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Posted 15th Jun 2020Posted 15th Jun 2020
Decent quality t-shirts with Logos?
I get in the same rut every year with t-shirts and end up buying loads of boring plain ones which usually aren't a good fit anyway. Are there any good quality / and good fit t-shirt retailer…
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Posted 20th Mar 2020Posted 20th Mar 2020
Affiliate links being blocked?
Does anyone know what settings to tweak when affiliate links are blocked when you click on deal? I usually use Chrome with Kaspersky total security but any click through involving affiliate …
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Posted 6th Sep 2019Posted 6th Sep 2019
Buying wholesale bubble wrap?
I am looking to buy bubble wrap of at least a 50 metre length from ebay. The thing is the best brands like Jiffy seem to be sold mainly in 100 metre lengths and I'm not sure about the qualit…
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Posted 21st Feb 2014Posted 21st Feb 2014
Anyone know about the screen quality of DELL Inspiron laptop?
I have seen some expired deals from a couple of months back where HUKD members bought the DELL Inspiron i7 with the HD screen. I am in the market for a laptop and can't decide between the So…
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Posted 20th Dec 2008Posted 20th Dec 2008
Where is this Toshiba laptop deal gone?
I was keeping my eye on hotukdeals for weeks and eventually found a laptop deal that I sent to my friend for a Comet deal here http://www.comet.co.uk/shopcomet/product/504920/TOSHIBA-SAT-L30…
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