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Student Deal on TOTUM - Google Nest Hub - Half Price - £39.99 - Free Delivery @ BT Shop
31/08/2020Expires on 31/08/2020Posted 16 h, 47 m agoPosted 16 h, 47 m ago
Get 50% student discount on Google Nest Hub with TOTUM and BT Shop. Treat yourself to huge savings and get a Google Nest Hub for just £39. Google Nest Hub brings you visual help fo… Read more

Well done,I still haven't managed to get it to work,I got one already great little unit 😄


Great... So I was so tired I checked out without applying the code properly (fierce).


Great... So I was so tired I checked out without applying the code properly (fierce)


No....both mine confirmed the £39!?


Thanks for your help anyway (y)

Google Nest Hub 3 unit bundle - £99 at BT shop
Posted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
Seems an incredible deal of you wanted this many! Actually, only seems to reduce to £99 for 2 additional in basket so not so great. A bit fiddly to get to the page with the bundle … Read more
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Message changed a bit now. Says worth £39


Weird thing is that I'm not BT customer since 2018 and I have received code for above. Worth checking promotion/spam folder. Email is "You don't want to miss this..." And was received on 11th.



My understanding is 1 nest hub with bundle of other two nest hubs. Total of three. In my email confirmation it's showing two lines. Plus in one place it was showing savings of £18 which is implying difference between 39 and 33 times 3. If that did make any sense to anyone. I think it's a great deal. Thank you.


How are you ordering?

Nest® Hello Video Doorbell & Google Home Hub - Chalk Bundle £229.99 @ Electrical showroom
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
The perfect security bundle to get you started to the smart home life. Includes Nest Hello Video Doorbell and Google Home Hub.

Keep in mind you can use the Hub as the Doorbell chime. Which is handy if you don't already have a mains doorbell installed. Just order one of these and you can avoid the added install of a chime and transformer, and be safe in the knowledge the Nest Doorbell is hooked up to the correct voltage.


It will mainly be people voting cold because they disagree on the cost of and/or the point of a £150+ doorbell. Completely not the way to vote on HUKD in my opinion, but hey ho.


Not sure why people are voting cold on this one. The current price of the Home hub is £79.99 so effectively making the doorbell £150.

Google Nest Hub Hands-Free Smart Speaker with 7" Screen + Free Gaiam Yoga Mat, Green - £59 Delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
436° Expired
Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
I know what you're thinking, I've thought it too, I'm going to get up, in the morning, and start yoga, problem is, I don't have a matt, or anything to watch it on, we'll ladies an… Read more

No problem mate (angel)


Voted cold by mistake (mad)


Of course, like everything I do in life :p


I knew it was intentional, anyway (y)


(lol) (lol) I'll leave it for the laughs (shock)

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Google Home Hub Charcoal £59.99 @ JD Williams
677° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Decent price. Grey or Charcoal
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The Google Home Hub and the Google Nest Hub are identical. There is no new device like the Nest Mini, the Nest Hub is 100% a rebrand.


That’s a Facebook selling page. Not a shop,so no receipt


Yeah that's what I read, which made me mention it. Need to read the whole thing and see if it mentions Google HOME Hub as well as NEST.




I believe its happening very soon. Read this, it may help you.

Google Nest Hub Smart Display - £59 + free Click and Collect @ Argos
412° Expired
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
See your life in one view, and get things done hands-free. Google Home Hub helps you make the most of moments at home. With Voice Match, get your calendar, commute, reminders and m… Read more

according to (I've not checked this is rolled out in the UK yet) Google’s Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max smart displays have beaten Amazon in being the first to get official support for streaming Netflix content. Starting today, you can link your Netflix subscription through the Google Home or Assistant app to watch its content on your Google Nest-branded smart display. After that, you can call out to the Google Assistant to play a particular show, or just say “Hey Google, open Netflix.” You can then scroll through the interface manually via the touchscreen on either Nest Hub model. Getting Netflix support on smart displays is huge for Google. The Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max are already the displays to buy if you want YouTube support and broad Google integration with Photos and the Assistant.


Can you watch Netflix on this?


The max is 10" so I can't see them at this price any time soon, I suppose they could release a max sized version without the camera but would be cannibalising their own product stack of the did.


Lenovo and Google both make versions with a 10" screen but they cost more. The 10" Lenovo is sometimes discounted to around £100.


Hopefully they bring out something similarly priced but with a usable screen. 7 or 8 inches is just too small to be useful. 10 inches would be great. My gf wishes for something bigger too, but that's a different story...

Google Nest Hub & Max reduced in price to £59 & £189 delivered @ Google Store
343° Expired
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
All resellers (jessop, john lewis, argos, currys,etc.) have reduced the price in the google nest hub, They also now play netflix & Google Duo supports upto 32 callers. Please … Read more



I have the lenovo. Not impressed at all.


£29 for the nest hub if you work for BT and use their shopping deals. Forgot. Limited to 6 per employee


Nest hub max amazing.was waiting for these to drop home hubs since march . Defo goona get some


Lenovo uses a different type of os. So not guaranteed updates

Google Nest Hub Max Chalk - £189 @ John Lewis & Partners
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Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Google Nest Hub Max Chalk Usually £219 Price match in John Lewis against Currys

Lovely first deal @SprogLomas - thanks for sharing :)


I think you should be able to go into the settings and change the bass. I bought the Google home (the older one which looks like an air freshener) and I too found it has too much bass so send it back and got Mini 2 but then realised that you can tweak the bass and treble, so perhaps you will have the same options on your max


Wow really. I'm holding off from buying the non max because I wanted better sound (similar to the nest mini 2 I have)


Same price at Google also


Been a decent investment, especially that it finally supports group calls via Duo.

Google Nest Hub Max 10" HD touchscreen - £189 delivered at Google Store
192° Expired
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Video calling Connect with those who matter most with the Google Nest Hub Max and its built-in camera. Google Duo and Google Meet make it easy to catch-up with family or host a me… Read more
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Limited time offer on the Google Store. This deal ends 04/08. @Rami_Radwan22/07/2020 15:36 And security in the day (not much good at night due to no infra red) as a camera as long as you have Nest Aware


Only thing these things are good for are family duo calls


Got mine free with Vodafone broad band offer a while back. Duo calls with family over lockdown are crisp and the camera tracks you as you move so great for grandparents to keep up with kids when having to stay in. Also use it as a digital photo frame which is lovely to see pictures that I'd forgotten I'd taken!


If you were viewing a 65"TV at a distance that would equal the relative size of this display at the normal viewing distance for its use, you wouldn't be able to tell


I have the original and it's far too limited. Not very good with music, the screen is too small. There is no camera for either video calls or nest security. I'd rather pay the extra.

Google Nest Hub chalk/charcoal £59 @ Currys (Free 6 month Spotify Premium trial included)
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Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
£59 delivered or click & collect at Currys - a whole 99p cheaper than John Lewis or Google! Also has a two year gurantee included, should you need it. Hands-free voice comma… Read more
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Instead of the negativeness, take the time to explain or do one




Still none the wiser you're assuming I know about this tech or the fact there might be something newer


That's why I haven't bought one yet, waiting for the right price, I got rid of the TV in the bedroom in an attempt to get better sleep, but it made little difference, I still have no TV in there so the hub max is an adequate alternative Back on this deal tho, voted hot purely because of 6 months Spotify and now Netflix compatibility (y)


When I said it twice in my first post I thought that would get the message across, I guess I wasn't clear

Echo Plus (2nd Gen) – Premium sound with a built-in smart home hub - Sandstone Fabric £64.99 Amazon
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Echo Plus has a built-in Zigbee hub to easily set up and control your compatible smart home devices, and an improved sound for streaming music. Premium speakers powered by Dol… Read more

Thanks.....actually not thanks, I’ve had to buy it now you pointed that out (excited)


I’ve ordered this to be a Spotify connect speaker at the top of the stairs....time will tell whether I’m happy with the audio quality but the reviews seem good enough.


Got mine today with the bulb, but am returning the bulb for a refund so getting the Echo plus for £53.47 (highfive)


Appreciate anybody already in Amazon eco system but if anybody just starting out then you'd be much better getting the £59 Google assistant nest hub with display. The screens make such a difference from experience

If you choose with a Phillips bulb it’s the same price

Google Nest Hub Hands-Free Smart Speaker 7" Screen £59.99 With HS100 Smart Plug @ John Lewis & Partners - 2 year guarantee included
1281° Expired
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Update 1
HS100 smart plug now included for free in the offer - so Google Nest hub and Smart plug for £59.99
Now even better with an hs100 thrown in for an extra quid… Read more

Now they fixed this issue and even reduced to £59. Better way to contact JL is whatsapp them on +44 7723 490095. They respond when they free.


Ha! The JL customer service lottery! I asked and was told - "No, this is the current price." To rub salt in the wounds when it finally did turn up I got the Smart plug in a massive box and no hub. I had to spend an hour on the phone for them to then deduce that it was missed out and they sent me another one. :(


You can ask John Lewis for £2 refund.


Probably 4th August. This is what i saw on google store. Taking back my earlier comment


I have the 8 inch version since last year never had any major issues, does everything it suppose to and more can make duo calls to, the best thing is the speaker they are good, really decent sound quality, nice display to, I occasionally do get no network problem, but I switch off and on, problem solved. I brought 2.

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub & 2 Smart Plugs for £69.50 at Samsung Store
31/08/2020Expires on 31/08/2020Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
With a combined RRP of £139 this code gets you 50% off the SmartThings Hub and 2 Smart plugs normal price. With a SmartThings Hub you can create your own DIY smart home, adding pl… Read more

You can’t use the code twice in same purchase ? If u buy two sets only get one discount at promo price. Anyone get more than 1 set with one order ?


Switch to bulb and you can get all this for £1 then switch away back to cheapest. To save more switch only elec


Hue hub works best with tradri plugs, also can be picked up for 10£ second hand on FB £20 and you got a plug and hub I use the hue essentials app with my his setup and there are more options motion sensors and the like


Not a bad deal if you want original ST plugs and a new hub. If you don't care about the power measurement, the Ikea Tradfri range work just as well with the ST hub and are only £10. And hubs are often around £40 on eBay.


These plugs will run locally in Smartthings, which means they will still work if your internet goes down. They also act as 'Zigbee repeaters' which can be used to extend your zigbee network for a solid connection far further away than you'd get with standard wifi. If you're serious about setting up a smart home then you should avoid relying on wifi and look at hubs such as Smartthings that support Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols.

Google Nest Hub Hands-Free Smart Speaker with 7" Screen Charcoal £49.99 delivered @ Amazon Spain
41° Expired
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Google Nest Hub Hands-Free Smart Speaker with 7" Screen Charcoal £49.99 delivered @ Amazon Spain. About £2 less with a fee free card. Credit to @merb0786 (y) Delivery in 1-2 mont… Read more

There seems to be a bit of a lottery as to whether you get offered the hub or not though

It's because they were running two offers at the same time.


Lol sore subject. I've been offered the nest mini instead of the hub. Going to try and contact Google

Don't know if that offer still live but I've done it the other week. Subscribe to Nest aware for the whole year (£50 pa) and you can get this Hub for free.


;( wish I saw it earlier I been after one for months at this price on eBay

Energy August 2021 plus Google Nest Hub £81 a month £962 Estimated per year* 13 months fixed at Shell Energy
-180° Expired
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Switched from Scottish power. Predicted saving is just over £450 / year. Total cost for gas plus electricity £962 per year. Used Top Cash Back and tracked at £40 but will increase… Read more



I believe that Shell bought out Hudson Energy. The reviews are shocking. I went with Bulb some years ago and have had a good experience for the most part since. Certainly better than the utter travesty, loathsome excuse of a company that Scottish Power is. I lost over 24hours of my life over 2 years on the phone to those cretins. If Shell are anything like them, run away, as fast as you possibly can.


Here are the Energy August 2021 rates:- gas 2.326p per kWh and 12.800p per day elec 14.054p per kWh and 15.824p per day


Yes I used u switch and Shell came in at 4th cheapest but went for this as you get the google gift and £60 cashback. They were slightly better but since 1st Central screwed me, as they cancelled the cashback just after the cooling off period I didnt want to take the one with £100 cashback that was slightly cheaper as I may never get it. My bills at the moment with Scottish Power are about a few hundred pounds more than Shell, so took a chance. It's only a year contract so if they are poor I will cancel it.


Never heard of Orbit not in the top 40 deals here .

Google Nest Hub and Ezviz Indoor camera for £99 at Argos
168° Expired
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Great Google Assistant and security camera bundle. See camera footage on your Google Nest Hub device. Nice bundle RRP
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Remember with Alexa (Amazon's version) you can use the feature called "Drop In" to speak to someone without requiring the other person to accept the call. Both accounts must do a handshake to authorise (you do this easily in the Alexa app) but you can use Echo Show 5 for this which is quite affordable as it is. You can also use the Alexa app for when you are out and about to drop in.


first inflate price and then make bundle deal. this camera has been on £39.99 for long time on argos ebay


Cracking first thread @Chrissimmons91 thanks for posting and a belated welcome to hotukdeals :D


Mi Home is cheaper.


The camera has an app that send you movement notifications and you can obviously drop in on it to check also. I use an ezviz indoor camera (different model to this one) as a nursery camera because it ticks all the boxes of the dedicated baby monitors while also allowing the stream to be viewed on the Nest Hub and Chromecast TV’s as well as the app. The camera has a default setting which sets off the internal alarm if motion is detected, remember to turn that off if you are using it for monitoring home or children/elderly. I didn’t know until it happened unfortunately.

Used Google Nest Hub Max - Charcoal, Grade A 24 months warranty. £155 delivered @ Cex
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Grade A Google Nest Hub Max - Charcoal, A Features: 10" touchscreen HD display 6.5-megapixel camera Google Assistant built-in Chromecast built-in Voice Match technology Far-field… Read more

I find the microphone for talk are better on native devices


Is this better than the lenovo 10 inch smart display


I'm holding out for 120 to buy one..any condition


Hi bought this brand new off bt for £150.00 a few months back on offer.


60% chance they won’t be used. Just sold from the Vodafone broadband offer to cex

Google Nest Indoor cam + Nest Hub Bundle for £159.99 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
305° Expired
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera & Google Nest Hub Hands-Free Smart Speaker with 7" Screen, Chalk or Charcoal (Bundle) Save £49 Price bought separately: £208.99 … Read more

Fair enough. For me I'm already heavily invested in the Google nest ecosystem. I have the thermostat, 3 smoke alarms, 2 cameras, 2 hub displays (one with a camera) and about 5 Google homes. Nest aware is now good value in my opinion if you have multiple cameras as I do.


Blink x2 can be connectes to solar panel so could run for a long time before battery change and cloud storage is free. Why to choose one camera over 2 or 3 at the same price. Seems bonkers to me.


These ones don't have eyelids and therefore can never blink so will never miss a thing.


It's operated by mains electricity. It can record continuosly with a nest aware subscription.


How is this different from blink cameras?

Google Nest Hub Smart Display + Free Google Nest Mini - £79 (Free C&C) @ Argos
387° Expired
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Get a free Google Nest Mini (normally £49) when bought with Google nest hub Scroll down to 'Special Offers' and select 'Build Your Offer'

Same on BT Shop and they seem to have stock. They do offer cashback through Topcashback (2.1%) or Quidco (0.4%) if I'm correct.


Yes, google art photos are fantastic.


One of these looks appealing just to have on my desk while I work


no camera


Just went for the the same offer in John Lewis with the 2Yr warranty so in a way, thanks OP!

Arlo Pro 3 2K QHD Wire-Free 2-Camera Security System + FREE Google Nest Hub from £549.99 @ BTShop
-95° Expired
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Smart displays are great for many reasons; including convenience, entertainment and security. That's why we're giving you a FREE Google Nest Hub with selected Arlo 4K and 2K Wire‑F… Read more

Check this one out I would go for the Eufy


I have the Blink, cheap and does the job. Night vision could be better


That’s good to know... I’ve been researching wireless security cameras for the last month to try and find the best one and even though Arlo is expensive, it is a great system. I’ve been looking at eufy, Blink, Ring and Nest also.


That said, I have 1 of the original Arlo’s over my front door and it’s fantastic!


I know what you mean, just a slighter higher resolution to 1080p It’s what’s know as QHD “The difference between QHD and UHD is the resolution: QHD is defined by a display resolution of 2560 x 1440. UHD, on the other hand, can display 3840 x 2160. However, both feature a 16:9 aspect ratio.”

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