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Qualcast Bow Saw and Folding Saw 7.95 Free Collection @ Homebase
Posted 3 h, 15 m agoPosted 3 h, 15 m ago
Decent low price here for the saws, plenty of stock at the time of posting and as always free collection from stores can be done. Toughened precision ground blades for easy cutti… Read more

how much are these usually?


Have to add heat for this as it has the knuckle protector - you have no idea how much pain having that over a regular bow saw saves!


Got this a month ago, really good for the price.


Good brand. Worth grabbing at this price. Always useful.

Bosch GSA18VLICNCG 18v Reciprocating Saw Bare Tool in L-Boxx £119 @ FFX ebay
108° Expired
Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
I don't normally care for FFX pricing when eBay have a promotion running as they seem to increase their prices, cancelling out any actual discount you may have had. But I always c… Read more

Managed to bag the last one, thanks for posting!!


Just in case anyone is interested before the promo expires eBay FFX have matched their own website and dropped it to £137.00, so after the promo codes is applied, the total (inc shipping) will be £116


Personally I never want to pay extra for the l box package as you get a few more tools and end up with a great big stack of virtually empty boxes that are a pain to open as the hinge is top hung, save money buy without the box and just chuck all your battery tools in one of the big dewalt boxes which double as a nice hop up or seat


Or for those with severe OCD! (shock)


I was originally gonna go for the "Bosch GSA18VLIN" and FFX have that for £151 on their own website with "eBay FFX" being £154 (£130.09 AD) and despite FFX being one of the lowest prices normally (in most cases), the bare tool can be had from "CNS Power Tools & Fixings" for a measly £113 delivered. The "Bosch GSA18VLINCG" bundle with the "Bosch GSA18VLIN" reciprocating saw, L-Boxx and inlay is £178 on the FFX website and £182 (£154.47 AD) on "eBay FFX". I'm guessing that'll be the cheapest anyone will get this set ATM. As a comparison, "Campbell Miller Tools" have the bundle version on their own website for £169.80 with free delivery and also on eBay for £180.93, but the "PACKUP15" code doesn't work for them on eBay as they are not on "THE LIST". Amazon have tried to match the prices I'm guessing by having a 10% promo you can manually apply to the bundle, bringing it down from £175.81 > £158.23, but that's just not good enough! Decisions, decisions!

Evolution 230v 210mm Multi-Material Sliding Mitre Saw R210SMS-300+ - £135.15 delivered using code @ FFX / eBay
88° Expired
Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
If you missed out on the other Mitre Saw deal, this is probably just as good, this has a cutting length of 300mm not 230mm Remember to use cashback sites too. Evolution 230v 210m… Read more

It looks like the one above is double bevel and the one in the link is single bevel




You can always buy additional accessories later on. What you can't do is increase the power by 33%.


Both saws have the same width capacity but the Screwfix 255 version will cut 15mm deeper (y) the FFX one does come with more accessories though


Highly recommend Evolution due to build quality, personally I'd pay and extra £15 and get this one - you won't regret the extra power, reach and capacity.

Ryobi ONE+ 18V Chainsaw Console Bare Unit - OCS1825 (Tool only) £60 instore / C&C only @ Homebase
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Slice cleanly through the trees, branches and logs with the safe and easy-to-use Ryobi ONE+ Chainsaw. Perfect for home use, and with excellent safety features, this chainsaw is the… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Picked one up today. It's a diddy little thing but should be fine for pruning. A word of warning for people using adaptors for their slide pack batteries. It can be a bit difficult to get the battery to release due to the way the slide packs secure against the side clips on the adaptor. In my case this relates to the Makita Badaptor. The trick is to release the slide pack and butt it up against the handle as far as it will go. This will give just enough wiggle room to release the adaptor from the tool along with your slide pack. This is usually not an issue on other Ryobi tools as there is nothing obstructing the slide packs from releasing fully from the tool.


Nice deal. Thanks @Harry_TheHat 8)


Can this cut through bones, asking for a friend?


Bought this for £90 earlier and been using it this week. I have a 1.3a battery and gives about 30 mins runtime on that. I’ve found it to be great at what it does, so heat from me at this price. (y)


I have the brushless version of this, fantastic little chainsaw. Battery tech is starting to catch-up with petrol.

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Dewalt XR 18v DCS331 Jigsaw bare unit - £97.65 @ abbeypower eBay
175° Expired
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Dewalt XR jigsaw sold by abbey tools eBay. Use code PACKUP15. Bought one myself in the last eBay code sale but wasn’t this cheap. Did want the brushless one but couldn’t justify ne… Read more

undecided on this as i have batteries, drill & driver but not sure if we are going to see the dcs334 brushless on offer in the weeks and months ahead when this 331 drops off the product line. Do i wait or go for this?


Glad I didn’t buy one last week for £125, huge thanks!


We abuse one of these regularly at work - nice bit of kit and nicely balanced too.


I have 2 original li-on batteries that are still working perfectly for a circular saw, jigsaw, drill, and vacuum cleaner. Can't remember when i got them but it's years ago, I looked at the dewalt gadget for converting the slide batteries but don't know whether it's any good. Thanks for your input.


Have the corded version. It's ace.

Evolution Circular Saw R185CCSX+ with ST2800 tracks £147.94 @ Amazon
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Read Amazon description for Evolution Circular Saw This is currently out of stock at many places including Evolution online store where the price is currently £180. For those who… Read more

Yes, it was. Currently OOS and listed at £180 now.


Yes it was with a code, although awaiting the stock on the come in


Wasn't this £117 direct from Evolution recently?


The main difference is the longer track - which on its own goes for approx £72 currently. You do get a carry bag for both the saw and the tracks, 2 clamps and connectors. The SX+ is probably aimed at someone who wants to cut long sheets reguarly, as opposed to someone who only needs a circular saw with occassional sheet cutting. Official comparison for individual spec is here at


I nearly bought that the other night but the one from eBay is 110v so you'd need a transformer. The one from Amazon will use a domestic 3 pin plug Tell a lie, that is the 230v version.

Bosch Green PST 700 E 240v Compact Jigsaw - 500w for £37.23 delivered @ folkestonefixings / eBay
215° Expired
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
A nice compact Jigsaw from Bosch at a lower price when you use code PACKUP15 ;) The Easy Jigsaw PST 700 E from Bosch: Easy Rider – for precise curves and straight lines P… Read more

Price now gone up. Still good.


Can't wait to use this. Just received mine today along with the orbital sander.


thank you, ordered


Great jigsaw, but I don't like having the variable speed in the trigger control. It basically makes it impossible to maintain a constant speed. The ones with the speed control somewhere else and then a digital trigger are much easier to deal with. The blade change mechanism is fantastic though, it works well even when fouled up by sawdust and metal shavings.


On desktop the code works fine, maybe try it on a desktop page:

Wood Saw 20" £1.49 Free Collection @ Screwfix
Posted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
Nice low price here for the Saw if you were after one, as always free collection from the stores. Universal wood saw with hard-point teeth. Specification Blade Length 505 m… Read more
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You're completely missing the point. Say I have a task to do so I go out to buy this saw, come back and it snaps in half. Forgot the money, what a waste of time. At that point I would have wanted someone to point out to me that it's a piece of junk and I would be better of spending a bit more. However my issue with your comment is it's argumentative without adding any value. Disagree by all means but add value.


but its not though is it, it's £1.50, price of a loaf of bread for a saw for a bit of DIY, could understand if it was a £150. Thanks for the name comment glad you like it.


So glad I saw this offer


Couldn't saw a kitkat in half


Who knew that the handle on all saws have a 90 degree and a 45 degree mitre built in? Even on a £1.49 saw you get one of these...BONUS!

Evolution R210SMS+ 230v 210mm Sliding Mitre Saw @ FFX eBay
439° Expired
Posted 11th AugPosted 11th Aug
Topcashback are offering 3% cashback until tomorrow; Evolution 230V 210mm Multi-material Sliding Mitre Saw R210SMS+ The Evolution R210SMS+ 210 mm multi-material sliding mitre sa… Read more

Because the saw has built in adjustable clamps on both sides.


This is expired folks, I have added a deal for the next model up, Here


Am I missing something? How is that comparable to a proper mitre saw stand with supports either side. The Bosch one holds the saw, but no support for the wood.


Thanks, I'll look out for that. :)


I’d recommend one of these Bosch PWB600 instead. I got mine for £100. It’s more expensive but it is so much more versatile and much lighter in weight. The bench holds up to 200kg which is approximately 17x the weight of the saw. I used to own the Evolution stand and found it to be an inconvenience due to its size and weight.


One of these and some back massaging adapters 👌🏽. Same price as a cheap Amazon massager but with a 3 year warranty.


Is this better than my parkside one? Should i get another one: buy cheap buy twice?


Fine tooth and cut upside down (y)


FFX has it for a few pence cheaper but at 450 w there isnt much you can cut with that


cant remember but which blades do i need for cutting laminate

Sheppach HS110 Table Saw £99 @ Lidl
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th AugLocalLocal
Equivalent model at Screwfix is much more. German quality.
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You can get the Fury direct from Evolution - £190, shipping should be free (it's calculated at checkout but came up as free for me) and there's 5% off for new customers if you sign up, so should be £180.50 delivered. Edit - And since I went through to checkout to get the shipping cost but then didn't place the order they have sent me an email with a 10% off code, so you might actually be able to get it for £171!


It's a large sharp blade that rotates at high speed. It's meant to be scary! That's why you need to treat it with respect - so that it's scary to wood and the occasional bit of metal, but not your flesh. Got any good guide/plans for a better fence? I have the Titan one from Screwfix and not only is the fence not straight (1mm wider at back) it's also wobbly and now the handle has snapped off. I keep watching YouTube guides for tips and inspiration and everyone on there has a table with a massive, heavy fence, often fastening at front and back, and I'm so jealous - that's what I need. But I can't even find a replacement for the Titan one, let alone anything with the same fittings.


Had a go on one of these. The fence is predictably awful, both in slop at the front rail, but also flex in the actual fence. Don't push too hard. The mitre jig they include is as awful as all the others at this sort of price. They're utter crap. They wobble and they have horribly moulded scales. I'd also suggest checking the table for flatness, and alignment with the saw blade before taking it home. Yeah, you're not going to be popular, but these are stamped out for a price. Don't trust minimum wage QA to pick up these things. That said, if you get a good one, it will do a job. Make your own crosscut sled and tapering jigs and it might even do a good job... But the fence is always going to be bad. If you need to do a lot of ripping, get something with a fence that locks at both ends, or a linked fence mechanism (like the rack and pinion on the DeWalts). Not having to second guess every other cut will pay for itself if you use it lots. As others have said, if this is your first table saw, don't assume it's like anything else you've used. These can throw things at you, move you work (and your hand) over the blade, and remove digits in under a second. Take it slow, leave the safety devices in place. You rarely get a second chance with a table saw.


Was holding out for a Vonhaus or Evolution Fury 5s but they're nay on impossible to find and this one is cheaper and i think considered a quality brand. Haven't unboxed it yet. There are some youtube reviews of other Scheppach models.


is it any good? thinking of getting one. Thanks

R185CCSX+ Circular Saw with blade and 2.8m Track Bundle £123.50 @ Evolutionpowertools
176° Expired
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Before the upcoming lockdown, getting my DIY projects sorted. 3 gates and 5 doors to trim so looked into plunge/track saws. Just need a budget DIY version. After lots of research a… Read more

For those who missed this one, here is a link to next best price:


Good to hear.


Just update. Just spoke to them. There was technical issue over weekend. They will be sending saw out straight away with the track to follow end of month. Michelle was very nice and easy to deal with.


now out of stock. my order says unfulfilled at the moment, fingers crossed they don't cancel. thanks weebey for posting & Deganwy for discount code


No problem. I've saved a fortune on here and had to post a deal one day. Just hope everyone who ordered one gets them.

Bosch Professional 12V system battery circular saw GKS 12V-26 in L Boxx £99.22 from Amazon Germany
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Perhaps a bit niche but may be of interest to those bought into the Bosch pro 12v system. This is £121 on Amazon UK. £95.99 is the price based on using a fee free card, including … Read more

I've just ordered this after waiting and waiting for a lower price for many months. Thank you! I've posted a deal to the 4.0ah batteries which compliment this saw nicely also available from

Folding Saw Horses Pack of 2 - £19.99 + free Click and Collect @ Screwfix
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Max. load limit: 340kg per pair. Click & Collect
Get deal*Get deal*

I've done it myself! No worries or criticism intended.


I have both, neither are any more or less stable tbh. Recently I had 56m worth of 2x4s and 30m of 4x4s all wet Piled up on a set of the cheaper ones. Held very well.


Been wanting some of these, normal price or not it seems good value! Cheers op (y)



Please accept my abject apology for putting on a no deal deal.

Magnusson 18'' Wood Saw £2.99 @ Screwfix - Free Click and Collect - 1 Year Guarantee. 20'' Wood Saw also available for £1.49. More in the OP
1095° Expired
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Triple-ground, hard-point teeth. Cuts on both push and pull. Bi-material soft-grip handle for comfort. Also available: Wood Saw 20'' - Was £4.49, Now £1.49 https://www.screw… Read more

Out of stock in my local area and beyond...great prices though!




I managed to saw my thumb (lol)


I wasn't thinking of sawing my wood with it.


Bought one of each size last time around. Excellent saws. Razor sharp so be careful.

Makita DJV182Z Cordless Brushless Jigsaw 18V LXT (Body Only) - £135 @ Amazon
230° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
My camelcamelcamel alert just triggered, lowest ever price on Amazon. The Makita DJV182 is a bow, top handle… Read more

Did some digging and found this, worked on mine


Any idea how to confirm this?


It's the same price at FFX, but you can use the 5% off code there (FFX909) which brings it to £128.25


No definitely not worth considering until you need a new one


Wonder if this was in the manual

Parkside Circular Saw Blades, £3.99 each @ Lidl (2nd Aug)
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th JulLocalLocal
Brilliant value blades for anyone with a saw, especially those that bought the mitre saw last week! Various sizes available. Might not last as long as more expensive ones, but b… Read more
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Did a whole laminate floor in two rooms with just one blade, so pretty good for £4


Thanks CNC / Horsebox - i picked up a couple of 210mm ones. For those interested, Colchester store had a few left covering various sizes.


Yeah, go for the 210mm. You could fit a smaller one, but they are designed for saws that only use smaller blades really. Smaller blade means less cut depth (and width to some extent).


Crosscut/mitre saws are designed using a specific blade size. If you use larger you'll damage the saw, smaller and it won't cut through the material to full depth.


Did Any1 manage to get 1

Bosch 10 Piece Jigsaw T-Shank Blade Set £8 @ Argos (Free C&C)
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Ten piece accesory set includes: x1 T118A for cutting thin sheet metalx1 T118B for cutting medium to thin ferrous and non-ferrous metals.Click & Collect

Good price for a good mix of blades. Similar to the £12.99 Bosch X-Pro set at Toolstation, lots of the same blades. Heat added.


10 piece jigsaw? Not much of a challenge.

Makita HS6601 corded circular saw 1050W £76 at B&Q
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Comes with Dust nozzle, guide rule, TCT blade and hex wrench Features and benefitsA 165mm compact circular saw that is great when a larger unit is far bigger than the job in hand … Read more
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It's a good deal for a decent brand, £79.99 in screwfix if better you you


Good price but tbh, the cordless ones are so good now I wouldn't buy this unless it for a workshop etc... If you have an LXT drill and some 3Ah batteries then the cordless is a no brainer!


Good price, I think I paid £50 for my Erbauer which has served me well through a kitchen, log cabin and decking so far. If I needed one I'd probably buy this though.


Again, we’re talking about a circular saw. They aren’t complex tools. And as for repairability? The Parkside comes with a 3 year warranty (I’ve never had a Parkside tool fail to be fair) and for the same price as this tiny Makita, you could get 2 of the Lidl ones and have 6 years of warranty. Not that there’s much to go wrong on this kind of tool. More complex machinery? Yeah, Metabo, Makita all day. A simple circular saw? Absolutely no need to be overcharged for a badge.


Well I didn't say there was vast differences but if your happy with a cheap tool that's unlikely to to be able to be repaired or get spare parts then all good. I need a reliable tool that cuts true and straight day after day and the adjustment quality on the bevels are just not comparable with cheaper tools and when things do go wrong you can get the spare parts.

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