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Updated 28th AprLast updated 28th Apr by Deedie
Extending the battery life of your outdoor solar lights
Just wondering how many of you have tried swapping the bundled batteries inside solar lights for bigger capacity ones (or better ones). Has anyone tried? Thanks!

I have done. Pretty easy to do on all the ones I have tried. Ones I have, had 18650 battery in them


Yes bought some from amazon brand called Bonai last year when on a lightning deal worked much better and still going strong!!

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Updated 17th Jul 2020Last updated 17th Jul 2020 by fattyflumpalump
Looking for nice fence accessories/Decorative fence solar light
Just had a 4ft fence laid down our boundary line of a shared drive (to the neighbours dismay.... Suddenly they can't fit 5 cars within their own boundary line when a fence is there… Read more

Feel like its penance for not doing better in life lol


I feel like this could be started in another dedicated thread... You seem to have had it terribly worse than me!


When I moved in I was constantly blocked in my drive because 'previous tenants never had a car' (annoyed) dimwits! Also within weeks when I complained about the music I got told I'd only been there 2 minutes and was causing trouble, told them you want to see trouble you carry on, it stopped, guess they didn't want to take their chances, had so much grief here but I stand my ground and even now my drive gets blocked, well guess what, I leave for work at 5.30am so I just sit on my horn. (The whole close parks where tf they like so no guilt) I'm on a hill and the only flat bit is in front of my drive and when I cant get out I have actually threatened to relieve some cars of their handbrake. I could rant for at least another 10 sentences about my neighbours and the shizz/drug dealing/dogs barking 24/7 , drunken arguments/anti social behaviour but I won't. Good on you op, dont take no carp


Yep agree... i only put three up and on mode 3 you can comfortably sit in a small garden


Got a few of these in my garage ready to put up in the garden... They are very bright... Maybe too bright for a front garden??

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Updated 30th May 2020Last updated 30th May 2020 by endofdays
my other half went a bit mad on new garden solar lights on our first trip to home bargains in 11 weeks they looked good value so she got 3 lots (see pics) unfortunately they are t… Read more

I'm not sure what use a photo of the box it s, followed by the instructions. Maybe the actual lights laid out... Surely anyone with any sense checks how long they would be before buying? Maybe even take them out of the packaging if unsure...


I have something similar which I got from Wilko and for me it works as I have them in drapes on my fence and the solar stick plugged into the hanging basket. Yeh I agree the length in-between is slim but I managed to get a super deal at £5 a box which was a deal I posted here.


Double half its length.


Always always get the wife/girlfriend to check the length, because as you've found out she was very disappointed (flirt)


Probably longer than a string of HB lights!

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Led Solar lights
I've had these led solar lights for year now and all 4 have stopped working. I got them from Aldi online. today I purchased 4 new rechargeable batteries and still as night falls t… Read more

If there's a switch, it's probably corroded, the solution if you can solder is to bridge out the switch


Charge the batteries in a charger and then put them in the lights and cover the cells to make them come on. If they don't then it isn't the battery. TBH these solar LED lights only ever seem to last a year or so.


Give them an hour by a good light source to check they are charging.


(lol) true very true


Coz they are cheap crap, and it's not sunny?

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Updated 23rd Oct 2018Last updated 23rd Oct 2018 by marshy51
Solar lights: Garden recommendations
Does anyone know which brand of solar lights are good for the garden, currently I have some mpow ones but they are faulty so need to be sent back, if anyone can reccommend any they… Read more

MPOW here 2.. cant fault them


Another vote for Mpow. You may have been unlucky with yours.


I have 2 lots of MPOW ones and both work great. Had them since last winter.

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Updated 10th May 2018Last updated 10th May 2018 by cmdr_elito
Garden solar lights
I bought 3 of these solar lights - The solar lights were good and it felt heavier (legit) than most solar light… Read more
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Open them up and replace the rechargeable batteries (amazon basics are good enough).


It was a quid. What did you expect?


I always put it in front of the sun light and the issue still occurs. One of the solar lights will turn off quicker than the two.


Make sure they are in full sun , if they are in part shade they won't have enough sun to charge them fully . Also (if they have the facility ) turn the light off for one night ( say out of 3 ) to allow the li battery time to charge fully . They may look OK ,but as they are in Poundland they will have old , inefficient solar cells and cheap batteries ( insufficient to provide more than a few hours light per days solar charge) , you get what you pay for so manage them accordingly .


It’s not getting enough sun to charge the batteries. Move them to a sunny spot and angle them towards the sun.