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There’s nothing like a glass of whisky to round off a day or the chance to share a high-quality bottle with friends. The only catch is that the very best whiskies can come with a hefty price tag. However, whisky lovers can find huge discounts on the world’s greatest brands at the HotUKDeals whisky listings.

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Various Whiskys instore @ Morrisons - from £25
LocalLocalFound 17 h, 20 m agoFound 17 h, 20 m ago
Various price drops on a range of delicious fire water. Are these any good?

No, I didn’t miss your point and as I said I respect your decision but I was remiss in not saying that the objections raised over your vote we because of your first comment which simply mentions a cold vote based on your dislike for whisky alone, not the deal on the whisky too. It’s all semantics but that’s why there’s been so many responses. However, there are loads of cheaper whiskies out there, yes, but a cheaper whisky of a different type does not necessarily make this not a deal. That’s like saying a Coca Cola deal is not a deal when Pepsi is cheaper. Doesn’t work like that :{ Well, not in this case. Ah well, it’s gone hot anyway 8)


I went on Amazon and red and black label are both cheaper. So... NO DEAL in my opinion. I even checked the Glenmorangie Lasanta which has £10 off. Amazon is the same price. So I stick with cold...(lol)


You are missing MY point. I would buy a bottle for the cupboard/gift... if “I” thought it was a good/great deal. I looked, didn’t see a decent bottle with a large enough discount. So, along with hating whisky... I voted cold. So you are purposely skipping past the fact I didn’t think it was a good deal. A deal is only good if it’s a good deal for yourself IMHO. Everyone votes so you get to see what is great and what is not. I thought that was the idea? Plus the link has loads of bottles, some without a saving if I remember right! The OP put the deal on, lots have voted hot... it has got the heat rating it has got. (pirate)


Nearly forgot to vote then, too! lol


The problem is, it IS a good deal. People only find it difficult to accept your vote is because you voted based on your personal taste, not in the deal itself. If you found a better deal for the same then I agree, vote cold. But to vote cold based on whether you like the product or not is not the idea of this website. Also, voting cold based on your like or dislike of whisky has no benefit at all to someone who does like whisky. So why vote? I don’t like gin - I think it’s horrible, but me voting cold on a gin deal based on that alone, benefits no one. I think the reply comments (mine included) are trying to be respectful of your opinion if the reasons for it are aligned with those upon which this website was created, but by your own admission they are not. That’s all we’re trying to point out I guess (y) Well, I am :)

Bulleit rye whiskey 70cl - £18 instore @ Morrisons (Bishop Auckland)
LocalLocalFound 18 h, 41 m agoFound 18 h, 41 m ago
Reduced to £18 in Bishop Auckland Morrisons.

By 'normal' Bullet I assume everyone means the Bourbon with the orange label. This is American rye whiskey (green label). The main difference is that bourbon is made from over half corn, whereas rye is made from over half rye (in this case 95% I think). As a result bourbon is sweeter and almost sticky, rye drier with a distinct spiciness.


What's the difference between this and the normal Bulleit?


Excellent price if you can find it. Much better than the standard Bulleit in my opinion


They have it at £20 online; still a bargain for a great, spicy rye.

Jim beam Double Oak Bourbon £16.74 Tesco in store
LocalLocalFound 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Jim Beam double oak 70cl Tesco in store. On sale and I appreciate this may not be in every store. Found in Huntly, Aberdeenshire where these types of discounts are usually not av… Read more

Thanks! Great price for a very decent bourbon!


I picked up a bottle of this for £13.75 a month or so back (y)


"Guys, we need to transfer this Jim Beam to another barrel, cos it's leaking, I know, we'll call it double Oak and double the price, boom!"


Tesco Havant has the Bulleit Rye for ~ £15, I picked up two bottles on Friday. I'm guessing some stores are changing their range as the regular Bulleit was not reduced in that store...


More excited for the Bulleit

Johnnie Walker Black Label - £22 @ Sainsbury's
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
TASTING NOTES BY MARK GILLESPIE, WORLD WHISKIES AWARDS 2012 Nose: Soft and complex with touches of toasted oak, honey, coconut, and figs. Palate: Spicy with a nice allspice note o… Read more
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Gorgeous whisky. Great price.


Yeah I'll be looking out for it around then!


Agreed, was just in case people are buying it to not drink immediately/as a Christmas gift.


Yes I agree, I've bought it at £20 on Amazon before, but as of now seems to be best price about (y)


Quite often dips lower than this on Amazon, wouldn't be surprised if it does briefly for either Black Friday or the run up to Christmas.

Bulleit Bourbon - £22 @ Sainsbury's
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
TASTING NOTES: Nose: Rich and spicy, with warming notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, and crème brûlée topped with Demerara sugar. Hints of dried apricot, grape and almond, too. … Read more
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We are waiting for Bourbon price hikes thanks to USA- EU trade war tarrifs. I think some prices have definitely gone up over last 18 months. Laphroiag 10 for £25 long gone. Glenlivet 15 was regularly near £30 you now have to shell out £40+ That said the deals are there if you look. Tesco seem to have clearance deals often if your store is lucky enough to have them. some sound and staple whiskies are still also regularly good prices (Old Pultney 12, Highland Park 12, Naked Grouse).


blanton for sure that is nice ..old forester is great as well remeber when tesco was knocking them out for £20 a pop well worth it


Is it just me or have whisky/whiskey prices gone up more than average in the past 12 months?


In the £40 plus category, but one of my favourites is Blanton’s Special Reserve. Although it looks hard to get hold of at the moment after a quick google


My personal prefrences by price point. sub £20 - Bulliet, Jim Beam Double Oak or Buffalo trace or if you are lucky you might find a Wild Turkey for sub £20. £20-£24.99 Makers Mark wins for me. but Woodford or Wild Turkey 101 are good choices as well £25- £29.99 Knob Creek when it hits £25 ish is unbeatable. Elija Craig if you are very lucky is the only other one i have tried where i purchased it at less than £30 that is close. £30 - £39.99 Wild Turkey Rare Breed if you see it close to £30 , buy on sight. Eagle Rare was very decent as is Basil Haydens. £40 above. getting out of my comfort zone but both Bookers and Bakers 7 Year old i have had and are blooming amazing. Would love to hear others thoughts. :D

1 ltr Bacardi  r.t.c. @ £12.94,  also Ardmore Single Malt whisky 70cl £16.75, Chevas Regal 35cl £8.04, in-store at Co-op Wallasey Village
LocalLocalFound 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Noticed various alcohol reductions at the Co-op's Wallasey Village store. I picked up 1ltr Bacardi for £12.94, and noted some other r.t.c. items: Ardmore Highland Single Malt 70c… Read more

Sorry yes I meant middle side to side not front to back, not well explained - I'll use Monday as my excuse!!


Ah, must have moved them. They were on the end of an aisle opposite the tills when I first saw them. Hope your mate enjoys the Ardmore. It's a steal @ £16.75 - £41 on Amazon!! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ardmore-Highland-Single-Scotch-Whisky/dp/B002GOD9TC


They're on the end of a row in the middle of the shop, top shelf.


I'll be sniffing this out tomorrow ;)


You're welcome! :) (And, I've just noticed that this stuff is 46% abv!)

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Chivas Regal 12 year old Whisky 70cl £20 Asda instore / online
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Whisky Asda
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Because the poster put out three consecutive deals for Asda, and all the nutcases who use this website will be jumping out of their pram and hitting the down vote button.


Why the cold votes this is a decent price and a nice whisky




It's an Asda employee guys! (lol)

Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky70 cl - £20.70 @ Amazon
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
nice bourbon for discount price

I wish. Only 45% 😞.


Amy Adams chose it as the 'good stuff' on Sharp Objects, so had to try it


It's like 55% is it not? I prefer my whiskeys around 45 😋


Cheers. I was undecided until you mentioned that. Promptly ordered.


Showing as £27.49 for me :( Sorry, got it at the deal price, just had to scroll down on the Amazon page

Glenfiddich 15 Solera Reserve Scotch Whisky £32 @ Asda
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Spotted this in my local ASDA. Seems the deal is online too.

The use of caramel colourant is a pervasive practice in the scotch whisky industry. It is usually (and proudly) noted on the bottle that the whisky does not contain artificial colouring, with those that do not mentioning it at all. The whisky in its natural state will have a colour as this comes from maturation in oak casks, even from an inacitve or heavily reused cask, as well as what was previously in the cask beforehand. Colour is added for consistency and to make it have an appearance that will reassure the average punter. How much is in this particular whisky is perhaps a little hard to discern, as one would assume that 15 years of exposure to oak would leave a relatively vivid colour, but if it did not contain e150a, they would certainly say


Duty is about £8 a bottle at 40% alcohol. Plus there's 20% VAT


One of the best, I think it’s better than their 18 personally. What’s the saying? Healthandsafety gone mad. Maybe you should....


It should be printed on every bottle how much is tax to the government, so the layperson can understand....


Where does it say they add caramel to change the colour from clear to...

Jack Daniels single barrel 70cl £30 @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 13th OctFound 13th Oct
In store & online. Lazy option @ Amazon.co.uk for same price but with free delivery! Quite a good price for decent whiskey. My favourite from JD family.

Happens all the time with the ‘gourmands’ here! I’ve given up posting deals because of it.


Good price. I prefer Gentleman Jack but this is ok.


I recognise this is a good price so heat from me (y)


Like I thought :) but it’s a purpose of this site to post the deals which are attractive I’m not defending my post but the lowest price in past for it was £25 in Tesco last Christmas so 30 is still good hm looks like it should be for free to get some heat :) dear Tesco can u help with it ! Btw cheers for everyone who like the deal and Jd sb on the rocks ! Have a good evening !


I got a few bottles at £25 a few months ago. Thanks op

Talisker Skye Single Malt Whisky 70cl £25 at Tesco
01/01/2019Expires on 01/01/2019Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Seems a good price for this . Bought instore at Tescos toda

Heat added (y)


It is £25 on amazon at the moment too


Pretty standard price, it's usually £25 on amazon: https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/Talisker-Skye-Single-Scotch-Whisky/product/B004RYE9IY

Knockando Single Malt Whisky 12YO. 70cl at Amazon - £31.99
LocalLocalFound 12th OctFound 12th Oct
This is an outstanding whisky. Very smooth and very easy drinking. highly recommended have never seen it reduced from its £35 RRP and i only got it cheaper last time i purchased… Read more
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that might be on my xmas list to santa


Yeah, a real winner Ben10. Have you ever tried the Ben10 100 proof. That’s one of hell of a whisky for £50. Obviously like the Ben10, but with everything turned up to 11


thanks bob. An Aultmore deal keeps elluding me and Amazon seem to have a big blindside reagarding Kilkerrin (they never stock it themselves). At least we dont have any issues with Benromach 10. That is one fine whisky.


Kilkerren 12 is available for £38 (inc delivery) @ Whisky World. Deanston is available on Amazon for £39 (free delivery) Aultmore is a little trickier. I’ve purchased it three separate times on Amazon for £29. You will have to wait for Black Friday/Prime Day deals to pick it up though. Failing that it’s gonna set you back £45 at all other times. A real underrated gem of a malt.


please post where i can get Kilkerrin, Deanston and Aultmore for £32 or very close to it.

Jameson Black Barrel 70cl - £25.20 @ Amazon
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
last cheapest price was £28 at Amazon

Just finished mine off the other week, very nice.


How much different is this to normal Jameson?


It's been cheaper than this before at Amazon but that was back in 2015, so nice to see it back around this price. Heat.

Tullibardine Sauternes Finish Malt Whisky £30 Sainsburys instore
LocalLocalFound 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Sainsbury's deal back again although it seems may be stores only. Not sure if it is worth the full £45.00 as there is no age on it. Worth a punt at £30 though. Should be a hot deal… Read more

Nectar D'or is in a completely different league. This is light, young and quite spicy. I struggle to see what if anything the Sauternes finish has added.


Yeah, bought it once but wouldn't buy it again. It's ok but a bit young and rough.


Anyone tried this? If it's anything close to Nectar D'or then it'll be worth a go.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey 70Cl LIMITED EDITION WITH ICE MOULD Exceria £16 Tesco  INSTORE
22/10/2018Expires on 22/10/2018LocalLocalFound 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Product Description Tennessee Honey This fine Tennessee honey liqueur has the distinct character of Jack Daniel's whiskey and liqueur with notes of honey for a smooth and rewa… Read more

Lovely stuff


I found it very sweet.


Keep the bottle in the fridge, don't water it down with ice!


Voted hot


Nice find OP, heat for your ice! Anyone else who has used it though find that the ice mould just leaks too easily from the middle? Ending up, more often than not, with a half cube of ice when you go to use it (annoyed)

Johnnie Walker Black Label 70cl - Amazon - £22
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky, 70cl. 40% ABV. Smooth, complex and distinct. Silky and rich, it has a deep fruity foreground. Flavours give way to drier peaty… Read more

Excellent whiskey for this price.


I guess it's all the old speckled hen haters again.




Don't understand the hate. JWBL is an excellent everyday blend. IMO of course.


That's your opinion. My opinion is that I agree with you!

Aberlour 12 Double Cask Whisky - Amazon - £25
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Aberlour 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70 cl. 40% ABV. This is a lovely soft sherry finish whisky. £25 delivered for Prime members

I’ve got a bottle of this and it’s horrible


Update... arrived today; this is such a smooth malt, definitely worth a mere £25. Super easy drinking (he says three glasses in). Highly recommend.


I didn't get it.


I got it for £21.60 on the 28th August


Like I need another single malt whisky in my life... damn you HUKD - ordered

Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold Malt Whisky 70cl - £21.70 @ Tesco Metro Bristol
LocalLocalFound 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Reduced to clear from £39.45 Several bottles left

A couple of quid cheaper than it usually is but not worth more than £25. Get the Bowmore or Aberlour on offer at Amazon instead


Im more into the drink next to it, Belvoir fruit farms elderflower (y)


RRP is excessive, but well worth a try at this price. Not my favoured whisky as I don’t like the ones that need serving ice cold, but its more than drinkable


They're pushing their luck saying the rrp was £39.50. £25 seems to be the standard. I bought a bottle a couple of years ago. It's still almost all there, not what I would call a good whisky. A shame as the Dalwhinnie 15 is quite nice. I'm sure they even suggest storing this one in the freezer. Most likely to hide the burn. I'd save my money & put it towards a better bottle.


Not bad price but not a fan of this one.

Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master's Selection Whisky 70 cl - £20.35 @ Tesco Metro Bristol
LocalLocalFound 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Reduced to clear from £37 Several bottles left
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