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Google Home Hub £62.36 with code - ebay / hitechelectronicsuk
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Reduced from £84.95 to £67. 96 using eBay code PARTY Comes with a US power supply but UK convertor included.

The more people that click on the 'unexpired' link the sooner it will become live again. Paul, the original owner wanted more member interaction, we could expire and unexpire deals without the need for a mod.


Mine arrived today - really pleased with it and much more responsive than Alexa. Still in stock but gone up to £84.95 or £67.96 with party offer. - did ask the Mods to unexpire this but they have not.


A few more in stock now!


Back in stock today


It's worse but slightly better than the mini.

Google Nest Home Hub and Mini for £94 at BT Shop
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
BT are offering a 'Bundle deal ' Home Hub (£79) + Mini (£24) for £94 . I know the individual prices are the same on many sites but not seen any bundle deals like this one saving £… Read more

Fair play to you, others would just leave it


Expired as found this offer as part of another larger thread 2 weeks ago. The actual offer is still available.

Google Home Hub (refurbished) £59.99 @ Clearance Bargains Stanley (Argos)
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th JulLocalLocal
Seems to be a bit of a Google clear out at places due to the rebranding.

Be fair, they sometimes wipe the screen with a damp cloth.


Mine got honoured (highfive)


In store only


Site not loading?


These are on ebay with free google chromecast £79

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Google Home Hub Chalk + Chromecast 3rd Gen £79 Delivered @ eBay / smarthomeuk
Refreshed 16th JulRefreshed 16th Jul
Pretty good bundle at the moment, the Hub alone took a drop to around the £79 mark in most of the bigger stores, so to have the 3rd Gen Chromcast thrown in for the same price seems… Read more

Lucky I pulled the trigger yesterday (Tues) morning and it arrived by RMail toda at lunchtime. Setting it up as a photo frame for my mum.


Now £119 as this was matching Prime Day? Despite showing up in this mornings WhatsApp alerts?




I know. Do a search on Amazon for Google home and it just shows echo devices. Do a search for ANYTHING (to buy) on Google and the top links are usually Amazon. Surly Amazon are playing with fire there.


I bought one for my mum to use in her kitchen 3 or 4 months ago and I'm fairly impressed with it to be honest. She loves it which is far more important and the sound quality is good, certainly fills the kitchen with ease. Responsive too - happy mum = win for son!

Google Home Hub - Chalk/Charcoal - £39 @ Currys eBay
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Worth a punt £40 off at checkout for the Google Home Hub (Charcoal/Chalk Links below) Google Home Hub Chalk Google Home Hub Charcoal GOOGLE Home Hub - Charcoal / Chalk … Read more
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same for me opened a case today. just glad the date for delivery changed from 8th aug or would have had to wait till after then


That’s ridiculous. Currys are a total mess. Luckily eBay will sort it. Just a shame you have to wait for them to step in.


It's been 3 days with back and forth messages and currys don't recognise my 3rd order. Will take it to eBay resolution centre.


Has everyone been refunded. I'm still waiting and i can't open a case on ebay as states estimated arrival as middle of august


Did get my order but seems I am the only person.

Echo Plus (lst Gen) With built-in smart home hub - Includes Philips Hue White E27 Edison Screw Light Bulb £69.99 Prime Exclusive @ Amazon
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Be quick, I think it only for prime members. Search the deal of the day and you will find it. £109.99. At checkout it shows a reduction of £40. Echo Plus (lst Gen) - With built-in… Read more

My prime student just expired ( I think they give you 4 years max.) Is there anyway of getting another prime student account please?




And it’s already been posted.


£59.99 is too good to be true , must be a catch are you sure its an Echo Plus? Sounds about the price for a standard Echo . Think I'd have waited to receive it before posting , one order may slip through but post it on here and all orders will be cancelled :( .


Yours is for the echo...this is the echo plus.

Google Home Hub £79 at John Lewis & Partners  with 2 year guarentee
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Seems to be matching the recent deal prices offered on BT shop with the John Lewis staple 2 year delivery and click and collect. Will be same price instore also.
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I don't think JL are what they used to be either. I bought a Bose speaker which packed in after 6 weeks, they had to send it away to get repaired. Called Bose afterwards and they said they would've replaced it instead of having it repaired. Kicked off such a fuss that in the end I got JL to give me a new one, but it wasn't without a fight (strong)


Tried reading up on these but not sure how up-to-date the information was. Can't play Netflix, Prime Video or iPlayer but can play YouTube and All4? Is that still the case?


Also this may help those who boight recently from JL if you bought the home hub at rrp from John Lewis they should match the more recent price. My friend just bought his last week and called their customer services this morning to get a £40 refund.


Try a different John Lewis store, that’s what I’ve done in the past.


Don’t bank on that, recently bought an Apple Watch from John Lewis, died 6 weeks later, refusing to return it, but want to send it to their repair centre...

Google Home Mini £24, Google Home at £59 and Google Home Hub at £79 @ Currys + Free c and c and 2 year guarantee
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
A powerful helper. Google Home is powered by the Google Assistant. Ask questions and get answers straight away. Switch lights and heating on using only your voice. It’s your own pe… Read more
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I don't know why they're WhatsApp said it was the lowest price ever when it wasn't as it's been on offer for £14.99 when you take out a month subscription will Google


Warning... The home hub does NOT have a camera on it for video calling


Yeah i dont see why you would need the screen anywhere else. Unless you had a home office and wanted to keep an eye on your nest cameras or doorbell. It's very handy for recipes in kitchen and I end up using it for music videos too. Elsewhere i have smart tvs for youtube and just google home minis for hearing the doorbell. So I wouldnt buy a second. The speaker on it is surprisingly good for its size. I've now relocated my roth olis from the kitchen into the garage as the hub is more than enough for the kitchen.


Will definately come in handy for cooking then


The screen is good for youtube, looking through recipes. As in you say give me recipes for chicken pasta it will come back with 10 different recipes and you choose the one you like. Its ideal for being in a kitchen. Also I have a nest hello. So I can see who is at the front door rather than simply hearing a chime. Basically I needed one with a screen for my use.

Google Home + Home Mini £79  / Google Home Hub + Home Mini £94 / Home Mini £24 / Google Home £59 / Home Hub £79 @ BT Shop
Refreshed 4th JulRefreshed 4th Jul
A couple of Google Home bundles on offer from BT. To get these you need to click on the product links below and scroll down to where it says "Bundle Deals" You can then add the bun… Read more

I'll have a look into those then, thanks :-)


The Netgear Arlo cameras can be added to Google home. But they are on the expensive side.


Thanks for taking the time to reply I take it I can't pair the Google home hub to ring either? Seems a shame no system can be paired to it to make it a mini CCTV system :-\


You can't pair Alexa to ring no. I had a ring doorbell before Amazon brought them and I cannot add it.


Thanks op. Was looking at getting this so have ordered the home hub and 2 minis via the hub+mini & separate mini.

Google Home Hub Chalk Grey with 24 MONTHS Warranty + FREE delivery just £70 @ CeX online and in-store (grade B 2nd hand)
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Google Home Hub Chalk Grey just £70 at CeX online and in-store ( grade B second hand) FREE delivery as this item is over £50 24 MONTHS Warranty CeX understands how disappoint… Read more
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Ah looks like it was only for a bit!


That's now £96 with code.


No point in the product really ! If you have a smart phone already!


Or a brand new one for £10 more - Cold unfortunately.

Google Home Hub with Google Assistant Chalk / Charcoal £79.20 with code @ Yoltso eBay
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Google Home Hub with Google Assistant Chalk / Charcoal £79.20 w/code @ Yoltso eBay… Read more

Ah ashamedly price increased. This is brilliant for the tech freaks. Easy enough to setup and a brilliant addition to your smartish home. Be warned this needs a good WiFi connection to work. Who would have thought it. (highfive)


It’s so wrong what they do with those eBay codes, they just increase the price and make more than without the discount...


They have put the price up, im gutted I missed it!


I have one of these and never get connection issues, this may be a router problem, ensure your WiFi is split between 2g And 5g and connect it to the 2g only. I would look at tablet alternatives with the assistant built in if you want a bigger more versatile display but this one does sit in the kitchen quite neatly.


Yeah, I have this from time to time... rather random tbh! I'm using it in the bedroom and even though it's only a handful of times that it does this, can't really depend on it as an alarm clock...

Unlimited Fibre Broadband (36Mb) with Evening & Weekend Calls £28.50pm (12mo - £342) and Free Google Home Hub @ John Lewis Broadband
30/07/2019Expires on 30/07/2019Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Thought this was a great offer going live over at JL Broadband. You can get their Fibre Unlimited with line rental including evening and weekend calls for £28.50 per month on a 12 … Read more

This deal is showing up with £50 Top Cashback at the moment. Quite tempted to go for it but with my own router.


Yes, its definitely the modem at fault. The more devices that are attached to it, the worse it behaves. I ended up buying a TP Link modem and after that it hasnt gone off once.


I usually take a quick look at Trustpilot as you find out what the downside is of any company. JL Broadband scores woefully. Quite surprising really for JL. I recently cancelled my BT package including phone line because it had become too expensive but I realise their service is by far the best. Stable high speed internet and a telephone service you can always get through to with polite helpful professional operatives. I am just hoping that when 5G starts to take over the broadband market we will see more realistically priced packages and that ridiculous line rental scrapped forever. I dont think I would ever consider moving to JL given the feedback


Yes, that was the one. It was switched on and off several times a day to get back up and running. Did you experience the same issues?


Did you have the Zyxel (i think thats what it was called) router provided with them by any chance?

Google Home Hub with Google Assistant - 7" Screen - Anthracite £89 @
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Key Features Voice-controlled WiFi speaker for your home Ask questions, set diary reminders or get news updates Play music from popular streaming services Control other smart d… Read more

Blimey, wow! Just imagine if you could do all that from a mobile device!


£119 when I follow the link


GIves you a photo album straight out of the box. Then there's ability to cast video to it, scan through recipes. Some will even scan through at a pace and offer you timer suggestions. And that's just what comes to mind 5 minutes after me waking up but I guess it's fair to wonder what it can do if you haven't owned one.


The in laws have one and I have wondered the same. The screen doesn’t actually give you much while the rest of the functionality can be had from a standard hub device


if only google would do a sat nav this size (or bigger)

Google Home Hub + Tea Towel £79 @ Ocado (Using new customer code)
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Saving £10 on the next best price at BT :) You will need to create a new customer account and apply the code VOU0509520 at checkout. You can also add the tea towel at checkout. Th… Read more

Would I be able to have two tea towels and no hub at the same price?


Also Ocado will take away your old carrier bags and give you 5p for each one (max 100 bags). Bag an additional £5 off if you have plenty lying around ...😜


Can you use Spotify connect on this to control Sonos?


Nice. Been waiting for a while for this tea towel. Heat!


These are £60 odd on eglobal etc. I bought one last week, arrived in 4 days.

Google Home Hub Hands-Free Smart Speaker with 7" Screen, Charcoal - £119 @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Comes with a 2 year guarantee at John Lewis for free. Also available at Currys and argos

Google nest home hub regular, version 1, 2018 Catchy don't you think


ALL google products get a 2 year warranty, no matter where you buy them. There will be better deals on this if you can wait. I paid £90 from AO 10 days ago. It may go for less as they change the packaging to Google Nest Hub

Google Home Hub (US) £68.99 @ eglobal
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
The Home Hub is now the Nest Hub and has received a permanent price drop to £119. I'd expect some retailers to run a promo to shift some of the old named packaging. In the meantim… Read more
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Devastated, mine has just arrived, comes with an adapter to use in the UK, all is working fine, my Spotify has connected no problem. However the main reason I wanted this is because my wife uses her phone in the kitchen to watch Netflix while doing the dishes etc so I though this would be a good replacement but you can't watch Netflix on it??? WTF


Specs state DC power for both US and UK.


Us plug, or is it a USB c?


I have had smart displays from the USA and they work fine in UK. No different other than the plug


You would get section 75 protection if you spent over £100

Free Google Home Hub with any new Google Pixel 3a Mobile Phone from £399 Argos
Refreshed 15th MayRefreshed 15th May
Free Google Home Hub with any Pixel 3a purchased at Argos at the moment!
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Offer has expired :(


Someone at work ordered from google and he’s looking to return the handset, Interestingly if you return the handset you get £280 and/or you have the option off returning the nest hub for £119.99. So potentially you can order from google and return the hub making it £280?


Updates used to be a thing. Now they're basically a fad. An excuse to wreck your device until you have to buy a new one. Why noone criticises and hammers Apple for their regressive approach to signing older updates is beyond me. I can almost bet my monthly income that come this year's iOS 13 release and new iPhone that something basic is going to be broken. iOS 13 won't run as well on the year older iPhones either. And you'll be stuck because you aren't allowed to downgrade. This whole process of bullying users into updating hasn't got coverage either. No wonder they have such great adoption rates.


How's it running? Slowed down yet? (Serious question not trolling)


Have to add the battery life (on the 3a XL) has been great. Best I've had since the Sony Xperia Z3. After very heavy use initially setting up the phone, finished it's first full charge on Tuesday 10pm. Still at 26% on the same charge Thursday morning at work 8.30 am. Been using the phone (messaging, browsing, streaming music, photo taking, Google location services) quite heavily as normal as any other phone. Well impressed. The advice to turn off Digital Wellbeing which is believed to be sapping performance & battery on all Pixels may have something to do with it. Google's adaptive battery algorithms may be working as well.

New Google Pixel 3a / 3a XL with free Nest Hub (Google Home Hub) - £399 @ Google Store
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Google's new Pixel 3a and 3a XL have just been announced. Already a great price but it looks like you can also get a free Google Nest Hub (renamed from Google Home Hub) via the Goo… Read more
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Not interested in that either :D


it's not about selling the phones. It's about getting the other devices to intrude and take over your life!


Got my hands on one of these last night - a 3a. They've nailed it. There are cheaper phones out there with better socs, battery life and less bezels etc, but Google got the balance of features absolutely bang on with these. Lovely comfortable phone to hold and use, and that camera is leagues ahead of anything in it's price range - it's a killer feature.


GCam mod on £200 Android One Nokia 7 Plus... it's all software folks!!


It's a Pixel ll 2 rehash...just lazy!

Google Home Mini £26.10 // Google Home Smart speaker £62.10 // Google Home Hub £89.10 @ AO ebay with code  PRO10
Refreshed 20th AprRefreshed 20th Apr
Google Home Mini £26.10 // Google Home Smart speaker £62.10 // Google Home Hub £89.10 @ AO ebay w/code PRO10 Google Home mini Google Home smart speaker google home hub CHA… Read more

Yeah. You need either chrome cast enabled tv. Or just buy chrome cast for 25£. Or if u need 4K then it’s £70 :( Right now can only voice control Netflix and All4 properly. Can also control normal tv if you buy a Logitech harmony hub £29 2nd on eBay.


For compatible tvs only though surely? I have a Samsung Q9 alexa works but thinking of moving to google?


Can it find phone for iPhones ? I can’t get that to work.


Got one ordered with a code on eBay yesterday. Only chalk white are available at the moment. Delivery is stated as 15 May.


Still plenty of codes available on eBay.

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