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JBL Flip 2 in Yellow with case for £37.97 from Amazon delivered
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Posted 20th Oct 2015Posted 20th Oct 2015
JBL Flip 2 in Yellow with case for £37.97 from Amazon delivered
Just popped onto Amazon to buy some bits for a holiday when noted that they had some JBL Flip 2 speakers in Yellow with case for £37.97. Same price as Curry and did not have to tra… Read more
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​seems to back at £37.97 now


Looks like amazon has run low on stock so price has gone back up to £65.00. I managed to get 1 to be delivered tomorrow, so happy days.


No stock in most Curry shops, hence acknowledgement that its the same price but I have had to do very little work apart from order from Amazon to get delivered.... delivery is even free. No money spent on fuel or hassle queuing. Same price for a great speaker, all whilst shopping in my under pants with a beer, watching TV and surfing on my tablet!!


Same price in Currys with alternative colours

JBL FLIP 2 various colours £37.97 @ Currys
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Posted 13th Oct 2015Posted 13th Oct 2015
JBL FLIP 2 various colours £37.97 @ Currys
JBL FLIP 2 Portable wireless speaker in various colours. available from currys. click and collect only, no home delivery.

Ordered the yellow one on Amazon. I couldn't care less what colour it is ☺


Reserved one. Curry's just left me a voicemail to say they don't have stock, they cleared all these out to make way for the flip 2 (yea, I know) but to come in store and see 'if we can find something for you'. At full price. No chance.


gr8 speakers, have a white and a black! only thing annoys me is the pretty loud beep/sound when BT connects. Awww. Any way to disable?


It's only 2 weeks old but the thought had crossed my mind.


Really neat, but negates having a bluetooth speaker.

JBL Flip 3 Portable Wireless Speaker - Black £69.99 @ Currys
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Posted 27th Sep 2015Posted 27th Sep 2015
JBL Flip 3 Portable Wireless Speaker - Black £69.99 @ Currys
The JBL Flip 3 Portable Wireless Speaker is compact and lightweight yet delivers 16 W of sound with up to 8 hours playback. Functional form Contemporary in design, the Flip 3 is … Read more
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Expired. Cracking deal though.


maybe because the flip 2 was £40 at currys 2 weeks ago, not sure how much better this one is. I got a flip 2 but haven't had time to even open the parcel yet!


According to cnet.com Flip 3 is one of the best mini portable Bluetooth speakers http://www.cnet.com/products/jbl-flip-3/. And for £69.99 it is a good bargain. Voting hot.


£50 where? why is everyone voting cold its a great speaker for the price


great little speaker (I managed to pick it up for £50).

JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth Wireless Rechargeable Portable Stereo Speaker with Built-In Microphone - £39.99 delivered @ Amazon
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Posted 29th Aug 2015Posted 29th Aug 2015
JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth Wireless Rechargeable Portable Stereo Speaker with Built-In Microphone - £39.99 delivered @ Amazon
All colours available. A friend purchased these at the airport for double the price at Currys last week. Even at that price this speaker is great. Really pleased with the level of… Read more

mmm just bought 2, will be nice at work for that price, nice deal, thanks


Like others above, I too went for the Flip 3 over the flip 2. For me it was worth the extra £30 for the extra battery life and the two bass radiators on either side (in addition to the two front facing speakers) the flip 2 only has two front facing speakers, the sound difference to the bass is remarkable


​yeah, I have used this jbl speaker and the battery seems to constantly need charge. great sound quality but having to charge it most of the time took away from the portability


I bought 1 yesterday from Currys, a very nice speaker for the price. Yes it can charge while listening to music.


will this charge whilst playing music through bluetooth? i borrowed a flip and tried to charge whilst playing and couldnt, but can't remember whether it was this model or the previous one.

JBL Flip 2 £39.99 @ Currys
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Posted 27th Aug 2015Posted 27th Aug 2015
JBL Flip 2 £39.99 @ Currys
Awesome little Bluetooth speaker I'd say the best at this price point IMO. No doubt John Lewis will match with 2 year warranty if they have stock, on my mobile so not as easy to c… Read more
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Got one earlier. Quite reasonably loud for the size with nice enough sound quality. If you wanted more battery life, could always connect up a USB battery bank - I'll mostly be using it in the car (less hassle than replacing stock stereo), so not a big issue.


This better than the Denon Envaya Mini?


Great price for this speaker. I just sold the original flip which i loved and was about to replace with this one until I saw the Flip 3 on same site for £69.99 and decided to go for that one instead. Reported double battery life, improved bass as well as a number of other slight improvements. Let's hope it's all I'm expecting it to be.


I prefer Flip's sound to Bose Mini Soundlink. The Bose's sound got too much bass.


I am after a bluetooth speaker for around £40, so when I saw this it seemed perfect. Then I saw the battery life.

JBL Flip 2 (Red) £39 on Amazon Germany
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Posted 6th Aug 2015Posted 6th Aug 2015
JBL Flip 2 (Red) £39 on Amazon Germany
Great price for a great speaker. Only available in red at this price though. Total with shipping to UK comes to EUR 55.17 which is just under £39 at today's exchange rate. That e… Read more
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Got mine from pc world for £39 in May ! Love it ! Great price


yeah, PC world wouldn't sell it for anything less and amazon had it at the same price at the time. I did a bit of searching and could only see cheaper ones on ebay which were refurbs


very good price for a decent little speaker. Had one but now use the sound blaster roar or my Philips BR1X.....


Says its in stock from 14 August


£79!!! Isn't that RRP?

JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker - Black £49.99 in Curry's
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Posted 22nd Jun 2015Posted 22nd Jun 2015
JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker - Black £49.99 in Curry's
Available in all colours including black, white, blue, red and yellow. Cheapest around brand new Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Anyone got a link? I can't find it


thanks great find


I wasn't even in the market for another Bluetooth speaker... but that looks seriously tempting. Damn you. X)


I would recommend a 'Time Machine'. Sure you can get the impression of turning back time just by winding your watch backwards, but it's not really the same thing. Get the 'Time Machine', I definitely recommend it. They are tricky to find though.


JBL have these for £45 refurbished and are currently offering a further 10% off if you sign up to their newsletter

JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth Speaker £39 Amazon
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Posted 26th Mar 2015Posted 26th Mar 2015
JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth Speaker £39 Amazon
Paid 50 quid for this last year and thought that was a good price. Bargain for under 40 notes

You mean the JBL Pulse - it's a good speaker, but loses the speakerphone function and the LEDs drain the battery fast. But it's an awesome party trick! In terms of sound, it's close to the Flip and Charge systems.


not possible. it allows multiple devices to pair with it at once, but it immediately switches to (and therefore prioritises) whichever connection hits play most recently. E.g. press play on iphone 1 and it plays, then press play on iphone 2 (which is also connected) and it shuts off iphone 1 and plays the sound from iphone 2, etc etc. Only ones I know of that allow you to combine two for stereo sound is the UE Boom / Minibooms.


Anyone know? I did try google...seems unlikely without an apadter but it also says that the blutooth spec supports upto 7 devices simultaneousy


It was a price match with Currys which has also expired. Its regular price is the £50 mark though & for some reason is often found cheaper than the Flip 1.


prices have all gone up to £56.20. could have been a pricing error actually, as the old JBL Flip (1) is meant to be £39.99 now.

Jbl Flip 2 Bluetooth speaker £39.00 at Currys Pc World
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Posted 25th Mar 2015Posted 25th Mar 2015
Jbl Flip 2 Bluetooth speaker £39.00 at Currys Pc World
This is the cheapest I've seen this priced at great sound for the price bluetooth and NFC and you can reserve and collect so price should be in store as well.

Got one today. Much better (and louder) than I expected! Thx OP


Anyone know a handy way to mount this in a car?


Not sure what some people have stuck in their ears but I have a Bose mini and two of these JBL's in front of me and the JBL is a nice little affordable speaker at this price but on the bass, build quality and loudness front there is no contest whatsoever, Bose a clear winner as expected. Nothing snobby, far from it I just like music with low frequency.


This MUST be a joke surely?


I have to agree with the Bose lovers.. The bose sound link mini does sound better but then you would expect that, its a more expensive speaker!!! Build quality is better, the bass is better and the top end is better and louder. I would say the sound on the bose is overall more refined. I have listened to both in store but for £39 the JBL is a steal..

JBL FLIP 2 bluetooth speaker - Refurbished - £49.99 @ JBL
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Posted 7th Feb 2015Posted 7th Feb 2015
JBL FLIP 2 bluetooth speaker - Refurbished - £49.99 @ JBL
Refurbished, half of original price. Here is a What HiFi review: http://www.whathifi.com/jbl/flip-2/review

Me too and I agree. Want to buy another but can't bring myself to pay more than at xmas!


Got a new one of these in Currys at Xmas with free postage for the same price ! It's a great speaker !


It might warm up but probably as I mentioned it can be had new quite often at this price though Id be happy to buy a refurb if I needed it ASAP. [img]http://charts.camelcamelcamel.com/uk/B00G34DFYK/amazon.png?force=1&zero=0&w=725&h=440&desired=false&legend=1&ilt=1&tp=all&fo=0〈=en[/img]


Thanks. Don't really understand why this is cold then.


Refurbished products are products that have been returned to us by our dealers or retailers. These products have been thoroughly checked and tested to meet the high standards that are set by JBL. A refurbished product contains the same features and functionalities as a new model, and we supply the same warranty - 2 years - with these products. You may see some minor cosmetic imperfections and perhaps the product has been repackaged, but you can be assured that these products will perform perfectly.

JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker - Black £49 @ Currys
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Posted 2nd Jan 2015Posted 2nd Jan 2015
JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker - Black £49 @ Currys
I have one of these and it's really good

Now 39 quid.




Same price as........ Forever!


One of my friends has this.. went to this house a few weeks ago.. I genuinely thought there was a mini hifi system playing music somewhere.. turned out that it was one of these.. Well worth it for £50!


already posted at PC world/currys Amazon etc

JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth NFC Portable Stereo Speaker  £49 @ Amazon
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Posted 31st Dec 2014Posted 31st Dec 2014
JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth NFC Portable Stereo Speaker £49 @ Amazon
Go to amazon page and click 'new & used' and u will find amazon selling it @ £49 I listen to this speaker at Curry's and it sounds good ..
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Good sound, would recommend (as did Which magazine review)


The sound quality out of this is terrible and it isn't worth £50. The Bose sound quality is a little better, maybe, I've not heard them side by side but it isn't worth the £130 it costs. Battery life on this is also terrible. If I were pushed to find two things I like about it I would have to say the case and NFC pairing. Might be worth buying at £20.


exactly, the Bose mini is like the iPhone....not worth the money and not as loud as the jbl.


like a moto g and an iPhone they are both phones and one is cheaper than the other for a reason. compare this with something in a similar price bracket

JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth NFC Portable Stereo Speaker with Bass Port and Microphone - Black £49 @ Amazon
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Posted 20th Dec 2014Posted 20th Dec 2014
JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth NFC Portable Stereo Speaker with Bass Port and Microphone - Black £49 @ Amazon
Great price for brilliant speaker JBL Flip 2 , the next generation for more power and more portability Easy set up with NFC and a stable Bluetooth connection to serve all your m… Read more

Comment Whats the power output


The sound on this is bloody brilliant.


obviously i understand that but its not small enough that its a case where the size/weight has to be shaved at the expense of alot of functionality


Extra weight/size I guess. For those times you need more take an external pack.


5 hours is shocking tbh, why not add a slightly larger battery?

JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker - £49.00 @ Currys
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Posted 19th Dec 2014Posted 19th Dec 2014
JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker - £49.00 @ Currys
JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker - Black for £49.00 @ Currys other colours available also :)
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Probably the best speaker at £50 price range.


How does this compare to the Anker A7908 4W, which was posted recently for around £21, in terms of sound, including bass, and any other key points I am new to the world of bluetooth speakers.


Already posted Op https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/jbl-flip-2-portable-wireless-speaker-49-00-currys-pcworld-2090436




Thanks Op

JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker £49.00 @ Currys/ PCWorld
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Posted 18th Dec 2014Posted 18th Dec 2014
JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker £49.00 @ Currys/ PCWorld
Usual price is around £65-£75 Play your music wirelessly via Bluetooth® with this stylish speaker. With NFC one-touch pairing and a built-in microphone, you can even take your cal… Read more

Sound quality is good, battery life is 3-5 hours only and don't try use it to answer calls over Bluetooth... No one can hear you through it.


Bought the flip 1 for the same price a while ago, very impressive.


Purchased yesterday. Great sound for the price. Looks good too.


Same price on Amazon. Highly recommend it. Its comparable to the Bose Mini but only a 3rd of the price.I sent the Bose back as I already had the Flip2. It has better portability as its slightly lighter & has usb charging with NFC.


Your parties must be banging......

JBL Flip Bluetooth wireless speaker - £39 @ John Lewis
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Posted 22nd Nov 2014Posted 22nd Nov 2014
JBL Flip Bluetooth wireless speaker - £39 @ John Lewis
JBL Flip Wireless bluetooth speaker, great VFM! £49 now - kalawelwyn

had ours for months, very happy with it


Bought this about 8 months ago and was amazed with the sound quality and volume from such a small speaker. If the Flip2 isn't much more it might be worth it but this is a great piece of kit for the money


i bought the flip 2 recently and would recommend.


Amazing engineering to fit those 3-foot drivers into such a small chassis...


Are there any speakers in this price range that can take SD cards and sound quality matches the JBL?

JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth NFC Portable Stereo Speaker £49.99 delivered @ Amazon
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Posted 24th Oct 2014Posted 24th Oct 2014
JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth NFC Portable Stereo Speaker £49.99 delivered @ Amazon
JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth NFC Portable Stereo Speaker with Bass Port and Microphone £49.99 All colours except for yellow have dropped but doesn't tend to stay this price for long in a… Read more
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Mine arrived yesterday. For the money the sound quality isn't good enough.




Well they'll each connect their own phone/device to their own speakers - so nope - there should be Miley Cyrus playing through your sons speaker! Unless your daughter decides to pair her phone to his speaker that is - which Prob won't end well !!


Ok, stupid question time....if I got one of these each for my 3 kids will they work independently? Can't imagine my 20yr old wanting to be blasted by his 11yr old sisters taste in pop music :)


Had the first and now have this one in white.....for 50 quid, it's the best portable BT speaker you can get.....In my opinion. Louder then the flip flip 1, better sound and case....also the usb charging functionality is so much better!.....Happy Shopping :0)

JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker - Black £49.99 @ Currys/ PC World
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Posted 23rd Oct 2014Posted 23rd Oct 2014
JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker - Black £49.99 @ Currys/ PC World
Down from £99.99 to £49.99. This piece of kit gets some very good reviews on Amazon where its currently selling for £75 in black. Also available in white, blue, red & yellow.… Read more
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how anyone can say this is not room filling must either have flip 1 or a fake, got mine price matched at staples for 50 quid coz i work nights in a tesco express fills up the store when just me and 1 other person working the night shift really loud and good bass


back at £99 now.


Got mine at the weekend. Great speaker. Thanks OP


Code does not work


I tried to use the code but keeps kicking me out of the page after adding it

JBL flip 2 half price was £99 now £49 at currys
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Posted 23rd Aug 2014Posted 23rd Aug 2014
JBL flip 2 half price was £99 now £49 at currys
Excellent speaker 12w NFC Bluetooth Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth NFC Portable Stereo Speaker with Bass Port and Microphone £49.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 22nd Aug 2014Posted 22nd Aug 2014
JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth NFC Portable Stereo Speaker with Bass Port and Microphone £49.99 @ Amazon
just noticed this has dropped by £25 and is £15 cheaper than the older (2012) model same price for the white version http://www.amazon.co.uk/JBL-Bluetooth-Portable-Speaker-Microp… Read more

Last month I got Flip 1 for £49 but it broke few days ago so I got my money back and now will get Flip 2 for the same price - great!


Well, end up buying JBL Flip 2 for £43 from Flubit.


If we compare this with Anker MP141, how big the difference will be in sound quality? MP141's 20hrs battery life is attracting me.


Can buy using flubbit for just over £44, very tempted


gets great reviews for sound performance. battery life on both reviews was around 5hrs. so better than 3, but still not great. im guessing you might stretch that if you play at lower volumes. i ordered one anyways, looking forward to it. http://www.whathifi.com/jbl/flip-2/review http://www.cnet.com/products/jbl-flip-2/

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