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Coffee is a daily ritual for millions of Brits, helping to kick start their working days, while providing a pick-me-up when required. So it's unsurprising that UK retailers offer a huge range of coffee-related products, from pod machines and Moka pots, to boutique beans and sustainable cups. Discover the latest and best at hotukdeals. Read more
Asda Extra Special Hand Finished Cakes (Salted Caramel / Red Velvet / Carrot / Coffee / Lemon / Chocolate Fudge / Vict' Sponge) £1.85 @ Asda
Posted 9 h, 27 m agoPosted 9 h, 27 m ago
Good price for these luxury cakes at Asda :) ASDA Extra Special Hand Finished Carrot Cake ASDA Extra Special Hand Finished Lemon Cake ASDA Extra Special Hand Finished Red… Read more
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I’ll start the childish comment....Hand finished (lol)


Excellent price.

Note d'Espresso Espresso Coffee Beans 1000g x 2 pack £9.80 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 21 h, 16 m agoPosted 21 h, 16 m ago
Wouldnt say its the best ive had but perfectly fine for me and OH, we have a bean to cup machine and even with the cheaper beans still makes a great cuppa. 100% natural coffee, … Read more

I spent literally weeks deciding which one to update to from my Delonghi ESAM2800SB.Looked at Sage and all the rest.Even looked to see which ones supermarket cafes and street cafes were using. As I'm lazy I went for one which makes my coffee and can set it away when I wake up from a phone app and also makes chocolate at whatever your choice of thickness at the touch of the "chocolate" button as well as having it timed to switch on just before i get in from work.Auto froths milk depending on if you want a thick froth for cappuccinos or a medium froth for flat whites etc.6 people can have each of the individual drinks set to their own preferences too for all of the coffees it does. Debenhams were selling it for around £1795 and it was around £1185 at John Lewis who I tried unsuccessfully to get more money off. Was just about to buy it from John Lewis when Costco had it for £799 delivered so I bought it from there. Poundland and B&M sell paper cups with lids so you can take your favourite coffee to work with you.Just rinse and reuse. Now I can have a Doppios, Dopio+ , cappuccinos, flat whites, Long , chocolate, hot milk, latte macchiato, cappuccino mix, Americano, coffee latte, TEA! , expresso macchiato, hot water, steam , cold milk foam and you can program in your own recipes , amounts of foam and coffee to whatever temperature you want. Was thinking I was crazy for spending £799 on a coffee machine but it's one of the best purchases I have made If your budget stretched to. £799 I thoroughly recommend it when it's back on offer if it isn't at the moment at Costco


Ordered last night on s&s and arrived just before lunchtime today. Haven’t tried them out yet though!


Back up to 13.99


Thats all we drink in our house, long americano with a double shot :)


Go for a Sage Barista express. You will then be able to do everything yourself and change so many variables to get the right taste for ‘yourself’ which is important, as tastes vary. You will be able to vary the grind size, grind amount, tamp pressure, extraction time and quantity, and steam your own milk. So much more involving than a machine where you basically press a button. I moved from a DeLonghi machine to the Sage Barista and imo its streaks ahead. Fairly often deals pop up via eBay with a discount code for a refurbed unit (Do a search on here for examples) - I’ve bought 2 and they have both been amazing. Last one cost me £192 I think. Had my first one about 4-5 years now and has never let me down. Stainless steel construction body so looks great too. Got mine via the following deal

Kirkland 100% Colombian Ground Coffee 1.36kg - £9.19 delivered from Amazon Prime / +£4.49 non Prime
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Well reviewed 100% Columbian ground coffee from Kirkland, despatched from Amazon themselves. HUGE container at 1.36kg for a mere £9.19 delivered (with Prime). Pretty much the bes… Read more
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Great deal, however you spell it.... Cheers jedijacobs....☕


Brilliant, saved me another £5 cheers.... (y) 🏼


I think this was a slightly sarcastic post, as nobody could ever compare own brand instant coffee with branded ground coffee for a machine!


The Kirkland one is loads better but it’s not instant coffee.


Accidently bought awhile back and really enjoyed it

Alpro Caffe Ethiopian Coffee & Soya Caramel 235Ml - £1.70 / free using code @ Tesco Freebies
14/07/2020Expires on 14/07/2020Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Alpro Caffe Ethiopian Coffee & Soya Caramel 235Ml - GRJK7T £1.70 off Alpro Barista UHT 1L - Oat, Soya or Almond - GRKFP4 £2 off… Read more

As usual with Tesco codes - out of stock


I know that if you have a printed coupon that will not scan properly, the assistant will instead type in the code and then place the coupon in the slot, but are you sure you can definitely do this if you don't have a coupon to place in the slot? These are very nice.


These are very nice.


Prefer these to the starbucks ones, personally - and I generally prefer cow's milk, so I guess that's quite something.


£1 at Sainsburys if you want to buy.

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Intel Core i9-9900 - (1151/8 Core/16 Threads/upto 5Ghz/16MB/Coffee Lake/95W/Graphics) £404.97 at Laptops Direct
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Processor Type / Form Factor Intel Core i9 9900 (9th Gen) Number of Cores 8-core Number of Threads 16 threads Cache 16 MB Cache Memory Details Smart Cache - 16 MB Processor Qty 1 C… Read more
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That's about right for a 2-year old motherboard. The ones that are ridiculous are the gaming ones. You essentially pay £50-100 for naff LEDs and garish styling, oh and WiFi. The VRMS on the Pro A are the same as the gaming boards upto about models costing £350-400...for a motherboard (:I


msi pro a z370 £85.00 msi pro a z390 £99.00 msi pro a z490 £150.00 How prices change at release and they are all pretty much the same chipsets


MSI Pro A £150


You would think no one would buy at this price and just get the much better 10700 but if you think about it z490 motherboards prices a ridiculous at this point in time so may be for someone it could be a buy.


9700k 2as going for £250 8 months ago, what happened to the price.

5KG of Whey + 500g of protein coffee £50 delivered with code @ Bodybuilding warehouse
-44° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
55% off all bodybuilding warehouse products with code BEAST. Got an email about it this morning. Think this code ends at midnight. Can get some pretty cheap protein and other stu… Read more

I use this and taste wise [i have it with water] it's good. #DoubleChocolate Low in Salt and Sugar I normally get it form the Ebay store as that tends to be cheaper.


Hi, i have tried this but prefer MP


I’ve been using matrix nutrition for about a year now. Always have some great deals on their Facebook page.


Thanks I might take a punt I'm running pretty low and this is a good price


It’s all a matter of opinion mate. I moved away from MP when they got a bit chalky. I like the BW white choc marshmallow personally. But I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth. It tastes decent enough in my opinion.

Solimo (Amazon Brand) Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules 100x (2x50 box) - £8.89 Prime / +£4.49 non-prime @ Amazon
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Bought these recently simply because I needed some coffee and these are super cheap. I've tried the Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo versions. The Ristretto are great, with a nice dee… Read more
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I have been using the Lidl Bella Caffe Lungo really nice but they have air in them causing water to leak from top of machine. Bought another machine and did same . Shame as coffee is good


Maybe it comes down to the machine and not the caps, Never had one miss hit in mine in over a year with these.


Good for work caps, wouldn’t use them on my home machine though.


Or for those ‘guests’ that don’t drink coffee but want a Nespresso machine coffee for the sake of it and waste most of the drink.... (cheeky)


Let's be honest, It's not a few quid, But I don't think that is why people buy these, Well it's not why I buy them anyway. I've got a few hundred Nespresso sitting here, They taste better than these, They smell better than these, But sometimes I just want a quick cuppa, Not to sit and take in the aroma, Or bask in the flavours, But to get a quick 5 minutes sit down and a hit, And for them situations these are great and a quarter the price.

Douwe Egberts Pure Indulgence Instant Coffee, 190g (Pack of 6) £11.02 (+£4.49 Non-prime) @ Amazon
276° Expired
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
6 pack of 190g douwe egberts dark roast instant coffee at less than £2 a jar when usually £5 on offer in shops. Previously ordered the gold label when it was around £13 last month… Read more
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Same as mine, also due delivery today but not despatched


Well mine was due for delivery today but it's not even despatched as yet. I wonder if they realised the problem and stopped it in time?


I got 2 jars aa ordered 2 lots (1 for father in law) refund0 sorted in no time. Such a shame as i got the 6 pack of gold previously. O well 2 free jars for nothing


Just one jar received, full refund and keep the one jar via live chat


Yeah cheers got through to live chat, getting full refund (y)

STARBUCKS Nescafe Dolce Gusto Variety Pack (Pack of 6 - Total 72 Capsules) - £15.99 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
STARBUCKS coffee pods by NESCAFE DOLCE GUSTO, with a variety of different roasts and blends from the STARBUCKS family This special variety of pods has been selected to allow you… Read more
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Rushes off to order a second lot (lol)


i contacted amazon and they gave me a full refund and asked me to keep it. As Borat would say... SUCCESS.


Get supping quick (y)


Update: So mines arrived today (from this deal on Amazon) and the expiry date is 20th of July and the other ones in August of this year.


Who sells these for £3?

Drink Me Spiced Chai Latte - £2 instore @ Asda
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th JunLocalLocal
Drink Me Spiced Chai Latte £2 Popped into Asda today and seen this in store. Checked on website and reduced there too so assuming its all stores.

I agree too (y)


Chai means Tea


Disagree. We love it and the closest thing we can find to Chai tea. Buy heaps of the stuff!


Incredibly bland, really don't bother.


Haha I actually posted this last night it got approved by the moderator today morning 🙈

L'or Ristretto Pod larger 20 Pack - £4 @ Tesco
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th JunLocalLocal
Seems like a good deal for a 20 pack of L’or capsules. Believe it’s nationwide.

Same price at Waitrose it that helps someone.


Good strong 11 brew for Nespresso machines!


Good price, Thanks


You're very welcome, @bhav56 (y)


Thanks for adding the additional info @Karis !

Rattan Garden Sofa and coffee table £398.99 delivered @ Wowcher
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
£369 for a five-seater corner sofa polyrattan furniture set – choose between brown and grey! Delivery £29.99 Delivery week beginning 3rd August
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Work colleague ordered one from wowcher, they said quality was a lot poorer than the cheapest ones that asda etc sell and was over £100 more.


I think you’re doing photoshop a disservice...!


Sounds like groupon. Had to get PayPal to intervene to get my money back from them so if this shower offer PayPal use it.


My dad has ordered furniture from these guys and they keep on giving him 1 date then cancel that give him another and so on been waiting 2 months now going to give them till the 14th July which is what they said last


How is £40 to deliver something this weight and size a rip off? I mean actually think about that for a moment... Just because others don’t charge separately doesn’t mean they courier them free somehow. It’s loaded into the cost in other cases. There’s literally no such thing as free postage.

Douge Egberts Pure Gold Medium Roast Coffee 189g £5.49 @ Poundstretcher
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th JunLocalLocal
Discounted Coffee
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Unfortunately, Poundstretcher has increased its prices. I keep an eye online of the main supermarkets near me and only buy it when it is £5 or less for the 190g jar.


Heat for the banter


£4.99 in home bargains. Agree that it's got too expensive in pounstretcher now for some items . Il not be back .


There's a dark roast version with a dark brown rather than gold label. Might be a 4 rather than a 5, though. Costco usually stocks it in 400g jars but none in my local branch at the moment.


This is the average price and can be got much cheaper regularly on Amazon

Gaggia Gran Gaggia Style Espresso £57.90 @ Amazon Italy
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th JunShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Budget entry espresso machine with aluminium boiler, better than most of thermal block/jet coffee machine. Recommended!

Gaggia Brera bean to cup espresso machine.


You can just change the basket for a few quid.


@Kenneth131 Could you recommend a few machines? Thanks


Get a used Gaggia Classic from eBay. The old ones (before Phillips bought them) are the best.


mmmm mocha face

Cafe Royal Nespresso compatible aluminium capsules for 36 coffee pods £6.70 prime / £11.19 nonPrime/ £5.35 s&s with amazon
-48° Expired
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
You'll need to activate the first S&S 15% voucher to unlock this price. Also comes with free shipping and don't forget to cancel the subscription after delivery.
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As is often the case these days, the 15% first S&S order voucher code seems to be account specific. I haven't ordered these before and I don't have the code on my account.


Have tried them many times. Good quality, coffee tastes great. It's a great price for aluminum pods (If you're on prime). I would personally choose lungo forte at the same price.


No idea - good starting point is Amazon reviews for the product - mostly positive


Are they good ?

Nescafe Gold Origins 100g (Alta Rica / Cap Columbia / Gold Espresso ) - £2.25 @ Aldi Sundon, Luton
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd JunLocalLocal
Nescafe Gold Origins 100g (Alta Rica / Cap Columbia / Gold Espresso ) - £2.25 @ Aldi

This has a nice flavour


I know right?? Heaven forbid us plebs who don't have coffee machines. The instant coffee industry is worth $11.5 billion globally, so yeah, people still rehydrate their own coffee (annoyed)


Yes. I use an extra half heaped teaspoon


The Espresso is actually nice for instant. And youll find its usually the one selling fastest. The Alta Rica isnt bad either.


I assumed Nescafe went bust. Do people really buy 'rehydrate your own coffee'/instant any more - with real coffee pods and ground coffee being available everywhere

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, 70cl - £12 at Asda
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
The Original Rum & Coffee LiqueurThe story of Kahlúa begins in 1936 when four dudes, Senior Blanco, Montalvo Lara and the Alvarez brothers, decided to go with their gut feeling… Read more
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Lovely with milk. And crunchy nut cornflakes. (y)


It used to be for Black Russians in my day, but I guess we're not allowed to drink those anymore (annoyed)



Important to always have a bottle of this on hand so you can make things like a Toblerone cocktail!

Tate & Lyle: Vanilla Fairtrade Coffee & Beverage Syrup 750ml bottle - £1 @ Fulton Foods
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd JunLocalLocal
Leeds Meanwood Branch Probably in all their stores £5.45 here so great saving on RRP
Get deal*Get deal*

Really don't think you need to worry, T&L won't be making any profit on this. Get it for summer iced coffees.


Thank you for that. I just learned that beet sugar exists. I always thought it all came from sugar canes. :o I didn't know that about Tate and Lyle etc either. ;(


Didn't know about that!. Thanks.


oh no, Tate and Lyle!

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