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More and more households are buying smart speakers designed to play music over your home internet connection. They also use software that lets you control them with your voice. The hotukdeals smart speaker listings have all the latest offers and deals. Read more
Echo Dot or Echo Show Absolutely Free For Creating An Alexa Skill (Amazon Developer Account Required)
Refreshed 17 h, 39 m agoRefreshed 17 h, 39 m ago30/11/2019Expires on 30/11/2019
This is an interesting offer here from the Amazon developer program, where you can get some cool goodies like the Echo Dot, Echo Show or a free AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder Ex… Read more
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I've got no idea of what an Alexa Skill is.


Yeah im in


Tell her to try lowering the pitch of her voice. She doesn't like my voice unless I do it. (lol)


There have been many times where I’ve thought it would be brilliant to be able to have the wake up word as “Jarvis” If they are adding Samuel Jackson’s voice to echo devices, surely Paul Bettany can’t be far off!? (lol)


im game to join said group

Free Google home Mini with every Baxi 600 Boiler e.g. Baxi Combi 624 - £803.69 - Mr Central Heating
31/12/2019Expires on 31/12/2019Posted 18th OctPosted 18th Oct
Buy any Baxi 600 boiler and get a free google home mini Great if your looking to get a new boiler this winter with 7 years warranty
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Good boiler fitted over a year ago no problems heating a three bed house or giving a powerful shower . Bought after many good reviews.


XR said we'll take the free Google home but you can stick your boiler where the sun don't shine


It's snowing!


Forget the speaker focus on the detail and the deal.....


I think this would have gone hotter if the deal for the boiler was posted instead of the free speaker.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) + Tile Sticker (2020) - 4 Pack £54.99 or with Tile Pro (2020) - 4 Pack £89.99 @ Amazon
Posted 17th OctPosted 17th Oct
Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Free with latest 2020 Tile products like Tile Pro, Tile Sticker, Tile Mate or combo bundle.
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Noooo you've got me all wrong... I mentioned in another post above that I think this is an exceptionally good offer! I was just wondering if there were by cheaper, well regarded alternatives, that's all. (unicorn)


Why try competitors when they won’t work as well? Tile has the worlds largest lost & found community meaning you can find stuff pretty quick using the community if you lose your things. That’s worth it alone - and at £15 a Tile are you honestly saying that’s too expensive...???! And a free Echo Dot thrown in too....jeez there really isno pleasing some people I guess...!! Go buy a key whistle!


Yeah, wot Mercy said ^^^ Anyone know of alternatives to Tile, the cost is too much to experiment with.


Seems like a good price to me - these tiles normally cost about £40 on their own according to a quick search on amazon. Are there any cheaper competitors to tile? I'd quite like some of these but not sure they're worth £40 or I need another echo!! x


You have to keep Bluetooth on, on your mobile or whichever device you use so it can be paired to each tile you have connected.

Damson Dolby Atmos S series V1 Renewed, £299.99, possibly £255 with 15% discount from Damson
246° Expired
Posted 15th OctPosted 15th Oct
Crazy price!!! You can't get Dolby Atmos for less, especially a wireless system. I agree the V2 is better but that is £650 (minus 15% discount if you sign for membership). Grab it … Read more
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You must have piles like popcorn


I agree wired is much better, but I hate wires. I also have 2 small kids and do not want them messing with the wires. My room is quite neural with not much furniture, so unless the wires go in the wall, it will be too difficult and messy for me, this is why I prefer wireless. Anyway, one of the reasons I wanted this was because is wireless, but the main reason was Dolby Atmos. Otherwise I can get a perfectly fine wireless non Atmos from LG, for about £200 if the sale comes back. Hope your order will be honoured, mine from Damson was cancelled.


Wired system will be always better then wireless one.Went for Damson just for laziness and convenience.Ordered from Amazon warehouse so my order is pending.lets be honest this one is nowhere near proper 5.2.1 setup but again, laziness took over.


This is Dolby Atmos, Polk is not, the main feature of Damson is Dolby Atmos (and wireless), you can find plenty of systems without DA for £350 but none for this price with DA, the next best price is Vizio for £599, after that Samsung for close to £1,000. Wired DA systems are stsrting at about £500-600. This is a much better deal, however, it seems there are problems with the orders, they are cancelling these.


No worries mate, not your fault, it was always worth a post. Definitely expire it though, the refurb is gone and new units are way more expensive now, so it's expired. Damson haven't been good, but it happens. Took them over an hour to cancel my order, might have slipped through if not mentioned here lol I'll never know now (fierce)

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Onkyo VCGX30W Google Home Speaker - Chromecast - White - £43.99 @ Hughes/eBay - With Code
191° Expired
Posted 14th OctPosted 14th Oct
decent speakers.

Yes, very high quality audio brand - think high end home cinema Incidently I bought one of these after going out aiming to buy a Bose unit - found this better sound than the larger Bose version. it is bass-heavy, but you may like that, and it is a small speaker after all. Fantastic in the kitchen, fills it with sound and handy for setting timers etc.




Can you add this to a speaker group as you can with Google home and Chromecast? Tia


It does but it's a bit hard of hearing. Nowhere near as sensitive as a Google Home.


Google + random pick 'n mix brand = desperation fire sale.

Google Home mini for £20 on Vodafone Veryme Rewards
Posted 14th OctPosted 14th Oct
Experience unparalleled connection for less with our exclusive offer – 60% off a Google Home Mini. You can get personalised assistance, control your smart home devices, and enjoy … Read more
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I suppose so, if you have rooms very close to each other or just too many devices? I just have 1 device max per room, so have never had the issue you suggest. Very occasionally if my son is walking out of the living room and telling google to shut off the lights, then the google in the entrance hall downstairs responds. Still it carries out the function required and is probably a reflection of the excellent far field mics that Google has. As opposed to Alexa, where nothing happens. Don't get me wrong. I had no preference when I started with both systems. And Google isn't perfect. But it works a lot better in our house than "deaf Alexa" as my other half used to call it.


Google gets worse the more Homes you have, seems to get confused which one should be responding


They have that procedure in place as they have to be careful releasing items such as contract phones. Unfortunately phone shops adopt this process for all items :(


I collected mine from the Derby Intu store this afternoon, I have never experienced such a backwards in-store collection procedure. After waiting 10 minutes for an assistant I got the following. 1) What is your order number 2) Have you got the payment card 3) What is the expiry date on the card 4) Insert the card into the reader and enter your PIN 5) What is your postcode 6) What is the first line of your address 7) Your address doesn't match on part of our system let me update that (this took 5 minutes) 8 Let me fetch your order 9) Would you like a paper receipt or will an email do


I came on here last night to get the code for the Mymemory deal for the mini and spotted this. Just ordered it last night no problem- just in time too as I am due to move from Vodafone to Sky today

Harman Kardon Allure, Alexa-enabled wireless speaker - Refurbished, £99.99 delivered
719° Expired
Posted 13th OctPosted 13th Oct
Another good price from Harman Kardon, this time the powered version. 2 years warranty. If link takes you to the full price one, please try this, for some reasons link keeps chang… Read more
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Without sounding stupid, your phone is connected to your wifi right? I had to turn my wifi off and on again while in app


I have also just received mine but cannot get it to work. It says "Your phone doesn't enable wi-fi connection please enable Wi-fi connection then try again" Called HQ for support and they couldnt help so have raised a ticket. Anyone else had this issue or know how to fix it?


Bought, received, love. Theres a few hiccups with the app and a few slight pauses before Bluetooth connects etc. But the sound quality alone is £250 worth, so even if mines dodgy as hell and takes 5 minutes to connect, I couldn’t give a crap for £99! Sounds. Unreal.


I think is down to your TV rather than the speaker, some TVs have Alexa integrated. Some other people use something like a Sonoff Bridge. Got a bridge but never used it, so can't tell you.


I want an alexa speaker that will also do the audio from my TV? Is this a solution?

Amazon Echo Show 5 with Echo Dot 3 & Smart Plug £99.93 Delivered @ QVC
Posted 11th OctPosted 11th Oct
seems a great deal if you want all these items & if your new to QVC you get £5 off with code FIVE4U Let the Show begin - the Echo Show 5 is made to fit your life. F… Read more

That’s funny! Unfortunately I’ve not had it delivered yet.


Now £116


What do you think of it? Or did you decide not to buy, looking at the scathing reviews? I'm happy with my mk 1 in the car. I disabled the Merc command app though, just in case someone walked past and said "Alexa, unlock Mercedes"


Got the Echo Auto invite in the Uk a couple of weeks ago


Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Charcoal Fabric + 2x Sengled Smart WiFi Bulb, B22 £49.99 @ Amazon
Posted 11th OctPosted 11th Oct
Features & details This bundle includes an Echo Dot (3rd Gen) and 2 Sengled WiFi Bulbs - everything you need to start your smart home. Our most popular smart speaker: now with … Read more

Oh no, they are throwing them with non Philips hue bulbs to make people thick be careful guys as next generation is coming out next month so ALL retailers will flog these in anyway they can


Does anyone know if these bulbs would be compatible to interface with Hive?

Rewards members - Hive Active Heating with installation + a free Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - £124.50 @ British Gas
31/12/2019Expires on 31/12/2019Posted 11th OctPosted 11th Oct
Hive active heating thermostat and hub with 3rd amazon echo dot with professional installation through British Gas rewards need to be a member of British gas rewards £99.50 if you… Read more
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Same thing kept happening to me. I assumed it was because I had ended my BG contract a few weeks ago. If you can get it working, let me know and I'll see if they've left my account open - if they have, I'll post the code for someone else (I got mine off a very generous person on here). Slightly off-topic, in case anyone else is interested, you CAN order the new Plum coloured Echo Dot using the code hive sent. (My daughter has already claimed it as hers and is very pleased).


its coming up "technical issues, try again later" would you like screenshots as proof?


really struggling to get a code off of my account on the british gas website, can anyone help me out with a code? would be much appreciated, tearing my hair out with the site, TIA


Check your spam folder I hadn't received mine so checked the spam folder and there it was.


when i tried to look for colours it says peach will be available for delivery from 13th November. So if you want to wait for it, i guess you should be able to order with your code.

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker - Chalk/Charcoal £24.29 Delivered With Code / 2 for £48.58  @ MyMemory
TODAYTODAYRefreshed 17th OctRefreshed 17th Oct
Update 1
Now £24.29 each using code GOO10
Pretty decent price here for the Mini from MyMemory - if you pick 2 it works out £25 each - would make for a good present with Christmas around the corner or even for your own usag… Read more

I like Alexa more simply because of the integration with Amazon services - but its a very personal choice at the end of it. Hardware wise both are just as good I would say. Alexa also ahead because of the number of skills available for it because of the thriving community.


I Do have Phipps hue lights & bridge & motion sensors


What’s better new generation Alexa Dot or google mini ? I would think one is way better than the other ?


You can only text via Google Assistant on Android


I do however read that it no longer works as an alarm clock or using multi-room systems like Sonos.

Google Home Hub - Smart Home Controller (US Version) - Charcoal - £69.99 @ eGlobal Central
Posted 7th OctPosted 7th Oct
Enjoy all the functionality of the Google Assistant and a 7" touchscreen with the chalk Google Home Hub. It is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity to browse online content, control yo… Read more

That's great! Think best to add this info on the description section, as it would reassure people...


I got mine from the guy on fleabay who sells US version with UK mains adaptor. On initial switch on it says it isn't manufactured for your region and then updates to UK software. Voice commands all my smart stuff.


And maybe because my deal was £2 cheaper, it seems every little helps :D


That's the magic of HUKD. Lol.


Yes, but I posted this deal from eBay, same US device and got over 1000 heat.

Beats Solo 3 Black Gloss wireless headphones for £179.99 with free Free Google Home Mini delivered at IWoot
60° Expired
Posted 3rd OctPosted 3rd Oct
Want a pair of gloss black (mmm shiny) Beats Solo 3 and a Google Home Mini for £179.99? Check out this deal from IWOOT. Enjoy the award-winning Beats by Dr. Dre sound with the… Read more

Just a thought. For that much money. Wouldn't someone be better off purchasing xm3? Just a thought.... I shall exit


What controls are not compatible with Android?


Heat added :)

Google Home (White) + Google Home Mini (Chalk / Coral / Charcoal) for £83 delivered @ Wickes
Posted 1st OctPosted 1st Oct
Google Home bundle offer with free next day delivery (y) Comes with 2 year guarantee Google Home Assistant - White & Grey - £59.00 Google Home is powered by the Goo… Read more
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£40 at cex for a google home grade A version £25 for a Google mini grade A.


Isn’t that a good price for the mini too? I’m no expert......


Got 2 alexas at the moment. 1 normal one and 1 dot. Personally I think they're pretty shite. Never knows anything when I ask random facts. Better off with a Google?


Bargain £59. I thought I had a deal with my Google 21% off.


Even cheaper now. Its £59

Eufy RoboVac 35C - Robotic Wifi Vacuum Cleaner £170.99 @ Yoltso Ebay
89° Expired
Posted 28th SepPosted 28th Sep
Not a bad little deal, getting the vacuum cleaner. Convenient Cleaning: The EufyHome app, and Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant voice control-services let you accomplish y… Read more

And cat sick


1500pa is plenty and I believe this takes a random approach rather than any mapping, but does have boundary strips that can be used. Maybe wait for the cheaper (non smart) 11S (1300pa) to drop in price again. One of those 'gadgets' that you might be a little skeptical of, but then wonder how you lived without it.


Stellar advice for all walks of life that, very zen.


Beware dog poo


Edited out :)

Kit Amazon echo & Google home mini power packs £5 POUNDLAND
Posted 27th SepPosted 27th SepLocalLocal
ITEM OF THE WEEK Let's you use your echo or google mini anywhere without a plug socket think its 2nd gen echo's only
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Finally got the Google version in the Middlesbrough store 😁


Do they do these for the standard Google Home?


Checked in the Edinburgh West Retail Park store today, had lots left for the Echo 2nd gen, nothing else. Anyone in Edinburgh know of a store with Google Home Mini ones left?


Yes, Southampton main city centre had two left and I bought one. If they're selling as well as they seem to be I imagine they'll restock soon. Used mine in the bathroom yesterday, exactly what I wanted to do and less hassle than that useless BBC Radio app which doesn't buffer properly.


Found them in Swan Centre Birmingham store. Coventry large centre also had some google minis and Cov Central six had echo dot ones.

Google Nest Hub Max Chalk/Charcoal FOR £173.01 With Code Delivered @ GoogleStore
209° Expired
Posted 27th SepPosted 27th Sep
What is it .. Code credit @riccirus , thanks. (y) Camera 6.5-megapixel camera with 127-degree wide field of view and auto-framing Face Match technology Quick Gestur… Read more

Thanks (y)


I've got the original Home Hub and that does. So I'd say this probably will too. Just wish it could do Netflix too.


Does it play google play movies from your library?


Amex offers? Could I get this even cheaper? Actually this discount code is only for today isn't it so I'm not gonna have chance to get an amex in time and don't have one already


Depends on if you are combining it with Amex offers if you are buying other stuff from the shop

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