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tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat (vertical mounting) - Duo Pack, Add-ons for Multi-Room Control, intelligent heating control £61.99 @ Amazon
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Price keeps dropping on this twin pack of vertical thermostats.
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Mine also. Is being delivered today. Don't even have prime (embarrassed)


Price only. If you give me the choice of netatmo or these at this price, I'm taking netatmo all day long. The initial setup with netatmo was a minor pain while alll the valves updated etc in order to work properly. Once done they have been excellent


Damn expired, was looking for some of these


Mine have been dispatched (party)


I just took from your comment that you would prefer this brand. Or were you just referring to price? (y) 🏻

Hive Active Heating and Hot Water Thermostat  Works with Amazon Alexa £126 Amazon
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
I guess everyone knows what it does.... Come back to a nice warm house without ever having to heat an empty one. Hive Active Heating lets you control your heating from your smar… Read more

I took a half day holiday to wait in. Was offered a free hive light bulb quite insulting really. Won't get that holiday back do complained they then offered £30 which I'm still waiting on a bit like installation


I had exactly the same thing happen to me.


British Gas customers can get a better deal, as this post doesn't include installation. British Gas are doing this with a 40% off code valid until 31/8/19 with professional installation. That works out at £149 installed... and includes is a FREE Echo Dot (3rd Generation).


Maybe because it doesn't include installation?


how is it cold? This is the cheapest at the moment !

Topcashback EDF Energy Offer - £125 cashback for new dual fuel customers
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
EDF Energy customers can choose from the Blue range of tariffs, offering fixed prices for a fixed period of time, or a variable tariff with periodic price changes. Over 1 million c… Read more
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Octopus is showing as MSE top deal atm & it’s even better if you know someone to get the £50 referral code they pay it straight away and reviews are great online one had no issues so far.


Was cheaper for me to have separate gas and electric suppliers, it's worth checking to see if they have refer a friend as sometimes you can get money just for coping and pasting a code from review websites like trustpilot


This might work on broadband but don't think it will work in the same way on EDF or some of the other suppliers (ex employee although things may have changed). Effectively if the supply of a property is with them it's not a switch, your with them already. Nothing stopping you leaving and going back though if your not on a contract with exit fee


Thanks. I recently joined bulb energy and got £50 credit through a referral. What is warm home discount? and how does this work?


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Not for me. £180.05 a year more. Thats without the joining bonus you get for refer a friend. When I joined bulb I got a £40.00 bill credit and £30.00 topcashback via uswitch,Then £50.00 refer a friend and a special offer £75.00 refer a friend last week. Thats £195.00 of credits so far in only 2 months with bulb. Add warm home discount and 50% of my bill was free.

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Wido ROUND INFLATABLE SPA HOT TUB 300 AIR JETS 4 PERSON QUICK HEATING JACUZZI239.99 delivered with code £239.99 @ Wido on ebay
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Wido ROUND INFLATABLE SPA HOT TUB 300 AIR JETS 4 PERSON QUICK HEATING JACUZZI Relax and unwind in the comfort of your home or garden with the Wido inflatable hot tub. The contempo… Read more

Shame they are sooooo expensive to run. I kept thinking about getting one but can’t justify over £30 a month in running cost

EDF easy online £140 renewal bonus for existing customers -  low fixed price online gas and electricity tariff
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Thank you for choosing us to supply your energy. Your tariff ends 31 May 2019, and you can now choose a great new tariff - and, exclusively for you, we’ll give you £140 credit when… Read more

I've found energy suppliers are getting particularly cheeky now. Our fix with Scottish Power is about to finish so been checking tariffs. Previously have checked using comparison sites then checked Quidco/TCB before signing up. But now they have specific tariffs only available via the comparison sites. If you go direct or via Quidco/TCB the tariffs are significantly more expensive. It's adding even more complexity to a already stupidly complex market.


Didn’t think that energy suppliers were allowed to offer cash-back directly anymore.


Spent an hour on EDF online chat trying to get a cheaper tariff. The guy made out he was taking to a manager to get me an exclusive deal. Turns out in the end he was going to reduce my DD, not my tariff & they could then up my DD again at any time, so really no deal at all! Ditched & joined Shell.


EDF were dreadful when I switched last year.......7 months to sort out my account!!!!!!


I went over to Bulb on the 13/03/19. Got £30.00 topcash back,Tracked and paid. Waiting for £40.00 bill credit from bulb, Should be paid by 13/05/19. Also £50.00 refer a friend by 05/05/19. All that on top of the best price and no leaving fees.

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Free Octopus Teddy or Tree Planted for Existing Octopus Energy Customers ***NO REFERRAL CODES***
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
If you're an Octopus Energy customer, use the link to request a free plush Octopus teddy or ask Octopus to plant a tree on your behalf. Just need your email address and Octopus ac… Read more

Yeah you can get £50 instantly using a referral I did with a friend and I’m still with them great company


Is the offer still running?


Ordered mine I see on eBay people are trying to flog their referrals and offering an extra £25 so £75


I chose the tree (y)



£30 amazon gift card for switching energy supplier with Vodafone veryme rewards
Found 6th AprFound 6th AprLocalLocal
1. Go to Vodafone app to access veryme rewards 2. Click on the uswitch amazon £30 link 3.switch supplier and the gift card will be with you in 60 days Want more free money? W… Read more
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Referral bonus. Nice little earner for providing a link eh? Maybe we should have a referral bonus auction to see who will be less greedy? I think that the person who will be paying the bills should have the lions share.


Very good to use. Cheapest on the market for me, great customer service and consistently being endorsed by Martin Lewis. See PM.


Is bulb good do they use smart meters if yes give ve me a referral through pm thanks


You get £30 for switching with MSE cheap energy club


Hold your horses, you can get 50 quid by switching to bulb.

47kg Propane Gas Bottles £49.99 inc Vat. at Flogas
Found 15th MarFound 15th MarLocalLocal
I paid closer to 60 quid a bottle last time, seems Flogas are trying to scrape some more customers together. My depot is in West Glamorgan, but I guess this is a nationwide push … Read more
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Which one is better ? safe fill or flo gas the green one ? On check out safe fill is £182 ? But I don’t get why flo gas charge you additional 40+ if I don’t have a gas tank to send to them ? :/ I’m well confused


Do they come with accessories?


Fair pricing on the refillable gas (if my calcs are correct), I know natural gas is lot cheaper but compared to heating with Electricity (y) 1 Litre of Propane = 7 KWh (rounded) so at 52p litre thats around 7.43 pence per Kwh


Excellent post!


£74.29 for me and that's with a cylinder return, cheaper from a local supplier of Calor

SSE - Existing customers booking a smart meter appointment get £25 cashback
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
£25 from TopCashback or Quidco. I know many people do not want a smart meter, however you are probably going to get one in the next few years whether you like it or not, so you mi… Read more

If you're with SSE, do yourself a big favour and switch. I switched from EON to bulb lately and saved myself £400. Big 6 energy firms rip you off hard. Have a look on uSwitch today and see if there's a better deal out there. If you do want to switch to bulb / if they're also the cheapest, send me a PM. Can send you my link for friends for £50 when you switch.



Which mans another dumb meter in the main, but the fickle govt tick box of "job done" (more like taxpayer bent over & took it) is complete, whilst you have & maintain the dumb, non-universal meter which you had back at square one! FFS


Enjoy reaping what you sow. (y) & your extremely cold "deal".


Just because I don't write an essay does not mean my opinion is invalid. It's a free £25 for the customer. I don't care what SSE plan to do with the data or how much money the government has wasted on the initiative.

Get a £25 eGift Card when you book your smart meter installation with SSE
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Terms and Conditions £25 Reward available when you book a smart meter installation appointment with SSE.This offer is not available for smart meter installation appointments book… Read more
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No a "Smart meter" will not save you money by itself . It "should " help save you money by encouraging you to switch things off or turn heating down etc. It should also not cost you more as your bills depend ONLY on your tariff and usage , not on the meter/s that are measuring that usage . We are already paying £billions for these meters to be fitted in our bills (regardless of whether we have one fitted ) . I have fitted an energy monitor like this:,aps,160&sr=8-6 Seems expensive now ,but got mine 8 or 9 years ago from EON for £7.99 (sender just clips over the meter supply and display sits on the mantlepiece) and it does show me when I leave the oven on etc. So I'm not against what "Smart" meters do ,but against what the energy companies could do with them . There are too many urban myths (good and bad ) around these meters so stay well clear is my advice . Roll out was supposed to be complete by 2019 , then 2020 (when suppliers will face fines for not installing their quota , Really !?! ) "Technical problems" are apparently behind the delay :/ and will NOT be resolved by 2020 or even 2022 . The "reprogramming of SMETS 1 meters to SMETS 2 meters is simply "aspirational hogwash" and will only be possible with a small percentage of the newer SMETS 1 meters . "Think" reprogramming an I Phone to become an Android phone . As @J4GG4 commented this was promised 2 years ago but has yet to materialise . Differential (sometimes called Variable ) pricing is my main worry . This means the energy company could vary your unit prices dependant upon your historical usage (raising them when you use the most ) probably modified by a simple algorithm dependant upon when there is excess capacity in the system ( a Smart Economy 7 if you like) . They will , of course present this as a "Discount " as times you use the least energy will cost less per unit ! Another reason Differential pricing will hurt the consumer is that switch sites will be unable to give accurate comparisons as individual consumers will be only different rates at different times of the day , for different periods depending on their habitual usage (which the energy companies will obviously know and exploit ) . Additionally many smaller energy companies will not have the technology to join in the fun ,so many will simply disappear ,thus cutting down competition . Sorry for the long Saturday essay , a difficult read I know . However it is important that consumers understand the advantages and disadvantages of these meters . Too many , as displayed by some comments on this thread , are misinformed on this very important subject or believe the aspirational hogwash put out by the energy companies and the Government (about reprogramming SMETS1 meters and a completion date of 2020 (shock) ) not to mention the Urban myths doing the rounds .


And there’s your problem, make sure you switch as soon as your rate ends if not you will be paying more and rates will still go up. Our fix ends in May we were on such a good deal that we will pay £300 more next year even if we switch to the next cheapest rate. Nothing to do with the meter just priced going up.


From MSE:


Thanks for your advice , it’s appreciated....I understand it’s the smart meter that counts the usage but so do the older meters. It’s not just one person who has had a smart meter installed that complains about price increase, it’s every household that has had it installed that has had their bills increased. Now every smart meter cannot be faulty. I think in my case most likely is they’ve switched me over from a fixed tariff which we was on for the past 4 years plus to a variable tariff. All previous bills were based on actual meter readings taken so no way we were under charged. In fact we were paying more monthly than our families and friends which led us to installing a smart meter.


It is a shambles and clearly wasn't thought through enough before they rolled out. But everything that I've read suggests that the first gen can be updated to the second gen and will be according to the government. Whether that's via SW or hw I don't know. Lots of info here...

Various radiators for decent price (unusual sizes available) from £14.99 @ Brooklyn Trading
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
I bought a 400 x 900 mm type 21 radiator for £31 including postage. The RRPs are way over but the prices are reasonable and postage was quick, i checked the usual places like screw… Read more

Plenty of their rads is Type 20 - without fins between panels. There is massive difference between Types 20>21>22 in BTU of the same size rad BTU: 4721 - Type 20 700 x 1200mm BTU: 7216 - Type 22 600 x 1200mm - smaller


These seem excellent value. Sadly they all seem to be quite low BTU - I need something a bit more hefty for my project :(


Its worth looking at Wolseley - they do good quality radiators, you can buy 'value packs' of 5, 7 or 9 radiators. If you are buying mostly large ones this should work out well for you. When I bought my mine there a few months ago the pack included TRVs as well. It wasn't mentioned anywhere so might be worth asking for them. Be aware that the search feature on the site is really poor. If you cannot find what you want using the search trying looking through the categories anyway and you'll probably find it.


I may be wrong but í have been told UK radiators are or historically have been oversized. For heat pump business where i work, there are much lower flow temperatures 35-50 is the standard, so you need bigger radiators than with gas boiler, luckily because of the oversizing you only need for example double the original area rather than triple if they were originally correctly sized.


This is exactly what I done last month. Upgraded all of the radiators in my house to double type 22 ones from screwfix. Initial outlay to purchase and replace was a bit pricy but the benefits are unreal. Where we used to put the temperature up at 21/22 degrees to heat the house up, we're now doing at around 17 degrees and the place is scorching. I imagine in the long run it'll be benefical on the pocket.

Octopus Energy switch to best tariff
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
If you're an Octopus Energy customer, you're able to switch between tariffs at any point to ensure you're getting the best deal for your money. Currently, the best available tarif… Read more

Yeah you can get £50 instantly using a referral I did with a friend and I’m still With them great company


Octopus Energy do have a referral scheme where the current and new customer both get £50 credit to their account. However, I've not added my referral link as didn't think it wouid be allowed on HUD.


Is there any sort of referral benefits from this or not? Thanks

Free trees from Octopus Energy for  local schools and community groups
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Green up your community with free trees from Octopus Energy Do you have community space in need of some trees? We're planting 10,000 native saplings across the UK, free, to draw a… Read more
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Anyone else apply for these and have revived a delivery email????


Brilliant ...received the confirmation email for the school i volunteer at ...thanks ..


Totally agree. Everything about them is exactly what a utility supplier should be like from customer service to pricing


Thank you. Always looking for freebies for schools!


Octopus energy is great. (y)

British gas customers-2 days free Electricity in a year with Loyalty Days
31/12/2019Expires on 31/12/2019Found 5th FebFound 5th Feb
British Gas rewards for British gas customer. British gas is offering 2 days of free electricity in a year. Customer will receive refund equivalent to 1 day of electricity bill eve… Read more

Oh dear. Surely this is a joke comment?


Switched to OVO after years back never had a issue and saved around £20 a month at least since then. British Gas are just too expensive. Need 2 month of free electricity.


Switch to SSE and get £100 cashback. Or stick with BG and get £100 back in 256 years :D No thanks


Decent but there was a better offer before Christmas. Be careful what you sign up for because this new one isn't available to me now so guessing a better deal wouldn't be later for anyone that signs up to this one ...


I've been doing washing, ironing, drying, electric fan heater on 24/7 for 365 days... They won't see me off... :D

From 3% to 5% interest on credit balance - Let interest pay your energy bills @ OVO Energy
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
From 3% to 5% interest on credit balance - Let interest pay your energy bills @ OVO Energy
This is something that is reserved for Ovo customer. As an energy provider, I have been finding them pretty good/competitive and their customer service is excellent. I had a quick… Read more
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Unflattering report on Ovo


Agree with And1Split’s comment above. I used uswitch to compare and didn’t go with the absolute cheapest. Opted for Bulb based on reviews etc and a very happy customer one year on. The key is to compare unit charges and not go by estimates of what different providers think the energy will cost you each month. They also offer a £50 referral credit similar to some other suppliers. Any questions on Bulb or if you would like a referral, feel free to send me a private message.


OVO installed a meter at my house about 3-4 years ago, however there was a technical error and unknown to me the bills were being generated wrong, I contacted them as there was an error showing on the website and it wouldn't let me increase my DD. I noticed there was a section on the website where you can view an estimated bill and I was shocked to see it said £1700, I called and they told me my bills had been undervalued the whole time I had been with them and as per ofgen rules they can only send me a correct bill for 1 years electricity usage, I use roughly £20-£30 of electricity a month so thought it would be around £400 ish, I had £150 credit in my account so I was thinking £250 its not great but wont be too bad, they actually decided the £150 in my account was legally there's to take and put my account to -£700, I emailed them to recalculate and they replied 5-7 days later saying its correct and there's nothing I can do, I replied asking if I could have any compensation as it will be difficult to pay off, they said they don't have to as they have done the legal minimum, so now because I cant pay off at once I'm stuck paying £150 a month to pay off the debt slowly, once its payed off I'm switching, unfortunately I cant say I would recommend OVO to anyone. Bottom line is any money they direct debit from you is there's to keep should you find any issues with your account even if the billing issue is over a year, had I know I probably wouldn't had any saved in my account,


Best customer care I have ever seen but unfortunately not competitive on price now


They will not let you drop thousands on it. The T&Cs do mention that if you are found abusing it, they would automatically trigger a refund and would disable the benefit. My house gets pretty cold during the winter months and my last bill for electricity and gas was £211 (ouch..). My recommended direct debit is £135 but I set it up at £200 to ensure that I stay in credit. Also, it is worth mentioning that there is also another bonus that is the self-service reward when doing everything online and paying at least the recommended amount by DD: £7.50 per fuel/per quarter so a potential £60 off for the year.

Beurer TL41UK Daylight SAD Lamp with Energy Saving LED Technology @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £ 39.99 Delivered
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
Beurer TL41UK Daylight SAD Lamp with Energy Saving LED Technology @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £ 39.99 Delivered
£39.99£69.9943%Amazon Deals
new one on me,but hey ho who am i to argue.Compact SAD lamp to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal effective disorder Medically approved and recommended treatment for the symptoms … Read more
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I personally use it for an hour + before work. Usually i stand it on my table next to my chair while i check my emails or read my course books for work etc. If i dont have much free time i stand it closer (on the arm of my chair) and use for 20/30 mins. The closer it is the more powerful it is so less exposure time is needed.


How long do you use it for, every day ?


I think it's also aimed at those that don't see much sun light e.g. Office workers doing long hours, coal miners, maybe even Dracula ..... 8)


I suffer from SAD and so I bought this and my mood has improved significantly.


Voted HOT! (y) My partner bought me this for christmas after years of suffering from SAD and its great. I use it every single morning and its made such a difference to my mood. Fab item x

Instant pot Duo v2 £70 off! 7 in 1 cooker - poss energy saving £100 Sold by Instant Pot UK and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Instant pot Duo v2 £70 off! 7 in 1 cooker - poss energy saving £100 Sold by Instant Pot UK and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Ive heard so much about this pot and I was going to buy this two days ago for £140 but for some reason waited went to get it today and its another £40 off. If you use the amazon sm… Read more
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You only need a plug shape adaptor to use in India. They use 220v 50hz, UK items will work without issue. The advise above is incorrect.


I purchased one for £79 on black Friday from Amazon. I also tried the Pressure King Pro and there are lots of cheaper ones. However the IP is really well made, specifically the inner stainless steel pot which can be put on a hotplate with the lid on. I have a second inner pot so I can then cook more things for the same meal and of course you can get inner stackable pans as another accessory to cook multiple things at the same time. I haven't stopped using it every day since then and my wife loves that I now do most of the cooking :)


May be you are right and I dnt want to sound like an advocate for IP but I have boiled 6 eggs today in IP in 5-7mins and have made porridge in the past (with no stirring or baby sitting) in 10mins.


Also I got all my accessories online either from amazon or ebay but some here and some in USA.


The price isn't too bad if I'm honest.. And about cooking foods that need same cooking times.. You will get more confident as you use it more and understand how to find a happy medium. For example if I cook dal in one box rice in other and dry veg curry in third, I know dal needs more time so I will either soak it for few mins bef cooking or use hot water from kettle to make the cooking faster. All three things cook in 15 mins and no clean up at all other than the 3 boxes. Happy days!

Sonic Watchman Oil Tank Monitor - £59.95 @ Boilerjuice
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
This is the best price I've seen for these Oil Tank Monitors, I've bought the Alarmed one which is also discounted on the same site £74.95 instead of £89.95 they all include free U… Read more

I've lived in 3 houses now with Heating Oil Tanks and I've never had one with a dipstick, in the past I have always fashioned one out of either Broom handle or Garden Cane.


If the oil level drops quickly then it sets off an alarm on the receiver unit. My tanks is probably about 90 meters from where I have the receiver plugged in, the receiver is plugged into a socket next to a window but does not have a direct line of sight, the direct line of sight is through a stone wall, but I don't exactly know how the signal is transmitted/received so I can't give a definitive answer.


How does the alarm feature work? Does it sound an alarm at the tank or in the house? Also it says "200 metres line of sight range" does this mean the signal wont go through brick wall?


Have had two now. They last around 18/12 before dying a death.


Do you not get dip sticks with domestic tanks?

Linear 15mm A Rated Angled Thermostatic Radiator Valve & Lockshield Pack £6.35 @ Selco BW
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Linear 15mm A Rated Angled Thermostatic Radiator Valve & Lockshield Pack £6.35 @ Selco BW
£6.35£6.959%Selco BW Deals
You will need to setup a trade account so require proof of business: Supplied with matching 15mm lockshield v… Read more

A deal...


According to "We accept a photo or scan of: business card, letterhead, compliment slip, certificate of incorporation, company invoice/order form, VAT certificate, tax document, CSCS card, tenancy agreement (landlords), tenancy deposit protection certificate, liability insurance certificate, or company bank statement. Do not upload bank or credit card information." So I guess you could get some business cards printed, setup as a sole trader or register a limited company for £12 or just ask a mate


any tips on getting a trade account without a real business?



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