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Durham Electric Fire Suite - Natural Oak at Homebase for £134.70
Made hot 22nd JulMade hot 22nd Jul
Had my eye on this for some time but was never going to pay £449 for one. Spotted a MASSIVE price drop today to £134.70 so grabbed myself a bargain. It may not be everyone's bag b… Read more

Oh ok,


Not "everywhere". Still low stock in Northern Ireland.


Yes OOS everywhere


Inveruthrie and Glenrothes have 1


Sorry, I should have been more specific, No stock anywhere near where I live in the South :)

27% off Nest Smart Thermostat - £159.99 @ Amazon Prime Exclusive
Made hot 16th JulMade hot 16th Jul
27% off Nest Smart Thermostat (Works with Alexa) Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation (Steel & Black colours) £159.99 price = 27% off RRP of £219.99 Amazon Prime Day deal… Read more
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Cool, I went stainless steel in the end.


Mine just arrived and yes it’s stainless


Turns out my current power / wiring set up it not correct so will leave it for now or go with the hive which includes install but it doesn't quite look as good as the nest


The base for the thermostat only has 2 terminals so you will be ok assuming the voltage is correct.


Been monitoring this for a while but not enough of a saving for me. I'll stick with my Honeywell for the time being

46% off Hive Thermostats for Amazon Prime Day
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
46% off Hive Thermostats Amazon Prime Day deal -> only for Prime Customers. Hive Active Heating and Hot Water Thermostat with Professional Installation - Works with Amazon Ale… Read more
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Shame missed out. Any similar deals?


If the hub dont work, complain & say you cant sent it all back as its been professionally installed (at a cost to you) & ask for a new hub as it is the only part that user changeable. My Warehouse deal turned up & the hub registered fine :)


Currys doesnt include the hub, amazon does.


I got AO to price match the one with installation, so if you don’t have prime, AO will sort you out.


£90 @ currys

Hive hot water and heating WITH installation, £134.99 @Amazon
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
Amazing price!!

Where did you find it for that price? (Ahh, without installation.) (y)


Bought without installation for £96, plus only cost £78 as with £10 audible trial and £8 for topping up £80. No idea if it will work on my heating system though :)


£106 if you dont mind a marked one at warehouse.


Wow scorchio!


Still on: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B011B3J6F4/ref=gbdp_vlo_04a728dd_B011B3J6F4?_encoding=UTF8&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE

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BWT  Sentinel X100 Inhibitor - 1L £5.09 Homebase
Made hot 12th JulMade hot 12th Jul
Sentinel X100 Inhibitor - 1L Normally £16.95
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If you are uninhibited this will stop you approaching random strangers, stripping in public and being a real Harvey Winestain.


Operation Yewtree


It stops any rust forming in your boiler and radiators. Boilers without inhibitors become rusty over time decreasing boiler life.




Thanks, managed to pick up two of the five I reserved.

Air Cock Radiator Key Clock Type for 30p @ Homebase (Free C&C)
Made hot 11th JulMade hot 11th JulLocalLocal
Reduced from £1. Seems like plenty of stock around. Always can't find one when you need it. Worth it especially if you plan to visit Homebase soon. :) Clock style radiator… Read more
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Gender fluid bleeding (unicorn)


Dont be greedy, one cock per person


Makes sense to. Relieves that 'pressure' 8)


Never heard anyone call it an air cock


Heat for the giggle.

Ignite Pinnacle Black Gas Fire w/ Remote Control - £200 @ B&Q (p&p £10)
Made hot 9th JulMade hot 9th Jul
Nice looking fire on sale at B&Q (y) -- If you prefer the look of a real flame then this stylish gas fire is ideal for you. This fire has a separate remote control for eas… Read more
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Order cancelled by B And Q once again


Money is only worth what you can buy with it.


This is also known as a Vola 860 HE if you're after more details. Good price though


I'm still rubbing 2 sticks together.... But saving 200 notes 😁 🔥


How did we ever survive without remote control gas fires!

DRAYTON Wiser TRV Radiator Valve - £21.59 at Wolseley
Made hot 12th JunMade hot 12th Jun
Great deal here, almost 50% off the next cheapest at screwfix! Great chance to add to your smart system!
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oh lord why I have missed it :o


Check bank statements if you ordered these. For some reason I was charged £15 delivery even though it should be free - and order confirmation didn't show this delivery charge. Emailed and had it refunded no problem.


Seems like they've cleared all their stock now


I wouldn’t take his comment literally obviously. He’s only having some fun about saving money (y)


Oh, so if I don't buy some of these I need to "turn hot water and heating off and sit in the dark eating out of date cat food"?

40% off Hive active Heating with free 3rd gen Echo Dot from £119 without hub £149.40 with Hub installed with British Gas Rewards Customers
Made hot 3rd JunMade hot 3rd Jun
British Gas rewards Customers Only. Check account to redeem code Not bad as comes with Install too. £119 without Hub or £9.94 for 12 months. Or £149.40 with Hub. Sent the Vouc… Read more

Good deal


Edited now (y)


Huh? Thought that was a stonking deal until I realised its without the hub...maybe put “from £119 without hub” in the title? Still a good deal none the less.

TADO Thermostats starter kits from £84.99 on Amazon deal of the Day (Tado starter kit + extension £199)
Made hot 27th MayMade hot 27th May
Amazon have put Tado starter kits on the deal of the day so some great offers for anyone looking to start out with tado: Tado starter kit + extension - £199 (Normally £258) Tado 3… Read more
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I get a notification asking if I want to switch it off, so geofencing still works, just not automatically. Personally, I don't care, and if the change to the sub model is how I was able to kit my whole house out so cheaply, then great.


Without Geofencing the Tado is not worth buying. It's the only worthwhile geature


Geofencing - The exact feature tado was renowned for


After using for more than a year, i would say that geofencing is one of the best features so it is a shame you have to pay for it. I was lucky as my kit is a v3.


I've got the 3+ and there are no monthly costs, unless you want geofencing that is. Bought the rad starter kits from BT for £59.99 , seem to go up and down all the time . Got a spare one as I didn't check my rads before ordering. (fierce)

tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat (vertical mounting) - Duo Pack, Add-ons for Multi-Room Control, intelligent heating control £61.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 23rd MayMade hot 23rd May
Price keeps dropping on this twin pack of vertical thermostats.
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Mine also. Is being delivered today. Don't even have prime (embarrassed)


Price only. If you give me the choice of netatmo or these at this price, I'm taking netatmo all day long. The initial setup with netatmo was a minor pain while alll the valves updated etc in order to work properly. Once done they have been excellent


Damn expired, was looking for some of these


Mine have been dispatched (party)


I just took from your comment that you would prefer this brand. Or were you just referring to price? (y) 🏻

Hive Active Heating and Hot Water AND Google Home Mini Smart Speaker £115 with code at AO
Made hot 22nd MayMade hot 22nd May
Hive Active Heating and Hot Water (not including installation) and a Google Home mini smart speaker for £115 from AO see first image below. There is a promotion to get a free Goog… Read more

It's easy enough to do yourself, assuming you can follow a wiring diagram. YouTube helps as well as the internet as many people have posted their specific boiler with the wiring. I did my own but took me an hour or so to find my boiler wiring diagram. I upgraded my existing wireless thermostat so wasn't actually that difficult a job.


British Gas recently (April) fitted my Hive under the BG Rewards deal (£149 free echo dot, 12 instalments interest free). I'm very happy with it - now. The first engineer took 2 hours to fit, second engineer another 2 hours to diagnose why it didn't work (faulty receiver). I'm glad I didn't attempt to save a few quid and self install. It does work well with Alexa (free echo dot) and Hive sent me a motion sensor and smart plug to say sorry about the faulty receiver and double engineer visit which also work well (so far).


Yes they have a good app


135 now


Have some heat @Jasek999 even though I’m using a nest thermostat and am very happy with it Interestingly for products with Centrica and Google behind them both have poor reviews for the respective apps in the apple App Store (2.5) for Hive and (3.0) for Nest.

Wido ROUND INFLATABLE SPA HOT TUB 300 AIR JETS 4 PERSON QUICK HEATING JACUZZI239.99 delivered with code £239.99 @ Wido on ebay
Made hot 17th MayMade hot 17th May
Wido ROUND INFLATABLE SPA HOT TUB 300 AIR JETS 4 PERSON QUICK HEATING JACUZZI Relax and unwind in the comfort of your home or garden with the Wido inflatable hot tub. The contempo… Read more

Shame they are sooooo expensive to run. I kept thinking about getting one but can’t justify over £30 a month in running cost

tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Vertical Quattro Pack £155 delivered @ AO
Made hot 15th MayMade hot 15th May
Best price around for these, they were £159 last week on Amazon but now sold out and next cheapest price for the 4 pack is £218.99. Free delivery as well. You will need the bridge… Read more

With Tado you can control from anywhere, I can turn the heating on when leaving work. Like I say the subscription only adds the auto geofencing feature. Without you have to go in to the app and select away mode. Tado is really good, if you do decide to go for a smart thermostat then definitely consider it. The main thing about smart controls when at home in convenience. Been able to turn the heating up or down (using phone or voice) whist in bed on a Sunday morning and not having to get out of bed and go downstairs is a little luxury :D Appreciate your considered response


Dont apologise! If you know better then say it m8. Only way we'll learn and get better & smarter For me if I have a smart home, then I would like to connect where ever I am, Im kinda struggling to understand using smart devices when Im at home! I can get up and switch the lights on, I can get up and adjust the heating etc. Thus, if a smart device requires a subscription to use, such as this I believe that I have 2 subscribe to use the feature when Im not at home then that it leaves a bad taste for me - dont even get me started on Ring Cheers for the update/info - good read but using whilst away is crucial for me


Just to add to the confusion for those following along - you can also get a Tado TRV Starter Kit. This is the internet bridge and a couple of TRVs. In my opinion this is nowhere near as good as the normal Tado Starter Kit because the rads can't call for heat.


Will try and break things down; Bridge = links Tado devices to the internet so you can control your heating via Tado. Smart valve (like these) - fits on top your TRV valve. Add device to your Tado account and set your temperature of your room. Valve will open and close the valve depending on the temp you want. Smart Thermostat - Add to your Tado account as a wall control that can replace your existing thermostat. This can provide a fully automated system and can be used alongside valves. Can also be installed where no thermostat is. Extension kit - don’t have a thermostat or want it moved? This can fit in existing thermostat place or next to your boiler. Links all devices together and lets them control your boiler, whilst adding other options. Maybe you have a timer system? That can replace that too. Want hot water control? This will do that. Combi Boiler? You may be able control water preheat function on a schedule etc. V3+ Subscription - a OPTIONAL monthly fee for new customers getting V3+ bridge. This automates 2 functions; open window detection and Home/Away; Home/Away Mode - When you leave home it can use your smart device to detect this and turn heating off, or back on as you get close to home. Without the subscription, a notification is sent and you must select it. Having the sub does it automatically Open window detection - if Tado detects a window open in a room it will temporarily stop heating that room. Without a subscription, this is a notification. With a subscription, it is automatic. IFTTT - A free service that you can use to bring all those paid for features to you free of charge with just a couple of minutes setup. Tado support it. Homekit - Got Apple Homekit? You can do those automated things without a sub too. Alexa - yep, you can do that without a sub too. Just want one room at night with a maintained temp? That valve will turn on and call for heat. The others will close to stop any other heat coming in.


No, the bridge is actually a device that connects to your router for internet connectivity. A starter kit contains a bridge and the thermostat. the tado thermostat needs to be wired directly to your boiler which allows you to either use it directly by pressing on it to change the temp or allows you to use the tado app. From there your TRV's then tell the tado thermo to turn the boiler on/off when needed. You can however buy an extension kit which connects directly to the boiler instead of the thermostat, allowing you to use the thermostat as a wireless one similar to your current one.

Drayton RT212 White/Chrome Angled TRV & Lockshield 15mm x 1/2” £11.49 @ Screwfix ( was £22.99 )
Made hot 13th MayMade hot 13th May
As above. Good saving with 50% off - Deal of the day ends at Midnight. Flawless reviews. Description- Wax Sensor Bi-Directional Valve Body Compression Connection 1 Year Guaran… Read more
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Myson radiators with danfoss TRV you won't go wrong (y)


The offer changes from this Drayton one to the generic one that's on now, which ones failed on your installation?


As a heating engineer I would advise to avoid these valves. Nothing but problems with them.


They used to come with the Drayton TRV’s but now come with kudox’s own make TRV’s


liquid sensors react faster - I originally had draytons and replaced all with these from toolstation: https://www.toolstation.com/contract-trv/p91607?searchstr=trv%20liquid%20contr

tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat (vertical mounting) - Duo Pack, Add-ons for Multi-Room Control, intelligent heating control - £79 @ Amazon
Refreshed 11th MayRefreshed 11th May
These are on back order. It's quite common for Amazon to do a crazy low price on something to generate traffic and back orders. Often they are fulfilled ahead of the timeframe qu… Read more

Thanks for reply. Will try it. If not will get a heating guy to come take a look.


^ Doesn't have kids. Eats only baked beans on toast. Lives in a cold house. Student life is forever lol


Your rads are poorly balanced. Presumably these 2 rads are last in the system before the water gets back to the boiler. Turn all the rads before them down ever so slightly and then check again. Once you're in a position where they all get as warm as each other then you have properly balanced the rads. Nb. the ones closest the boiler will still get hot first- so don't turn the system on then check straight away, make sure the whole system is running for a while before adjusting. I wasn't aware that Tado could zone. Was just about to push the button on £900 of Evohome, so grateful to find this out now. Will check in more detail.


They come with a range of adaptors to suit most current fitted valves. I think you’ll find a list on the Tado website.


I completely see where you're coming from. To be honest, we stopped using the Automatic schedule as it used far more energy. Our house is an old one with different parts built on. The boiler is inconveniently located for boosting and we don't have a wired thermostat. Two kids under 4 and one is in a bit that insulation is pretty bad. My wife is also a newborn photographer and uses our converted garage. Purely having control over the individual rooms and being able to set minimum temperatures has been a god send without needlessly heating parts of the house we don't need heated at other times. Plus we can switch rooms off entirely without having to go to the room. Is it necessary? Not really. Has it been helpful? Oh god yes. This is an excellent price....and the last point after having tried Hive, Nest, Honeywell and Drayton, the wireless is exceptional. It builds its own mesh and doesn't need boosters. It's the only system that has worked straight out of the box and apart from a problem with the hot water booster which was quickly solved by support...it *touch wood* has had only a couple of missteps in the two years we've had them....oh and even if the kids change the settings like they could do with standard thermostatic heads, you can set them to switch back after a predetermined time and not get caught out that way..our living room has two radiators that switch back after 1 minute of being twisted mercilessly.

Aluminium & brush Letterbox draught excluder, (L)292mm  £5.00 @ B&Q free C&C - 4  Year Guarantee
Made hot 10th MayMade hot 10th May
Letterbox draught excluder;Twin brushes prevent draughts through the letter box Suitable for letterboxes with aperture size 256mm x 46mm Guarantee 4 years Fixings supplied F… Read more
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Thanx that helps to know (y)


i screwed some wood battens to the door then the cowl to the battens so theres more room for letters & small parcels but ye i found there definately was not enough room with the cowl attached directly to the door - it was even tricky to post letters through it works fine as long as the cowl is "displaced" enough


Kind of a good idea but would that not also stop small parcels from being pushed through?


Thanx love but sadly they're Not which is why I have been dithering for ever lol


one of these is worth buying to https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Letter-Plate-Security-Hood-Letter-Plate-Security-Cowl-4-Sizes-4-Finishes/322911082086?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&var=512033951905&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 can help stops theives from stealing car keys left near your front door I mainly bought it to prevent anybody from trying to have a look inside my house through the letterbox

Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat Quattro Pack (Vertical) £159 Amazon
Made hot 9th MayMade hot 9th May
Great deal for a 4 pack of smart radiator thermostats. These currently retail individual at £69 each on Tado.com

Great, thanks. Now I've just spent £500 on a complete Tado setup. 8)


Hive has nothing on Tado regarding features and Hive is ugly. This is a cracking deal. Going to do the whole house now.


Had Tado support non existent. Three weeks between responses. Now on hive and with the new radiator thermostat, best decision.


Cracking first deal @Heliz ... Nice one, have some heat. (y)


I need to so some research on these. I want to buy them but not even sure if I need them 😁

Hive Radiator Valve X5 - £199 @ Hivehome - Pre-Order for  delivery 29/05/2019
Made hot 8th MayMade hot 8th May
£199 for 5 £139 for 3 £54 for 1 These are pre Order for delivery 29th May

I returned mine a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe the amount of time and money I wasted on these. I cannot see how these will ever be cost effective. The head scratching wondering why my boiler is switched on when the room temp on all of my 8 valves were above the required temp made me realise that my boiler is being overworked for nothing. The real possibility of shorter boiler replacement timeframe and having to pay for the privilege was the final straw for me. In my opinion these are not fit for purpose.


Yes same problem here... they working on it. Don’t think I have anything to loose. I have in writing that I can return any time... so I will give them some time and see...


Good luck. Heat on demand was activating by itself randomly in the middle of the night. Also the trv takes ages to respond and being told they take 5 days or a week to calibrate is utterly rubbish. Even leaving it after a week they don't open close properly. So good luck in persevering.


Lol oki cheers


I am still holding on - case escalated now in 2nd level with manager... let’s see... they confirmed heat on demand causing them some headaches still...

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