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Two Samsung SmartThings Plugs and a Hub (worth £139) for £1 when you sign up to Green Energy with Bulb
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020Posted 22 h, 53 m agoPosted 22 h, 53 m ago
Hi guys, this is my first deal so please be nice! HUKD has helped me massively over the years and I want to try and give back :) I thought this was a pretty good deal. I've swit… Read more
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If you're surprised, imagine how I feel!!


I am very surprised at your issues with refund. I was £560 in credit in March 2020. I asked for £500 back and it was in my account next day. Then as I was leaving I asked for the rest, when I got the final bill I had to pay them £3.74.


Anyone used LookAfterMyBills (the one where all dragons offered them investment)? The providers they list in their list is never heard about. Wonder what algorithm they use to pull up the list.


At British Gas Green Future tariffs are the greenest we have available to help you manage your carbon footprint today. Sign up and as you power your home, you’ll also be supporting a variety of exciting initiatives that help protect our planet. On a Green Future tariff, we’ll match your home energy use with fully-certified, renewable sources. Put simply, most of your CO2 emissions from your home energy use will be balanced with renewable energy and carbon offsetting, getting your home closer to carbon neutral. And that’s just the beginning. Because with a Green Future tariff, you’ll support carbon-cutting projects at home and abroad. Right now, that means helping UK woodlands through tree-growing projects and protecting an entire hectare 1 of precious Amazonian rainforest.


In the process of leaving Bulb switching to British Gas savings £180 over the year please be aware Bulb installed my smart meters (smeg 2) for both gas and electric last year & still have to send readings manually monthly . customer services always helpful .Only moved to British Gas for the savings.

Get paid to use electricity on Octopus Energy Agile tariff - get paid 10p per unit! See Post for Details
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Octopus Energy Agile tariff works by tracking daily wholesale energy prices and provides the next days pricing in advance. The wholesale price is derived from a combination of gri… Read more

Read in the comments below I typed why


I'm on a pre-pay meter. I saved the last one of these posts. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to change supplier as I'm in a council flat. I do have internet though so I have a constant use of electricity even afk.


I’m also with Bulb. Only issue I’ve had was a missing referral payment. Once contacted, was fixed in 24h As for DD, I’ve changed mine several times with no problems. When I see people complain about a company, I sometimes wonder if it’s because they don’t do all your thinking for you.


How come? I've been with Bulb a couple of years. No problems whatsoever, very competitively priced, I pay them, they provide my gas and electric. Pretty good arrangement if you ask me. What problems did you have then?



SSE - Free Google Nest Mini and Nest Thermostat E worth £248 when you switch energy tariff + possible £85 Quidco cashback
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Free Google Nest Mini and Nest Thermostat E worth £248 when you switch energy tariff with SSE + up to £85 cash back through Quidco This has to be done online through quidco and d… Read more

Has anyone with SSE not had an electricity bill had my gas normally have them together but not this time say next bill due in aug


(mad) All suppliers do that unless you are on fixed tariff. Mine with british gas also gone silently up over last year as I was on standard.


I am not sure, I don’t remember the charges at the beginning of the contract , the online bill doesn’t mention it either just how much I used (mad) very cheeky how there don’t simply put everything on your bill like a telephone or mobile contract Price increase could be the reason why as I’m sure bulb is not fixed price (confused)


glad for this reminder to check my tariff, ended up switching to 1 year fixed with British Gas with free boiler cover. £50 cheaper than bulb, eon was cheaper based on usage but that required a smart meter and it's impossible to fit without tearing my kitchen apart. I was tempted by this as I woulnd't mind a smart thermostat but I guess its more of a gimmick than somehting I would really benefit from.


Surely you had price increase in between ?

Free electricity days @ British Gas Rewards (Selected customers)
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Just logged into my British Gas rewards and got this offer, worth checking yours too!

What is?


It’s £1 a month. Lol


5 days for me on the PC web page... installed phone app and got another 20 days over the next year (this didn't appear on the PC web page log in) Nice.


No thanks.


Bulb energy are good and it all green energy. Message me for £50 credit with them.

Heating Oil 18.2p Per Litre + Storage Fee Until 31 December £25 @ Goff Petroleum
1247° Expired
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Seeing another post for heating oil, I thought I would post this deal that I received this week. Goff price-matched another deal I had received from another supplier (in fact beat… Read more

An older car maybe, with a splash of oil for lubrication. But it will smell a little bit and its the same penalty as running on red diesel if you do get caught or someone dobs you in.


With the price so low it might be worthwhile ordering the 500 litres, when it's delivered at the end of October just squeeze in as much as you can, if oil prices have risen again you'll probably still be winning. I know the minimum order is 500 litres but if they only put 450 in they can't then take it out!!


Greedy people won't be that smart and goff know that ;)


That's the issue, heating will be off for us now till late October and hot water will probably see us using only a litre a day at most. So assuming the minimum delivery is 500 litre, no chance of that fitting in the tank by end of Oct!


Of course you could if you have a kerosene powered generator, I'd be surprised if you could get one more than 20% efficient though...

Cheap Heating Oil 19.70p per litre @ Boilerjuice
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Heating oil is dropping to ridiculous levels in price. Just bought 1000l at 19.70p a litre, costing just over £200 for a delivery in a weeks time. Obviously area dependent but it i… Read more
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The "nickname" for the 28 sec kerosene that is used in most domestic oil fired boilers. Usually just called home heating oil. (y)


What is heating oil??


It was a business premises offering sauna , swimming and massage services.


You will eventually kill the injector pump at £500 + if you don't add some sort of lubricant to it...i know a few people thought it was a great idea until they ended up with a £1000 garage bill. Its fine if you have an old scrapper you're not really worried about and willing to dump when it goes wrong, things could get very expensive with a newer diesel... never understood people using it when they were already getting good mpg from a diesel.


Why would HMRC be interested in someone’s home oil consumption?? We order 2500 litres a year for our house and 500 litres for our swimming pool, no one bats an eyelid. (confused)

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Free Sky Store voucher worth £5.99 from British Gas Rewards
TODAYTODAYPosted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Just looked on my account and had the reward sitting there waiting to be collected. Perfect timing for me!

Heat from me! Just checked my account and got it :)


Actually you made me log back in.... It's playable still. Strange as around a year after purchase I logged in as I fancied watching bridge of spies for some reason and there were errors. Good to know really. Yeah sky is oddly quite lame for that. Usually the standard HD or remastered copies. I guess quality doesn't bother me much as I'm one of those who would spend 15 hours downloading a 250mb cinema "cam" back in the day on a 56k modem and then have no choice but to appreciate being able to see it (somewhat) (lol)


I didn’t know Sky Store purchases expired! I’ll have to check the ones I have! Thanks for the info! I prefer buying discs myself, although I get 4k ones these days, which you can’t even get in sky store for most films.


I tend to credit the £5 vouchers to my Sky Store account and spend them when I see a deal. There may be an expiry in the small print somewhere, but I've had credit on my account constantly for years. I've also experienced them sending me £5 vouchers with each physical DVD, which can be a bonus, especially when I've bought £free DVDs to begin with.


Cant find anything worthwhile to spend vouchers on?

Hive Active Heating Multizone Smart Thermostat - Requires Professional Install - Silver £95 @ AO
319° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Create the perfect climate in your home with this smart thermostat from Hive. It lets you control your heating anywhere at any time from your phone, tablet or laptop – so when you’… Read more

1) I never had a thermostat fitted before this 2) With this it means I’m not heating an empty house 3) If it’s particularly cold outside I can make sure my house is warm before I even step through the door 4) Synced up with my hive door contacts and Phillips Hue lights 5) I can control the heating in each individual room from my phone - as my bedroom is south facing it’s usually a fair bit warmer than the other rooms - I can set the heating just so all without having to get up.


Does this come with the receiver that wires into the boiler? Already have an existing hive hub from when I moved house.


I fitted my Hive myself. YouTube has a number of videos that will show you how to install it. The only slight problem I had was with the room thermostat.


I turn ours down from my phone and she never knows !


Not sure of your home situation but we had the problem of some cold rooms and some too warm so we bought a set of 5 smart hive TRVs, enabled 'heat on demand' and for the first time this winter (since moving into our home) we've enjoyed a house that has had balanced heating throughout. I honestly couldn't be happier with the whole hive setup as it is now

tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ - Intelligent Heating Control - £94.94 @ Amazon
243° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ - Intelligent Heating Control £94.94 @ Amazon Description tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ - the smart way to control your heatin… Read more

Thanks very much I'll have a look


Check out Drayton Wiser. After a lot of research I went for Drayton Wiser 18 months ago. Fantastic bit of kit at a very good price.


I'm guessing that this is a similar bit of kit to Hive or Nest only cheaper? If so is there one which is better than the others or are they all pretty much the same? Thanks


That box is the extension kit. Check here if you need one.


Tado are happy to check that it is compatible for your boiler. Compatibility article and contact link ...

Homeserve - Anyone who works for The NHS or Social Care and has any plumbing or heating emergency will be fixed for free
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
As of Monday if you work for the NHS or work in social care and you have an emergency plumbing or heating issue please call HomeServe - You dont need a policy, they will simply sen… Read more

Came next day to fix my leak. Guy was nice and professional


Does it apply if you're a personal registered carer for someone & get carers allowance?


You might want to check the manufacturer. Homeserve said same about my Potterton Promax (Gas), but Baxi (manufacturer) had a similar offer. They came out and fixed it last week.


Such a shame, I rang homeserve as my boiler is in lockout, a friend gave me the details as I am an NHS worker, but sadly they don't deal with oil Central heating.


Just rung them having sprung a leak. Coming tomorrow. Much appreciated as I'm on nights at the moment.

Hive Active Heating Thermostat with Hub & Receiver - self install - £124.99 @ Amazon
225° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Heating Boost - For up to six hours Heating Schedules - Set up to 6 daily time slots Automatic Frost Protection - Helps prevent frozen pipes Holiday Mode - Tell Hive your holida… Read more

£139 now


probably the best advice for most too, had a mate that decided to diy and got blew out of a window, not kidding either im gonna wait for the install package to come around


Thanks, thought it was better to be safe than sorry as I didn't want to give out illegal advice and have people work on boilers directly since it's not simple either


yeah i was thinking its not just a simple swap out. For info though anyone can do 'some' work on their boiler although NOTHING that would affect gas work, i can remove the cover and swap the circuit board for example or fix a leaking water joint, not that id do any of it as I'm kack handed and would only make it worse but your statement isn't quite true


By law, any gas device can only be worked on by a Gas Safe qualified engineer and since receiver is built into boiler, only professionals can work on it This isn't a straight swap like mine so you need professional advice and fitting

Heating Oil - 21.48p / litre Dorset via Boilerjuice
284° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
I have been watching the oil prices falling, just bulk order with my neighbours through boiler juice and we have secured 21.48p per litre in Dorset, I know that prices can vary nat… Read more

Ordered at £252 for 1,000 litres on 17th with Fuel Fighter, no delivery yet. However price is now £212 on Boilerjuice and Fuelfighter.


Dropping like crazy... Got a 500l top up on Monday, £139.....£123 today 4 days later.


definitly does thats 15 quid under my usual guy ill double check with him on monday just to be sure thanks dude


900 Litres £244.09 Delivered to BT81 with if that helps


bt81 its fine im going to hold out for another week and see if it keeps dropping down another fiver today as well my local dude is still the cheapest around beating the big names like scott and jennings by a good bit

tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ - Intelligent Heating Control, Easy DIY Installation £103.95 @ Amazon
299° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
About this item Always enjoy the ideal temperature in any room with the Smart Schedule and keep a healthy climate at home Control your heating from anywhere with the tado° app, red… Read more

You can pick this up from a number of retailers for £110, so whilst it's cheaper it's not the saving from £199 as stated :)


It doesn’t make a lot of difference to me as I have a young family and the house is occupied 90% of the time. Tado V3+ without subscription will still send you notifications asking if you want to turn the heating off/on. You only have to tap one button. If for example we have a babysitter round and both adults with activated tado apps leave the property we can leave the heating on when the notification pops up. There are ways around it with the subscription (leave a phone at home or manually change the settings) but I think the notification system works better for us. If you are judging systems the same way (excluding IFTT as it isn’t part of the Hive system) it works the same as Hive. As I said before I can see automated geofencing working well for some, maybe couples with busy social lives or houses with single occupancy or older families with no particular routines for scheduled heating but for me the notification system works perfectly. Previously I couldn’t adjust the heating remotely and now I can and that was the main feature I wanted. At the end of the day it depends on personal preference and the activity of your household. If you have the subscription based or V3 Tado you also get the open window/door detection which would be a benefit for most.


Unless I've misunderstood the distinction I can't see what the point of non-automated geofencing is. If it doesn't automatically use the information on where members of the household are to alter the heating then I would expect for most people there is almost no value. I wouldn't agree that without subscription it is the same as Hive. Hive can, for free, work with IFTT to do automatic geofencing. Can't judge it as a system as I don't use it but that seems to work well from info I am aware of.


In my house I have 2 zone heating with 2 therms. Hive often do deals with multzone (2 or more therms) but I never seen a deal with these with Tado? Anyone ever seen one? I know you can get the controllers for the radiators but I need the actual thermostats. Thanks in advance :)


With the version 3+ you still get geofencing, the subscription is need if you want automated geofencing. Without the subscription it works the same as Hive etc. I prefer not to have the geofencing automated but I can see it would be useful for some people.

£20 Amazon voucher when you move to any dual energy tariff via USwitch
-174° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Have a discount code browser extension that highlighted this. Seems to be a partnership between the extension and USwitch. Up to 60 days to be given the voucher, but couldn't see… Read more

You have to have Pouch extension, just looked on my setup and the offer is in Pouch In the Pouch terms and conditions it says the £20 Amazon offer is valid till December so that will be useful in June when I can next switch without penalty.

Number of days of free electricity via British Gas Rewards
31/12/2020Expires on 31/12/2020Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Got via the BG app but no doubt on the website too! Could be worth doing with all being stuck at home

20 for me


Let me know when you are ready to live stream.


Not really just find yourself a creative electrician or buy an old 60's flat - not that i know anything about anything dodgy of course! ;)


I'm sure that is something you rarely hear, even with your highland games skills.



Hive Active Heating Multizone Smart Thermostat - £95 @ AO
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Requires professional install. Silver. AO.COM SKIP TO CONTENT MY ACCOUNT Next day delivery, 7 days a week Hive Active Heating Multizone Smart Thermostat - Requires Professi… Read more

Its cheaper on Hive's website


Gaaaah! I must be having a senile/blond/lockdown (perm any one, two or three) moment. Yes, I meant Hive. I'll just go have a lie down in a darkened room.


If you don't need control outside of the home these do work without a hub. This is a BG branded unit, no hub.


This isn't a Nest.


OK cheers for that (y)

Get paid to use electricity on Octopus Energy Agile tariff - get paid 4p per unit
1752° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Octopus Energy Agile tariff works by tracking daily wholesale energy prices and provides the next days pricing in advance. The wholesale price is derived from a combination of gr… Read more

I was lucky. I already had a Secure smart meter from First Utility, so Octopus could just take it over when I switched. Another strongly negative day tomorrow


I wish they’d hurry up and start installing the smart meters again (obviously masked up etc). I need to be taking advantage of these days (fierce) Amazing!!


In my case I'm better off switching off my solar for a lot of the day as I'd make more using electricity than i make generating it (lol)


You think that was insane? Check out tomorrow


Not getting paid at the moment

Refurbished HIVE Active Heating Control your home's heating and hot water wherever you are £108.20 with code - at eBay currys_clearance
242° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
When an item is listed as "New Other" it means the product is new and unused, with absolutely no signs of wear. Products listed as “New Other” may have sealed boxes that simply ha… Read more

Most times,but when you’re not an electrician and your plumber has wired your stat up cockeyed then you’ll wish you hadn’t attempted it yourself,also there are some scary YouTube videos one in particular with the fish tank under his boiler that is just so rough! He tests to see if wires are live with a neon screwdriver! One more thing as regards the “professional “ installation don’t for one minute think the fitters going to spend ages hiding cables etc,I’ve seen one where the cables were draped along desktops and routers and looked a right dogs dinner!


Aha so if it’s refurbished that would undoubtedly involve a factory reset especially required if say it had been registered to someone yes? “But” according to Hive that cannot be done so as to stop people selling the hubs secondhand,sounds like they are taking a leaf out of Apples book yes?


Awesome deal


I did that watched YouTube found my boilers manual of net and installed it.


Watch some YouTube tutorials and there you go.

Hive Active Heating (thermostat + receiver + hub) with free Amazon Echo Dot for £143 delivered @ Hive
388° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Great price with the free Amazon Echo Dot when you use the code HIVEHAHSELFDISCOUNT20 at the checkout! (y) The kit includes : 1x Hive Thermostat 1x Hive Hub 1x Hive Receiver … Read more

If you can wire a plug you can wire this.


how long has it taken people to get the echo dot voucher? Just placed my order but not had the voucher at the same time as the hive order confirmation


That's a great idea and would work (y) (y) (y)


Could you set it up with a generic email address, say so you could pass it on to new home owners when you move home?.


Installation is currently unavailable :(

Hive Warm Welcome Home Pack - Smart Home for £207.20 delivered @ Hive
322° Expired
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Hive Warm Welcome Home Pack - Smart Home for £207.20 delivered @ Hive
£207.20£23211% Free P&P FreeHivehome Deals
A perfect bundle if you want to make your home smart or smarter! The bundle includes: 1x Hive Hub 1x Hive Active Heating 2x Hive Light (Dimmable) 1x Hive Motion Sensor 1x Hive Ac… Read more

How easy is it to install yourself?


Yes sorry I was after the 179 deal hence why it didn't work :-( If anyone can get this any cheaper than £149 with hive only with the free dot let me no :-)


Just tried and worked. (confused)


Code don't work


if you're not comfortable fitting it yourself, find a local heating/electrician/plumber Prices seem to vary as always

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