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Eveready rechargeable led floodlight - £5 instore @ B&M Dundee Kingsway
Posted 54 m agoPosted 54 m agoLocalLocal
Eveready rechargeable led floodlight only 5 pound In B&M Dundee Kingsway.This should be same price national wide.
Helia 12 LED Dynamo Lantern Camping Lamp with Built-in Rechargeable Battery - Black £7.64 using code @ hawkshead
Posted 9 h, 11 m agoPosted 9 h, 11 m ago
Great lower price for a little camping lamp and delivery is free when you use the code HAWK15 Similar lamps are above £10 elsewhere. … Read more

Is the 30 lumens enough to be a main light above the table? Or should we look for some 100 and more lumens? Thanks.


Thanks for sharing. I have been looking for one of these for my hubbie.


I got this paid £8.99, is a good wee lantern because handle let’s you wind for light and it actually lasts well for going to toilet etc .

eufy Floodlight Cam, 1080p 2-Way Audio, No Fees, 2500-Lumen Brightness, Weatherproof £109.99 Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon
TODAYTODAYPosted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Just been notified by CCC of this price drop. 1080p floodlight camera with siren. As far as I understand it, all footage is stored locally on the camera but can be viewed by thei… Read more

+1 on the positive experience with this. I bought it to replace the Ring floodlight cam and have been very happy with my decision to switch. I have this, the 2K doorbell and a couple of indoor cams hooked up to the app. Whilst the floodlight doesn't use the homebase storage it hasn't caused any issues. Excellent product and fairly decent app (I paid £135 in Aug 2020). For what it's worth, I've tried blink, ring and Eufy. Eufy wins it for me. A bigger community of product owners will help drive more software improvements from Anker.


That's great thanks, the 2C looks very similar to images I'm achieving on the doorbell, and it seems to capture all movement around my front door area, or even the road if I need to, as I only live in a cul-de-sac the traffic isn't too bad and sometimes capturing all car movement within the cul-de-sac may prove useful if any thing happens!.. Look a good crisp image as can easily pick up all the weeds in your borders lol.... Only trouble is now the £100 one on offer has now become £179! + I've just footed new LED floodlight that will need a new home!


Works really well. So I have mine mounted above the door on the left so it's angled and also get more of what I want to see (the garden and not the road). It's wide angle lense so it looks further away than it is. Clocks people as soon as their at the gate. At night because of the street light I don't have it in night vision, the spotlight on the camera is pretty good and enables me to see in colour clearly. This is the 2C by the way...


Ok great thanks, I hadn't seen the newer 2C version, sounds like you've had experience of both, and the one on offer is the one to give a miss and go for the 2c version... Can I just ask when you've got mounted on the front drive and side of the house do they detect people walking directly towards them?.. As the Blink XT I've had for a few years are great, however due to the sensing don't pick up walking directly towards them, which is hard work on my front drive as people can walk up the drive, it's only when they turn to come up the steps to front door it will trigger, when I'd rather catch movement on the drive and cover the activity around the car/garden.


I wished Alexa routines worked. The skill is there but it doesn't do anything

Great Rechargeable Camping Lantern £18.89 + £4.49 NP Sold by Lepro UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Currently have this camping light and use it all the time. Great light output at 1000 Lumen and 4 Modes. It also can be used as a power bank. Great piece of kit for all those doing… Read more

Bought one the other day. Seems decent. Didn’t realise but it has battery pack in it so you can charge your phone from it if needed.


This was great.until it stopped charging after id dropped it 5 times.Best lamp ive ever had.


Bought this for camping holiday earlier this summer. Is very good and the different sings really help. The charge seems to last really well


In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might Beware my power--Green Lantern's light!


1000 Lumens is very good and the 4400mAh battery should keep it going for a while.

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Ousfot 2 pack of Solar Lights Outdoor 56 LED £20.99 with voucher Sold by ousfot and Fulfilled by Amazon
156° Expired
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Three camels just let me know of a price drop to £29.99 There's also a 30% off voucher, which brought the price down to £20.99 for a pair for me. I'm not sure what the non-Prime… Read more

And you can then change the quantity and discount applies to all items, not just one. I bought one of these in January for 12.49 - has a dim light at night, switches to bright light when it senses motion. Has been blown off the wall I put it on a few times but still going strong. Well worth it for this price - definitely buying one, probably two


Yes, I ordered, 30 % ticked and then in final price was not applied, so complained and so far passed through 7 chat analysts and now call back, so will be quite a lesson in "miss management" of customer relationship and wasting of company resource for me to share after the event for AWS learning !!!!


Ah okay, I've not had them very long. I'd actually prefer them to behave like yours at some point, stops the garden looking like a football ground :)


Yes, this is how they are. But for some reasons, after a year of usage, mine don't stay dimmed anymore. May be a sign they need replacing, I don't know, but in terms of motion detection they work the same as before.


Hmmm, I wonder if there's a switch for that somewhere. Mine all stay on, dimmed, after dusk, and then increase illumination for a few minutes if motion is detected. They then dim again but stay on all of the time. Reading the product blurb suggests that they are supposed to stay on, dimmed, all night.

Philips Hue Lily XL White and Colour Ambiance LED Smart Outdoor Spotlight Extension for Garden - £94.87 @ Amazon EU (UK Mainland)
30/09/2021Expires on 30/09/2021Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Best price ever on Amazon (according to 3Camels) and currently cheapest anywhere by a good percentage.(e.g. Argos £129.99). This is the high powered bright version (over twice as b… Read more

You could if that’s what you wanted but a Hue GU10 only outputs 350 lumens whereas a Lily XL outputs 1050 lumens. So you would need 3 GU10s to give the same output. So I think that your way would be more expensive for the output. But it was an interesting suggestion and if you don’t have larger features you want to light and you are happy with mains voltage cabling to each light (you might already have it) that’s ok but the Hue Lily lighting range drops down to 24V and 40W max so it’s safer.


Or you could get a GU10 spike light for around a tenner and fit it with a Hue GU10 bulb...


Cheers, just purchased a couple. T.y


Yep on Amazon you can get a 5m extension that is also a good price at the mo just under a £10.


Does anyone know of any long extension leads that can be bought to increase the distance between the lights ? Thanks