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Humax Freeview Play Recorder FVP-5000T 500GB (Refurbished) - £99.99 delivered at humaxdirect
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Made hot 1st AprMade hot 1st Apr
Humax Freeview Play Recorder FVP-5000T 500GB (Refurbished) - £99.99 delivered at humaxdirect£99.99 Free P&P Freehumax direct Deals
Humax have a range of their refurbished recorders reduced until the 5th April on their 'direct' website. The FVP-5000T 500GB normally drops to £129.99, and they state this is the … Read more



Will a Roku stick record 500gb of terrestrial TV programs?


Aye I was taking the mick. I'm humax fan & user for 6 years now. Hate the fact people say just get a roku/fire stick. Not everything is streaming & love recording


I have had one for three years and if this is the best then the others must be really really bad! My previous Humax Freesat box was far superior. I need to get a dish installed so that I can get rid of this freeview box.


I have one of these and it's very unreliable. Constantly keeps failing to record, the power on LED is a joke and the designer who came up with idea should be sacked.

Humax FVP-5000T/2TB Freeview Play Recorder £139 + £3.95 delivery @ Argos
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Made hot 27th JanMade hot 27th Jan
Decent price for the 2TB version with 2 years guarantee. Cheaper than the 1TB and 500GB versions at Argos. Lowest offer i think as other retailers priced ~£239. The Humax F… Read more

Having issues with ours. Keeps losing sound over hdmi. Tried various leads etc. Just reading a firmware update from 2018 fixes this. Would the one I bought on this deal really have a older firmware than 2018 ?


Yes, absolutely. It works brilliantly - very fast and has never failed to record anything.


Yes, we do that every week.


Can you record a programme & start watching from the beginning whilst still recording the programme?


Exactly. I spoke to someone at Humax who told me that HD recordings tfrd to USB are encrypted so can't be played elsewhere. Will only play SD recordings elsewhere. Hope that helps. BTW I've used Humax help desk several times over the years and always excellent service.

Freeview Play Recorder FVP-5000T 500GB (Refurbished) - £129.99 delivered at humax direct
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Made hot 26th Jun 2020Made hot 26th Jun 2020
Freeview Play Recorder FVP-5000T 500GB (Refurbished) - £129.99 delivered at humax direct£129.99£199.9935% off Free P&P Freehumax direct Deals
Which? Best Buy - PVRs December 2017 What hi-fi 5stars Home Cinema Choice Bestbuy What Hi Fi Award Which? Best Buy - PVRs December 2017 The Humax FVP-5000T 500GB is a HD … Read more

I picked up the bt uhd t4000 1gb for £55. Seems pretty decent. Got an app for Amazon prime video in there which was a surprise. It has Netflix also but I don't have that.


No subscription needed.


Do you have to pay subscription on youview box? Need twin recorder


I have the custom firmware on 2 x HDR-Fox T2 and it works well. More information here The DetectAds package is one of my favourites as it automatically removes ads from recorded programs.


Does anyone have experience of the fox HDR with custom firmware? Also I have 5000 fvp but if I press the Netflix by mistake does anyone know how to get rid of the log in screen? Tia

Refurbished Humax 5000T 2TB Freeview Play recorder £189 / 500Gb model £129 @ humax direct
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Made hot 18th Jun 2020Made hot 18th Jun 2020
Refurbished Humax 5000T 2TB Freeview Play recorder £189 / 500Gb model £129 @ humax direct£189 Free P&P Freehumax direct Deals
Description copied from Humax website. I've got the older version and is great with all the catch up services. Note the prices start from £129.00 for the 500gb model. Free nex… Read more

Thumbs up for Humax from me, I bought a Humax HDR Fox T2 refurbished two years ago, and that’s been a very reliable machine.


It's a bix expensive considering that with smart tv's you can record to an external hard drive which you can buy for around £40


No steer clear of Humax. Terrible for updates. The world has moved on and humax has not.


It can be a bit laggy at times. There's a setting to have it turn off automatically at a set time every day and turn back on in the morning at whatever time you want. This reboot helps keep the planner up to date including recordings.


How is the remote control on these , my old Humax is dreadful and unless you are 3 feet directly in front of it with new batteries in it , it wont work.

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Humax DTRT2000 500GB YouView HD TV Recorder £76.50 or 1TB for £84.15 @ ebay / hughesdirect
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Made hot 21st Dec 2019Made hot 21st Dec 2019
Humax DTRT2000 500GB YouView HD TV Recorder £76.50 or 1TB for £84.15 @ ebay / hughesdirect£76.50eBay Deals
Humax Youview box. New at Hughes ebay. Price includes 15% POPSALE eBAY discount. expires 23/12/19 1TB version available for £84.15 with code. Link Free delivery.

Thanks for the update and glad you're pleased. I use a harmony 600 remote so don't have that niggle :) My only issue is why it takes three clicks to get to My TV recordings. Guide has its only button on the remote so shouldn't be the first selection option. Decent forum here Im tempted to get one as a backup should my one in use fail


Well, my DTR-T2100 has been plugged in for all of 20 minutes, and so far the only niggle I've got is training my fingers not to hit the 'Back' button on the remote, right under the 'down arrow'. Otherwise it's a night and day difference... so much faster in every way than the FVP-4000T! Thanks yet again for the recommendation. Even iPlayer works much faster, despite the fact the ethernet's running through a wi-fi extender, not properly hard-wired to the router. The more I think about this, the more frustrated I get. The 4000T is a great box, and I'll probably miss the third tuner more often than I should, but whoever poured treacle into the user interface did it no favours whatsoever. Of course I'm probably maligning a team of software writers who sweated blood to make a fundamentally flawed design even vaguely useable. :-)


Like Greta Thunberg, claims she's saving the planet on a diesel powered boat, lies about over crowded trains when she had a first class ticket. That kind of thing (lol)


Get the bt dtr-t2100 500gb instead from cex. Much better box, Amazon prime works, 2 year warranty and cheaper


The Amazon Prime app isn't available on the DTRT2000 at the moment. says its only available on selected BT Youview boxes. Is this going to be a temporary glitch or is it long term?

Humax HB-1100S HD TV Freesat (refurbished) £41.59 @ stockmustgo Ebay
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Made hot 5th Dec 2019Made hot 5th Dec 2019
Humax HB-1100S HD TV Freesat (refurbished) £41.59 @ stockmustgo Ebay£41.59eBay Deals
Stockmustgo have a 20% offer at mo and click the savings £13 off and then apply partytime code at checkout for further £10.40

Good times!


You were right about receiving different items - however, in this case, I fortunately got a HDR-1100S instead of the HB-1100S (has a 1TB internal hard drive). Shrink wrap on the device itself, batteries and remote unused. Thanks again to the OP :)


Ordered earlier, thanks - although didn't notice the no accessories bit, and the first post doesn't fill me with too much confidence!




Good luck with these, hopefully they have learned there lesson after my nightmare. I ordered 3, 1st didn't work, 2nd was a free View recorder, 3 was a Freesat with no HD. Also states no accessories