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Updated 29th MayLast updated 29th May by RandomUser42
hi, might be a silly request.... but which 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner do you recommend which keeps hair really soft thank you

I wash with Head and Shoulders, rinse it out and then wash again with a basic shampoo.



i use asda spart price 19p for a 1000ml bottle bargain


I would recommend tresemme. Give it a try


I use Wash and Go, seems pretty good.

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Good shampoo for itchy flaky scalp / dandruff
Hello! has anyone got any good recommendations for shampoo for itchy flaky scalp? so far we have tried out: neutrogena tgel Vosene medicated shampoo head and shoulders clinical p… Read more

My family now use the Redken range of Anti-dandruff shampoos which are superb :D


Nizoral or Selsun. Try one of them for a week everyday, once cleared up they use Head & Shoulders for your daily driver. Use the stronger stuff once a week. Nizoral is the one I'd try first.


I like using this Umberto Giannini scalp scrub once a week. It's a scrub you rub directly into your scalp then rinse out instead of using shampoo (it still cleans your hair). It gets rid of build-up and my scalp always feels amazing clean afterwords. Bit pricey but good if you get in on offer


Cheers aslong as it get rid of it I’m happy - all these medicated one seems to be smaller sized


It's quite expensive as it's a small bottle

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Updated 13th Sep 2020Last updated 13th Sep 2020 by awacko
Carpet cleaning shampoo / liquid
Where can i buy cheap carpet cleaner for vax carpet machine? Thanks

we have used the screwfix one for years and it does a good job


If you put fabric softener in it too it doesn't bubble up


This, we got one of the rug doctors a few years ago, all forums suggested the same thing and they did the job perfectly.


As above you can make your own with non bio for coloured laundry washing. It's what the cheapo carpet cleaners firms used vs the proper stuff and works fine if your looking for cheaper option. Go easy as you don't want bubbles and thick foam busting out


You can just use laundry liquid. Liquid, not powder or tabs! Measure about a quarter of what you would with a carpet cleaning solution.

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Updated 29th Feb 2020Last updated 29th Feb 2020 by Rose5
After keratin treatment shampoo
Hi I did a keratin treatment for my hair and I am looking for good shampoo to use. The salon recommends a sulfate free shampoo. I bought OXG shampoo as it claims to be sulfate fre… Read more

Moo goo, it is great, online or Day Lewis pharmacies, I have had problem itchy scalp for years and this has really made a difference. It is a bit more expensive but size is bigger but makes such a difference it is worth the extra. There is also child health shampoos etc which is good, available in Boots

suejb2 I’m low maintenance with my hair and have no idea what a keratin treatment is but Lush do loads of different ones.


I have dreads and this is what I use... here and here. I have to use residue free and sulfate free shampoo. This stuff although expensive (I wash my dreads once every 1-2 weeks, so it lasts me a while) leaves my hair lovely and soft, and my scalp itch free. It may not be the kind of thing you were after but thought I'd share it with you anyway, you may find cheaper brands along the same kind of lines that would suit your hair. I highly recommend both brands linked though.


Thanks for the advice but this shampoo has (Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate) isn’t that solfate?


I never knew that there was such a thing as a Brazilian blow dry, I thought they just dusted it down with a little brush afterwards.

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Updated 8th Sep 2019Last updated 8th Sep 2019 by AndyRoyd
You can get a free shower cap from the iD website, great for keeping that hair beautiful whilst showering.… Read more

Bizarre signal improvement device?


Why would you not wash your hair when you shower? What's the point of washing your body that is mostly covered with clothes anyway but not washing the dirt/dust sponge that sits on your head?


Yep, not available...


Product not available anymore

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Updated 29th Aug 2019Last updated 29th Aug 2019 by themachman
Shampoo Recommendations
I normally use Tresemme shampoo, but that doesn't help with oily and greasy/dandruff hair. Any recommendations on what I should buy?

you can get the smaller bottles in quidland


You're not helping.


No results found.


Vosene is great, i dont have loads of hair but what i got gets really greasy and i have dandruff. you can get a massive bottle for £1.49 @ savers.


Could just be you are in a very hard water area.