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Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 70cl - £18 (+ £3.99 Delivery) @ Amazon Pantry
Made hot 3 h, 24 m agoMade hot 3 h, 24 m ago
Amazon Pantry - Woodford Reserve. Nice price for a tasty bourbon. £3.99 delivery fee but add four qualifying items to get free shipping. Good way to use the £4 credit from prime da… Read more

Price went up to £20 now


Great stuff at this price!


Great booze for a good price! Heat!


got it for £18 had a £4 Pantry Promotion (i think from prime day)


This makes a lovely old fashioned, highly recommended.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey £15.99 @ Amazon (Prime exclusive)
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
Cracking deal for a great Bourbon.

Cheers for the heads up about Gerrys I'll have a look! I had heard the same about Eagle Rare as well, my local Asda just last week stopped selling it and started selling Makers 46.


You can also sometimes get it from Gerry's Wines in Soho. They are usually my go to for alcohol unless you get amazon doing cracking deals or at the moment you can still get Eagle Rare 10 year from asda at £28. Rumour is they are getting rid of the age statement so get it while you can and at a cracking price.


I've always wanted to give the US version a try, didn't know you maybe able to get it in duty free so I'll keep my eye out.


Ah right, yea I just re-read it and yea I didn't mean it was the only one :) I would highly recommend trying the 45% one, sometimes can get in dutyfree and usually come in 1 litre bottles (bonus)


No better bourbon at this price, I can agree with. But you did actually say there are no other 6+ year old bourbons, that's what confused me XD I stand corrected on our buffalo trace being different, I didn't realise it was 45% in the states, that's a big surprise to me.

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey, 700 ml - £17.60 at Amazon Prime Exclusive
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
Great price for a good solid bourbon.

Yeah I guess anyone looking at the Bulleit did their research. 101 is currently £22 and here is it's chart fwiw. It gets there but not often.


Yea I went for this over the Rye (which I like too but have two Ryes open already) and added a Wild Turkey 101.


Lovely stuff


Good price, got 2 bottles when it was £18 recently. Great bourbon, a steal at this price.


Great price, shame I already have a couple of bottles in the house

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Woodford Reserve Bourbon 70Cl £20 @ Tesco
Made hot 18th JunMade hot 18th Jun
Brilliant price for this quality bourbon. Same price at Amazon delivered:
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Depends on taste. I Love it. Higher than normal alcohol content too.


One of my favourites


I'll toast your boldness good sir :{


Donate them to me 😁


I have exactly the same - just cannot walk past those deals (highfive)

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 70cl - £20 at Amazon
Made hot 17th JunMade hot 17th Jun
Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select is a small-batch bourbon from Kentucky. It is a straight bourbon made on Kentucky's oldest distillery site. The Woodford Reserve Distillery was… Read more

Excellent price for a good bourbon.


Love using this to make an old fashioned. Nearly polished off my last bottle so perfect timing!


Hope it's not made by Neil Woodford - you'd be able to buy it but not drink it.


Superb bourbon. Well worth this price.


Not had a bottle of this for a while. Would be rude not to buy one at this price. Heat

Bulleit Bourbon Rye Whiskey, 70 cl - £22 @ Amazon
Made hot 10th JunMade hot 10th Jun
One for you Rye lovers out there, cheapest its been since December. Flavour notes: Bulleit Rye has smooth, sweet tones of maple and oak and a woody, light toffee finish with dri… Read more

Ty op, also the 10year old is £30 which I've bitten the.... Bulleit on....


Not the cheapest. I got a bottle from Amazon a month ago for £18


Think I may have seen this reduced down to about £12.50 at ASDA in Lemington, Newcastle upon Tyne at the weekend. Will check Gosforth store tomorrow.


Lovely stuff. Heat 🔥

Bulleit Bourbon 70cl - £12.30 @ Asda instore
Made hot 7th JunMade hot 7th JunLocalLocal
ASDA Carterton - Bulleit Bourbon reduced to £12.30.. (originally £27, then £22.20)
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Just got 2 in asda Chesterfield


Not at my store either


Bargain, buy the shelf.


Very nice find and price. Thanks @Demon_Eyes


Not in my local

Jim Beam Devils Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. 45% abv £18 @ Asda
Made hot 5th JunMade hot 5th Jun
Unleash the bold spirit of Jim Beam Devil's Cut, a premium bourbon with depth and complexity that comes from liquid extracted from inside the barrel wood. All great bourbons have a… Read more

Sorry I read the last word of post wrong..


I'd get double oak instead this is a bit too strong imo


Excellent stuff


This is a nice bourbon. It's meant to be the whisky that seeps into the barrel so is extra nice. It is extra nice but the story is gumf



Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Whisky 70 cl - £36.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 2nd JunMade hot 2nd Jun
Usually around £48 but dropped to £36.99. Lovely whiskey for you bourbon lovers!

Tempted to try this as I love the Jim Beam double oak. But just bought 2 bottles of the JD Single Select that was on offer last week so can i justify buying it? Yes, i think i can (lol)


Nothing wrong with the normal one at that price!


I just bought the normal version for £23 from Amazon! Not tried this specific one, but love Woodford Reserve!!

Sainsbury's Custard Creams & Bourbon Biscuits half price 25p
Made hot 1st JunMade hot 1st Jun
This was at a Sainsbury's local store, but is also available online so should be in supermarkets as well
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Their biscuits had recipe changes recently, and there were complaints. It appears all the versions that had recipe changes (typically with capital letters font) are now being sold off cheaper, and i've seen multipacks of the originals come back. Small chance, but perhaps they do listen to consumer complaints.




They are 25p normal price in Aldi


What crazy talk is this? I have no muffled wigwams what this is all about! Have you been frying frisbees on the jungle cakes again?


260g per quid. Kwik Save did 1kg bags for a quid back in the 90's. Biscuits have not quadrupled in price since then so that's highway robbery.

Bulleit Bourbon £15.95 reduced to clear in-store at Tesco
Made hot 30th MayMade hot 30th MayLocalLocal
Found at Tesco Holmbush, Shoreham by sea. Yellow label reduced to clear so probably store specific but as with other Tesco alcohol deals possibly in other stores.

The several comments I've had questioning this are making me want to try it again! I didn't just not like it a bit, I really didn't like it Can't fault the price though


I just don't like the taste, I thought it was off /contaminated but its just not for me (bought it twice as a bottle and had it in bars), can't fault the price so heat given.


The rye version tastes amazing. Will have to pick up one of these.


It will be literally impossible to find a better bourbon at this price.


U wot m8? (skeptical)

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 70cl at Amazon for £23 (Prime)
Made hot 30th MayMade hot 30th May
£2 cheaper than the recent ASDA deal - Reduced from £32 Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select is a small-batch bourbon from Kentucky It is a straight bourbon made on Kentucky's … Read more

Thanks @TonySumo went a different way home and grabbed a bottle after work. Two bottles left of Woodford, three of Bulleit at 1700.


You've made me one very happy man. I might go and make an expedition tonight and see if I'm lucky.


Yep it is, saw it last night in my local, the Standard, Rye and Malt are all on offer.


Is the rye one available at ASDA again as I couldn't see it on the website and it's a fair trek to my nearest ASDA? If so that's a happy raid on my front as that stuff is amazing.


They were selling this off at my Local Tesco last night at £17.60, they also had a few Bullet Bourbon at £15. odd. They only had a few though. Herries Road Sheffield if anyone is interested in checking if they had any left, in the clearance section

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Whiskey - Bourbon, Malt or Rye 70cl - £25 each @ Asda
Refreshed 28th MayRefreshed 28th May
Asda are currently selling all three versions of Woodford Reserve Kentucky Whiskey for £25 each. In-store you can collect a free Woodford Reserve glass. The three available are… Read more

A lil top tip on another Asda deal: Down from £40 to £30 as a permanent rollback, but if you can wait until Tuesday, Tesco shall do it for £26 ;) A lot of folk avoid whisky from the Western Isles, because they have a reputation for being too peaty. All encompassing pigeon holes like that ruin chances of quality experiences, imho. They also reduce the impact/assault on senses given by some Isles whiskies, not naming names but one jumps to mind that really tastes like TCP. BUT, this one I'm suggesting, Bowmore 12 year old, is rather astounding. Extraordinarily balanced for an Isles malt, it's made on Islay, and is much more palatable than probably any other malt from that area. It's correctly considered one of the finest malt whiskies in the world. As the bishop said to the nun "Try it, you might like it" ;)


I'm very glad to see this offer is still valid, and that prices in general for most whisky/whiskey are falling ... But you're still showing a 1Lt bottle in your picture, instead of a 70cl ;)


Whereas for me, I tried the Suntory whisky whisky and felt it tasted like a muted down Bourbon and not worth the £35 asked for it. Four Roses make by far the best bourbon in my, and many others, opinion before you slate it try that. Four Roses Small Batch is permanently on offer for £27 at Amazon its a bargain at that price. It really is so much nicer than everythign else I have tried from America


Blended doesn't mean inferior. That's just snobbery. Krug Grande Cuvee is a blended champagne (i.e.not from a single vintage). It is in no way inferior. OK, different drink, but blending is a perfectly acceptable method of producing something that can be wonderful. JW Platinum I like. IMO, best value blended whisky is Monkey Shoulder.


What was the Japanese whisky you tried and have you ever tried any Compass Box whisky? What's the name of the bar in London, I would like to pop in and check it out, I'm always up for trying a new place :D

Buffalo Trace Bourbon 70cl £15 @ Sainsbury’s
Made hot 23rd MayMade hot 23rd May
My favourite tipple, at this price I’m gonna drive over there tonight....imagine your face when home delivery says item not available (fierce)

Still loads available today at Team Valley Gateshead.


IMO Makers Mark is slightly sweeter ,and at 45% slightly stronger than Buffalo Trace.


Made a few phone calls round local Nottingham stores... Castle Marina had 4 in stock yesterday, but Arnold had loads wth more due tomorrow. Picked up 2 as they're a steal! Great bourbon 😋


Picked up last one at Leamington today - hopefully back in stock soon.


For me it's either neat or maybe one ice cube, depending on my mood. Definitely no more than 1, though. Very nice bourbon.

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey 70cl - £18 + £4.49 delivery Non Prime @ Amazon
Made hot 21st MayMade hot 21st May
Price appears to be for all accounts, need to spend £20 if non-prime to get free delivery. Not been below for £20 some time I don’t think, could be Father’s day related, enjoy

Some Tesco have this for £15.37 reduced to clear


Great timing ordered a bottle at £20 yesterday lol


Just had a bottle delivered, thought that was a decent price at £20 this is a great deal.


Cracking gulping whiskey. Hot!


Personal preference, but for often the same price you can get Buffalo Trace. Voted hot regardless

Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey 70cl - £28 @ Amazon Prime Exclusive
Made hot 16th MayMade hot 16th May
Great price from Amazon, however seems to be exclusive for Prime Members. Deal from early April at £28.75 is still active but I know the price has gone to £36 since so I thought I … Read more
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Really good stuff. 10 yo Bourbon of this quality for £28. A steal in my opinion!


It gets my approval, certainly over the mass produced branded garbage like JD.


I've turned a few people on to Eagle Rare. They were appreciative. How odd that the people you know will only drink stuff they recognise. They sound utterly boring.


Except of course, that JD isn’t a bourbon :)


Cheers just stocked up on a couple more bottles

Clarke's Honey Bourbon 70cl (ALDI) - £9.99
Made hot 7th MayMade hot 7th May
Currently on offer, usually £11.99. 35%, 70cl. Really nice flavour, as good as Jim Beam Honey in my opinion, at a fraction of the cost. Instore and online. For online orders t… Read more
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Was just at Aldi today and didn't see it ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(


Unless I am wrong. This will be just any stores still with it clearing out old 2018 stock as they only release this as a Christmas special drink? But it is lovely, the regular clarkes is vile. But the honey is lovely. It tastes a lot like Jack Danies Honey over Jim Beam. Its pretty much idenitcal tasting to JD Honey.

doctorblue wife and her friends will be thrilled...they love their sweet drinks...

Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey, 70 cl - £28 @ Amazon
Made hot 30th AprMade hot 30th Apr
Always keep a bottle or two of this in the cupboard, and £40/L is my target price.
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Ah unlucky mate :(


Just an update, I've looked in 2 Asda stores and no luck. If you try to order online the item is unavailable. :(




Thanks, might purchase


Less Rye heavy than WT 101, so a bit smoother with less of the rye spice. Not had Knob creek myself. Its a just a good classic bourbon imo, but as with all things taste is subjective. I've seen it in every Asda I've been to, also can reserve online if you so wish.

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey 70cl - £20 Amazon Prime Exclusive
Made hot 26th AprMade hot 26th Apr
A very nice Bourbon for a decent price, normaly around £22 -29 in store
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It’s not a bourbon because it’s not from the state of Kentucky. End of


It’s a sour mash not a bourbon


Well it’s technically a Tennessee whiskey


JD is a bourbon


I hate this site, my poor liver is getting punished because of my lack of willpower. TEMPTED........

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