PS4 games for 2/3 year old?

Posted 16th Feb 2017
I am looking for a video game for me and my daughter to play together on the PS4. She is nearly 3 and wants to play on my PS4 but I have no games that are suitable for her to try. I just need something that she can move around without having any complicated progressions for a toddler.

Any suggestions would be great.
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[Guide] How to choose PS4 games that kids will love
There's no denying it. A lot of PS4 games aren't exactly child-friendly. From the brutality of Red Dead Redemption to the criminality of Grand Theft Auto V, it's fairly easy to find 18+ games - and it's unfortunately all-too-easy to mistakenly purchase adult-oriented games for youngsters. And it's not always easy to find PS4 games for 3 year olds, either.

Luckily, the PS4 games library is full of games that are designed for younger players. They may not have the blood and guts or the edgy humour of games for grown-ups, but these games have character by the bucket-ful, while offering a satisfying gaming experience for both kids and adults.

Below you'll find a few suggestions about the best PS4 games for toddlers, older kids, and two player games that parents and children can both enjoy. We've tried to cover as many areas as possible, but feel free to check the PS4 games listings to find more titles. Just check the PEGI rating to ensure that your chosen games are child-friendly.

PS4 Games for Toddlers
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Spyro the dragon was a hit on the original PlayStation in 1998, and his colourful antics have been updated for a new generation. In Activision's Spyro Reignited, gamers take control of Spyro as he tried to liberate six worlds, dealing with fire-breathing enemies and taking on a few puzzles too. It's all fairly basic, and the vibrant graphics make it a hit with younger kids.
  • Rayman Legends - Another resurrection from the 1990s, Rayman Legends matches Spyro in the graphics department, and then some. Bracketed by many critics as one of the finest platformer ever released, Ubisoft's modern classic is easy to find at affordable prices these days, and delights both young and old. Everything is very cartoonish, and the action isn't violent. You may need to guide your child a bit before they master the gameplay, but that's not a chore, as anyone can enjoy a bit of Rayman Legends.
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - While other LEGO titles are more creative (and hence suitable for older kids), Marvel Super Heroes 2 is all about action. It allows players to take control of various Marvel heroes across environments as diverse as Ancient Egypt, Manhattan, and Asgard (the home of Thor). There's a plot involving defeating a universe-conquering villain, but kids will probably just get a kick of controlling their heroes through the various levels.
  • PixArk - While Minecraft is probably a little too complex for most 2-3 year-olds, kids will probably still get a kick out of games set in the Minecraft universe, especially if they see older siblings creating their own bases. PixArk solves this problem, by offering a simplified version of the Minecraft environment, which is essentially a variant on that game's "survival mode". With dinosaurs roaming the planet, tools to use, and cuddly animals to tame, PixArk offers a lot to do, with appealing visuals to make it even more absorbing.

PS4 Games for Children Aged 5 and Above
  • Astroneer - Moving onto games for slightly older PS4 gamers, Astroneer has to come into the picture. Billed as a game of "aerospace and industrial exploration", this indie game lets players travel the universe creating space bases, transforming planets into habitable environments, and generally exploring. It's both great fun and a wonderful introduction to science and engineering.
  • Little Big Planet 3 - If you want a truly imaginative game for older kids, look no further than Little Big Planet 3. Created by Sumo Digital, LBP 3 mixes up creative world engineering with wacky puzzle solving, and the kind of graphics kids adore. Everything is completely wholesome (there's no blood to be found here), while the Stephen Fry narrated tutorial mode ensures that kids can get to know the game with ease.
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 - OK, we did say that this list would be violence free, but you can't discuss the best PS4 games for kids without mentioning Plants vs Zombies. Garden Warfare 2 is an absolute gem, taking the game mechanics of games like Battlefield, but removing the macho atmosphere and the blood and guts. In their place, the creators PopCap Games have come up with a cartoon world where - you guessed it - plants and zombies do battle. It sounds zany, and it is. But kids will love it.
  • Sonic Mania - Sonic the Hedgehog has made an unlikely comeback in recent years, and now he has found his way onto the PS4 in the form of Sonic Mania. Inspired by the 2D platforming of the original Sonic series on the Sega Megadrive, this comeback title has a nostalgic feel (so it's ideal as a gaming experience for adults and kids to share). And it has the same breakneck speed and innocent charm of the original games. Simple, and maybe a little too quick for 2-3 year olds, it's perfect for those aged 5 and above.
  • Minecraft - The PS4 edition of Minecraft probably needs no introduction, but this list isn't complete without it. Few games have been as influential as this world-building, horribly addictive sandbox title. Possessing a hypnotic appeal for many kids, Minecraft has its critics, but it's undeniably a good introduction to engineering and a stimulus for young imaginations.

Playstation games for toddlers and adults alike
So far, we've mainly listed games that kids can play on their own (and there's no shortage of those). But what about PS4 games that parents can enjoy with their kids? Here are a few cooperative suggestions.
  • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fuelled - Racing games are an excellent option for parents who want to play alongside their kids, and none are as child friendly as Crash Team Racing. Featuring PlayStation legend Crash Bandicoot, this as close to a classic Mario Kart experience as you can get on the PS4, and it's an absolute delight. From the silky smooth speed to the lush visuals, everything about this racer is perfect.
  • Rocket League - Sports games like FIFA 20 may be a bit too advanced for younger kids, but Rocket League is a different matter entirely. Set in a football-like environment, this mix of sports and racing has a futuristic feel, and guarantees hours of competitive action. It's the kind of game that dads will lose (a lot) to their kids, but love the experience nonetheless.
  • Everybody's Golf - Taking the intensity down a few notches, Everybody's Golf brings pitch and putt to the PS4. Set in various tropical locations, this Japanese title has quirky characters, imaginative holes, and golf karts that you can drive around the courses. Much easier to grasp than real-life golf, it offers an easy-going, addictive experience for parents and kids.

There you have it. The PS4's games library is full of titles for young and old alike - and almost all of them can be found at big discounts via hotukdeals. All of these games are suitable for young players, but they don't exhaust the options. As noted earlier, if you do choose to explore other games, that's great. But remember to check the PEGI (Pan European Game Information) rating, and opt for PEGI 3 rated games if possible. They should be suitable for everyone.