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Numerous software and applications were designed for a wide range of functions; the more professional ones include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Slack, and Skype and the more entertainment-focused ones include mobile games and social media apps. Tech lovers can find all the deals for software and apps instantly and easily with hotukdeals' Software & Apps listing.
Samsung QE65Q80R (2019) QLED HDR 1500 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65" with TVPlus/Freesat HD & Apple TV App, Eclipse Silver £1079 @ Hughes
Posted 10 m agoPosted 10 m ago
Samsung's Q80R QLED TV lets you experience amazing contrast and captivating colour in all conditions, and receive personalised suggestions for what to watch next. Ambient Mode turn… Read more

Get Richer Sounds to price match it and get another £20 off and £100 in vouchers

(Free Android App) : PDF Reader Pro, Weather App Pro at Google Play
Posted 10 h, 0 m agoPosted 10 h, 0 m ago
2 Free Apps with good reviews. PDF Reader Pro Weather App Pro

I have about 20 PDF 'pro version' readers now..




Something's not right, the developer's website won't load: Domain checks are saying the website is not registered, up for sale, etc... Only 1000+ installs so far. App permissions: This app has access to: Device & app history retrieve running appsPhotos / Media / Files read the contents of your USB storagemodify or delete the contents of your USB storageStorage read the contents of your USB storagemodify or delete the contents of your USB storageCamera take pictures and videosWi-Fi connection information view Wi-Fi connectionsOtherreceive data from Internetview network connectionsconnect and disconnect from Wi-Ficontrol flashlightfull network accessrun at startupprevent device from sleeping


same here, uninstalled it


@Admin i am getting this message at BT is detecting this as scam source. Warning: you could be getting scammed! Suspected unsafe site: This website could be trying to steal your information, install a virus or gain access to your device. What to do next

IObit Software Bundle 2 (1yr Sub) From 99p @ Fantatical
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Also comes with Protected folder and Start Menu 8 for 99p. Another couple of tiers if you want more but for me ill just get Driver Booster for 99p.
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You sound as if your selling this crap


WOW, a out of date mouse driver, are you kidding me!!!!!!!


Im wrong then, enjoy PC Blue Screen failure! Since I stopped using this crap I have never had a PC issue for years, FYI all drivers up to date.


Hopefully get 1 or 2 likes on that (y) Nice one champ


Just like you, I also dislike people who sell sketchy licences, which is why I don't buy from platforms like G2A, but I don't believe that's what's happening with I should probably state now that I haven't purchased anything through them, I'm not affiliated with them, and neither do I have any emotional attachment to them, or to my viewpoint. I will happily change my viewpoint if I see new data that contradicts my view. I believe that it is likely that they're simply using regional reselling practices, you've suggested that they may be selling illegal, cracked, keys, and while that is, of course, possible, I think it's much less likely than the regional reselling. Do you have a strong reason to believe they are acting illegally, or is it simply because the price is low? In relation to the oem licence, buying the product without hardware won't invalidate your licence. However, the terms of the oem licence are such that you are expected to sell the PC after installing the software. If you install it on your own pc, and don't sell it, then you would be in violation of the oem licence and, from a legal perspective, the licence would be invalidated (although the product would obviously still function). Of course, the obvious solution to this moral quandary is to sell your PC to a family member for, say, £1, and then buy it back from them, which will fulfil your legal obligations under the licence agreement :D Personally, I think a more morally indefensible act is that companies like Microsoft sell the same product at wildly different price points to different customers in the same region, and at a different price point in each region. I've spent a lot of my career dealing with that nonsense, which is one reason why I lean towards free & open-source, where practical. The Italian MOD aren't ditching Windows for Linux, as you point out, they're simply ditching MS Office for Libreoffice, which runs quite happily on Windows, so I think they're unlikely to have any problems with the project. Much as I'm comfortable in a Linux environment, moving an enterprise from Windows to Linux is a non-trivial decision, with a lot of factors beyond the price of the OS, including issues of corporate culture, user training costs, the availability and skill levels of Linux support staff, etc. I've seen it done well, and I've seen it fail miserably. Paradoxically, the organisations best suited to making that switch are also the least likely to do so. One thing Microsoft does deserve praise for is that, after decades of fighting it, they have, in recent years, started to embrace platform independence. I attended a virtual Microsoft Developer conference recently and it was great to see their MS Code engineering team, and others, so passionate about providing a great coding experience, regardless of your choice of operating system.


Oss £55.95 now


Thanks Ken.


I know the reasons they *could * sell software cheaply. However selling Office which retails at £200 ish for £20 is a massive discount and it would be hard to see where it could be legitimate. Office Watch LINK Here has a now outdated price comparision for Office 365 , India was cheaper, but only 40% cheaper on the subscription product, not 80%. Even if its the perpetual licencied Office Home & Student edition that sells for £130, and lets take off 40% to try and equate that to India thats still about £50, not £20. And Yes OEM software needs to be sold with hardware, no hardware and your broken the terms of the licence before you installed it so invalidated the licence. If people want to buy what is, in all probablility, unlicenced software, be that becasue it from a volume licence, academic licence, or keygenerated keys, thats their choice, and their money. I just dislike that there are buisnesses out there that try fool the buying public into thinking they have a legitiamte licence for software (and not just Microsoft software) when in fact they havent. If you don't want to pay for software then as you said there are many capable free open source products out there you can use. Thats an interesting move. The only really big scale change from Windows to Unix was where Munich tried it, going to Unix and open source back in 2010, then I think in 2018 started to move back to Microsoft, how much that was to do with Microsoft lobbying and taking offices in Munich is unclear, and now are going back to open source again. One of the Munich problems was they had to keep Windows as some software will only run in that, and interoperability issues, general compatability of documents, need for training ( at least initially people were used to Microsoft tools) and higher support costs (having to support Linux and Windows) were part of the reason to swap back to Windows. Given we have a lot more cloud based IT these days You would hope the base OS would matter less these days, so it will be interesting to see how the Italians cope, although its not as far as Munich in that the base OS looks to be the same.


OK, there's a few things to mention here. The website that was listed ( are in the business of selling software cheaply. There are 2 reasons why they can do that for so much less than you pay in a shop. 1. They buy internationally, sourcing the licences from regions where the software licences are sold more cheaply. Microsoft licences in India, for example, are a lot cheaper than in the UK. 2. They almost certainly buy OEM licences rather than Retail licences, which are waaay cheaper. This is supported by the terms that someone posted earlier which states that the licenced product can only be installed on one device and is not linked to your Microsoft account. OEM licences are sold to IT companies, and system builders, with the intention that they install the software on a PC and then sell you the PC. OEM licences cannot be transferred from an old PC to a new PC. Technically, a company shouldn't sell you an OEM licence without also selling you some hardware (even if it's just a Mouse) but, in practice, it's not enforced, and it certainly doesn't invalidate your purchased licence. At worst, they're a grey market seller. The licences are legit, and you're doing nothing wrong in buying one. Do bad actors illegally sell Volume Licencing keys? Sure, but they're going to be the guys on ebay, or selling via somewhere like cdKeys, that's not what the above site is doing. Msdn technically doesn't exist anymore, BTW. We now buy Visual Studio Subscriptions each year, it cost us a few thousand £ for each of our enterprise dev subscriptions last year.

Get Our Syntronik OXa Synth free for IK Newsletter Subscribers
17/06/2020Expires on 17/06/2020Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
A Special Thank You For Your Continued Support Get Our Syntronik OXa Synth Free! As a special thank you from our IK family to yours, we're giving all IK Multimedi… Read more
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Damn and I just bought an OB6


Bonus. Literally.


Thanks for the heads up.


Cool, heat added. Can't argue with a new VSTi to mess around with (y)

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YI Home Camera 1080P IP Smart Indoor IP Camera HD Night Vision AI Motion Detection £11.50 only via their app @ AliExpress yi Official
1860° Expired
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th JunShipping from ChinaShipping from China
YI Home Camera 1080P IP Smart Indoor IP Camera HD Night Vision AI Human Detection /Motion Detection for Home /Office Security
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Thanks op. Just ordered a camera. Code has expired. It was cheaper on my PC which gave the 3 usd off. Spent ages getting it to accept my phone number, nearly gave up. TCB at 8.3% also, cost me £11.32


Because Which? are a credible source of information (annoyed)


I got order shipped now


Promo code expired and no longer available. Camera now £13.09.


Yes, have a PayPal receipt, nothing from Ali though....tbh I've allready got one....but at this price I might set one looking out of the front window...

ET Music Player Pro FREE at Google Play
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
*** Version 2019.4.5 update: ✔ Hide folder ✔ Loudness Enhancer for louder sound ✔ 16 nice ET Background High audio quality & customize Music Player … Read more

ET Music Player. Requires permission: CALL_PHONE Reason: To Phone Home


I am definitely not a audiophile, but I'm yet to find an app that I'm satisfied with. Most of them are over-complicated for those who us who just want basic functions. I don't play around with the functions on music apps - probably because I don't understand them :D


Interested to know what people believe to be the best free android music player app? Been using Omnia for a while but always good to hear other recommendations? (y)

The Limited Edition Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Desktop £47.83 at StackSocial
10/06/2020Expires on 10/06/2020Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
A nice bundle of 11 Mac apps including: Parallels Desktop PDF Expert iMazing Aurora HDR NetSpot Pro Disk Drill PRO Windscribe VPN Pro RapidWeaver 8 TextExpander DeltaWa… Read more
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It’s quite good, but in rel to Parallels in August you will need to spend another £39.99 if you want to be in latest version.


2 years of Windscribe Pro included is worth alone more than half this deal, plus the rest, very good package.


How odd, Parallels is the standard edition (I'd assumed it was Pro)- didn't realise that was available as a subscription- at $80 a year. Very poor value compared to the £70 to buy it outright, leaving aside comparison with the other Mac virtualisation options and Bootcamp.


It's pretty good value for money, but just note that the likes of TextExpander and Parallels are only for a year subscription.

Tree Identifier App (Android/iOS) Free @ Woodland Trust
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
An interesting app that allows you to Identify trees by their bark, twigs, buds, leaves, flowers or fruit. Now that we are beginning to come out of our houses to enjoy the fresh ai… Read more
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Thanks, that makes sense! Sort of wish they had it as a separate app but no biggie.


Google Lens is a part of the Google official search iOS app. You will see the Lens option inside the search bar next to the Mic.


I couldn't find Google Lens on the iOS App Store - using my iPhone XR. Could you post a link, please? I've used the app on Android and I really liked it. Thanks!


For plants I have the PictureThis app on iPhone. It's quite good. Did try Google Lens in the past wasn't fully satisfied.


It is for iPhone

Humble bundle software bundle 3 - ashampoo bundle - £1 @ Humble Bundle
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
New humble bundle bundle - includes a bunch of ashampoo products including driver update, win optimised, pdf pro 2.
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any free driver update software that doesnt take 2 weeks to download the drivers? tried some but the speed was limited to 50kb/s on the free tier on most


I wouldn't pay the $20 just for the Burning 21. None of the other progs at that price or the little cheaper one are of any interest. I got the £1 one, just a shame they put the burning prog out at the expensive end.


Maybe, I'm just pointing out there are loads of other free backup apps in addition to what you mention. If you are not sure they will do what you what, then spend the quid.


From what I have seen, Acronis True Image (drive-specific) isn't very good for scheduling and doesn't cover incremental backups. Macrium may be better. But maybe a £1 spend might meet all requirements?


You also have Aomei Backupper, the drive specific versions of Acronis True image and the fan favorite Macrium Reflect to name a few more. The backup market is very well catered for in terms of free software.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition (PC) - £4.12 [Chile VPN] @ GOG
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Moderator changed the title for some reason It was: [GOG] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition [Chile VPN] - £4.12 @ GOG Play the most polished and complete versio… Read more
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Some crackers in there for the price's! If you're into Jap RPGs this is an excellent series 80+ hours each game. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III


and i went back for more...


I either buy these games from their Chile store cheap, or don't buy them at all. They just made money where they otherwise wouldn't have. I guess i would have maybe bought them at a cheaper price in the future, but that would likely have been from cdkeys or somewhere else. It's a win/win for GOG.


Welcome to HUKD, enjoy your stay


I'm in the middle on this one. Buy from CDKeys / Instant Gaming / Voidu / G2A for cheap. Devs get nothing & I save. (Unknown Origin of key) Buy from GOG Chile - I save & Devs get money. Buy from GOG - Devs get money.

Samsung QE55Q90R (2019) QLED HDR 2000 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55" with TVPlus/Freesat HD & Apple TV App £1124 @ rgbdirect / eBay
305° Expired
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Samsung’s Q90R QLED TV lets you experience pixel-perfect contrast and captivating colour in all conditions, and receive personalised suggestions for what to watch next. Ambient Mod… Read more

The black levels are clearly going to be better on an OLED especially when watching in a dark room setting. Samsung QLED TVs shines in bright rooms and with HDR I believe. Either way this is still a well recommend set with excellent reviews.


Widely reported blooming, particularly in game mode, but this is the trade off against potential burn in for the C9, which also has full bandwidth 2.1 hdmi, either way you're getting a fantastic TV


ummmm interesting because I heard this was almost as good as the C9 if you ignore OLED/lCD. Perhaps the 55" is lacking some features the 65" has


Oh right, apologies :p


This TV I believe is not that good for gaming in regards to black levels. On game mode, it appears to switch off local dimming so the blacks look greyish. I hear the 2018 Q9FN was better in this department. Despite this it has scored very well with critics especially with its extra wide viewing angle technology and with the included one connect box.

PDF Conversion Tool (Windows 10) - Temporarily free @ Microsoft Store
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Hopefully this will be of use to some ( especially those who don't use Apple products given the previous deal ) :) PDF Conversion Tool allows you to easily and quickly convert a… Read more
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Now £3.29 ;(


Microsoft Word will open a pdf and convert to word and vise versa


Good point :) but for those people who don't have that feature in office (or don't have office, using Wordpad or similar) then CutePDF is handy I think; and it works with any other program which has a Print option i.e. our bespoke stock control system at work doesn't always export/save reports correctly as PDFs so being able to 'print' to a PDF is very useful.


It's now over £3

1rhysdavies website and free App

(Ipad / Iphone) PDF Converter by Readdle - Temporarily free @ Apple App Store
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
This is the first time this app has been free, with the app normally costing £6.99. Please note that as the app has just dropped in price, it might take a couple of hours for the p… Read more
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Has it the ability to convert a PDF into a Word file?


Anyone please... (Sorry to interrupt here OP just thought someone on here might know). If I want to save a Whatsapp chat to a file what is the best format to use?.Ideally it would be a format that cannot be edited afterwards if possible. Thanks.


Thanks OP. Heat added. Allowed me to convert a .txt document to pdf which other programs I’ve tried wouldn’t do.




Better way of doing a pdf of a web page is to take a screenshot of the page and on the screenshot page change the option at the top to ‘full page’. Result is a brilliant full page, pdf that you can share or save. Much easier than the print and pinch to zoom option IMO.

ebay £10 off in app, min spend £20 (invite only)
09/06/2020Expires on 09/06/2020Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Got an email from ebay with a code offering £10 off a min £20 purchase providing you buy it via their app. Expires 9th June

Confirmed. Used on an auction yesterday.


Postage costs don't count towards total price. I've been told coupon can be used on auctions but I haven't tested it yet, it'd be great if someone could confirm it worked for them.


Can the voucher be used towards postage costs that a bring a total to £20+ from a won auction item? (If that makes sense)


just got another £10 voucher on another account. Problem is nothing to buy on ebay.


wasn't there immediately but appeared after a couple of minutes. now problem is, i got nothing to buy! XD

Lenovo V155-15API AMD Ryzen 5-3500U 8GB 256GB SSD 15.6 Inch Full HD Radeon Vega 8 Windows 10 Home Laptop - £499.97 @ Laptops Direct
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Meet the V155 (15") laptop, designed to drive your everyday business. Increase productivity and efficiency with its robust AMD processor and graphics, keep your data safe with prof… Read more
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Yeah, BOX is well established, only ever heard good things about them on here.


Assume you have experience with this site, I've never used them myself. Are they reliable?


Take a look at BOX, there are some decently priced laptops with IPS screen, at this price point.


I bought this exact laptop for my son on Black Friday 2019 from ebuyer via eBay for £315. If you put 3500U into the search you will see that such machines have regularly been £100-200 cheaper. This is very expensive for this particular model. It’s perfect for my son, plays fortnite at a respectable FPS and does everything fine. TN screen so viewing angles not the best. But £500 is way over the odds especially with 4500U machines now appearing. Sorry OP.


is this a good laptop?

PlantNet Plant Identification App - free at Google Play
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
PlantNet is an application that allows you to identify plants simply by photographing them with your smartphone. Very useful when you don't have a botanist on hand! Pl@ntNet is als… Read more

Rhododendron (tiss lovely)


To identify plants and birds, insects animals and trees you can you use inaturalist app, it's free more community based identities added by members but app has an extensive identification facility ,very useful


More like over the hill


Is it Cypress Hill living there?


Just perfect for recognising the difference between Himalayan Purple Kush and everyday weeds.

BirdNET: Bird sound identification Free at Google Play
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
This is a great free app that lets you record and then identify birds in your garden or vicinity. It then gives you links to more information about them and also what sort of birds… Read more

trying to identify the name of a bird that makes a strange waffling noise (sounds a bit like latin at times), very untidy white feathers, hides allot and keeps flying into things; any ideas? someone has suggsted it could be a clownwarbler.


Awww, you're a real hoot




You must be gutted, look at the heat generated from this deal :D


I installed this yesterday via the Play Store. Today, I've received an email from the developers via one of my other email addresses which has no connection with my Play Store account and which has no presence on my phone. Any idea how this could happen?

Free Data Recovery by Recoverit Recover Deleted Files Free at wondershare
31/12/2020Expires on 31/12/2020Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Recoverit Data Recovery helps you to recover lost data from all types of Windows or Mac devices and storage media like HDD, SSD, External hard disks, Floppy Disks, USB flash drives… Read more

the free version allows 100MB of data recovery haha thats not enoguh


It didn’t work. I tried it on different versions. It only gives about 10-15% off the software


Doesn't Piriform Recuva do this for free anyway?


The code discounted the Essential Version from £60 down to £50; perhaps generic discount code?


Is this for the free version with a 100MB limit or does the code allow uncapped use?

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