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Any Electricians can help me out please. Shower Switch installation
Hi all I am in the process of replacing a faulty shower switch in the bathroom. The copper wire seems to be coming out of the plastic tubing in 'strands' . This makes it tricky t… Read more

Yeah this is the situation YouTube is helping a lot. Learning fast. Terminating cables is essentially what I needed.


Personally I think the safest thing the poster could do is get someone in to do the job as it won't cost much. All this talk of using heat shrink and is it ok to twist wires, and adding sleeves is a bit concerning and with respect it all sounds like a fire or electrocution accident waiting to happen.


I think the op is asking if he can cut the burnt insulation from the live/ neutral wires then re insulate the wires. This will mean he doesn't loose any length from the cable. I know this sounds a strange question as you would usually just cut the burnt wires off and pull some more cable through the ceiling/wall. He may not have this option. If the heat shrink insulation (when fitted correctly) meets the original insulations specification I can't see a problem, as long as the copper conductor has not been damaged by the heat due to the poor connection.


Yes I would disinfect the house after an electrician had been in regardless of Covid-19. Sorry Mr spark, plumber messing about (angel)


(y) Them were the days

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For anyone keen on DIY who is interested in comparing the 2 makes, I have found a very real difference in performance. I am taking about the digital boxes, not the bars that go in… Read more

I've got the Aqualisa Quartz digital shower and i can not fault it. its a great piece of engineering.


Thanks for the info. Very informative as will be on the market for a shower soon


Thank you so much for your effort. Very useful and much appreciated.

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Bath Shower Mixer Tap
With regards the tap pictured, how do you divert the water to the shower head? Is it by turning, what I think is a collar - circled. Sorry, not familiar with this style of tap an… Read more

Usually tap has to be open when you pull it up as the pressure will hold it there.


I have those taps.. Yes pull up push down... But just so you know the twisty tap bit on these can be awkward to turn due to not much to grip on to... so can slip a lot when trying to turn it.


Lovely, appreciate all the replies. (y)


Pull it up or push it down will work.


Had one somewhat like that, which you push the circled bit down after turning the taps on (the water pressure then holds the shower valve open).

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Updated 20th Nov 2020Last updated 20th Nov 2020 by montana78
Installing Nuaire Drimaster.. powering off electric shower power?
Hi guys. I received the drimaster eco HEAT for the house as we're battling condensation/mould problems. I dont think there' any power sockets in the loft. So this leaves me to eith… Read more

the fan heater you control by turning the grey knob, the fan speed you control by pressing the 2 green buttons. I ddint buy the extra control panel so I have to us a ladder when I need to change the fan speed. When its not cold I set fan speed to 6. Now I have it set to 3. I have draft coming into the family room. when the door is open it feels like someone left the window of front door open. I'm always prompting someone to close the door (fierce) One issue I have though is when I moved in builders replaced the ceiling plasterboard. And as theres panels in the loft I doubd they have put insulation in between. I need someone to check this for me because when the heating is off house gets cold pretty quick.


Yeah I had read that it only heats air to 2 degrees warmer or something. Does anyone complain about the cold? I'm not someone who feels cold much but I have been in a house with one (without a heater granted) on a winter evening and it was definitely...crisp...ha ha. Is there a manual over ride to the heater so you can turn it on before it would naturally come on or turn it off when it wants to be on etc? Also how do you find the running costs in the cooler months and the heater is in use?


O chose the heat version. Though its supposed to be 500w it doesn't make the air warm. But you do feel the difference. It takes the chill off. I guess they didn't put a more powerful one in in case of fire hazard.


Another year has passed how have you found it? Did you choose the heat or the normal version?


It's a strange one this. I fitted it in March.. within a few weeks it stopped working. I rang them up and they said if loft temp is above 23 degrees then fan stops so house doesn't get too hot. In the winter the hallway got so cold I had to put draft excludes in the family room. Eventually I turned off the PIV. A few days later I noticed some walls getting black so I had to turn it up a little. My house is really high though with massive hallway and 3m high ceiling. Takes a lot to heat up. And the room with thermostat has issues with the radiators so heating working on false economy. I'm sure if I resolve the radiator issue this winter house may work a bit better.. Plus I only have 1 small double radiator in the hallway near front door. I know alot of other people who have the same one fitted by the council and they say it works wonders for them. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask

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Updated 2nd Sep 2020Last updated 2nd Sep 2020 by leitchyleck
dripping shower head
how do i stop annoying dripping overhead shower head, drips every second 😬

thx, was hoping it would simply be new shower head, will leave it to experts as fitter had bother with controls valves not having enough clearance from wall board.


Yeah so there could be a valve in side the one that switches it on, or it could be a washer, if the valve or the washer are damaged from wear and tear then water will leak past and cause the dripping. You need to work out what valve/washer it has, turn the mains water off (or if you have a isolator on the pipes even better) and then change the valve/washer.


ye sound


dk make, just two handle valves, one brings it on and controls temp other switches small rose or overhead rose. could ul pic l8.


could be the valve on the taps. Do you know what make it is? Does it run off your taps or is it separate?