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HOMCOM Corner L-Shape Computer PC/laptop Desk, Home Office £47.99 with code Free UK Mainland Delivery @ mhstarukltd / eBay
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Made hot 14th JunMade hot 14th Jun
HOMCOM Corner L-Shape Computer PC/laptop Desk, Home Office £47.99 with code SHOP4LESS Whether it’s for the home or office, this black corner desk from HOMCOM is a great piece… Read more

yeah these are so cheap . terrible quality. problby cost only few pound to make. they are basically toys


Great price! Ordered, thanks op


Just a slight warning about these kind of tables. My daughter got a similar one, though not this brand, with the same 3 part design but she paid double the price of this one. The corner section only joins to the main part with 2 screws along a thin metal bar which is no more than half an inch wide. As a result if you try to pick it to move it, it is not stable and you can end up ripping the screws out of the wood. I'm not saying it's not worth it but just be wary.


(y) Thanks


Bargain 🔥🔥🔥

Seville classics airlift rising desk £215 instore (Members Only) @ Costco Haydock
Made hot 31st MayMade hot 31st MayLocalLocal
Available at costco, unsure if it's nationwide, I got mine from the haydock store Tempered Glass table Top - work in style on a modern glass desk top. White Glass Top finished wit… Read more

That is correct!


Yeah I did mention that I'm not sure if its nationwide or not, listed the store I went to and seen someone else say theirs has it too, apparently its clearance so won't be in all warehouses


Saw some in stock at Watford yesterday. This is the improved model. They improved the design by removing the beam that went between the two legs. I have the older model with the beam and It is supper annoying. I plan on sawing it off.


I think it is 120x60cm


Do you know what size this is?

CASIO - Desk Calculator, Black, 8 Digits £6.04 prime +£4.49 P&P non prime @ Amazon
Made hot 30th MayMade hot 30th May
Sold by Casio Store This model has a large and clear 8 digit angled display, is it dual powered (Solar with Battery Backup) and performs all the main functions to include Tax, C… Read more

I didn't know that. Thank you so much for your help


If you were that worried a quick spray on the calc with sanitiser when you get it and that should negate any risk. If you're that paranoid, you probably wouldn't order ANY parcels or receive any post etc. in the current climate as somehow they have all been handled by someone. Not saying don't take care out there, just that there are ways around your concerns pal.


Sure, that is a valid point. However, at my age I do not need a scientific calculator. (angel) UPDATE: "If you type in 2+5x3 into it, they normally say 21 which is wrong. " Like CASIO engineers were idiots (poo)


Not suitable for Post primary pupils. Get them a scientific one and invest in a decent casio/sharp model for ~£10-15. These are not up to it. If you type in 2+5x3 into it, they normally say 21 which is wrong. The answer is 17 due to “order of operations”/BIDMAS/PEDMAS. I recommend you have all pupils in Yr7/S1/Yr8 with a proper scientific so they get used to it and learn what it is capable of. Makes a huge difference at GCSE!


I'm a big fan of Casio desktop calculators for quick sums. This is Casio nirvana at L20.7 x W15.9 x H3.4 centimetres which I purchased from Amazon US about two years ago.

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Classic Electric Standing Desk Frame - £139.99 Delivered using code @ Flexispot
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Made hot 26th MayMade hot 26th May
Nice budget option for those that want to invest in an electric standing desk. Single motor, 2-stage frame. and height ranges from 71-121cm. Use the code FS21 at checkout to get… Read more

The width is adjustable just kind of slides together and then you screw it tight. Don't think mine is at maximum width so can't tell you where the max width is measured from.


Max width is 129cm. It’s displayed in one of the pictures. 160cm is the biggest table top it supports.


Hopefully someone can answer for the amazon desk. For the flexispot they don't tell you the max width the legs can go, just that max tabletop when the legs are fully separated.


Oh right, I assumed you could have an overhang each side with regards the tabletop (with the caveat being the amount of weight you can put on such overhang). I understood the limiting factor of the overall width to be the cross supporting bar at the "rear" and how physically long that is. So based on that I thought you could have, for example, a tabletop that is 150cm wide on a base 140cm wide, thereby leaving a 5cm overhang each side. Notwithstanding this, it would still be useful to understand where this max width is measured from with regards the legs (on the amazon one, not flexispot) as that is where my constraint on space is - if anyone can advise? Thanks,


Its the maximum size tabletop, you can adjust the width to a maximum that's a little less than the width. Although I am going off the flexispot table rather than the amazon one.

Requena Ergonomic Desk Chair, Mesh Chair with Flip-up Armrest 56.99 @ Amazon Dispatched from and sold by Oaklands Technology Ltd
Made hot 23rd MayMade hot 23rd May
Requena Ergonomic Desk Chair, Mesh Chair with Flip-up Armrest & Lumbar Support, Computer Office Chair with Back Support, Adjustable Height BOC116 (Black)

Not sure if the costco chair has adjustable lumbar? But if you read the reviews of the other chair, in practice neither does it. Another jump up in price so I know I am not really comparing like with like, but I think the NHS used to buy chairs from here: (they seem to also trade under the name Hallways)


Exactly. I'm planning to get the one at Costco because the padded seat cushion on this chair will almost certainly flatten out after a few months. You get what you pay for with office chairs.


That chair is twice the price of this but it's almost certainly better given it has a mesh seat and this one doesn't.


£49.99 each lol


Both for £49.99 or each?