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USN Hyperbolic Mass Mass Gainer/High Protein shake -Chocolate 2kg - £11.09 prime / £15.64 nonPrime at Amazon
Posted 14 h, 10 m agoPosted 14 h, 10 m ago
Good saving vs the standard price only for the chocolate flavour, other flavours at 21.99+ for the 2kg size

seems to be 24.99 now (with 10% s+S voucher)


Read the reviews first. It's a weight gainer too.


That makes sence. THank you


You will also be notified by email before the next delivery with any price changes


The price can vary from month to month however the discount (5/10/15%) will remain However you can just order once using the discount and cancel the subscription once it's arrived

Grenade Carb Killa Strawberries and Cream High Protein Shake, 8 x 330 ml £11.27 prime / £15.76 non prime @ Amazon
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Delicious, high protein shake. Bargain for the price - normally £2.50 for one in supermarkets Free delivery for prime customers

"Don't chew gum, chew bacon!" Increasing your calorie intake, particularly with carbs, will increase fat and weight. You can buy mass gainer powder for this, it's similar to slimfast/nutritional shakes except they've ramped up the carbs, you use it to complement your regular diet. I'm not a PT, but swapping out your usual exercise routine and focussing on strength might be better (deadlifts, squats, other big compound weights), as you'll put on muscle instead for healthier weight gain.


Preach (y)


It's alot cheaper to just buy protein powder and mix with milk or water. I use total protein from myprotein. Prob a bit better for the environment too as no need to throw away bottles. (y)




Rather a frijj at half the price

Back to Gym Free bundle with Shaker & Samples - Standard or Vegan Just pay £1.99 postage / £0.99 Click & Collect (England only) @ Myprotein
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Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Two different bundles available: Standard & Vegan Limited quantities so act fast. Includes shaker and mix of samples Just pay £1.99 postage Click & Collect in som… Read more

It maybe worth a further look into the ingredients as I don't think it's typical to fall ill like that. I can't tell you for certain what the issue would be apart from some sensations being typical or even the desired goal of pre workouts. Not to say this is expected because of first time use but perhaps the dosage was too high for him or it wasn't mixed into enough water? I hope he gets well soon anyway


Thank you for taking the time to reply, I think my son may be one of those unlucky ones that are over sensitive to the ingredients, he's never taken pre- workout drinks before, He's been really ill and has taken 2 days of work and that's rare for him, Thanks again for your advice, very much appreciated.


Some people may not react well to certain ingredients in pre workouts and I'm not sure entirely which ones can cause what. However I know beta alanine can give you tingling does give tingling sensations throughout the body and some sort of hyperfocus. The reaction could also be down to the high amount of caffeine in preworkouts so some prefer to go with caffeine-free pre workouts


Hi emmpii8, my son has had severe itching, dizzyness, numbness in legs and arms, all the symptoms started about 45-50 mins after taking the drink


How would you describe this bad reaction?

ghost protein 924g, ghost pre workout 345g, ghost amino 404g, ghost energy drink x 12 , t shirt, shaker combo deal £99 @ T-nutrition
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Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
ghost protein 924g, ghost pre workout 345g, ghost amino 404g, ghost energy drink x 12 , t shirt, shaker combo deal £99 @ T-nutrition£99 Free P&P Free
As title suggests

Yes...because it would need to be for it be a eaa... Would of been better if They replaced tryptophan which as a precursor to 5htp can cause sleepiness to a none essential amino like L-Alanine The inclusion of Coconut Water extract, Taurine and Aquamin (a proprietary sea weed extract) And the use of astragin is a nice bonus, not be confused with actigin.


Yes, but you're also paying for the 4.5g bcaas they advertise as being in with the EAAs...


Good Job it's a eaa not a virtually useless bcaa


"Got to love virtually useless bcaas" Silver Ghost on previous threads...


I don't really care about the heat level, it's not that difficult to get 1500 heat. I don't post with the aim of getting heat. But thing I was going to say was An eaa is not a replacement for your protein intake. If you need to take an eaa that is dependent on you and your goals and how you need to support your training for whatever your discipline is. Faster absorption, next to no digestion time, doesn't spike insulin, balanced profile of essential amino acids. You'd want to provide the body with eaa's around training due to elevated growth hormone, insulin sensitivity, and protein synthesis which aids Hypertrophy, any reduction in amino acid availability from any of the aminos can inhibit mps so keeping all the eaa topped up is greatly beneficial. (Not all protein sources will have a perfect amino profile as with even with whey manufacturing process can damage proteins)

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52% Off the Bodybuilding Warehouse own range using discount code @ Bodybuilding Warehouse
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Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
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I think this is only valid on their own brand stuff rather than other brands.


Not Valid for me either (annoyed)




Cannot fault the company Hermes however From 3 orders they lost one and another came ripped open with items missing


Probably not allowed to use discount codes on stuff that's already "discounted" (annoyed) (annoyed) (annoyed) I had the same trouble with bulk and oftentimes on myprotein websites. They only allow discount codes on the inflated fake RRP which no-one would ever pay

UFIT High 22g Protein Shake, No Added Sugar, Low Fat – Chocolate Flavour (Pack of 8 x 310ml) - £8 Prime + £4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
UFIT High 22g Protein Shake, No Added Sugar, Low Fat – Chocolate Flavour (Pack of 8 x 310ml) - £8 Prime + £4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon£8£15.9250% offAmazon Deals
UFIT High 22g Protein Shake, No Added Sugar, Low Fat – Chocolate Flavour Ready To Drink (Pack of 8 x 310ml

I'd be careful ordering these. I ordered 2 packs and both was lumpy, like gone off milk that I complained and was given a 3rd and again was lumpy. Wouldn't order the coffee one again. Still got 6-7 bottles left in fridge from a few months ago. Off put to drink em and been reluctant to throw em away.


The chocolate ones aren’t great. I buy the strawberry version in Costco (£7.99 for 8) which is better. The vanilla is the best (sometimes available on Amazon for £8) and like someone else said earlier - the salted caramel is awesome!!!


No I have had the same experience two times as I had it on my subscribe and save with monthly delivery. Now cancelled. Grenade is 100 times better tasting and no sediments.


Where is full fat when you need it?


Morrisons are doing the White chocolate and Salted caramel ones of these for £1, both very tasty.