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Pretty Useful Tools Cocktail Shaker Now £7.50 Was £25 @ John Lewis & Partners
LocalLocalUpdated 14th AprLast updated 14th Apr by spannerzone
Pretty Useful Tools Tropical Paradise Cocktail Shaker in Gift Box now £7.50 Was £25 In-store @ John Lewis in Cheltenham (unicorn) Match your Cocktail Shaker from Pretty Useful… Read more
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Excellent, see you out on the veranda. (y)


Cocktails on a Sunday? Fabulous, I'll pop over & bring some nibbles... (unicorn)


Excellent timing, Jenkins just broke ours whilst he was vigorously showing off how he makes the perfect martini and it flew across the room.

Protein Shaker or High5 Drink Bottle or Fruit Infuser or Water Bottle, all BPA Free - £1 each @ Halfords (Free C&C)
Updated 31st MarLast updated 31st Mar by kfitzat
Came across these low price drink bottles at Halfords. Available in store with free C&C (y) Links below £1 each! Halfords Protein Shaker - 600ml Create smoot… Read more
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May as well call it Asbestos-Free... What a lot of toss! BPA is only present in polycarbonate plastic, not in PP, HDPE or PET


Can get shakers at poundland too


Picked up a few protein shakers, just tried two of them out and the kids don't seal properly so when shaking the liquid goes everywhere. Taking them back for a refund!




Worth the money, great deal. My hand blender fits in the bigger ones. Hop Eastbourne has them.

Shaker & 3 Stencils Set ( for Latte/Coffee ) Now £4.50 Was £15 @ M&S  ( Free C&C )
Updated 30th MarLast updated 30th Mar by Pualle
Was £15, Now £4.50 , free C&C to store. A great choice for any coffee connoisseur, this shaker and stencil set allows you to decorate your drink using one of the three patterns… Read more
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Heat added. I will collect mine today. This should go well with my new coffee machine.


Makes a nice gift but practically speaking you can get plastic stencils for pennies from ebay and I always get which come in their own dispenser and last for ages.


Came to here to look at a shaker and stencil set,but ended up buying a cocktail shaker . Thanks anyway They're only £4.50 BTW

Hammered Metal Cocktail Shaker, Now £4.50, Was £15, @ Marks & Spencer  Free C&C
Updated 28th MarLast updated 28th Mar by Mysticaltopaz24
Hammered Metal Cocktail now £4.50, was £15, Free C&C @ M&S; use it for your bargain gin hotdeals offers! (unicorn) Part of our Hammered barware collection, this stylish c… Read more
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it's fine, it hadn't been posted. was only commented on- really nice looking thing too ;) Worth noting they are also available in a copper colour , link here


Oh sorry didn't see it, I do allways search on product & store but nothing showed. Yes I'm getting one to put in a cabinet to look fancy, I normally just drink from the bottle (strong) (unicorn)


Thx OP. 8) This is nice as was pointed out as the 1st comment in my post for a coffee shaker and stencil set.Could be put away and given as a present ( birthday \ Christmas ! ) I hadn't spotted it in the sale but glad someone said. <3

Sass & Belle Gold Sequin Party Cocktail Shaker £6, Was £21, @ The Works, Free c&c
Updated 19th MarLast updated 19th Mar by eve.houseman
Cute Shaker, online @The Works, was £21, now £6, Gold Sequin party cocktail shaker by Sass & Belle, free c&c, 60 points on your Works card (unicorn) Shake up some new coc… Read more
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(embarrassed) (y)


You are such a tease Eve.....but I like it. ;) <3


I'm in (lipstick) (unicorn)


It’s time to party (unicorn) (lipstick)

SCI-MX Nutrition Shaker Bottle £1 @ Asda
Updated 11th MarLast updated 11th Mar by brilly
SCI-MX selling it for £3.75 Amazon £8.99 Great Shaker Bottle , never this cheap

amazon says it has a mesh the mesh/ball makes a huge difference


I use just a drinks container but the Whey quite often doesn't dissolve very well. What's different about shaker bottles?. Some really expensive ones seem to contain a mesh which might help.This one doesn't


You get these for free most sites give you one when you buy protein shake on first order. Never paid for one myself.. Had about 5 in the cupboard at one point. They don't last forever as the Beaker is pretty much indestructible but the top lid part will inevitably / eventually break.


yes, see amazon


Bpa free?

55% Declining Discount -1% every hour - 5KG Casein, Flavdrops, 500g Creatine / AIO Bar & IWP samples + Shaker £40.08 Delivered @ Myprotein
Updated 11th MarLast updated 11th Mar by Smadmad
Obviously the price will go up slightly every hour, but the price on the casein should still be a great offer even if you miss the lowest price. There's also 33% off selected items… Read more

The Leucine in Whey will spike insulin on it's own. The Dextrose is purely to restore muscle Glycogen. A lot of people use sugar of some sort for that but sugar is part fructose and fructose can't be used for muscle Glycogen.


Yes very good mixture. The dextrose will give you an insulin spike help shuttle nutrients to the muscles and the whey and casien long and short digesting protiens.


I have been mixing Whey, Casein and dextrose post work out and had great results from that


Lol at the stupid comment. Casein one of the worst proteins utter rubbish. There no bad or good protein. Casien is a very slow digesting protein so it's not good for post workout, for that you should be looking at a fast digesting protein like whey. Casein is fantastic for night time as its very thick and will keep the muscles fed through the night. Any serious muscle builders will take a slow protein like casein or quark before bed. It's also good to mix with a whey so you get a mix of slow and fast proteins post training especially if your not going to be eating for a few hours.


Why is it the worst? I use it nd it's been good for me

Half price on Homebase kitchen cabinets &  up to 25% off on appliances - Country Shaker Light Cream now £650.02
Updated 28th FebLast updated 28th Feb by m4rky2011
Home base are having sale on kitchen cabinets (half price). Also up to 25% on appliances.

Oh wow I can’t believe they have a kitchen sale on.... again! (excited) there can’t be anyone who believes this (poo) .... oh part from person who posted this as deal :/


If you want to make a workbench, it might be worth buying a couple of base units?


ie the most expensive items.


*Excludes doors & drawer fronts , trims, end panels, handles and internal accessories.


I have not got a degree at Mathematics , but £799 to £650 is not half price :p I see a little asterisk on the label, As always buyer beware.

VonShef Cocktail Shaker Purple Brushed Gold Stainless Steel was £11.99 now £4.99 Delivered at domu-uk / eBay (also Blue £6.99)
Updated 18th FebLast updated 18th Feb by nelsonr100
Was looking at these at VonShef where both colours have been reduced to £8.99 - thought they looked great value at that price but when I did a price check, I found them both cheape… Read more
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I think its 7.99 on Amazon


Been £4.99 on Amazon for a while too


Very nice! Cheers

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Sci Mx shaker bottle £1 instore at ASDA & B&M
LocalLocalUpdated 10th FebLast updated 10th Feb by LordOfDarkness
500ml shaker bottle for £1. Not exactly 700ml bottle but it's a pound less for 200ml less B&m;

Also £1 in B&M


Saw these in my local the other day and bought 5. Pretty good quality and they're usually £5-£6 each.

VonShef 5 Piece Cocktail Set – Luxury Manhattan Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Ki for £13.49 Prime (+£4.49 NP) @ Amazon (DomuUK
Updated 6th FebLast updated 6th Feb by Brutes
in Gift Box with Accessories Including Muddler, Jigger and Strainer THE SHOWPIECE SHAKER - typical of the kind of set you'd see professional mixologists using, this stainless ste… Read more

Yes, they are of different model and prices. (y)

They have a 8 piece one for 14.24

55% Off Declining Discount -1% every hour - 5KG Casein Protein + T Shirt + Shaker and Impact Whey sample £40.48 delivered @ Myprotein
Updated 24th JanLast updated 24th Jan by NeoTrix
Update 1
There's now a freebie added for the first 1000 customers (You can pick from 5 items)
I have added a way of making a better price than where the current discount amount sits - See the update at the foot of the description
Nice combo again on casein, The idea here was to get a good price on 5KG bags as well as a couple of extra bits to hit the free del threshold. The casein alone works out £35.04 at … Read more

As the price is up more than when originally posted, you might want to make use of the free gift on a £40+ spend (first 1000 orders) So just delete the shaker and add it back as a freebie on the right side - £42.19 - Brings it down by £1.73 OR just add another freebie :) Just a couple of ideas to get more out of the offerings atm Remove shaker, then add one as a freebie instead = £42.19 Or add another freebie and keep the shaker in as well = £43.92


Empties the dust bag of the hoover. Saves himself £50. :p


In the end I just bought same again the whey protein 1kg £12.34 next day free delivery


Hi, you can read up online about this but basically, everyone stores weight/fat in various places to begin with, eg some may put it on their back, hips, internal organs (beer gut) and so on first, before it begins to build up in other areas. I doubt this is what you want. It will help build up the muscles that you work on though and help you gain weight overall if that's the purpose. There are few benefits to storing up fat in the body for the sake of weighing more though, maybe some for endurance sports or where weight can be a plus like rugby etc.


Sorry for being amatirebut the weight gainer one does that go on your whole body like tummy or does it go just to the arms chest etc ? Thanks

USN Tornado Protein Shaker £1.99 @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalUpdated 22nd JanLast updated 22nd Jan by MistaMo
Found this in Home Bargains for £1.99. next best price I've seen is £4.99. Not expensive to begin with, but a bargain nonetheless. Also the bottom of it is narrower, allowing it t… Read more
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Awesome cup, I use one myself. The blue bit at the bottom can be used to carry extra powder. As for the rest of the cup, walking round the gym it's like you're walking round the pub with a pint glass . . . . if not for the lid part :D


That bit about car holders is a top piece of someone who understands frustration it usually doesn't


Voted Hot but looks a bit ugly. You cannot go wrong for the price.


Blown away!

Vodafone rewards free MyProtein 250g whey and metal shaker bottle for £3.99 delivery
Updated 20th JanLast updated 20th Jan by virgoleo78
This is for vodafone contract (and pay as you go customers who top up at least £10 per month) Just pay £3.99 delivery. Back in stock as of posting
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Anyone got a spare code?


I recieved mine today but no powder, anyone else in the same boat as me?


Anyone have a spare code? Can’t seem to get the app to work despite being with them :(


Don't suppose anyone has a spare code there not going to use please? I can only get cookies Thanks


Anyone not need this themselves and want to sell it to me (angel)

Yokebe powder (Natural Honey) and shaker £0.99 Home Bargains
LocalLocalUpdated 15th JanLast updated 15th Jan by izzzzythedog
Home bargains 99p
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none in the Tamworth branch today ,,,, removed ! going to try another tomorrow but if they dont have it then its no longer available , not listed on there site either


I used to buy it from boots but was discontinued about 6 months ago not been able to get it since, assuming old stock but seen as i was happy paying £12.99 a tub 99p is a bargain for me 🙌🏼


Hmm interesting never seen this Yokebe gear before. The missus is a veggie so she will love it!


Plenty of the honey and honey with shaker at Homebargains , Clifton Moor , York this afternoon . I prefer the chocolate one so took the last 5 of those .


Thanks i will have to have look if my local has them

Stainless Steel Rocket Cocktail Shaker £10.00 @ John Lewis & Partners (£2.00 C&C)
Updated 12th JanLast updated 12th Jan by davidridge1
Stainless Steel Rocket Cocktail Shaker £10.00 @ John Lewis & Partners (£2.00 C&C)
When the countdown to cocktail o'clock begins, reach for this rocket-shaped cocktail shaker. Made of shiny stainless steel, it will keep its looks and be on hand to launch dinner p… Read more

Out of stock and now discontinued.


Very, I used the wrong end.


Was it painful? :p


Got to be honest, thought this was a vibrator at first viewing........


If you shake it.

oil slick cocktail shaker £4.50 @ Accessorize - Free c&c
Updated 8th JanLast updated 8th Jan by deleted1128071
oil slick cocktail shaker £4.50 @ Accessorize - Free c&c
£4.50£1570%accessorize Deals
Free click and collect accessorise

Why do people use the term "free" cash and carry? Cash and carry is sufficient.


Great deal Thank You

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Shimmy Shaker - £2.99 was £5.99 Free c+c @ Boots
Updated 30th Dec 2018Last updated 30th Dec 2018 by ManishaParmar
Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Shimmy Shaker - £2.99 was £5.99 Free c+c @ Boots
£2.99£5.9950%Boots Shop Deals
Ideal gift for a little to keep entertained for their pram or car seat etc. Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Shimmy Shakers are easy to grasp friends with textured materials and brigh… Read more
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It’s working again, 2% off quidco too, not much but every little helps.


Website just a tad slow 😩


Back in stock


Out of stock already!

Sass & Belle - Unicorn Salt and Pepper Shaker Set was £8.00 now £4.32 with code RN42 & Free C & C code SH3J @ Debenhams
Updated 11th Dec 2018Last updated 11th Dec 2018 by Janzbro
Sass & Belle - Unicorn Salt and Pepper Shaker Set was £8.00 now £4.32 with code RN42 & Free C & C code SH3J @ Debenhams
Thought these were cute and different. Sass & Belle's Stargazer Unicorn collection features a simple and elegant colour theme of pure white with a touch of magical gold. Sass &… Read more


Biotech 600 ml Blanco Wave Shaker @ Amazon £1.52 Prime £6.01 Non Prime
Updated 6th Dec 2018Last updated 6th Dec 2018 by mazcymru
Biotech 600 ml Blanco Wave Shaker @ Amazon £1.52 Prime £6.01 Non Prime
these are on a 2-5 week wait but can still be ordered.looks like a good price to me.Biotech Wave Shaker; Biotech.An exlusive and original product by Biotech.Do not hesitate more an… Read more
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@amazoncrazy I concede that you do post some brilliant deals on here & from what you’ve said in previous posts you have grown up children which means you are obviously an adult, therefore you should be prepared to take the criticism along with the praise.....the latter you obviously enjoy by the various emoji’s, likes etc you post on fellow hotukdeals members do yourself no favours by overreacting, citing “slander” (lol) reporting you to mods, demanding members exclusion or you’ll cease posting deals, capital letters et al. Just saying.....!


Come on @amazoncrazy waiting for you to post something to put it this to drink!!!! (party)


thanks :)


What a great deal ! Thanks OP


thanks for the alert. :)

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