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Contract Midas 250 exposed adjustable head kit bar valve - HP/Combi £65 at Aqualisa
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
These are the contractor kits, for new houses etc. Ours bust after 6 years and a new cartridge was £35...or whole new shower for £65 delivered! 150mm fitting bar, shrouds, hose, … Read more
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Try this video:


Just ordered, hoping it's that easy for us to swap it over! Thanks


I told my neighbour who's got the same in his new build and he's ordered two as well (lol) Can't believe how easy it is to do. Mrs is pleased - I've earned some husband points to cash in (nerd)


Thank you..think I'll be ordering one!


Right hand side. Fitted mine earlier, which took all of 15 minutes including turning the water off and then back on :)

Victorian Plumbing Chrome Douche Shower Spray kit with Wall Bracket & Hose - £22.90 Delivered @ Victorian Plumbing
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Modern Chrome Douche Shower Spray kit with Wall Bracket & Hose A modern chrome plated brass douche shower spray kit, contains a high quality trigger operated handset, hose and… Read more

Sweet nice one.. Looks good


Hey guys, just saw this post as I brought this at the start of lockdown due to everyone going crazy buying toilet paper. I am no plumber but after watching a few YouTube clips I thought I’d give it a go. It was super easy to fit and hope the below pictures would help someone else out thinking to buy and fit one. All in £60 but I have saved almost £40 already as I don’t need to spend £10 a month on bog roll!!


Real question should be................ are you an over or under???


LOL thats made me laugh. You would be hard pushed to drop this in the toilet with your a*se in the way lol. However that latter part happened to me, i have these in my house and i re did the downstairs loo no long ago, decided to use plastic push fit for the plumbing due to speed. Didnt know what the fitting should have been between the douche and the plastic and about four days later i came home after work and lay on the sofa in the kitchen. Said to the mrs, whats that noise? She goes the dishwasher, i said its more of a sloshing noise and i went to the loo. Low and behold, water was everywhere and flooded the garage (lol) The snow shovel came in handy skimming the water out the door. Luckily had fitted an isolator valve and shut it off, found the correct plastic to douche fitting and all is well. One lesson learnt!


I was about to fit one and every plumber I asked said don't they are illegal can cause major headache if they are not done right. When I mean right your supposed to have an anti back flow device which makes it impossible for human waste to get into the water supply. I read into it and they where right if you pollute the water supply with human waste the fines are immense. Its all because if the water pressure dropped and the hose fell in the toilet it could suck the contents of the toilet up and then your street could end up drinking it, as rare as that is the water board take it very seriously. The back flow device has to have an air gap not some 1 way check valve some people say it has to be impossible for anything under ever scenario. I'm not trying to stop anyone fitting these but rip it off the wall if for some reason the water board knocked on your door the fines are tens of thousands. I just thought about it and for us we had a wet room with an electric shower so you take your dirty rear over to that and wash it, I didn't like the sounds of how easy it is to spread human waste with these. If your aim is off you spray the walls or you have something that has everyone's poo on the handle and everything else connected to it. The other reason that stopped me is they are all very cheaply made so there is countless stories of people flooding their houses. The pipe or end bit would blast off and ruin your house so it wasn't for me, good luck though ><.

Grohe Get Thermostatic Shower Mixer for £99.99 delivered @ Costco
TODAYTODAYPosted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Quality shower mixer on low price offer. :) Was £174.99, now £99.99 Offer until 07/06 Comes with 5 years warranty. Free shipping. For non-Costco members, you can find a si… Read more
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It's out of stock at B&Q. I'm looking for a shower and this is a good deal. Heat added op.


People often wont admit they got duped will still go and tell how costco membership is the best (lol)



I was the same as you till check the quantity as in supermarkets are more expensive, just example: J2O, washing powder (even Costco branded better), tyres are cheaper (please don’t compare unknown brands or used tyres at £40 which required to change after 6 months), petrol is cheaper (I used premium one, cheap)


Ah makes sense (y)

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Yorkshire Water Free water saving pack & charity donation
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Free for all YW customers: “We’re offering every Yorkshire Water customer the chance to cut their utility bills. Our handy free water saving kit can help you save water, energy an… Read more

The showersave works nicely with an over-the-bath shower on a Pulse Eco showerhead but the tap aeration things didn't fit any taps in the house. Yorkshire Water have been giving these away for at least 12 years.

Free Water Saving Devices at Severn Trent Water
Refreshed 14th MayRefreshed 14th May
From shower timers to swell gel to reduce amount of times to water plants. With free delivery it’s worth a try.… Read more

Mine arrived


The toilet bag doesn't increase the time it takes for cistern to fill!


Ordered twice now off Severn trent and received nothing both times. Even emailed them a couple of weeks ago that they have not arrived and they can't even be bothered to answer email. Don't bother

I ordered this here last time someone posted. All I get notice from the water company is it had been despatched and it's on its way....nothing so far (confused)


United utilities are giving sunflower seeds among other things

Water Saving Freebies from Thameswater
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Few freebies available from Thameswater Showersave Showerhead Kitchen swivel tap attachment Save a flush Shower timer



European legislation Most of the UK’s recent environmental legislation originates in the European Union (EU). This legislation also applies to all other EU member states. As environmental problems differ between countries, European environmental legislation usually takes the form of a ‘directive’. A directive allows the EU to set the outcomes that member states have to achieve, but leaves implementation to each individual country. This allows each country to take into account their own legal systems and existing laws. Every member state must comply with European directives which take precedence over national legislation.


Nothing in life is free old chap. Do you not think their overheads are covered nicely by the water rates and the rebates/subsidies that these water companies enjoy for offering these things. They give them away to create demand side efficiencies, the main one of course is water meters designed to discourage the wasting of water. They have targets to meet as set out in regulations many of which may start at EU level and make their way through to local regulators whose regulations the local water company is required to comply with.


You can’t be a Thames Water customer if you’ve had a garden gadget recently they don’t supply them. Really, their products are great!


Thank you for your comments, but you are about the only person believe their products are good... You must've some shares in the company :/ You enjoy saving and I will enjoy my long hot shower 😝

Rozin brass wall-mounted bathroom rainfall shower, hand shower & faucet set for £73.81 delivered from Italy @ AliExpress Deals / Rozin Store
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th MayShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Seems like a great deal to me, if you are looking to put a new shower in — antique style with brass dual faucet, shower and rainfall shower all in one. It looks really nice, and ge… Read more

No, it can push the water from the warm side into the cold water system (known as backflow). For example, if you have a cold water storage or low pressure. It's difficult to explain but it has nothing to do with drinking from a shower and is a legal requirement due to how risky it is; warm water has the potential for bacterial growth (legionella) and can contain dissolved metals from the heating/boiler system (which still aren't always stainless steel). For more information look at:


Drink from your shower?


My concern is that they may not carry WRAS approval and could lead to cross contamination of drinking water with hot water in some systems. They also sometimes use lead based solder, which isn't great.


I bought this shower 12 months ago and had it fitted without any issues. Been using it daily and no problems.


Insignia Diamond 900mm Quadrant Steam Shower £879.89 at Costco
533° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
I was looking for this one for little while. Finally Costco reduced it by £200. Original price was £1,079.89.. I know it requires Costco membership but for people already have memb… Read more

We moved into a house 2 years ago with a steam shower. Very much a novelty imho. A faff as well cleaning, be warned in time things will break u like a simple water fed pressure shower. Just my view but may save some a few hundred quid. Hot tubs however...


Mental (lol)


We had something very similar a few years back. They are absolutely great love them but there are downsides. Please talk to age about 3 years in and my major issue is that the cabin heats up alotwith steam so if I have a long shower I'm sweating because it's too hot.


Good you mentioned this, so we thought the same. But it isnt exactly as visible as you think especially when you turn the water on the steam fully covers it


Tackiest thing ever. You could redo your entire bathroom for £900 rather than shoving a cheap plastic monument like this in the corner.

M&W Stainless Steel Shower Caddy for £9.49 delivered (using code) @ Roov
228° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Never drop the soap again with this suction cup shower basket — only £9.49 including delivery using code SHIP. These sorts of things are almost £20 on Amazon, so this seems aa good… Read more

These things suck cos they stop sucking and always in the middle of the night.


Apparently they use sticky pads. I think they have the same one on Amazon, check it out see what you think. I typed in m&w stainless steel suction cup shower caddy.


How do you attach that one to the tiles then?


get a brass one. They never rust.


Sorry did a bit of homework and It's £12.99 on Amazon with prime. It also does not have suction cups. Reasonable price though if you haven't got prime.

Shower Timer free at Save Water Save Money for Northern Ireland Water Customers
193° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th AprLocalLocal
Easy to apply – Moisten the generous suction cup and stick to either a bathroom tile or a glass enclosure. Easy to use – Simply flip this four minute shower timer when you get … Read more
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Thanks WeeWifie. I've literally no idea what you mean. I think you need to post some pictures to help us out..... ;)


I sometimes have a shower bath... I shower with the plug in the bath.... THEN sit down in the water, to shave the legs under it whilst sat down. Showering definitely uses half the amount of water it takes to have a bath for me. As when I sit down to shave legs (if doing it this way, usually for mobility reasons) the water in the bath is only just covering my legs. Whereas if I'm making a bath to bathe in... That bad boys gonna be full. Not just covering my legs but my belly n boobs too!


Got one of these from the deal a few weeks ago and it arrived with grains stuck in the middle therefore it was unusable. Sure can't quibble for something that's free, but would have been nice it it worked.


Well the real deal is the water charges .. FREE


yea I seen that and would be no good for me, as I work week on,week off , and I am back from 8 pm so no good, I found a cheaper tarrif with my same company if it was off peak 8 too 7 am it would be oka (:I 😄

Cannondale Trail 2 2020 - (Size S, M, XL) £930.74 with code @Triton Cycles
-136° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Cannondale Trail 2 2020 Lowest price I can find by over £120. In stock in sizes S, M and XL. Free delivery usually dispatched within 24 hours. Specifications: Frame: Sma… Read more

Your (sic) correct. I hang my head in shame. Annoyingly you have used one's correctly. Bah!


It certainly does nothing for one's grammar.


Smartform C2 is a meaningless marketing term but a quick google shows in 2018 that was using 6069 aluminium which is the premium aluminium used by fuji-ta and some past Cannondale bikes were openly made by fuji-ta as they were mentioned by name in their video so its likely these are still made by fuji-ta (world's biggest bicycle manufacturer by volume). I think they have factories in mainland China and maybe Vietnam and Cambodia. The frame style looks pretty generic of fuji-ta's portfolio of certified frame designs. So it looks like Dorel have just imported a pre-certified bike design fully from Fuji-ta with their recipe of components. There is nothing proprietary about this bike at all (which is good) its just a generic bike from fuji-ta. When its pretty much a brand slap you really need to assess what components you are getting for your money, how well it is reviewed and how much you want to pay for the brand that is slapped on it. I personally think Cannondale overcharge a lot for these imported bikes and its only really with heavy discounting do they make sense to buy. Also bear in mind Cannondale often use a bicycle assembly plant in Taiwan so the frames can be made elsewhere more cheaply but can have a 'Made in Taiwan' sticker on them although its also possible these will come with a different country of origin on the box (China, Vietnam, Cambodia or even Bangladesh).


It has better quality everything on this bike compared to £600 bike . Click on specification and read and Google. Do the same with a cheaper bike and you will see the difference. I have a hoodoo Bizango which I paid £650 and that feels top quality and has been voted bike of the year 2 years running sub £750 . So I guess this will feel even better to ride than mine .


Listed under shower fittings ! LOL put some work into it at least ;-)

Free Regulated Shower Head (Various areas)
353° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Save water & gas - With showering accounting for one-quarter of household water use, using a water efficient shower can save you money on your utility bills, even if you’re not… Read more
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No free product in my area :(


Ordered. Thank You


Ive filled these forms in every so often for freebies from the water companies and Ive never got anything delivered from them. More likely sell your details on


I fitted isolation valves to all the sinks incase of a leak. The ones where the pressure was high I just turned the valve 1/4 way shut and that restricted the flow.


This isn't saving the planet, some people will get it just because it's free and never use it , and the ones that do try it will just go back to there old shower head when they see how terrible this makes having a shower with so little water. So just more plastic for land fill great!!.

Selected Items On 4 for £20 + Free Delivery With Code - Includes Captain America Replica 1/6 Shield / Harry Potter Shower Curtain @ Zavvi
258° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Update 1
Now £20 Delivered with free delivery code - ZAVVIFD
Zavvi have a clearance multi-buy offer on, where you get any 4 items from the list for £20 + £1.99 delivery - Some of the Novels in he list were posted HERE - Thanks to moonflig… Read more

I’ve bought two z-box when it was on offer when it first started and didn’t see any lootcrate branding but that may have changed. I have seen the stuff in Poundland though, they currently have the wooden toy jokers for sale.


They either have the same supplier or z-box bought old stock from lootcrate and stuck it in a box. Ex-employees of lootcrate said they had warehouses full and they made way too many 'collectables'. Hence you see the odd item in poundland, i cant see why z-box would have these items made when they could buy them dirt cheap from lootcrate. i guess you'd need to see the box to see if it said lootcrate exclusive or not.


It’s all the stuff from unsold z-box.


Lootcrate still offloading their wears from 4 years ago i see

Arc Modern Thermostatic Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixer £17.96 Delivered @ Funiture123
276° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Arc Modern Thermostatic Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixer £17.96 Delivered @ Funiture123
£14.97 free C&C or £17.96 delivered. The stylish contemporary Arc thermostatic bath shower mixer with bottom outlet. Combining both style and ease of control. Tap comes with a… Read more
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On the face of it this appears a good deal, however, as a landlord who fits a number of taps/showers etc I fail to see the advantage of the wall mounted fitting? I have either fitted such a unit directly to the bath or installed a stand alone shower supply unit such as a Mira directly from the mains. My preference is directly onto the bath as this involves no additional tiling or splashboard work.


Crap if your water pressure is low


yes, need good pressure for these


Very cheap for a thermostatic


If pressures are equal this will work fine

Triton TRA001 2400W ½" Electric Dual-Mode Precision Plunge Router 240V £179.99 at Screwfix
66° Expired
Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Triton TRA001 2400W ½" Electric Dual-Mode Precision Plunge Router 240V £179.99 at Screwfix
£179.99£219.9918%Screwfix Deals
Quiet, dual-mode, precision plunge router with compact 2400W motor. Easy to control and simple to adjust. Capable of switching from a conventional plunge router to a fixe… Read more

They’ve well diversified from showers..XD


(embarrassed) Most likely a 5th generation...


Router (for network) joke :-p


These are the dogs Bxxxxks had mine for years never let me down


Just hang on for the ride lol (highfive)

Triton Naro Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower Valve & Kit Chrome £59.92 Toolstation
212° Expired
Posted 13th MarPosted 13th Mar
Triton Naro Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower Valve & Kit Chrome £59.92 Toolstation
£59.92£84.9229%Toolstation Deals
Usually £84.92 with 25% off now it’s £59.92 at Toolstation. I missed on the Screwfix deal last week for Mira Atom £100 now it’s back to £150. I am not sure if the Triton is a good … Read more

This seems to be back in stock at this price. Asked the deal to be unexpired.


I bought it but as our repairs stopped we couldn’t fit this yet. As esquilax said I hope we will like it too when it’s finally installed.


Anyone else uses recently. Is good at this price ATM?


Ordered one of these last week - it's installed now and looks very nice. It feels really solid and high quality too. Thanks OP.

Thermostatic Shower Mixer Square Chrome Bathroom Exposed Twin Head Valve Set £76.49 ebay / plumbworlduk
806° Expired
Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
Thermostatic Shower Mixer Square Chrome Bathroom Exposed Twin Head Valve Set £76.49 ebay / plumbworlduk
£76.49eBay Deals
Technical Details: Minimum Bar Pressure: 0.5 mbar Maximum Bar Pressure: 6.0 mbar Tube Diameter (mm): 30 x 17.5 Length Of Shower Hose (mm): 1500 Adjustability of Riser Rail K… Read more

What do people think or Bristan or Triton brand?


I'll second this and advise anyone considering a rainfall shower to make sure their boiler is up to the job - they consume a huge amount of water on high.


You are right, the atom does seem to have a bigger head and 4 spray patterns(as opposed to single pattern in APT). Although the price difference between the two is £100. I am reconsidering whether to go for Atom instead of APT, as generally the screwfix reviews seem positive for Atom.



Any good deals on 3 way showers? - overhead, handheld and faucet. Thanks

AQUALONA Cancun Shower Spray - White £7 + £2 click and collect @ Very
14° Expired
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
AQUALONA Cancun Shower Spray - White £7 + £2 click and collect @ Very
Whether you’re looking for a temporary solution to a lack of permanent shower, or you want to attach a shower to your bath or sink for cleaning muddy pets, the Cancun shower attach… Read more
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Goes great with an avocado coloured bath :{


It's a retro piece from the 70's and 80's.


I thought they stopped making these years ago


Thought that was a set of earphones (lol)

Homebase - Estilo Teal Chevron Shower Curtain (H)180 x (W)180cm - £3 + Free Click & Collect
200° Expired
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Homebase - Estilo Teal Chevron Shower Curtain (H)180 x (W)180cm - £3 + Free Click & Collect
£3£9.3068%Homebase Deals
This teal chevron patterned shower curtain from Estilo is perfect for adding a trendy modern feel to your bathroom.
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Are these psycho proof?

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