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Buffalo Trace bourbon 70cl for £18 at Sainsburys (min purchase / delivery fee)
25/05/2021Expires on 25/05/2021Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Also at Amazon.

You saw it here first.....


You don't fancy an Um Bongalo Trace?


Hmmmm, no


Um Bongo


Ice. The only mixer you need.

Jim Beam Double Oak - £11.55 at Asda Holt Park, Leeds
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th MayLocalLocal
A few of these on the whoops shelf next to the frozen section. Absolute bargain, I left some for others cos I’m kind 😁

Strange how they have store specific deals like that


That was still £32 in my local. 😡


Did they have much else there reduced? Might pop it on my way back home.


No minimum unit price but there is a minimum price. In Engalnd a ban on selling alcohol below the level of alcohol duty plus VAT has been in place since 28 May 2014


Whilst Scotland and Wales have MUP, England does not, so it's hard to imagine what the staff were speaking about when they said "below minimum pricing".

Wild turkey bourbon £10.87 at Asda Stowmarket
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th MayLocalLocal
Wild turkey bourbon for £10.87 at asda stowmarket. Quite a few other bottles on offer left.

Not in St Austell. Staff took them all off the shelves.


now they just need to sell the 101 at this price. <3


Wild goose chase...


Cos it reminds me to keep an eye out in other stores!


The deal may be available at others stores, my store has had some of the same spirit offers too which I’ve seen on HUKD (y)

Jim Beam Rye Pre-Prohibition 70cl £14 Asda, Dyce, Aberdeen
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th MayLocalLocal
As they had this and a whole bunch of other "Special Price" deals, I thought it worth mentioning, particularly given that this will be cheaper in England if available. EDIT: @sjs… Read more

I tried to sort delivery, during initial lockdown, as local shops were refusing. They refused also, but, that doesn't stop me from trying again. Should I try store with best offers, or one closest to ferry?


Do Drop Store deliver to the Isles for £12? As we get free delivery, I have been using them (as have extended family) for the likes of Vodka and Gin and they have Ron Centenario Rum (not Zacapa) that I have had a bottle of and ordered more. They actually have an offer on it for the 7 and 9 as a two bottle bundle. A bit of a mystery is the brand these days but going on taste the 7 and 9 were a hit. (y)


Sadly, I'm on Western Isles, directly between Lewis & Harris nowadays :( So, MUP is an issue, but no Asda/Lidl/Aldi/Sainsbury's ... Only a large Tesco Metro, & slightly larger Co-op. It's madness. The Tesco & Co-op here, are right at the top end for profits, in the country,& Aldi/Lidl utterly ignore us.


I have a bottle of Rumbullion from Xmas I am yet to try. It's worth a look if near an Asda because each store seems to have different deals, although a lot of deals reported are the same in different stores. I was chuffed to get 5 bottles of Woods Old Navy which down south away from MUP would be dirt cheap.


Though the paper covered gin was Rumbullion for a moment! Got soooo excited.

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Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 70cl - £11.59 @ Asda Chelmsford
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th MayLocalLocal
Cracking price, hardly get reduced that much so worth a check if you’re going to Asda. Couldn’t resist, had to buy some at this price. <3

Just been to 3 asda no good, asda merry hill, asda Brierley hill and asda Dudley..


It is fairly random what is reduced and what isn't. Pulling together reports from friends and family. I think Woods Navy rum is reduced everywhere because they are not going to stock it anymore. Jameson Stout whisky seems to be reduced pretty much everywhere. A lot of JD and Jim Beam bourbons reduced in various stores. Couple of flavoured gins such as the slipsmith lemon drizzle , Witley, etc, reduced in many stores. Few other spirits such as Courvoisier. Then there are some more limited crazy deals. There was a big empty space in my nearest Asda where Johnnie Walker Green label had been reduced to to the minimum allowed in Scotland. That's a little over £15 for a whisky that is normally around £40. Even with minimum pricing, someone got the deal of the year there! So if your local has JW Green Label at full price right now, bring a sleeping bag and camp out in front of it - there is a good chance it will get reduced to a silly price.


Noice, shame tese wouldn't be available in Scotland due to min pricing


Went to the smallish Bristol filton ASDA, crazy amount of these 'special price' deals, came away a happy man. Went to the massive ASDA at long well green and very few deals, possibly more in the small ASDA as they needed to clear more space? Worth checking the wine, beer, and port too, picked up some Cockburn's lbv 2015 for £3.98 (lol) . Their own brand cola cube gin was reduced in both stores to a tenner though and there were loads left.


What a crazy crazy price!

Jim Beam Apple 70cl £9.39 at Asda Newcastle Benton
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th MayLocalLocal
I went in to see if I could find any of the other deals that have posted. I asked the person working on the aisle if they had them but they didn’t, however I was told that they had… Read more

Release the Geese...


It’s dire


nearly every deal on this site is instore only these days . so pot luck


Just popped to Benton Asda for a bottle.... I don’t even like the stuff hahaha. Good deal!


It’s just luck as to what you might find (if anything) in your local branch. I had gone in hoping to get the Jack Daniels Rye that some people have found but it was still full price, but I thought that this might well be worth trying at less than £10.