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Einhell GH-EC 2040 2000 W Tool-less Electric Chainsaw 40cm - Amazon £49.99
TODAYTODAYFound 2 h, 50 m agoFound 2 h, 50 m ago
Cheap chainsaw, today.

Almost 1/3 are not. I also note that most of the 5 star rated comments are people that have used it ONCE and one of those was cutting up a shed and how amazed they were by it Lol. Swear all you like laddo but I have had several chainsaws over the years and have seen a lot of crap like this come and go. Or perhaps its reduced in price because its such a big seller?? LMFAO.


Bollocks, 70% of the reviews are 5-star.

An artist's palette doesn't seem much of a challenge for a chainsaw. Perhaps a materials transport pallet would be more suitable? Voted hot.


Would love to know how you sharpen the chain without tools..


Not very reliable by all accounts. Most of the bad reviews are concerning the motor not being of good quality sadly.

Ryobi RCS3835T 37.2 cc Cordless Petrol Chainsaw ££80 instore @ B&Q
LocalLocalFound 15 h, 35 m agoFound 15 h, 35 m ago
Ideal for Halloween, or cutting down trees. Found in store in Swindon Product Information This Ryobi RCS3835T 37.2cc cordless petrol chainsaw is ideal for sawing logs up to 35cm … Read more
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Good saw these had ones 2 years . Cut loads up with it still starts first time


As I scrolled down on the HUKD app the first suggested item was a cardboard coffin 🤪


What could possibly go wrong with a Ryobi is it won't start so add training to set up the carb properly to the list!


I must be insane then, I used my common sense and did not get any training, training or no training if you are stupid enough to not realise the dangers of power tools like this then maybe leave well alone


It has an electric start but you have to plug it into the mains to use it ;)

Bahco Junior Saw Blade Pack 10 At Amazon. £2 Prime / £6.49 non-Prime
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Bahco junior saw blades Spare Blades for Bahco Junior Hacksaw Frames. Made of hardened and tempered carbon steel. Teeth milled and set. Pack of 10. 32 T.P.I.

Thanks, well spotted. I bought a couple of packs and was really impressed with the quality.


Back to £2 now..


£2.99 next best price.




Free delivery for non-prime for orders over £20

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Dewalt cordless circular saw (Body Only) £91.99 @ Amazon
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Best price that I have ever seen. I’ve had one for a few years now and it has served me well. It’s not as powerful as corded versions, but handles most tasks.
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I have the set of dewalt xr but have a slight niggle. The xr is great for the driver, torch , drill and jig saw but the planer and this circular saw struggles . I’m prob not using for the intended purpose but don’t have a bench cutter to use so use the full blade to split 4x2. It tends to want to cut out and if I regulate my pressure on the push it doesn’t cut over heats the battery so it doesn’t work till it cools down. Works fine for MDf just not for cutting thick pieces . I’d recommend getting flex volt for the big spinners grinder etc then18v/flex yellow fast charger . One flex volt will do and will work with the other xr range


First impressions, well made. Smaller than my corded unit which I consider to be a good thing as it fits the hand better. Battery life is unknown as I only used it for a few minutes. I’m happy wit it.


Have you used it yet? What's your thoughts? Should I go for this model or a better one from DeWalt?


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Mines just arrived. Thanks OP!

Workzone 190mm Circular Saw 1500w £29.99 (Aldi Worksop)
LocalLocalFound 12th OctFound 12th Oct
2 x Saw blades Parallel Fence Features 5000rpm no load speed Soft start Intelligent power control Aluminium base plate Saw blade locking mechanism for easy blade change Laser cutti… Read more
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Love how everyone blanked the actual product listed in this deal XD


The one I got was sealed, laser doesnt work and only one blade. I'll be doing the job I wanted it for then returning.


Consider yourself lucky! That's a very good find


Yep, all sealed and tickety boo. 3 years warranty too. :D


Oh wow, that's excellent price! All intact?

WORX WX427 XL 710W WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw £89.23 @ Amazon
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
WORX WX427 XL 710W WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw Under £90. Good deal on a good saw. Very useful on shallow depth cuts!
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Silly me. Just noticed that but does look like a toy. (lol)


12mm cutting depth is poor and it takes 55mm blades which aren't common.


Funny enough, had an email just sent through for this. Check the related products. Still on the fence on this one for small jobs. Amazon complaints suggests more like user errors with high expectations but could be the thickness of the saw blades. Let us know if the Silverline blades are good or not. Even Silverline range has a mini saw, comes with dust extraction. Tools/Saws/454954


Thanks OP. Second power tool bought today. Must stay off hotukdeals as wife getting annoyed..


Not looked for replacement blades yet as I'm only a DIY'r so not worn it out yet!

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Ozito Power X Change 18V Cordless Chainsaw W/ 5 Year Guarantee £76 Delivered @ Homebase (Body Only See *Bonus* In Details)
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
*Bonus* MachineMart sell the compatible Einhell Fast Charger With 3.0Ah Battery For £29.99 (Free C&C) So if you don't mind having an Ozito chainsaw but with Einhell brandi… Read more
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Great for carving the turkey at Christmas


Yes have its uses just would like to see how long battery lasts. 20-30 min for £100 no thanks. If someone buys let as know how it does


Yes I noticed the video was edited, likely to save us the boredom of 45 secs sawing through a log. Here's a couple of Australian lads playing with the Ozito version with a 4.0 battery


Yes cutting bone dry log and just two cuts. Just have a look, cut is not continious, they change camera angle (y)


Here's the deal


I've got an ancient (1973) DeWalt radial arm saw that is designed to take dado blades, it's really frustrating that I can't get blades at a sensible price to use it, as intended. My life will not be complete until I go 'full Norm' and 'rabbit' a piece of 'lumber' whilst wearing 'these, safety glasses'


Think they are a banned sale in Europe. We can't be trusted with them and have to make multiple more dangerous passes instead. Although the pictures of the injuries they cause might put you off, especially as the guard and riving knife are removed for use.


Help an old geezer, what is it you talk of? Ok, got it!


I thought for a minute these were much fabled dado blades, sadly not.


I have the mother in law staying over for Christmas this year, does anybody know if they can cut through bone?

Wickes 254mm Table Saw 230V - 1500W now £109.65 C+C with code @ Wickes
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Thought this looked a rather good price for one of these, I have no idea what I'd use it for, but it's one of those items that now I've seen it, I want one :D I suppose I could … Read more
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diesel_508 1 s ago dvdvicar4th OctAldi here - anyone in the know care to compare? Thank you brought this one instead. And not thanks as I couldn't really afford it but been wanting one and couldn't help myself as the ones with same specs are more. (realized I'd sort of thanked the wrong person).


Thank you brought this one instead. And not thanks as I couldn't really afford it but been wanting one and couldn't help myself as the ones with same specs are more.


Bushs or brushes ?? Ask at a local Electrical wholesaler; in most cases the brushes are one of a handful of standard sizes. I have noticed several pro/semi-pro brands (even cheap Screwfix ones), have brought back the screw-in brush access points, allowing easy changing when they wear out. Dont expect to find them on consumer gear from B&D, Bosch though


Tempting, I have a circular saw but it's not the easiest to cut a straight line and the sliding mitre saw only cuts the length of the slide. The Aldi one does look a better option though.


She sounds like a posey piece of sheite! (highfive)

Einhell Power X-Change 18V Cordless Mitre Saw W/ 2 Year Guarantee £118.98 Delivered @ Toolstation (Body Only See *Bonus* In Details)
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
*Bonus* - MachineMart are selling the quick charger & 3.0Ah battery for just £29.99. With free click & collect So you can own this cordless mitre saw with quick charge… Read more
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What sort of wattage motor do these have? I've seen cordless mitre saws that need 2 batteries to give sufficient cutting power and still much weaker than mains mitre saws. I think I've seen 54V mitre saws or similar too. So a mains a/c powered mitre saw might be 1800W but realistically what is the motor here with just one 18V battery 150-300W? Is the lack of sliding action actually forced by the fact it is cordless and just can't cut as quickly safely? Also if its a smaller weaker motor it maybe worked harder with a shorter lifespan. I doubt you can simply replace the carbon brushes of the motor and have it working as good as new 2-3 years down the line. Seems like a potentially throw away item before you even get into the argument whether you need a cordless mitre saw. Lastly Einhell are the importer of many Lidl and Aldi power tools for those supermarkets and they tend to be cheaper when available under the brands of those German supermarkets and you get an extra 1 year guarantee. Wouldn't surprise me if you get a similar product from one of those supermarkets in the near future for £90 going by past price differences between Einhell and Parkside products etc. Despite the German sounding name these are generic Chinese power tools, designed and manufactured by Chinese companies and merely imported by Einhell. Basic tools but the same quality as shop brand tools etc. Such tools are often best examined before purchase. Some have obvious manufacturing weaknesses or important missing features others are great for the money and a real bargain at the price but it can be a lottery unless you look at what you are getting beforehand which again is one of the benefits of Lidl and Aldi although I guess you can always return it to toolstation if you don't mind the hassle of it.


Circular saw being cordless has advantages because no cable to get in the way. This less so unless you really do need to use it in the middle of nowhere. By the time you have the bulk and weight of the mitre saw and a stand its never going to be a portable device so being cordless gains you little.


Can't really see too much of the point to a battery powered mitre saw. Cordless drills, yes. It's not like you need to carry about or use up ladders. Surely a plug in Joby with an extension lead would be better? Of course it would need to be 110v for site work. Maybe it is just me but I can't see it... Maybe I am to attached to my 12" DeWalt monster. I have had cheapo Ryobi cordless stuff and it was all junk. The only cordless I have now is a Bosch professional drill and that is great. Used to use cordless drills in caves to drill holes in limestone for cord explosives - that was fun. Battery drills have revolutionised cave exploration because there aren't many power sockets underground. Also, looks a bit weedy in the photo. A good mitre saw needs to be rigid with little flex and slack. C


Difficult to say for certain if they are both 100% identical in terms of spec, a quick look and both have different idle speeds so not exactly the same’ wether that matters too much to anybody would be down to preference.


This is not a sliding mitre saw, so there are width limitations. Otherwise, I would say this saw would be very handy for a kitchen fitter, with all the tricky angle cuts they come across. The big perk is that it's cordless imo. So if that's not a requirement then you may wish to get a cheaper 230V mitre saw like this sliding version (y)


How's the chain safety brake? Does the chain speed compare well to your petrol saw?


Having tried it on a major log/tree trunk yet.


Using it for removing a series of thick bushes. Most branches are less than 50cm in diameter and it’s handling them pretty easily.


Brilliant! Are you using it to cut up logs for the fire? (y)


I just bought this chainsaw - it’s pretty good for domestic use. Quite quiet. You have to assemble though, which isn’t difficult. It’s much lighter than my petrol one and seems easier to maintain. It’s got a self oil feature - but you must remember to put oil in. The only downside is that if you don’t use it correctly, the chain will come off and it takes 5 mins to put it back on. You need to get the tension just right to minimise the chain coming off, which you eventually figure out after a few hours. I’d say 4/5 overall. Definitely worth £60.

evolution new model 255mm mitre saw vs. others £149.99 @ Screwfix
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
hi, i wantted to post thjis evolution as it is the newer model of (rage3+) and good price as rage3+ is still same price as this....., but also i want to ask some of you guys knows … Read more
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if you want to save a few quid.. keep an eye on Evolution's Ebay Outlet page... I got my refurb mitre saw from there (older model obviously).


No idea, but depends on use. If it's basically new and if £200 is a significant discount, it's gotta be better. Just be sure to see and hear it cutting through something. And try all the adjustable parts.


i found used Bosch gcm10s for £200, i will go and see tomorrow, any advice if this used professional bosch is better than others.


i found used Bosch gcm10s for £200, i will go and see tomorrow, any advice if this used professional bosch is better than others.


yes skrewfix is the main dealer i guess, but the new model is on the veolution's website as well, so it is sold elsewhere too, there is not much difference between this model and the rage3+ or fury3xl as much as i know. but still unless they drop down the price to 99 and the 210mm model to 69 , they can not beat metabo or erbauer even they are more expensive.

Too many digits?  Band Saw reduced to £29.99 instore Aldi Hatfield from £79.99
LocalLocalFound 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Aldi Hatfield had one only 350w band saw this afternoon. Not sure what these can be used for aside from cutting ones fingers off but perhaps helps someone. No idea if it is reduc… Read more

If kids need permission for this tool probably best not getting one.


No stock in Aldi Bretton (Peterborough) either. I give up haha.


Anyone seen them for this price at any other stores? Checked Tewksbury, none there either.


My girlfriend won't let me get one :(


How many digits can this get through in 1 go

19in Irwin Evo Handsaw £1 @ Wickes Clearance (Free C&C)
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
Back in stock in 6 locations (y) thanks @M-M
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Norwich store had 5 do I ordered 2 via PayPal yesterday. Took money had confirmation email. Today store rings and says they do not have any! Will refund me. Wickes is getting like Halfords, as soon as the staff realize there is a deal on, it would not surprise me the staff have them!


it's not even giving me the option to search for click & collect?


Bloody Norwich is nearest, from Warrington


Just ordered the last 17" version at my local store :) thanks


Found it

Makita 5704RK 240v circular saw £50 wickes
LocalLocalFound 27th SepFound 27th Sep
Not many left in stock, but there are a few scattered about. Lightweight yet powerful and can perform an impressive 66mm depth of cut, low noise and reduced vibration help to inc… Read more
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Yes, but this offer (I guess no longer available) is for 240/230v so no need to transform.


you’d need one of those big yellow boxes you see on building sites, I think


Does that mean you'd need a 110V to 230V converter to use this here? Thanks in advance.


On eBay is the 110v version this is the 240v version.


Great bit of kit for a great price. I replaced mine with a DHS710 a bit back, but instead of moving it on hacked it into a death trap table saw to great effect.

Stanley universal saw £7.99 each, 2 for £9.99 C&C @Screwfix
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
STANLEY STHT1-20350 UNIVERSAL SAW 7TPI 20" Good general saw and very reasonable price, but then Screwfix add a 2nd for next to nothing on special offer.!! These saws are highly rat… Read more
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When you use a saw nearly everyday you have to take it seriously, otherwise you end up wasting money, a saw should last at least a month, the one I tried only lasted the morning, so the Bacho saw that I normally use lasts a month costs me £13 a month to use, if I bought these ones 2 for £10 that only last a day if you're lucky will cost me over £100 a month, but for DIY guys like you who would use a saw once in a blue moon they are perfect.


You are taking this far too seriously IMHO two saws for the price is fine by me. My existing saw is hampered by rust.


In my experience of the saw, yes, but good Carpenter's buy better saw's than these ones, I didn't buy it personally, another chippie on site gave it to me as a spare, but it didn't last the morning unfortunately, he said after I used it the reason he gave it to me was because it wasn't much good, but if you are a DIY person go for it, if it's for site get a better one than this, even the jack saws last longer than these, and they have gone downhill the last 5-6 years.


So were the carpenters wrong?


Yes 34 out if 34 recommend this product, but only 3 Carpenter's recommend it, the rest are pretty much just DIY guy's.

Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
Workzone 20V cordless selection. Available from 27th September.

I think that new 20v batteries from workzone will fit without other brands without any change.


I'm quite sure that there will be no indicator. 1.5 Amp batteries are mostly without indicator. I have same sds hammer drill as you, for 28 with one battery. 18v workzone battery suits my Worx tools, but impact driver is not working on that battery, propably low power. Hammer drill working fine. To use Worx 20v batteries on Workzone hammer drill you have to cut small pin on battery mount or on battery, easy job, working fine.


You could just buy a cheap multimeter. If it's 21v it's totally full (5*4.2v) if it's totally empty it will be 14v (5*2.8v). So 25% will be about 16v, 50% about 18v and 75% about 19.5v. Ideally you want to keep it in the 15v-20v range so don't store it empty or full.


is that for all of them listed? any experience yourself? I have the sds that went on sale for £28 its amazing for the price but no battery life indicator is killing me never know whether to charge it or leave it in my bag...considering another tool that comes with a battery if its for a good price and has an indicator.


Batteries are same but sometime you have to cut small plastic pin to mix them.

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