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Echo (4th generation) NOT echo DOT + Philips Hue White Smart Bulb - £64.99 at Amazon
Posted 14th OctPosted 14th Oct
This bundle includes an Echo (4th generation) and a Philips Hue Smart Bulb (B22)- everything you need to start your smart home. Premium sound—Echo delivers clear highs, dynamic m… Read more

Orb has better sound than the dot and hue bulbs can be set to last state yes


what are these like over the amazon 4th gen dot? is it just down to sound quality? do these have better mics to pick you up. also is the bulbs better than the TP link bulbs as i find if we have a power cut they go back on do these remember the last state ?


See these deals get downvoted a lot since they changed to orb shape, people always mix the echo and dot up.


That's a different device (the dot is much smaller than this one)


Only dots are around that price.

AMAZON Echo Dot (4th Gen) 4 Colours £29.99 @ Currys ebay
Posted 14th OctPosted 14th Oct
Key FeaturesWhat's new? The 4th gen Amazon Echo Dot brings an updated look – rounded, sleek and compact – and is perfect for small spaces. An updated processor means Alexa respon… Read more

Who watches Prime Video on an Echo Show (:I


Feels like Prime Day, Black Friday & Cyber Monday have come early with all this ‘cheap’ Amazon gear.. PS I got mine from Amazon yesterday (excited)


Does that include the ZigBee hub?


As I said it's only a no-brainer if you want it for a specific reason. I wanted a clever alarm clock to use in the bedroom and occasionally play music videos or youtube on and to possibly connect to a door camera. It's a terrible clock a terrible youtube player and whatever pops up on the screen information-wise is gone before I have got my glasses on and does not come back even if you ask it to. A large screen version in the kitchen would be a completely different application and possibly worth having but I think most people want the little one as a clever alarm clock for the bedroom.


Each to their own, i guess, we had a houseful of echos of differing gens but after buying a Show 8 traded the other ones in for Shows via Amazon's excellent deal whereby you get a trade in value plus 25% discount off the original price (one of them ended up costing £18.74 net!). Wouldn't dream of going back now, the non-screen versions seem so limited in comparison. Why did you regret buying one?

All-new Echo Dot (4th generation) Kids. Tiger or Panda (1-year of Amazon Kids+ with thousands of hours of kids content) £39.99 @ Amazon
Posted 14th OctPosted 14th Oct
All-new Echo Dot (4th generation) Kids | Designed for children, with parental controls | Tiger/Panda with 1-year of Amazon Kids+ with thousands of hours of kids content.

This comment is about 40 years too late, unfortunately.


I’m in the tech world too and take yes data harvesting with a pinch of salt. Being able to make sense of data is what makes it useful. The type of data here is of little help or use to anyone especially if the device is triggered only by a wake word. Conspiracy theories may suggest everything is being recorded. Good luck with that - the cost benefit of doing so even for a company of Amazon’s means would be questionable let alone the consequences of being found out.


I don't disagree, but also don't agree. Would you allow me to place a listening device in your room and promise I will only actively listen if you request me to? Of course not! Of course we are being monitored somehow but not actively like an in-home-assistant. Its not about having nothing to hide, its about general privacy. There again, people post streams of consciousness to social media. If you are happy to trade medical, sexual and other private information for convenience, then go ahead. I don't care if people buy them or not but your "i have nothign to hide" attitude is equally as silly as tin-foil hat brigades really. But there again, I am natually an advocate for privacy purely as I help design technology solutions so know the sort of data that will be being harvested!


It would have no option of working with smart bulbs though, as Newcastle fans prefer to live in the dark.


Are these the same devices that record your conversations and then email them to your friends?! Personally I wouldn’t have one for my children.

Blink Outdoor Smart Security System with 3 Wireless HD Camera + Echo Show 5 (2021) =£134.97 with code (more in post) @ John Lewis & Partners
522° Expired
Posted 14th OctPosted 14th Oct
Further £30 price drop on this bundle. Blink Outdoor Smart Security System with 3 Wireless HD Camera black and Echo Show 5 (2021 version) for a total of £134.97 with code ECHOSHOW… Read more

Roll your neck in - No one is quoting the Daily Mail! I quoted The Register, which (as far as I am aware) is a very legitimate and respectable IT focused professional news site.......and, as I mentioned, it was to make people aware.


yes and yes :)


Thanks OP. Managed to grab one before OOS and had a voucher. Cost £21 for them, so will flog the Alexa. Anyone know if you can return the Alexa thing


I use the YI cam's and while they aren't perfect, they do record continously onto SD card, which means you can scroll back to any time in about the last 4 or 5 days (with a 32GB card) it sounds like the Eufy and Blink both only record clips? Is that true? As that's a bit of a deal breaker to me unfortunately.


they do a sub £25 per camera per year or £80 a year for unlimited cameras. The Sync module you get with this pack of cameras also has a usb port which allows free local storage using a memory stick.

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Amazon Echo Show 5 with TP Link Smart Plug - £39.98 + £4.95 Delivery - Today's Special Value at QVC (Further £5 off with new customer code)
234° Expired
Posted 14th OctPosted 14th Oct
Amazon Echo Show 5 with TP Link Smart Plug - £39.98 TSV at QVC (Further £5 off with new customer code) Code FIVE4U gets £5 off first orders. This superb Amazon duo includes an Ec… Read more

Good idea


Give them someone else's then


Also note you can't purchase from qvc without giving them your DOB. Not something I'm happy to do.


I purchased one of these, being reasonably happy with my earlier echo dot. If I had bought this first, I would have never purchased another Alexa device. These have dreadful mic problems. Ok if in a very quiet environment


These are 1st gen. They only have a 1MP camera. The 2nd gen has 2MP cameras. Which means these ones are also missing the Alexa functions like motion-activated routines and home monitoring. So, they're not the bargain people may think they are.

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker - Charcoal - Refurbished £16.99 @ MyMemory
Posted 13th OctPosted 13th Oct
The Google Home Mini Smart Speaker is sourced from the Official Google refurbished program. Start living in the future with the voice-controlled Google Home Mini smart speaker. The… Read more

Yes, inbox me. We can work something out (y)


@a47 still for sale? Let me know...


Several updates later have made these at least usable now. I have a pair of these running in stereo in my office and I don't seem to have any of the issues you noted, however I cast from Amazon music to the speakers so maybe that's why it works rather than using Spotify? Who knows. Google home seems better of late so it might just be that. Once you have setup these devices then you don't actually need to use Google home if casting. As for this speaker - if it's first gen, avoid. The second gen makes a reasonable speaker - the first gen lacked bass and enough sound travel so you would end up turning up rather than enjoying music at normal sound volumes. The second gen has loads of extra sensors as well if your into all of that.


I have a pair in my mancave/gym and they work well together streaming Spotify mostly. No lag.


Is this the same version Spotify was giving away for free this time last year? If so I have one. Sound is fine, I ended up using it in my home gym. I would have returned it if I'd paid for it though. I originally planned on using it as a speaker at my computer but couldn't get it to work for that. I also found setting up the device to be a complete ballache. The forced integration with Home was annoying as hell. Sometimes it doesn't connect for a few minutes. Spotify on my phone is laggy as hell when it's casting, the second I disconnect it's fine. I wouldn't consider it 'smart', maybe 'tightly coupled to everything google' wasn't catchy enough. (Just my experience).