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Updated 20th JulLast updated 20th Jul by captainbeaky
Google Nest Hub Gen 2 for £49.99 for Plusnet customers. Check your emails for the link and code. Sorry this is a customer only deal, just thought I would share in case anyone mis… Read more

BT shop customers also got this offer. Anyone interested could just register an account & will probably get the offer email - I did this last time they done something similar for the 1st gen version.


Unique code sent to plusnet customers for £40 off a Google Nest from the BT shop

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Updated 1st AprLast updated 1st Apr by triops
NEW Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) Inc wake up light and sleep tracker @ Google Store
All new Google Nest Hub Free next Day delivery Includes sleep tracker and wake up light and the other usual features



Im Tempted. Be great if there was a Google Nest Wifi Point built in. now that would be dope!


I'd have been interested in this but given they're going to start charging for the sleep tracking next year anyway then why bother. I can't imagine it's taking loads of their processing power of server space either. They're just getting greedy

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Updated 4th MarLast updated 4th Mar by rimalpatel007
Anyone who has recently taken out a contract with Shell Energy, check your emails. I just received this email out of the blue, they're giving new customers a free chromecast and ne… Read more

Don't forget the have exit fee if you switch to another provider!


They bought first utility a couple of years ago.


I was given a free upgrade because of their price rise. Maybe you should push for that or a better router (if you haven't replaced the stock one already)


By shellfish....duuuh!!!


I'm just leaving shell. The speed was poor compared to other providers and recently it seems to drop out about once or twice a day. It reconnects reasonably quickly, but it's annoying. Because they've increased their prices, there's currently no fee to leave.

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Updated 1st JanLast updated 1st Jan by tdk2bu
Help with Google Nest Hub
hey folks I bought the Google Nest Hub just to use as a photo frame but every time I select an album from Google photos for the photo frame feature it just goes back to Art Galle… Read more

Thanks for replying mate, it finally started working. I had to delete all albums in my Google photos and start from scratch.


What have you already tried to fix the problem?

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Updated 28th Nov 2020Last updated 28th Nov 2020 by Wilky43
Google Nest Hub Max - Chalk - £149 with BT customer email code @ BT Shop
Make your smart home even smarter. Nest Hub Max works with hundreds of smart home devices, like lights, TVs and thermostats. And you can easily control them all from one place. You… Read more

Recieved a email with offer code, maybe it's selected account's.


How'd you get a code? I'm BT customer, never had any email codes??


Would be eternally grateful if one of you lovely people could spare me a code (y)


Any pointers on how to get future codes? BT customer but never get these emails.

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Updated 29th Oct 2020Last updated 29th Oct 2020 by cecilmcroberts
Nest Hub & Nest Mini £59/Google Nest Hub Max & FREE Nest Hub Mini £169 - Check emails from BT
Seems another round going out slightly different this time, check your emails. Time for the code begging requests (skeptical)

Yeah it was a good price, at the time someone else was doing the mini's for £15. Though others seemed to get the offer through for £39. But yeah it's still a good price.


Ahh fair enough. Nest hub and mini isn’t bad for £59 tbh.


It was one of the last BT deals they emailed to some people, though just for the Nest Hub. Got it myself.


What £29 for both. Where have you seen this.


I've been with BT now for years and they only started sending these out this year. It just sends to the email address on my account, didnt sign up for anything and had never been a customer of the BTShop before either.