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Amazon. Bosch Professional 18 V System cordless circular saw GKS 18 V - 57 G without Batteries and Charger, in L - Boxx £110.99 Amazon
Made hot 15th SepMade hot 15th Sep
About this item No - load speed - 3.400 rpmSaw blade diameter - 165 mmSaw blade bore diameter - 20 mmProfessional 18 V System; ultimate performance; maximum freedom; all of our ba… Read more

duplicate deal from yesterday


Absolute bargain as the L-Boxx alone normally costs around £50. I actually bought two at the back end of last month when they were the same price but took a few days to arrive due to one being sent from Spain and the other from Belgium. These are 'Delivered Tomorrow' so should be dispatched from a UK warehouse. Happy days!


Some good Bosch 18v tools deals about at the moment (y)

Milwaukee m18ccs55-502b 18v 165mm circular saw, blade, x2 5.0ah batteries, rapid £115.19 sgs_engineering_uk_ltd eBay
169° Expired
Made hot 4th SepMade hot 4th Sep
The M18CCS55-502B Bundle includes the Milwaukee Circular Saw which has 50° bevel capacity with magnesium upper and lower guards which provide the user class durability for impact r… Read more

Paid using debit card direct on SGS website on Saturday, email stating order cancelled and full refund issued on Monday. Still no refund received on Friday. Email received today asking me to leave them a trust pilot review. Hardly going to leave a positive review am I??


Yup I did on monday. Paid with paypal on my ebay order which was made at 9:42 am


Anyone actually received the refund on this item yet?


I also had email to register guarantee and invoice for payment, both sent after they have told me the order has been cancelled and a full refund issued - awful customer service


I would be emailing them. They told me on Monday late on that they have issued me a full refund and it will take 5-7 working days to process - certainly didn’t take that long to take the money from my account. It was always a gamble whether they would honour the mis price but no excuse for poor customer service and slow refunds

Milwaukee m18ccs55-502b 18v 165mm circular saw, blade, x2 5.0ah batteries, rapid fast charger and bag bundle £95.99 @ SGS Engineering UK
293° Expired
Made hot 4th SepMade hot 4th Sep
The M18CCS55-502B Bundle includes the Milwaukee Circular Saw which has 50° bevel capacity with magnesium upper and lower guards which provide the user class durability for impact r… Read more

Still waiting for my refund.


Exactly, I left a bad review because they lied in the email they sent me.


No refund for me yet for my Saturday 10:00 am purchase...


Finally got a refund. What a joke, nearly a week and still no communication or apology.


Still not had my saw or a cancellation, if they showed the slightest bit of customer service id cut them some slack if i get no explanation then theyll get a crap review

Bosch Professional 18 V System cordless circular saw GKS 18 V - 57 G With L-Boxx £110.99 at Amazon
176° Expired
Made hot 29th AugMade hot 29th Aug
Lowest price ever on Amazon with the L-Boxx included. No - load speed - 3.400 rpm Saw blade diameter - 165 mm Saw blade bore diameter - 20 mm Professional 18 V System; ultimate p… Read more

Thanks, yes the saw is fine but the box is all scratched up, just annoying it was opened as all the other bosch stuff I have was sealed.


The first one arrived fine and I was waiting with baited breath as to whether the second one would be OK and it was fine, despite it's European tour. Sorry to hear that you received a battered box, but hopefully the saw is OK? Was gonna PM you, but you've opted out. No worries tho'.


Just got mine and it came from Spain, the L-boxx is all marked and the bosch security seal has been opened, was the 2 you got unsealed ?


Well, I purchased two of these when the offer was on and on checking the tracking, one has been sent from Belgium and one from Spain. (confused) All very well as long as there is no damage enroute as sending back to any of those European locations can be a nightmare, as I discovered a while back when I had to return a Bosch Professional angle grinder that I'd purchased on Amazon UK, but which was dispatched from Hungary or Bulgaria. I had to find a suitable courier, fill in export details and pay for the return (£30 IIRC), which I thought was out of order seeing as it was purchased via Amazon UK and should be down to them to supply full return service IHMO should an item arrive damaged. Amazon did refund the return shipping payment though, but the tracking stopped a few days later in Italy I think it was and the status never changed for over a week, which was a right PITA as my refund for the item was to be credited back to me once the item arrived at the destination. Got in touch with Amazon UK though and explained the situation and they refunded me there and then. Then, about two weeks later I got a knock on the door and it was the courier returning the parcel I'd sent bak to Amazon, with a different label over the top of my label (which is why my original tracking ceased I imagine) and the customs documents hadn't even been checked (There was 4 cpoies in a sealed envelope attached to the exterior of the box). Got in touch with Amazon again to say that if they want the returned, they can arrange it themselves as I'd already spent about 4 hours sorting the mess out. The agent just said keep it and donate or gift it to someone if you like, which was pretty good result after a lot of messing around. UPDATE: The one from Belgium arrived a couple of days ago and a couple of days earlier than expected and seems to be in perfect condition. (y) The other started it 's journey in Barcelona, Spain on 30/08,then must flown from Sabadell Airport to Heathrow, before reaching Tilbury, UK later the same day. But then, for some unknown reason, it was shipped over to to Mouscron, Belgium, before arriving back in the UK at Rochester, Medway UK (probably via Heathrow again) with expected delivery tomorrow. (shock) So despite Tilbury and Rochester only being 25 miles apart, one of my circular saws has been on a bit of a tour.


Good deal. I paid £160 a number of months back. If you’re going to use it on the FSN track mainly, then you’re better off buying the plunge saw.

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WORX WX439 500W 120mm Worxsaw Compact Circular Saw - £60 @ Amazon
Made hot 28th AugMade hot 28th Aug
£20 off by applying voucher on Amazon Powerful 500W motor cuts through a variety of materials with ease Bevel adjustment for special work conditions Designed for easy one-handed… Read more

Bought one of these a few years ago and its great, used it just today to trim a few mms of the bottom of a solid wooden door. It struggles abit with wide boards if you let them sag when you are cutting them and the blade gets pinched. But if you support them its fine

aka101 This saw is not too bad either, was 38 quid in the past...


Bought one very cheap from Homebase. Been useful on occasion, but low powered. Not worth £60. A larger circular saw is more useful for the same price.


I need a circular saw, but I want a cordless one.


Just stopped

Bosch Professional GKS 12V-26 Cordless Circular Saw, £81.99 at Amazon
Made hot 24th AugMade hot 24th Aug
Went hot at £87 recently, this is the cheapest in years apparently when it was briefly a couple of quid less: It's a great little saw, so handy for sheet material in particular… Read more

The drill with 2 batteries and a charger is available with the warehouse 30% off for about £55ish, may be of use?,warehouse-deals,171&sr=8-1&th=1


I have this and love it. I use it with a Bosch 800mm track. Low kerf blade, quieter and quick enough. It gives nice clean cuts. I have hardly picked up my circular saw since owning this, and only use my table saw for thicker stock. It's great with a 4ah battery for DIY.


I'm a contractor, have at least £25,000 worth of 110v, 240v, cordless tools. About 10 circsaws, including all manner of cordless. This little saw is what I reach for most times to make quick sheet cuts/rips. Not as powerful as Milwaukees 12v rival, but it's more compact and its little, ultra thin, sharp Bosch blades make up for it. A brushless refreshed model would be treat. Freehand, it's super accurate. The fence is good.. And to top it all, it works with the rail systems. I've built umpteen bespoke cabinets, wardrobes using this saw, guide and rail on site when a table saw not possible or necessary. Hundreds of metres of cuts. Get in the bin with your arrogant idiocy.


Not a deal breaker as ordered anyway. Just wanted to know, so I could sort a new home in one of my spare L-Boxx 136 cases. (y) Shall find out tomorrow, but thanks anyway. **UPDATE** It is now tomorrow....and I did find out. No L-Boxx insert in the carton. :(


No they wont!