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Oral-B Pro 2 2500 Black Edition Electric Toothbrush and 75ml Oral B toothpaste for £27.43 delivered. @ AYP Healthcare.
Posted 10 h, 50 m agoPosted 10 h, 50 m ago
What is the Oral-B Pro 2500 toothbrush? Experience Oral-B Pro 2 from the #1 brand recommended by dentist worldwide. The sleek handle of the Pro 2 electric toothbrush helps you bru… Read more

If you don't add the toothpaste once you get to checkout price will rise to £27.68 as they add postage for under £30. So they pay you 25p to add the toothpaste. (highfive) Not found many other products below £3 on their site.


Free shipping above £30. So consider adding 3 x new heards for £5.99. Or adding toothpaste for £2.49. Adding the toothpase reduces price to £27.43. 3x replacement heads for £5.99. Works out £30.58;

Astra Superior Platinum Razor Blades, Pack of 100, Green £6.58 or £6.25 Subscribe & Save (£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 13 h, 5 m agoPosted 13 h, 5 m ago
Edit 1.05am: Now £6.55 and £6.22 Subscribe & Save Mentioned on the Edwin Jagger thread earlier, here Astra Superior platinum Green 100 DE Blades Astra Superior Stai… Read more

These are pretty close to feathers in sharpness but last longer I reckon. Well rated but for some reason these do not provide the smoothest shave ever. Worth buying and trying them out but I found BIC blades to be even better than these. Can’t beat these at a budget though. After four years of shaving I’m only just getting to the last few packs from when I bought this same bundle of a 100. Tip: They last especially well when you dry the blade after you’ve shaved and rinsed the blade. Blades tend to dull once they are wet and start oxidising I find and read up elsewhere. It’s a bit extra to dry the blades and store them after using and cleaning them but results are worth it imo.


Tbh I only remember hearing about fake de blades on ebay due to seeing someone asking on a wet shaving forum where to get the real thing from Just curious, you tried any other de blades? Loads of really good ones but obviously down to what you'd personally prefer tbh


I've bought Astras from ebay a few times with no issues. Though I agree with you that nothing is too cheap to be faked, so it wouldn't surprise me.


I don't know how true this is but apparently there can be some fakes on ebay but like I said I'm not 100% sure so if you've got prime Amazon is a no brainer as will also be quicker delivery too


Prefer feather made in Japan.

Edwin Jagger Chrome Plated Knurled Handle Double Edge Safety Razor £14.87/£13.38 Subscribe & Save (+£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 13 h, 30 m agoPosted 13 h, 30 m ago
Edit 11.30pm: Price has went down a bit - £14.57 or £13.11 Subscribe & Save ( 15% Off S&S Voucher should take it to around £11.15) With 5 x Derby DE Blades. Amazon exclu… Read more

Tried Merker? Parker? Futur?


That’s an amazing price. Shame that these blades generally don’t suit up until recently. Whilst they are sharp, they are not necessarily the smoothest blades but they will last a decent time if you look after them like dry them after you’ve used them and rinse em off.


With a razor 🪒 like this one, it’s really easy to develop your technique and race through your shave over time. There’s not much to it to be honest. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Feather blades are the sharpest in the game and they will cut you easily if your technique is off. They don’t necessarily last the longest either but if you have corse hair like I do, then it can be an incredibly rewarding experience for a one pass shave. Shavette and straight razors do require a lot of dexterity and technique. More than I have sadly but you can achieve a very close and comfortable shave off a DE razor with something more aggressive than this. I’ve had this razor up until recently and it’s a cheap easy way to get in the DE game. Not the best razor out there but not the worst either.


To be completely honest I only have experience of the butterfly. Loosening the head on a non-butterfly, while it's wet mid-shave, I always imagined may be a little risky. As I say, my risk assessment is based on my imagination on that one. It may be very straight forward. But I find twisting the handle very simple. The only trouble with a twist to open is that when you spin the razor to switch edges, you can loosen the opener, and have to re-tighten. My razor is a Jagen David B30. Couldn't fault it, but I had been looking on eBay recently for vintage adjustable DE razors to compare. I noticed a few sellers commented that they no longer used theirs because they prefered straight razors, so I'm seriously considering investing there next. I loved that safety razors no plastic waste compared to cartridge razors. I like the idea that a straight razor is for life with no disposable parts, avoiding the trouble of disposing of sharps.


Man, if only you'd mastered the straight razor. I've watched a few YouTube videos of men shaving their beards off and it looks amazing! It's more of a 2 phase process with a double edge. Hair clippers first, I used my dog's electric clippers (!!!), and then the razor.

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Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair food Aloe 3-in-1, Moisturising Hair Mask - £3.48 (£2.27 via first S&S order / +£4.49 non-prime) @ Amazon
Posted 14 h, 0 m agoPosted 14 h, 0 m ago
Features & details 3 USES IN 1: This product can be used as a Conditioner, Rinse-Out Hair Mask or Leave-In Conditioner, Aloe Vera Hair Food Hair Mask Treatment SHINE BRIGHT: … Read more

I realise that Shaz but was only joking as I thought this was a FOOD site not health and beauty lol.!!


it's for you hair as in hair mask, I wouldn't advice you to eat it. (lol)


What does this food taste like ?

Little Aurelia Sleep Time Top to Toe Wash & Cream Duo - Bio-Organic & Sulphate Free - £22 delivered @ Aurelia Skincare
31/05/2021Expires on 31/05/2021Posted 14 h, 33 m agoPosted 14 h, 33 m ago
This Little Aurelia Sleep Time Top to Toe Wash & Cream Gift set is half price at £22.00 with free delivery This BioOrganic, sulphate-free hair and body wash uses creamy Coco… Read more