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Silverline Jigsaw 710 W 815969 - £33.99 delivered @ tooltime-uk-ltd / eBay
Posted 16 h, 44 m agoPosted 16 h, 44 m ago
Was looking for a Jigsaw & after a few hours came across this, 3 year warranty and although it says half price Amazon or still up in the late £50s. This 710w Silverstorm 710w … Read more

Thanks - ordered!


And power...don’t really enjoy using it 😨


And attitude


For the brand/quality this should be half the price. Get a budget Makita instead.


or you could buy a Makita jigsaw for £33.26

Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver with Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery - £22.99 delivered @ Amazon
891° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Seems like a good price.... (y) Great product to do all the DIY jobs (y) Cordless screwdriver with forward/reverse operation Micro - USB charging system with reduced chargin… Read more

Don't forget to get one of these... Genuinely a life saver for cutting wrapping paper at Xmas if you have a lot to do!


I owned this exact model. They had a deal on a whole ago when it was £19.99 and came with a £20 pizza express voucher.


Does that have a lock on it so you can use in manual mode?


I got a IXO 6th gen for £36 a couple of months from the Amazon Warehouse and it's fantastic.


OOS now

Stanley Toolbox - 170316 19-inch 1-Touch Toolbox with Drawer £25.45 delivered @ Zoro
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
I’ve just recently bought myself this for £25.45 - received today and am rather pleased with it - so sharing the love. Price seems to be a fair bit cheaper than anywhere else

Here it is on Amazon Stanley 170316 19-inch 1-Touch Toolbox with Drawer


48 x 28 x 29 cm


pretty sure one measurement is 19 inches I could be wrong (confused)


What are the measurements for this please


Have had one of these for a couple of years great toolbox

Makita D-54075 13 Piece HSS-R Drill Bit Set - £6.99 delivered @ FFX
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Good price for a quality product from Makita... (y) Highly efficient HSS-R drill bits suitable for drilling applications in steel and cast-steel alloyed and unalloyed up to 900N… Read more

Quite small sizes but any cordless with a chuck should be fine for these. A couple of tips... Don’t use on brick, concrete, etc. If you are drilling through wood makes sure you have a sacrificial piece behind to stop the drill bit going into the bench or whatever. Use the higher speed for all these drills but when you get to the larger sizes for drilling metal then make sure you select the slower speeds - same applies to hole saws, etc. (It’s all about the surface speed). Let the drill do the work - too much pressure will make these break, just light pressure is usually sufficient. There is no race to drill that hole! Wear safety specs. That’s it from me. :-) Heat from me.


You could with an adaptor but even so it would be useless


Can you use this with a SDS drillm


No, you need masonry ones. These are also quite small bits, for bricks the most commonly used sizes are 5-10mm If you only need for DIY purposes these are suitable for your needs and could be picked up from Screwfix. If there isn't one around you, just order a set from Amazon


He’s all torque.

Ryobi one+ r18pd5-0 18v 50nm cordless brushless percussion drill (body only) £67.19 delivered @ SGS engineering
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
New R18PD5 Percussion Drill from Ryobi is ideal for drilling in wood or metal, driving screws or even drilling in masonry thanks to the hammer function. Ryobi’s Brushless technolog… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

For the people who also have this, do you find when it chooches the noise is really high irritating pitch? I don't normally need ear plugs for drills and impacts but with ryobi its really ear piercing...


Couldn't say. Unsure of the fitment type


Do you know if the Worx power share battery will fit that JCB?

Spookyleaf I just got this one. Seems to be same if not better spec. 2.0ah battery for £18 and the charger for about the same.


TBH is quite a lot of money for non professional drill without charger and batts - which are most expensive. You can get any pro targeted drill for this sort of money

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Garden Fork & Spade set, £15 delivered @ the_tool_girl / eBay
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Was looking for a reasonably priced set to do some work in the garden, and everything I found was either out of my price range, or out of stock. Then found this on ebay. Ordered We… Read more

Thanks for the advice... .....what's the correct ratio of sand to cement when laying a new patio...


You'd probably want a mattock... 6 feet is really deep and woodland is full of roots (y)


Can I use these to dig a hole 3 foot wide, 6 foot long and 6 foot deep in remote woodland. ....asking for an ex friend.....


I'm sure ive seen these cheaper in Early Learning Centre


Likewise. Guess it’s just more likely to occur where some tools are involved.

Mac Allister HKPCS06D05-X 750W 220-240V Electric 20CM Pole Saw - £59.99 delivered @ Screwfix
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Just the thing to keep you amused during lockdown, good reviews also. Electric pole saw pruner with automatic chain oil lubrication and SDS system for tool-free chain tensioning a… Read more

Not recommended for guys with girly arms. Other than that it does the job well


Have to agree I'm no lightweight but when you have this at full stretch you need some guns


Cool, I was just looking for the thing to finish off my vigilante crime-fighter gear.


Used this to cut down 5 small/medium sized trees, did the job well. Good sharp chain and motor. Little top heavy, good workout for the arms :)


I've got the bosch version of this with the extension it's a fantastic tool, saved £1000's on gardening work

Wera 031575 Kraftform Comfort VDE Screwdriver Set (7 Pieces) £14.95 (+£4.49 Non-prime) @ Amazon
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Quality set for Screwdrivers for Prime users. About this item o 7-piece Kraftform comfort vide screwdriver set o Safe working up to 1,000 V o Hex shoulder Description Kraf… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Isn't the idea of insulated screwdrivers that if something is live or becomes live unexpected then it still offers a additional level of protection? Also Pz screws are used throughout components on nearly all modern day fuse boards/distribution panels. Anyone working on electrics should always use insulated tools and a precaution.


With neon screwdrivers you also get false negative readings even false positives. Therefore a volt stick, voltage tester or DVM would be better choice and just as quick.


Three wires out of a light switch, you tell me a faster way to test live luv x


Google it and find out why they should be banned...


I use one, they still sell them everywhere... if they were that bad they would not... fastest way to check

OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool ELM 327 v2.1 Bluetooth £2.37 Delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Rhcartoolstore
30/06/2020Expires on 30/06/2020Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaPosted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Thought this was cheap for an ODB2 reader with bluetooth. If you have a car with and ODB port, this is a great little tool to get some extra diagnostic information about your car, … Read more

Any chance you could post a picture of the better one?


I have one of these type devices from eBay. The first one was an obvious clone and had no end of problems. Second one I also suspect to be a clone but the internals look different from the first one and is much more reliable. What I'm trying to say really is, it is pot luck with these adaptors unless you buy from anywhere reputable


Is this genuine Elm 327 or a clone? And what is the risk of bricking your ecu with it and then needing a new car?



Didn't work on my last c180 either. It gets you into seeing the voltage but the reset option isn't there.

Titan TTB631SDS 6.3kg SDS Plus Drill - Includes a 22 Piece Accessory Kit + 2 Year Guarantee - £69.99 Delivered @ Screwfix
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Includes the drill, a 22 Piece Accessory Kit, case and free delivery. Reviews are decent as well "300 of 310(97%)reviewers would recommend this product." Delivery is free, so no ne… Read more



Might want to go for the 9 joule version. I got it for fifty something. There is one even bigger than that.


Use better attachment.


50mm in double brick can be done by tiny branded battery powered SDS. 100-150mm this is when a bit of force, power and clutch is needed. There is a good reason why not a single decent brand sells SDS PLUS hammers with anything above 5joules. It just can't be done due to design. SDS is awesome comparing to percussion drill but is nothing comparing to decent brands Branded 3 Joules equals this so called 8 Joules.


Removing render or plaster requires only 2 Joules 8 Joules should be enough to go through C35 concrete - which this tool can't even touch

£10 off a range of WORX workshop and garden tools, direct from Positecworx on eBay. That's up to 20% off
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
There's currently £10 off a range of 21 different WORX workshop and garden tools when you buy direct from the importer, Positecworx, via their ebay shop. This represents up to a 2… Read more

I've got the impact driver and use it regularly, given it loads of abuse and it takes it well, great piece of kit.


Not all of it is made by Positec, some of it is rebadged Scheppach. Regardless it's horses for courses, if the Worx stuff works(hur hur) for you then go for it. I'd prefer to either spend more on a decent bit of Dewalt/Makita/MilwaukeeFestool(!)/Mafell/etc kit or less on something semi-disposable from Lidl/Aldi. It's kind of got to the point where people support tool brands like sports team though, so just use whatever works for your use case :) EDIT: As if to get it's revenge on me for this, my Worx grass strimmer just spat out the last bit of line from it's spool as I was halfway round the edge of the grass. *shakes fist at tool gods*


I think it's only the older Aldi stuff which is 'almost compatible' though they do seem to have more than one battery platform going under the Ferrex branding, including their 20v/40v range (a confusing mess really). I don't think the Parkside stuff is compatible at all though maybe it is made by the same company. Older Erbauer, JCB and Titan stuff IS compatible with WORX but not the newer ranges; also Guild but now that is Argos only (was Homebase too) they don't offer spare batteries anyway. I bought a Ferrex mini circular saw a while back hoping it was compatible and the warranty and helpline was with Positecworx so I phoned and had a chat with a tech about compatibility. I could see that physical compatibility could be achieved by removing a small lug on the battery but there are fewer live connections on the Ferrex battery terminals. I was told the charging is less 'smart' and the cells are of a lower quality. Anyway, the saw was very low powered so I returned it. Anyway, much as I love a bargain and cheating the system I've decided it's not worth the hassle and risk of messing with the lower quality (than WORX) Aldi stuff; it would invalidate the warranty anyway. I think the Aldi tools are good for the price but not fully WORX spec and it's a limited range. Just keep an eye on the Positecworx ebay shop and there are good deals there from time to time.


Of note to those interested - positecworx makes the parkside/ferrex gear as well. The battery chargers are less “smart” on charging, the batteries are also not compatible despite being identical because of plastic lugs blocking the mounting across platforms. I’ve no idea of the internal are comparable or if they downgrade the plastic or metal components. I’m a Dewalt user but use worx for my home gardening equipment because they are loads cheaper and don’t get abused as much. Worx gear is good for DIY and competent for more, within limitation.


Yeh it works. I already have some works stuff so am more inclined to buy more. I'm not really a heavy user though, only garden tools for me. If I was more handy I'd invest in expensive stuff.

Topeak Hexus x cycling multitool £12.25 + £3.99 del @ Millets
62° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Best price with delivery I could currently find for a good multitool

Well I was lucky mine turned up (y)


Handy tool!


I didnt realize until I "bought" that bag that their parent company had bought out gooutdoors - I'm expecting that place to go downhill pretty rapidly


Rest assure it will come back in to stock, they like taking your money and keeping it for a while before refunding ;)


They're a nightmare, I ordered some items from GoOutdoors (same company) two weeks ago, had half my order cancelled but items cancelled still showing as in stock on line. I'm still waiting for my partial delivery two weeks on

Bosch GBH 3-28 DFR SDS Plus 3kg Rotary Hammer Drill 240v 800w £244 at FFX
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Top performance with low vibrationBosch Model GBH 3-28 DFR is a Professional Rotary Hammer with SDS-plus. Developed for various drilling applications in concrete, stone, metal and … Read more

Sponsored deal vs standard.


Why is this getting cold when there’s the same drill, dearer with 98 degree heat further on down the list. People are voting cold for no reason


It was on lighting deals for a day. I was about to buy it but is not powerful enough for me.


Didn't know that - begs the question why this one, which is on amazon, is getting heat (confused) It was on Amazon at c£200 for less than a day it seems (according to camel tracker). That may have been a mistake, but this is still a good (and current) deal compared normal prices Anyhoo... here come the cold votes !


Literally just few days back was £200 on amazon

Super HeavyWeight Champion Tool Belt Makita P-71897 - £30.99 @ Amazon
97° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Great toolbelt. Quality product. Next best I could find from a reputable seller is £79.95 from FFX. Temporary out of stock but Amazon let you order it. Last time is was delivere… Read more

Have put it in my wish list, i think if price drops i should get a notification


Got it Yeah


Nice one! got it! Thank you OP!


Back available to pre-order at £30.99


I noticed it was also this price over 2weeks ago so just keep an eye out

Ryobi R18PD3-215GZ 18 V ONE+ Cordless Combi Drill Starter Kit (2 x 1.5 Ah) - £69.90 @ Amazon
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
The Ryobi R18PD3-215GZ Cordless Combi Drill is ideal for drilling wood, metal, masonry, plastic, plasterboard, ceramic and tiles. A combi drill has 3 functions; drill, hammer drill… Read more

Didn't really need this but at 69.90 with the 2 batteries this will be a good backup to the Hitachi one that's done me well the past 3 years. Voted hot.


Price is now £69.90


Got mine today, very happy, I know it doesn’t have the fast charger but feels really nice and was decent value for money. Excited to be part of this ecosystem now.


No it doesnt! Received mine today with no case. Not bothered but just so others are aware.


It's let me order and charged me £5.99. Be interesting to see if the order is fulfilled.

Black & Decker Cordless Drill Driver 18V Li-ion with 1.5Ah Battery - £32 + £5 delivery at Wilko
144° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
This looks a really good price even with having to pay £5 delivery. Only 2 in stock online so be quick but may also be available in store I don't know. The Black & Decker 18V … Read more

.......and there is 1 showing in stock now so there is always the possibility of more stock being available.


This is the one that was (and possibly still is) in Lidl for £39.99 37nm torque 1 battery With charger Bought it. Nothing special, but does as intended, and the specs match the price


This is a good price, shame is OOS.


Delivery is £5 as originally given in the post.


Because for less than 5 minutes of my time possibly 2 people have grabbed a bargain as a result and if there is store stock anywhere others may be looking out for it as a result. Sorry if I wasted 2 minutes of your precious time, but it won't stop me doing so again. If I know I'm visiting a particular store I try to remember to look at HUKD to see if there may be anything worth having, if people don't post I won't know.

Bosch 2607010608 X-Line Classic Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set, 34 Pieces - £10 (prime) /(+£4.49 non prime) @ Amazon
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
34-piece X-Line classic drill and screwdriver bit set Fits all power tools and brands, all you need for drilling and screwdriving 13 screwdriver bits for 3 different screw types,… Read more

This is a 75 piece Makita, it's in the warehouse deals at Amazon but as new and free shipping if Prime, a bit of everything and a case for them OR THIS 100 Piece, depends what you want!


Copy the url from any amazon deal and paste it into this website, it’s limited at the moment as they have done some deal with Amazon but still gives you some data, normally you get a lot more (y)


Whete did u get that data from


Standard price at hardware stores as well (bought it £9.99 at B&Q a few years ago)


Thats the standard price, I have had it cheaper in the past

Guild 60 Piece Screwdriver Set £20.61 delivered @ Argos
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Decent price for an entry level set good for around the house and small jobs

Gone down to £16.66 now


Halfords regularly do offers on the tool range. Lifetime guarantee. Proves that old saying. "Buy cheap,buy twice"


Better off getting a good make socket set with all the bits and ratchet handles. My old Aldi Work Zone one is still going strong and used for e.g. putting anchor screws in concrete.


Heat for the quantity, but you would be much better off getting 3 or 4 quality screwdrivers - they'll last AND do a better job. You can always add to a good Bosch Pro / Snap On set

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