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JBL FLIP Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, Black  - John Lewis £49.95
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Posted 11th Jun 2014Posted 11th Jun 2014
JBL FLIP Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, Black - John Lewis £49.95
Currently around £100 elsewhere (including Amazon). 2 Year warranty from John Lewis. £49.95 (pick up from store) or add any item over 5p to get free uk delivery (I added some hal… Read more

I love my Flip....only wish it charged via USB......the Flip 2, Recharge and Pule do but they are a lot more costly. Good sound and you can tinker away with your EQ setting t get the sound you want. The Soundfreaq Kick has great sound but not as load as the Flip....much more stereo separation, but it larger then the Flip... Hope this helps :O)


I have a Jambox (standard). I'm after a little bit more power, but not as bassy as the sound link mini. Can anyone recommend this (or an alternative) over the jam box? cheers.


I am using the JBL Flip in conjunction with my MacBook Pro (and iPod Touch) when teaching language lessons. Because it is Bluetooth and battery-powered, it is easily transported from classroom to classroom. The sound is relatively big and full (much better than the small speakers attached to the classroom computers, data projectors, or the CD players we are given). Connection (though not instantaneous) is fairly straightforward. Since I am only playing short audio extracts, the shorter battery life is not a problem. This speaker outperforms the much smaller (and cheaper) Bluetooth speakers that my colleagues are using. This is a quick note to give some context to the performance of the speaker in situ. I have no hesitation in recommending it for a similar application at the low price (£50). At the full retail price, I would think again.


The battery life is horrendous. It also gives you no warning before shutting down. It's loud, barely louder than the brick from Amazon. The brick allow boasts a 8 hour battery life. Costs 15 quid. This jbl is getting returned.


Thought I would let you all know JBL Outlet have the Flip back in stock at £39.99 again. So it's down to how much you want to save £10 really. Anyway, wherever you get it from, they are great little speakers for the money!

JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker (refurb) £39.99 from JBL Outlet, black
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Posted 7th Jun 2014Posted 7th Jun 2014
JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker (refurb) £39.99 from JBL Outlet, black
Awesome little wireless speaker - gets many 5/5 reviews even at it's RRP of £99.99. I'd been looking for one for ages, apparently sometimes Amazon and John Lewis have it nearer thi… Read more

Excellent speaker for the price. As someone else previously stated this particular model does not have any USB ports for charging. Pity other colours were not the same price Good spot Heat added


bought mine for 49.99 back in september... great buy.... if you want a travel / garden speaker... buy it


sold out. doh


you are one of them who are just saying?



JBL Flip Rechargeable Bluetooth-enabled Loudspeaker with UK/EU Mains Adapter and Built-In Mic - White - £45 at Amazon
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Posted 20th Apr 2014Posted 20th Apr 2014
JBL Flip Rechargeable Bluetooth-enabled Loudspeaker with UK/EU Mains Adapter and Built-In Mic - White - £45 at Amazon
Regarded as one of the best Bluetooth speaker in its category. I have one and it is very good considering its size. Ideal for travelling. - SUPERCOOLWILLOW
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Not for me. I connect with my nexus 5 or ipad with no issues.


Anyone had any bluetooth problems with them?


I bought in jl for 40 last time. well worth every penny!:) sq is unbelievably good for such a small speaker.


How does this compare with £20 anker 20 hour battery version.


Great speaker. Also available at PC World for same price in choice of five colours.

Jbl flip £34 @ pc world
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Posted 22nd Mar 2014Posted 22nd Mar 2014
Jbl flip £34 @ pc world
saw a post for this at 39.00 at john lewis. pc world price matched it plus 10% difference total 34.00. bargain sound for that price. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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JL price is £49.95


All explained here http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/price-promise-875-theme.html


Kk. Do you just call up to get a price match or can you email them? When it's in stock obviously.


no as it isn't available to buy so no competition for them

JBL flip bluetooth speaker Tesco £39.00
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Posted 22nd Mar 2014Posted 22nd Mar 2014
JBL flip bluetooth speaker Tesco £39.00
Very good reviews. Even cheaper if you can get the order to be £50 and then add the 10% off voucher The JBL Flip with Bluetooth® capability is an ideal wireless stereo system for … Read more
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John lewis still has it. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/jbl-flip-bluetooth-speaker-now-39-00-free-delivery-store-john-lewis-1858889


you are right. I got in there on time.


no stock when proceed to checkout


Good find. I bought one at £49 from Curry's last year and am well impressed with sound, battery life and build quality. Probably the best portable speaker our there in this range at this price. HOT HOT.

JBL Flip bluetooth Speaker now £39.00 free delivery to store! @ john lewis
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Posted 21st Mar 2014Posted 21st Mar 2014
JBL Flip bluetooth Speaker now £39.00 free delivery to store! @ john lewis
I thought this fantastic bluetooth speaker (which doubles as handsfree with your phone) was a bargain at £49.99 when I recommended it to my brother and friend but at £39.99 this is… Read more

damn..looks like I missed this one..


Thanks op. Bought this morning and now listening to Pink Floyd and I'm so impressed with the sound! Best £39 I've spent in a long while.


Or maybe not: Special buy: These offers are available for a limited time only and are exceptional value as we've been able to secure one-off discounts from our suppliers.


Delivered today blimey this little speaker is loud and sound quality is good may need a little tweaking with your phone equaliser settings to get the best sound but generally very pleased Thanks OP.


They will get some more stock. I bought 3 and picked up today as I wanted to sell them when back home but I couldn't get holidays at work so will be returning 2. unless someone wants to pick up from me in Edinburgh to save buying hassle etc.

JBL Flip Rechargeable Bluetooth £49.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 15th Feb 2014Posted 15th Feb 2014
JBL Flip Rechargeable Bluetooth £49.99 @ Amazon
Wirelessly connect to Smartphones, tablets, laptops and more Use its built-in mic for hands-free calls, Skype and FaceTime Hear the truth with great JBL sound from dual drivers and… Read more

I have one of the 1st flips and paid the same price for it and found battery life very poor, battery does not last very longer even when not it use and just sat on the side. The BT signal is poor and when I contacted support they said as long as the phone is in the same room and in close proximity of the speaker the unit works fine. Fortunately the sound quality is great however I wouldn't have purchased this has I have known about the battery performance & BT signal.


Flip 2 just came out. you can now charge via micro-usb. speakers output to 2x6 watts. Battery life same 5 hours.


I have one of these. Very good sound for the size and for the cost. I've had no problems connecting them via bluetooth. The travel case is great. The one down side is that they're not chargeable via usb.



creeling awesome speakers end of.

Jbl Flip Bluetooth Speaker RRP £99 £65 @ Tesco Direct
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Posted 13th Jan 2014Posted 13th Jan 2014
Jbl Flip Bluetooth Speaker RRP £99 £65 @ Tesco Direct
Based on the YouTube reviews of this speaker it's awesome sound and quality with good bass. Originally £99.00 it's a good deal online at Tesco for £65

Currently this is the cheapest deal after Xmas , Currys is £99


Great speaker. Bought one from John Lewis (2 year guarantee) and then one from amazon at £49.99 each towards end of last year. Both posts on here. Also seen in December on curry's website for £49.99 so come up quite regularly.


Excellent speaker but got it from Curry's in the pre - Christmas deal posted on this very site. :-)


Where as is £99 on the Curry's website?


got one of these for christmas and they are a real good quality sound

JBL Flip Rechargeable Bluetooth-enabled Loudspeaker in White - Amazon - £49.99
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Posted 6th Dec 2013Posted 6th Dec 2013
JBL Flip Rechargeable Bluetooth-enabled Loudspeaker in White - Amazon - £49.99
Been looking for a Bluetooth speaker around the £100 mark and then saw this had dropped to 50 notes so thought it was a bargain.
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Bought one of these in John Lewis early in the year for 69.99, and that was definitely a bargain. So this is a great price. Great little speaker, with a surprising amount of bass for the size. Only problem I've found is that it wouldn't connect to my nook HD+, but have no problems it connecting to the Xoom.


great price and great sound


Ordered black in Curry's. Thanks.


nice price.... same price in currys

Jbl flip at john lewis.com £49.95 with 2 year guarantee!
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Posted 16th Oct 2013Posted 16th Oct 2013
Jbl flip at john lewis.com £49.95 with 2 year guarantee!
Bargain at £49.95 with john Lewis 2 year guarantee ! I just brought one yesterday from another retailer for £60,00 new , but without the 2 year guarantee?

How good are these? Seriously? I've been looking at the AZATOM® Home Hub Lightning Dock but sure i have the slot for it anywhere but if the flip is smaller i can hide it somewhere :)


I got mine from Currys two weeks ago as it was still a ton in JL. Now that it's down to £50 and you get 2 years guarantee.. this is a good deal!


Powerful enough but just a bit bigger than a can of coke and no nfc. Still worth it for the price.


John Lewis Aberdeen only sell Black or White JBL Flip and not available in red, blue or green as was previously advertised on their website and also at PC World/Currys, Dundee only selling Black ones with the odd white one possibly available to order. Be aware that there are reports of some bluetooth connection issues with these particular models of JBL Flip only. John Lewis, Aberdeen store only selling black, but none were showing in stock when we asked the guy to check?? as I wanted to actually view and try one which was actually working with an Ipod. very disappointed with John Lewis on this occassion. 2 year warranty is great but not if they don,t actually have them in stock hope this helps someone



JBL FLIP Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, Black £49.95 @ johnlewis
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Posted 8th Oct 2013Posted 8th Oct 2013
JBL FLIP Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, Black £49.95 @ johnlewis
Huge sound in a compact package - the JBL FLIP frees your music from smartphones, laptops and tablets in exceptional quality. The portable, tapered design blends seamlessly anywher… Read more
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It's a hot deal, albeit an old one. Cracking little speaker. 2yr warranty too from JL


People are probably voting cold as this has been posted before. Also available at Currys/pcworld for same price ( or at least was recently)


Why cold?

JBL Flip Loudspeaker White £49.99 @ amazon
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Posted 28th Sep 2013Posted 28th Sep 2013
JBL Flip Loudspeaker White £49.99 @ amazon
Been this price at pc world a couple of weeks ago . Looks decent for this price, gets good reviews. Manufacturer's Description The wireless speaker that lets you live louder. Recha… Read more

Now £69.34


Currently OOS at Amazon; how soon are they likely to restock do you think?


you can get these at Currys and PC World at the same price. Bought one the other day and I'm very happy with it


Hi mollyschamber they are still priced at £49.99 if you select amazon as seller.


Hot price. None of these speakers compares to the minirig on battery life, sound quality, versatility, or build quality.

Jbl flip Half Price £49.99 at pc world
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Posted 13th Sep 2013Posted 13th Sep 2013
Jbl flip Half Price £49.99 at pc world
excellent speaker! I have owned one for 6 months. unbelievable volume and excellent sound, especially for the size. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Back in stock at Bristol Cribbs causeway


Went to buy one at PC World/Currys, Dundee, but Only Black in stock though white can be ordered if you prefer. Very Misleading as PC world clearly advertised these in store as coming in 5 various colours but only sell black and white ones. Also guy said that PC world had only recently started selling these but i have seen them many weeks ago. These JBL flips are the bluetooth speakers which have the connection problem so be aware Hope this helps


If anyone else is having difficulty (as I was) pairing to a laptop, then press and hold down the power button on the flip while searching on the lappy. Didn't need to do this for my mobile, but did on my lappy. strange.


Chuffed with mine (sound from such a compact unit is really fantastic) collected mine from Currys and serial number is hugely past the antenna change threshold and no problems so far (although I haven't walked the length of the garden to check it :-) ) No problem attaching to my Nexus 2013. Initially had no success getting output from Windows 8 (attached no problem) but this guy put me on the right track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pxuILyzMqI Thanks OP


No USB. No aux out either. http://www.jbl.com/images/media/FLIP_OM_EN.pdf

JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Tesco £79.99
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Posted 2nd Jul 2013Posted 2nd Jul 2013
JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Tesco £79.99
Bluetooth Speaker with Ten watts of speaker power with a frequency response top-end of 20kHz and 38mm drivers Excellent reviews on Which etc, and next cheapest £94.99 Dont forge… Read more

No offense intended. Every days a school day,eh?


All the cold votes, please link to it hotter in black from a reputable retailer...


Cant find it cheaper... Voted hot.


Here here


shocking deal.. fail.. fail...fail

JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker @ John Lewis - £69.95
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Posted 29th Dec 2012Posted 29th Dec 2012
JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker @ John Lewis - £69.95
Bluetooth Speaker with Ten watts of speaker power with a frequency response top-end of 20kHz and 38mm drivers creates pounding sound to fill any space! You also get a 2 year guar… Read more
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Overall pretty pleased with the purchase, get good volumes and quality of sound is good, and on some types of music the sound quality is excellent.


Thanks I got one, the price seems good and after watching a few YouTube vids it meets my needs.


Not sure why this is cold...but thanks for the post. Ordered on the strength of the reviews, and seemingly very good price. :-)


Not really a comparison as they're 2 speakers, connected via a wire, and aren't as portable.


For comparison, without looking around Jembe, bluetooth, £47 (not a sale price, I got mine for £30) http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008PCBB7Q/ref=asc_df_B008PCBB7Q11236863?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&tag=****&linkCode=asn&creative=22206&creativeASIN=B008PCBB7Q

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