoft Sidewinder x4 myself for about the same price.


not bad at all

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard £59.99 With Code - LOGIDEALQ2W8
Found 23rd Aug 2010Found 23rd Aug 2010
Information and power at your fingertips in a keyboard that’s ready for battle. You’ll be well armed for the fight with six programmable G-keys that let you create macros on the fl… Read more

I have the G11 picked it up online from overclockers for £30 I was told it is the same as the G15 without the lcd but it isn't... Nice illuminated keys but they have a plastic and quite cheap feel to them. The G11 is a decent keyboard for £30 and it has two usb slots which are handy but I would not have been happy paying anything more. I went to have a look at the G15 in PC World so I could 'tap' the keys but they didn't have any out on show...


Not seen the Z-board, got the G15. It's pretty fancy with the LCD display for additional info to the games or your OS, however, I've been getting a bit of sticky keys from day1, thinking it's because its new. I've had it for about 3 months now, it has improved a bit, and the general feel to the key is quite spongy to type, just like any other Logitech keyboards.


It's in TodayOnly special offer from Scan again. Under SuperSavers. As mentioned earlier, free delivery for AVForums members, otherwise it's £6.99 for delivery.


hey this keyboard actually any good? thinking between this and the Z-board but cant quite decide...anyone?


Please share a link where I can get it for £46 Thanks

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard - £50.85 Delivered @ PC World
Found 28th Jun 2010Found 28th Jun 2010
Cheapest price i've seen this. Use code 'MKB15' to get 15% off the list price. Brings it down to £50.85, delivery is free also, or you can collect from store. Supposed to be a gre… Read more

I'm thinking of getting a G11 for around £25, is that a good price?


+1. Not voting for thi. Wait for Scan's TodayOnly offer, I think it was only £48 over the weekend, remember, it's free delivery for AVForums members. I've got the keyboard as well, some of the keys seem to stick, was thinking of returning it, but otherwise, not a bad keyboard...and I don't use the macro keys either.

Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard - USB English US Layout, £19.99 Delivered @ Ebuyer
Found 28th May 2010Found 28th May 2010
Product Description CUSTOMER NOTE: PLEASE NOTE AS STATED THIS IS THE US ENGLISH LAYOUT VERSION NOT UK LAYOUT. Product Description Stay on top of your game with the Logitech® … Read more

looks like its £39.99 to me


They'll never take my pound sign away!!!!


I have the UK version, bought from Staples (discontinued) last year, and I LOVE it. I had the Saitek Eclipse II which was great, you could change it from Red, Blue to Pink (being a gurl I had it on pink), BUT the Saitek keys wore out pretty quickly and it got scruffy looking, so eventually it was binned, reluctantly. The Logitech G11 is only in blue, but that's fine by me. It's a bit wider than the Saitek, too. My G11 is about 14 months old and the keys have not worn out at all, and believe me, they take a beating. As for the gaming aspect, I must admit I don't use it, it's purely cosmetic and pretty and I deserve one as my eyesight is bad, though my typing is good :) The US keyboard layout might pee me off a bit though..


It's a US thing, my girlfriend (American) had to adapt to our nice, big enter keys when using my laptop (and on her new one)


Can you tell me how you get it to monitor gpu/cpu temps, would be useful, cheers.

Roccat Valo Max USB Gaming Keyboard £55.99 @ Whatafind
Found 10th Apr 2010Found 10th Apr 2010
Roccat Valo Max USB Gaming Keyboard - Don't settle for anything less... Excellent condition - Besides incorporating the essential gear for any gamer, this tool will delight you wit… Read more

cold because its not a deal, as its used only£10 saveing over new one


"This item is a return, unwanted, duplicate, not delivered, overstock or end of line. It has been professionally tested by one of our supplier's test operatives to ensure that it is complete and in full working order. The product carries a full 3 month warranty." Also, the picture is of the cheaper Roccat Arvo (which is about £55 in other places), so I wouldn't be too keen to grab this myself. Haven't voted either way.


Don't forget delivery £6.99.

Logitech 920-000978 G19 Gaming Keyboard £99.99 @ Amazon
Found 24th Mar 2010Found 24th Mar 2010
Product Description: Logitech G19 Keyboard for Gaming - keyboard Device Type: Keyboard Localisation: English - United Kingdom Connectivity Technology: Wired - USB Buttons Qty: 12 K… Read more
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A cheapish plastic keyboard with a low power pc built in. Personally I'd go for a keyboard using high end materials rather than one with expensive gadgets at this price but it's a matter of taste and it's a good deal for people who want this sort of thing. It's just a style thing, some people find this sort of thing cool. I think most understand that a high end keyboard (of any sort) won't help your gaming except in specific circumstances. Certainly not speed-wise, keyboards use the lower of USB1.1's two speed settings (low speed instead of full speed) and not the High Speed mode of USB2 or the Superspeed mode of USB3. It's possible they'll reduce the latency a bit more but it's already down to 1ms so their are bigger issues that need to be fixed first (like making N-key rollover/'Anti-ghosting' standard on any gaming keyboard).


Yup it will, USB3 will know what you are going to press before you even press it you see.. :thumbsup:


good question I don't think I can answer that one.


roister;8192873 Yes it will be backward compatible:thumbsup:. I was wondering if a USB 3 keyboard would be faster than a USB 2 ? So would there be an advantage in gaming? :whistling:


Yes it will be backward compatible:thumbsup:. I was wondering if a USB 3 keyboard would be faster than a USB 2 ? So would there be an advantage in gaming?

Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard (PC) half price £24.99 delivered @ EverythingPlay
Found 2nd Mar 2010Found 2nd Mar 2010
Mixed reviews for this, but looks a decent price. With the Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard, powered by Razer, you get the best of both worlds - the latest in Razer gaming technol… Read more

Your funny!..............Not!;-)


Unfortunate name, coming from a Scouser though, thought you would be used to hiding behind closed doors, from the law ! :whistling: Looks to be a decent keyboard, but the description makes me want to punch my telly ! "experience PC gaming on the cutting edge of competition" WTF ? its a keyboard its not going to make you any better !


'Reclusa' Says it all about some gamers!! World of Warcraft springs to mind!!


might buy one, seem decent enough

Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard - £25.99 + del @ OcUK
Found 11th Feb 2010Found 11th Feb 2010
Stay on top of your game with the Logitech G11 keyboard. Illuminated characters on every key will help you play all night - perfect for high-end raids or marathon flag defense sess… Read more
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Was gonna order this till i got to check out the delivery charge was a whoping £8.25 no option to select a cheaper postal service it's not like it's heavy good price but rip off delivery charge ordered from amazon with some other stuff free delivery came in two days & worked out cheaper I found OC Customer service to be good if done by email they responded promptly but I once waited 45 min on hold using there 0870 number before I got through to someone I don’t think that is acceptable.


Delivery is fine with them. OCUK are fine in general when things work, just when they don't the customer service is shocking. I've had faulty items that they've flat out refused to replace or refund. I might buy a keyboard from them but certainly never again a CPU, GPU, memory or anything that might have to be returned and tested. Would prefer a returns dept like Amazon where the sheer scale means they're unlikely to quibble, rather than a few semi-clued up folk at OCUK. [/gripe]


Reliable? Amazon has the worst dispatch and delivery time i've ever seen :/ Its expensive because it's next day, with amazon you might not see it for what 2 weeks?


Haha I don't know where your bad experiences of OCUK have come from, I've only just started dealing with them and my orders have been flawless and I don't actually mind paying a bit more for the delivery as DPD give you an hour window in which your parcel will be delivered so your not waiting around all day for your goods!


OCUK suck balls with their stupid P+P prices.

Saitek Glow Laser Eclipse II - Illuminated Gaming Keyboard 29.99 (was 39.99)@PC WORLD can collect at store
Found 31st Dec 2009Found 31st Dec 2009
Hi, I was looking for an illuminated keyboard for my daughter as she often uses the computer in the dark and came across this keyboard at PC World for 29.99 (10 pounds off,was 39.… Read more

great just ordered one from Derby as mu old Saitek has dies . RIP


I have the older Saitek that comes with just the blue backlighting but with the better keys than the original. Good solid keyboard.


nice review here @ frightenedrabbit i'm currently typing on the eclipse II and have to say that it is a step up from the original :) edit: not a total bargain though$ja=tsid:11518|cc:|prd:3274722|cat:Peripherals


Not a great price. There are many (better) illuminated keyboards available cheaper. I myself have a lovely alchemy illuminati that I bought for £17. had a rather awesome one available as well. My first was an original eclipse though. And by god, was it horrible to clean.


seems alright. Sorry you live in Telford though

Razer Lycosa Gaming keyboard only £52.51! @ PC World
Found 5th Dec 2009Found 5th Dec 2009
With an awesome host of features, the Razer Lycosa is on an unstoppable mission to destroy and dominate. Execute complex combat maneuvers with swift dexterity. Launch your assault… Read more

some details of callback here,7056.html

gsawkins BAD review :whistling: i have one off these keyboards and it great :thumbsup: love the blue backlite at night :)


What i mean to say is that every website i went on had no bad reviews about it thus all having 5 Star :)


Given that it's Razers site is that really that much of a surprise?


Really? I heard 5 Star Reviews on it from Razers Website?

EXPIRED - Logitech G11 Gaming keyboard £24.99 @ PC World + 2% Quidco
Found 15th Sep 2009Found 15th Sep 2009
UPDATE 17/09: expiring, as can;t purchase or reserve online anymore. Haven't seen a recent deal for these, so hopefully not duplicating! 2% off using Quidco I think. Couldn't se… Read more

Received mine today, dispite the picture on pc worlds website showing with american keyboard, mine came full english key layout with L shape enter key. And also the picture on the box is a american layout. So got meself a bargain


The staff take them, they rely on reservations to highlight bargains,then sell them on ebay to top up their minimum wage, :whistling:


well was lucky to have one in my local store to reserv on tuseday only to get a call just befor i was walking out the door today to say sorry we dont have them in stock not the first time this store has done this but it is the first time they rang me up as last time or should i say last 2 times they did not even call scooter


Not available free delivery in store only


none near me anybody want to get me one? :(

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard Rev 2.0 £48.29 @ Scan TO
Found 1st Sep 2009Found 1st Sep 2009
On today only, right at the top can't miss it. Add to basket from today only for the price stated. Free delivery by signing upto hexus forums / AVforums. Easy as 1,2,3. Don't … Read more

Yeah, and that means they'll only power very very basic mice and maybe a very old (ie 128mb) USB flash. If you push the port to its maximum you can expect a startup error too in Windows. Pretty poor show.


Great deal, but they've changed the today only offers now. So expired =[. Nice find though.


I have this and think its gash! (but then I have stopped gaming, so maybe thats why)


I have one of these and it is awesome. I use sirreals plugin with it a lot. The macro keys are very useful if you use a bunch of different programs, as it's nice to have different profiles for each one. The only complaint I have is that the USB ports on the back of it are USB 1.0 I love playing games with it and being able to see what songs I'm listening to on the screen and be able to skip track etc... big selling point for me. edit: why is this on the front page, the deal was over a week ago in the today only section!


Great price. This is a really nice keyboard for general non-gaming use especially if you can really make use of the LCD. If you have zero use for the LCD then it's pretty useless or too highly priced for gaming as it's nothing amazing @ £48. If considering Google it and make sure you're reading comments from people with this V2 UK version. Read everything because you may see something you don't like. Loads on YouTube too. I prefer the G19 due to the better backlit colours but the price of that is high.

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