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Updated 19th Aug 2020Last updated 19th Aug 2020 by Jordan_Taylor
Protein Bars
Hi all. Where does everyone buy their Protein Bars from? There are some good offers on the 'muscle food' website, but they're soon bumped up with the £6.99 postage! Cheers, Tom

No they're not...


Myprotein and the other popular supplement websites ALWAYS have offers and free delivery codes floating around. If they don't have any right this second then they will in a few days, it's their business model. If you pay the full price on those websites then you are doing it wrong.


Thank you. Got 2 cases today 😁🙏


Homebargains selling maximuscle 20g protein bars for 69p EACH


I buy these PHD bars. Really nice and have 15g of fiber in too. They can go on offer to around £15 every now and again too

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Updated 5th Jul 2020Last updated 5th Jul 2020 by Cbear81
Maximuscle Protein Bars 69p Instore Home Bargains
Cheap protein bars, 20g of protein per bar

Bought some of these yesterday! Cause of this price. But prefer to get my protein in other foods too


No? Not at all.


Ah you're probably still young enough that your body is forgiving of your nutritional mistakes (nerd)


Not at all, nothing wrong with a protein bar


Anyway why haven't you got on the thread of the fella with the £500 equipment budget yet? (strong)

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Updated 14th Feb 2019Last updated 14th Feb 2019 by D3LL80Y
Protein bars
Hello all I would like to know what protein bars people rate highly and recommend, at least 20g protein and 6g fibre is ideal

Wouldn’t touch steroids man (shock)


Are you on steroids? HGH? Testosterone?


Clif Builder's Bars are tasty. And are vegan.


I had my protein about 3 years ago lol, it tasted nasty but I guess they change ingredients and so on since then


Any chance of buying some at a discount price (cheeky)

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Updated 24th Jan 2019Last updated 24th Jan 2019 by HotStash
Anybody tried the mo farah protein cookies in b&m and are they worth buying at 69p each? Seems relatively cheap for high protein snacks

Good point. Decision made (y)


Does he even lift?


What's the weight of the cookie? That's quite a lot of carbs, especially if you're on a weight loss or cutting programme. Much lower carb/protein snacks available. Admittidley probably not at this price.


23g carbs 9.8g fat 23g protein


Depends what else they are crammed with. High in carbs?

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Updated 8th Jul 2018Last updated 8th Jul 2018 by DanRussell
Where’s best to buy metrx protein bars?
I got the colossal cookie crunch I think they were called years ago and haven’t been able to find them for a decent price since. Is there anywhere in the uk to get them that’s not … Read more

Is that a legit website? Seems incredibly cheap considering they’re around £26 for 9 on eBay


Just did a random google search and found these thing they are the ones were after but seem to be in different packaging


I also vote for someone to find these I have spent the best part of a year trying