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I bought a Morrisons Gold blend instant coffee as a cheaper alternative and it is awful, they're obviously marketing it as a similar type of coffee, but must use mud instead of bea… Read more

Dont do it. This is the only instant coffee i will drink nowadays, and is often on offer for £3ish a jar


Switched to Nescafé Azera Americano, haven't looked back, my new coffee of choice. Tassimo machine now defunct. You can get 2 100g tins for £5 in Farmfoods.

DangerousBeans Currently on offer at Sainsburys £4 for 200g which is the price I always go for :)


Ah yes, a lady of impeccable taste. I’m sure she told Gillian Anderson this recently!


Always decent deals on Amazon S&S:É-Cap-Colombie-Instant-Coffee/dp/B074MCSQKY £1.91 with 15% discount

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lowest price for this if the store is close enough

Bought one yesterday they also had the 300g for £3.99 but only had 1 jar of that

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Get an Aeropress, fresh coffee beans roasted within the last week and grind it fresh.


I see what you did there


My husband was an academic and useless at anything practical. I did all that kinda stuff and his job was to do the day to day stuff and provide tea. In his field of excellence he took the tea message to the ultimate. He used to teach would be forensic scientists and crime scene investigators. He would set up a murder scene or whatever and take them there and said ok what is the first thing you must do. They would invariably say scan scene , interview suspects etc. His answer was sit back and have a cup of tea. While you are drinking the tea you can assess the situation and plan your course if action. Tea is good


Tis one of the reasons I don't visit my elderly neighbour that often - sometimes a secondhand teabag but if it's a fresh one it's a quick flash in the mug then goats milk and 3 sugar cubes (yep she's a John Lewis/Waitrose type shopper). I remember the hot summer days I'd be using a hammer drill to put holes in concrete to sink new fence posts as a favour and after an hours hard graft I had to ask her to make me a cuppa wtf - she was getting my time and my effort for free With my wife it was easy - e.g. spring cleaning I'd empty the living room or cover some stuff then with a Polti Vaporetto plus lots of rags and decorating gear I'd close the living room door and begin to blitz the room - the only time the door would open was when she walked in with a nice refreshing cuppa and the occasional snack. No questions asked - sometimes it'd take me through the day until 2 in the morning - she knew all she had to do was keep that cuppa coming and keep me fed ;)


Oh that is so true. As I write I can hear my husband saying do you want tea ? He was allergic to coffee so it never really featured in our household. We are a teapot and leaf tea family. My son makes me a cup of tea every morning bless him. It is very hit and miss. Sometimes it is like water and other times you could stand a fork up in it. His dad was much more consistent.

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Win 1 of 50 iPad Minis @ Nescafe
Nescafé Shakissimo Prize Draw Enter the Nescafé Shakissimo Prize Draw right here for a chance to win one of 50 fantastic Apple iPad minis on offer! Simply complete your details as… Read more

I got 1 as well Congratulations! You are one of the lucky winners of an Apple iPad Mini in our recent NESCAFE SHAKISSIMO Prize Draw! You were randomly selected as one of the winners from all entries received. Please respond to this message within 10 working days confirming acceptance of this prize, and provide a valid photo ID and UK/ROI delivery address where signed deliveries can be taken. If we don’t hear back from you within this time, it may result in the prize being forfeited and being passed to a reserve winner drawn at the same time as the original winners. Congratulations again on your win! Nescafe Shakissimo team.


Not an iPad mini 1 like it says in the small print is it ? I didnt think they still made them.


I have received my ipad :)


Got a Winners email last Wednesday , they responded quickly to my question "is this a scam", everything seems genuine (Nestle Group email address etc) although nothing showed up yet (I sent proof of ID , address etc).


be sure to check your junk/spam folders folks I know someone that won one of the 50 iPads -- you are only given 10 days to respond to the email and send in your ID details or the prize is forfeited. Check your spam inbox :)

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Thank you


i will on this someday


Thanks - didn't win, I'll try again tomorrow :)


Thanks pjj but no luck x



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Thanks marba 8)




Thanks marba x