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Updated 8th JunLast updated 8th Jun by HappyShopper
Can anyone point me in the direction of where I could purchase a reasonably priced computer desk. 2 metres if possible! Been trying with IKEA for a month but no hope 🥲… Read more

Do a Bezos and use a door.


Two drawer units and a kitchen worktop of your choice. Job done.


IKEA kitchen worktop with drawer or the legs from the office range.


i use a generic dining table i got from amazon!


What are you after specifically? What features do you want that make it a computer desk instead of just a generic desk?

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Updated 20th MayLast updated 20th May by harribotangfastics
Hi all I’m trying too find a desk chair that can move the arms up so there out the way when playing guitar and can Recline and the chair is height Adjustable? Looking to spend at m… Read more

Argos home, very comfy cost £61

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Updated 3rd MayLast updated 3rd May by Haircut_100
Hi all, I'm looking for a desk riser. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

There’s plenty on Amazon. A desktop riser is such a simple thing that really all you need to do is just match it to the design or colour of your desk and pick whether you want a wood one or a glass one.


For display and keyboard


for the laptop / pc / whole desk / monitor ?

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Updated 10th FebLast updated 10th Feb by jameshothothot
Best desk chair/ gaming chair for working from home?
Max budget £200

Gamers nexus chair review office Vs gaming.


Yeah a lot in my local gumtree from 15 to 50 quid. No way of knowing how good they are but ex corporate ones.


Gaming chairs often trade the understated design of an office chair for bright colors, racing stripes, and an overall cool look. They may not have as many adjustments or as much padding as a high-end office chair, but most gaming chairs should still be relatively comfortable


Generally if it says gaming or looks like a race car it's probably crap. I'd get the Markus everyone raves about or find somewhere local selling cheap office chairs, my work get rid of all the £400 office chairs every few years for some baffling reason. I'm sure they just end up at these cheap 'recycling' places.


Office chair called MARKUS at IKEA

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Updated 5th FebLast updated 5th Feb by Ollyvica
Looking for a worktop for a desk
So I'll be working from home and there isn't enough space on my current desk. I've seen a few YouTubers use a IKEA setup; kitchen (saljan) worktop… Read more

No, didn’t bother with that as didn’t need it.


You don't have a wireless charger cutout by any chance do you?


None at all, I mean at that end of the day it is natural wood so will bound to get scratches over time, however you can lightly sand and re oil and it will be as good as new.


He's was insisting that rough surface doesn't scratch easily and smooth does. Has yours gotten any scratches?


Gonna see if I can get a replacement as it's a poor finish. Still think it was a good price for the beechwood. 1500mm X 620mm 40mm Oiled £20 Edge profile £8 Total £111 which included £15 shipping

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Updated 26th JanLast updated 26th Jan by EndlessWaves
Great office and Gaming Desk £150 + delivery at Ikea
Now I know this isn't the cheapest desk you will find however I have had mine for nearly a year now and its a beast! Th… Read more

It's 90cm wide instead of 140cm wide. The tubes are a different cross section and the fastenings are in different locations and of different styles so it's probably not the same manufacturer either. I wouldn't expect ikea to be providing a durable laminate at this price, so it'll likely pick up noticeable nicks and scratches over the next few years. It doesn't look like it'll be too difficult to replace with something of better quality after it gets too bad if the frame is solid, although it looks like the back of the desk top may be supported by the MDF back panel rather than the frame


That's a nice find looks smaller but not bad at all (y)


Exactly the same as the one dunelm sells for a tenner cheaper.


Yea its really difficult to find the right size desk... I wanted another model but was also having issues with width as I could only got about 170cm


had it for over a year, it's really good (y)