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R185CCSX+ Circular Saw with blade and 2.8m Track Bundle £123.50 @ Evolutionpowertools
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Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Before the upcoming lockdown, getting my DIY projects sorted. 3 gates and 5 doors to trim so looked into plunge/track saws. Just need a budget DIY version. After lots of research a… Read more

Good to hear.


Just update. Just spoke to them. There was technical issue over weekend. They will be sending saw out straight away with the track to follow end of month. Michelle was very nice and easy to deal with.


now out of stock. my order says unfulfilled at the moment, fingers crossed they don't cancel. thanks weebey for posting & Deganwy for discount code


No problem. I've saved a fortune on here and had to post a deal one day. Just hope everyone who ordered one gets them.


Hey @weebey i know the price has gone up now but this was a great price. Thanks for taking the time to post. (y)

Bosch Professional 12V system battery circular saw GKS 12V-26 in L Boxx £99.22 from Amazon Germany
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Perhaps a bit niche but may be of interest to those bought into the Bosch pro 12v system. This is £121 on Amazon UK. £95.99 is the price based on using a fee free card, including … Read more

I've just ordered this after waiting and waiting for a lower price for many months. Thank you! I've posted a deal to the 4.0ah batteries which compliment this saw nicely also available from

Parkside Circular Saw Blades, £3.99 each @ Lidl (2nd Aug)
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th JulLocalLocal
Brilliant value blades for anyone with a saw, especially those that bought the mitre saw last week! Various sizes available. Might not last as long as more expensive ones, but b… Read more
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Did a whole laminate floor in two rooms with just one blade, so pretty good for £4


Thanks CNC / Horsebox - i picked up a couple of 210mm ones. For those interested, Colchester store had a few left covering various sizes.


Yeah, go for the 210mm. You could fit a smaller one, but they are designed for saws that only use smaller blades really. Smaller blade means less cut depth (and width to some extent).


Crosscut/mitre saws are designed using a specific blade size. If you use larger you'll damage the saw, smaller and it won't cut through the material to full depth.


Did Any1 manage to get 1

Makita HS6601 corded circular saw 1050W £76 at B&Q
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Comes with Dust nozzle, guide rule, TCT blade and hex wrench Features and benefitsA 165mm compact circular saw that is great when a larger unit is far bigger than the job in hand … Read more
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It's a good deal for a decent brand, £79.99 in screwfix if better you you


Good price but tbh, the cordless ones are so good now I wouldn't buy this unless it for a workshop etc... If you have an LXT drill and some 3Ah batteries then the cordless is a no brainer!


Good price, I think I paid £50 for my Erbauer which has served me well through a kitchen, log cabin and decking so far. If I needed one I'd probably buy this though.


Again, we’re talking about a circular saw. They aren’t complex tools. And as for repairability? The Parkside comes with a 3 year warranty (I’ve never had a Parkside tool fail to be fair) and for the same price as this tiny Makita, you could get 2 of the Lidl ones and have 6 years of warranty. Not that there’s much to go wrong on this kind of tool. More complex machinery? Yeah, Metabo, Makita all day. A simple circular saw? Absolutely no need to be overcharged for a badge.


Well I didn't say there was vast differences but if your happy with a cheap tool that's unlikely to to be able to be repaired or get spare parts then all good. I need a reliable tool that cuts true and straight day after day and the adjustment quality on the bevels are just not comparable with cheaper tools and when things do go wrong you can get the spare parts.

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Parkside 1350W Circular Saw - £34.99 instore @ Lidl
1202° Expired
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd JulLocalLocal
Variable rotation speed control: optimal adjustable rotation speed for various materials, such as solid wood, chipboard, plastic and lightweight building materials Adjustable cutt… Read more

Missed out. No stock locally, all sold out on the first day soon as they opened. Same with the shelving unit. Guess I'll have to wait for lidl to order them again.


After visited 5 branches, finally got it from the 6th branch great price beautiful stuff & good for diy thanks for posting.


Not available in my local


Thank you. Ot it, Haha I must pay more attention!!


They are in the bag that has the small black tube.

Bosch Professional GKS 190 Corded 240 V Circular Saw £83.20 on Amazon
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Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Was £99 just yesterday and this looks like about as cheap as it gets. Product Description The Bosch professional circular saw is powerful and versatile. Tool-free blade changing o… Read more

That didn't hang around long. Hell of a deal


There are still available on German or Spanish Amazon for 85 euro plus 15 delivert


Managed to get one not long after deal was posted. Nearly bought one yesterday at £103. Thanks for posting deal


In that case I'll expire the deal - as that isn't one!


coming up as £124 for me

WORX WX427 XL 710W WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw £81.99 at Amazon
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Reduced from £129.99 limited time deal
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I've been looking for one of these including this one. But after reading the lower rated reviews decided not to go for this model. This one seems the best I can find albeit only 26 reviews.


Bought one of these a month ago. Had to return because I couldn't do a single straight cut with it! Bought a 190mm Makita and now I'm a happy bunny - I do love a straight cut.


If anyone is after a full size saw you can get a far more powerful and durable Bosch blue one with 3 year warranty for £83:


I have a similar worx saw and I've cut 1/2 inch plywood with it no probs. This one looks a bit 'Tango and Cash' with the LED...


The reviews have put me off

Bosch Professional GKS 165 Corded Circular Saw 240V - 1100W for £100 click & collect @ Wickes
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Good price for a Bosch GKS 165 circular saw — they are available from B&Q clearance for less, but to be honest it is very hit and miss whether it is in stock locally. This one … Read more

GKS 190 now just £83 on Amazon


The gks 190 is £90 on amazon, and amazon 18v 57 117. Go for any of those


I've got the 18v version of this and it's brilliant and does everything I've ever wanted. I'm a diyer so that's not much to sing about.


There aren’t many battery powered tools to provide that much power as a corded one. Currently dewalt flexvolt is one. Entrance price around £330 including 6ah battery and charger. Different kind of beast at different kind of price. Just sold mine and will stick to Milwaukees because i can’t justify having it at that price. If you want 2x 5ah batteries and the most powerful 18v then milwaukee fuel ccs66. Costs £330/ 350 charger included If you want power then dewalt flexvolt. £420 entry price with 2x batteries and charger Smaller powerful version is Milwaukee fuel ccs55 £300ish for 2x5ah and charger. At that prices you get 3, 4 even 5 corded good ones


This site is costing me a fortune at the moment. A lot of deals about. Making way for new models?

Ryobi Circular Saw including 2Ah battery and charger £110 B&Q Click + Collect
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st JulLocalLocal
Ryobi circular saw starter pack with 2Ah battery and charger. B&Q Click and collect only
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From the comments and what I’ve found on YouTube, no 😝


Nice first deal @Dennis_Mistry - thanks for taking time to share your find :)


Looks like the price has gone up


I can’t see any difference between the 2 models (ryobi comparison website). Where is the link to the Amazon one for £70?


2Ah battery no good in a high drain tool like a circular saw. You'll be constantly charging it for a few minutes use. And that's a slow charger too.

Makita FFXDHS710BARE 18v Twin LXT 190mm Circular Saw Bare Unit £129 @ FFX
317° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Not as cheap as before £121..but I missed thought I'd post Makita Twin 18v (36v) Circular Saw 190mm LXT Model DHS710 is a 36V Cordless Circular Saw powered by two 18V L… Read more

Thanks. I've got a few bits from the lxt range already, so looks like a great addition

zizi1000 would have to set the depth which is straightforward to do. This doesn't come with batteries or a charger


Would this be suitable to cut through decking without cutting the joists underneath?


The blade supplied is of good quality. I’ve got a few though of varying tooth count. Higher tooth count for worktops and neat work, lower for rough cuts. The supplied blade is what I’d describe as a “general purpose” blade. Will do fine for most uses and lasts well. I still have mine after two years.


That's gd to hear..have u been using it with the blade supplied? or a diff one?

Diamond Cutting Disc & circular saw blade £3.99 in-store at Aldi
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Posted 27th JunPosted 27th JunLocalLocal
Diamond cutting disc & circular saw blade on special offer at Aldi.

Cracking find @i134 Passing an Aldi later so i'll see if there is any in my local. Cheers!

Bosch Professional GKS 18 V-57 G Cordless Circular Saw + L-Boxx, no battery £125.99 + £4.49 delivery at Amazon
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Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
No stock, in stock on June 24 Recently around 150 quid. If anyone wants to asks about the difference between this one and the 18V-57, 18V-57G is compatible with the guide rail. … Read more

Quick question. Just got mine and the seal was broken. The white label. Everything is new inside and still had the clear plastic on the blade. Just wondering if anyone else had same?


Good deal heat


Thanks for this. Wish I read it before ordering Bosch ones from Amazon Germany thinking I'm saving money


Cool. Time to get those 6Ah I've posted few days back


Thanks for info, cancelled and reordered mine

Makita DSS611Z 18v 165mm LXT Li-ion Circular Saw Naked Body Only - £88.40 delivered With Code @ FFX / eBay
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Seems like a good price.... Second best £99 on Amazon (y) The Model DSS611 has been developed as a cost-competitive sister tool of Model DSS610. It is ideal for professional wo… Read more

I am looking for a guide rail for my DSS610z; do you use an adaptor with the 611z as well as the Kreg? Struggling to find any adaptors that say they fit these two saws.


It was a 40t DeWalt blade (3 pack)


What blade did you get?


Never mind, got it to work by purchasing as a guest. Which is strange being that I haven't used the code with my account but for some reason it seems that I'm blocked from using it :/ Thanks OP!


Anyone else having issues getting the voucher to work? I've tried on multiple browsers on Mac and the iPhone app, but keeps being rejected. I've selected pay immediately via PayPal so it's not caused by the "pay after delivery" option.

Evolution 185mm 1200W Multi-purpose circular saw Rage B £47.98 @ CPC
517° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Evolution 185mm 1200W Multi-purpose circular saw Rage B £47.98 @ CPC
£47.98 Free P&P FreeCPC Farnell Deals
Utilising patented professional RAGE® technology; easily cuts Steel, Aluminium, Wood (even wood with nails) and Plastic, using just one blade. The RAGE® blade system cuts up to 25m… Read more

Two weeks in, all the jobs in the house and the new workshop floor & currently my neighbor putting up his shed this saw hasn’t missed a beat, pro carpenter mate who’s 110 Volt transformer got nicked borrowed and said this is one of the best DIY saws he’s used.


Mine got delivered today. Checked my emails and I ordered Saturday afternoon. Feel sorry for those who ordered a lot earlier but got cancelled, makes no sense


I must have made the next order then as was showing 13 when I ordered. Going to see if ITS have anything. Ordered a Makita drill with them and it's arrived the next day.


What a rubbish company cpc is I ordered mine bofore posting it to hotdealsUK and there was 14 in stock, guess what just contacted them and my order was cancelled they didn't even bother to send email :( Im am going to Homebase to get the one I added in post above.


Sorry to hear that, I'll call them today about mine today as I haven't received anything from them. I have found this but its collection only.

Ryobi R18CS-0 ONE+ 18 V Cordless Circular Saw, 165 mm (Body Only) £95.55 @ Amazon
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Ryobi R18CS-0 ONE+ 18 V Cordless Circular Saw, 165 mm (Body Only) £95.55 @ Amazon
£95.55£95.99Amazon Deals
This item has been at £130 for a while. Homebase currently have this for £110. Good price for a great tool.

No need to apologise pal


Sorry, it was my bad as i thought the same . So I expired it straight away


I was thinking that. I was gutted as I bought the brushless model last week for £130. Thought it had dropped a week later!


thats why I expired it


Hmm, not sure it has been £130, OP? Would that be the Brushless one?

Makita FFXDHS710BARE 18v Twin LXT 190mm Circular Saw Bare Unit £121 @ FFX
367° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Makita FFXDHS710BARE 18v Twin LXT 190mm Circular Saw Bare Unit £121 @ FFX
£121 Free P&P FreeFFX Deals
Decided I wanted upgrade my old cores saw so wanted a Makita as I’m already tied into the brand with the batteries. This seems like a good deal for the 2x 18v model. Ok it’s not t… Read more

Yep already used mine a couple of times now on 3x2 timber.... cuts through like butter 8)


Back in stock at £141. I took too long to decide last time when priced at £121 and missed out so have to pay £20 more! Did everyone receive theirs when ordered last week for £121?


The adaptor and guide rail will be my next purchase for my DHS680.


I also have the DHS680Z and bought the guide rail and adaptor, its a nice bit of kit, I don't think I would use a circular without a guide rail unless cut was in a difficult postition. It's still not a patch on my Festool plunge saw which I had until it was stolen. But I can't really compare as the Festool is a £350 bit of kit.


Yes stops almost instantly, quite a upgrade from the old one I had. Tbh makes mad how I purchased after I fitted my kitchen (lol)

Dewalt DWE550 Circular Saw £60
134° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Dewalt DWE550 Circular Saw £60
£60£82.8028% Free P&P FreeFixings & Power Tool Center Deals
Great deal on this compact circular saw, c. £100 elsewhere. Features Compact, Lightweight, Easy to use circular saw with 55mm depth of cut High power 1200W motor gives increased… Read more

I have the 18v version and recently used it to cut the wood of the bottom of doors before hanging without using the fence. You achieve a relatively straight line just be keeping the blade line lined up with the marked line. Certainly no worse than a good panel saw cut. I finished the last 2 or 3 mm off with a plane as the teeth on the saw was too rough as a final finish.


I was thinking about longer runs


All you need are 2 clamps and a straight level.


Anyone know of a good deal on the makita brushless circular saw.. Many thanks


Yes you can - using a fence. You may be better off with a mitre saw if you want straight cuts for smaller pieces of wood.

Dewalt DWE560K 184mm Compact Circular Saw 240V @ Fixings & Power Tool Center for £70.58 delivered
223° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Dewalt DWE560K 184mm Compact Circular Saw 240V @ Fixings & Power Tool Center for £70.58 delivered
Usually over £100+ without the case, Got mine delivered on Friday. Has its own hard case also. I can't imagine they've got many left as their not a big retailer. Comes with 3 years… Read more

Yes I do totally agree with that, little bit annoyed after that brief cancellation email, also massive thanks to OP for bringing out this deal for others (y)


Wouldent of minded so much if I got an apology or explainantion over it, rather than just a refund. but not going to loose any sleep over it. thanks to OP for trying to get us all a deal


Mine too has been refunded even though it was in stock when I ordered


Same, ordered just after post went live as well.


What a lot of b***ks, I have been refunded just due to be out of stock (poo)

Makita DSS611Z cordless circular saw £91.77 at Folkestonefixings ebay
328° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Makita DSS611Z cordless circular saw £91.77 at Folkestonefixings ebay
£91.77£101.9710% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Budget version of the DSS610Z circular saw from Makita, lowest I've ever seen it recently. Not brushless, and omits a light and electronic brake from the 610 but same power and ca… Read more

I have used the DUH523Z (brushed) - it worked fine, decent balance, didn't get bogged down easily apart from when cutting branches that were really a bit big for a hedge trimmer. I imagine the brushless alternative would perform better.


Anyone any experience on the Makita 18v brushless hedge trimmers? I'd like to buy soon to take advantage of the Makita promotion. Thanks



No, it seems to work on everything "Use code SUPPORT10 for an extra 10% off everything"


I am really starting to hate these 10%-20% deals off from eBay - the sellers skyrocket thier prices, defeating the point of the sale!

WORX WX527 18V (20V MAX) WORXSAW Cordless Compact Circular Saw 2.0Ah Battery - £79.99 @ positecworx / eBay
504° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
WORX WX527 18V (20V MAX) WORXSAW Cordless Compact Circular Saw 2.0Ah Battery - £79.99 @ positecworx / eBay
£79.99£109.1227% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Hope it helps someone :D Designed for easy one-handed operation Perfect for plunge cuts and Rip cuts around the house Cuts wood, metal, tiles, plasterboard and plastics with… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Rather than be a main tool, i reckon its a compliment tool, one thats handy to grab for a quick cut/trim, i have a works cordless hammer drill which cut knock the odd hole in a brick, but for multihole work i have a mains makita which has drilled 100's of holes relentlessly....


Have the mains powered 700W and its a fantastic bit of kit, very well made!


These are not powerful at all. Its good to cut a max 10mm sheet


Wow, just saw this, nice deal. I said saw, get it? (highfive)


I would say your wrong :/

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