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Afternoon All, I’m just hoping that someone on here can help with fixing my leaking tap. It’s not dripping from the spout, but leaking underneath the lever pull. I’ve taken the lev… Read more

That circlip just stops the spindle dropping down inside the cartridge, you would only want to remove it if you wanted to dismantle the cartridge itself, but you would still need to unbolt the cartridge first and pull off the blue bit, as the insides remove from the bottom. Turn the water off, support the tap and unbolt the cartridge, and as Bobster-cyw said, once you've identified the cartridge just bolt it back in until you can get a replacement.


I just repaired mine last week, exactly the same problem. Turn your water off and remove the cartridge with a spanner. I then found a matching one on eBay (just match up the measurements) and pop it back in. No more leaks (y) I wouldn’t bother with removing the circlip, just the whole cartridge. Mine was about £7 Obviously once you’ve ordered just pop the old cartridge back in for now so you can continue to use the tap.


Being a "spanner| is not a compliment.


Thanks for everyone’s input overnight. I don’t think it’s the ceramic discs that have failed as the tap isn’t actually dripping, the tear drop leak is where the circlip is. It’s not constant - only when the lever is pulled. I’m not that confident when dealing with water and as @spannerzone says, the last thing I want is a dismantled tap that’s out of use for a few days. I think the best thing to do would be to remove the circlip and see if I can pull the blue spindle bit out and see if there is a perished washer on that. I’m not sure the circlip is holding anything actually in place,(as it spins round freely (the same on the hot tap))more to stop the spindle from sinking downward (confused)


If it is leaking around the spindle, then it might just need a rubber 'O' ring to replace one on the spindle and a drop of silicone grease to lubricate it, if the OP can get the cartridge apart without breaking the ceramic parts. If the OP is in luck a generic cartridge might fit screwfix have a small selection starting around five quid.|ceramic_tap_cartridge|tap_valves|threaded_tap_glands&cm_sp=managedredirect-_-plumbing-_-tapcartridge

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Updated 18th MarLast updated 18th Mar by groenleader
Hi there. Does anyone own a Watersmith pull out tap? Screwfix sell them and I'm keen to get some thoughts on the quality. Thanks in advance.

Cheap yes but the chrome peels with scaling. The quality is not all that great. I got rid of mine and replaced with a Grohe Minter with the pull-out hose and touch function, worth every penny.


Don't know about quality, however if your gravity fed hot water you may want to consider a pump.

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Updated 16th Nov 2020Last updated 16th Nov 2020 by phillgardner
Leaky kitchen tap help
hello, I've got a leaky sink tap and it seems to be from the push fit connector. Can anyone link a product please that will likely be the replacement? It is coming from cold tap … Read more

If its copper then it doesn't sorry thought it qas a plastic pipe


Thanks. Can the insert go in on the copper pipe?


If it didn't have an insert that will be your problem, the pipe will be getting squashed


It was leaking again. Talk about a fiddle. Replaced the push fitting on cold tap. I already had an adjustable wrench as I couldn't get the thing off from the top. I didn't use the insert as there wasn't one on already and had trouble so just did like for like so hopefully no leaks now. Thanks for the help.


Buy and replace the 15mm inserts. Turn water off and unscrew both ends of push fit coupler.. They will/should be a 15mm insert remove it and put in a new one push pipe down as far as it will go and screw hand tight. Repeat each end so 4 times Flomasta and Speedfit stuff isn't that expensive, so for pure piece of mind just buy 2 new 15mm couplers and pack of 15mm inserts, less than £7 and have piece of mind now no leaks in future

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Updated 9th Nov 2020Last updated 9th Nov 2020 by doorswitch
Karcher jet wash connect to kitchen tap
Hi, could anyone advice me how to connect karcher jet was to kitchen tap, what kind of connector I need and hose pipe. I have attached the pics and where can I get them from. Thank… Read more

This is what you need at the kitchen tap end.


I am quite sure a friend has a similar kitchen tap and got something like this but from Screwfix


I don't think the OP kitchen tap has the ability to screw that connector in. OP can you confirm? Otherwise you'll need to look into one where the connector sits over the tap then you connect the hose pipe.


Take your filter bit off and put this on

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Updated 29th Sep 2020Last updated 29th Sep 2020 by OllieSt
Kitchen tap water filter suggestions please
Hi All, We are doing the kitchen up and I am looking to install an under sink water filter, to remove impurities/limescale if possible. I am looking to install a 3 way tap like … Read more

Yes thats correct


Is it easier to just buy a Brita water filter, just pour tap water into the jug


Good point though, any other suggestions please?


Many thanks for this. Am I right in assuming the replacement filter and scale inhibitor for this is £32.50 6 monthly? Here


You'll need decent water pressure for this i'd assume, so something else to bear in mind / check.

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Updated 29th Aug 2020Last updated 29th Aug 2020 by Scotland1314
Kitchen tap to hose connector?
I need to attach a hose to the kitchen mixer tap, I think I need one of these in pic, but what do I need to connect this to the hose, preferably an amazon link! Many thanks.

Your bang on wonky that’s what I’ve got works a treat no leaks brilliant (y)


As said above it depends on your tap. On the Adapter you have shown the grey end goes over the end of your tap and tightens via the black key/ jubilee clip. The yellow end then clicks into your hosepipe end (see hoselock adapters)


depends on type of tap you have there are different types of tap adaptors.,aps,161&ref=nb_sb_ss_organic-diversity_1_13


Thank you


then i screw in the metal adapter, followed by screwing on the click lock attachment.