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Updated 10th May 2020Last updated 10th May 2020 by belmaljenad
Top five on-ear wireless headphones for less than £50
We are spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying music, playing games or listening to audiobooks, with so many options available you need to have the correct headphones for the j… Read more

I have the house of Marley ones, and the Sony ones. No contest. Sony wins hands down. The actual sound is about the same, but the buzzing noise in the house of Mally ones stinks of cheap cheap cheap... nothing like that in the Sony ones.


Good work OP, I only miss Anker & Tribit Xfree Tune


I got a grade A set from CeX for £22 (embarrassed) but I would have paid £50 for them and probably more. They're really comfortable, well-made (well, I think so despite some durability complaints) and balanced (not bass heavy).


I think you could get some really decent ones for around £100 if you wanted to spend more than £50. The AKG N60NC Wireless are meant to be amazing, you can get them now and again for about £120.


Amazing, I would definitely get some if they come up again. They are clearly the best in this bunch.

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Updated 25th Sep 2019Last updated 25th Sep 2019 by Hassxn786
Hey all, Would you know of any music app for iPhone (downloadable from App Store) that lets you download music? Thanks!

Basically like YouTube. Search any video that is on YouTube, you can then download it


Not lecturing, just stating that due to the rules of this site you may not get any responses.


It’s a mere asking and we aren’t sharing any links here. Have you never downloaded a torrent file in your life? If you’ve, please no need for this lecture.


Encouraging illegal behaviour is also against the hotukdeals rules, so I don't think you will get any suggestions on how to pirate music.


Well, there are always few apps around that apple takes down due to “piracy”. I just want one that is still downloadable.

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Updated 24th Sep 2019Last updated 24th Sep 2019 by PeacePipe
Android Music App that remembers the previous playback position. Recommendations!
I have some radio broadcasts and podcasts which are up to 3 hours, so looking for an ideally simple Android app that will automatically recall the last position and resume from the… Read more

Thanks all. I already had this one installed (y) .


Smart audiobook player works really well, you can set a specific folder for these types of files vs your normal music.



esar Couldn't have listened to my 9 hour audio books without it

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Updated 20th Sep 2019Last updated 20th Sep 2019 by MisterNippy
If anyone remembers Laser 558 from the pirate stations of the 80's here it is, added to ZinRadio. Enjoy !!!!!



yep, I can confirm what you say is true. Enjoy the APP :)


I remember this old radio station LASER 558 back in the 80's, I believe they broadcasted from a Pirate ship. They had an American DJ who used to do a rant now and again with no holding back of the language that he used...I think his name was Charlie Wolf or something similar, can anyone confirm or remember him? I remember the music that was played on the station was very popular and was an alternative station to listen too at the time. :o Update just found this Youtube clip the ship was called the MV Communivator Laser 558 j


Enjoy, and share !!!

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Updated 6th Jul 2018Last updated 6th Jul 2018 by bobdylan
Whats a good music app for my phone
i used spotify but that deal ran out and i have a 5 month googleplay but i just dont like the app. any suggestions please thank you in advance (strong)

Amazon Music:


Me too. Used all of them and I ALWAYS go back to Spotify and pay. They simply have it right!


Try them all with their freebies, but personally you have already used the best one.. Just pay for Spotify.


Tidal 6 month free trial


If you have Play Music, you have YouTube Music. Different app, same subscription - give that a try as it's far better! Deezer is great, Tidal is okay too. All have free/99p trials, and you can use the VPN tricks to get them for <£3 for family plans