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Updated 31st AugLast updated 31st Aug by jplewis76
Anyone able to provide a link to a reliable power cord for an M1 Mac Mini or the official apple product as I can't find it listed. I'm assuming being a figure 8 lead that any of t… Read more

Thought it should be the case but wasn't sure. Had an Amazon Warehouse item with no plug when it should have. They refunded me £50 so I'll find an old console lead


Any will do.

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Updated 23rd MayLast updated 23rd May by Michael_sMu
Good monitors £400 max for Mac Mini
Any advice on a good monitor choice for an M1 Mac Mini. 4k, QHD, ultra wide, portrait flip ?

Dell make the best monitors in my experience and often can be used in portrait mode. Unless there's a reason these can't be used with Macs that I'm unaware of. (I've not used a Mac since high school imac g3)

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Updated 24th JanLast updated 24th Jan by Thumbnail
Current MacBook Pro V Mac Mini M1
Hello guys I currently have a 2016 MacBook Pro which is awful. It’s ok for light use but anything pro it starts to struggle, and fans kick in. I use it with a 2160 x 1440 display a… Read more

I just need a desktop soliton no battery how does this m1 Mac Mini compare to my Mac book pro?


Why not get an M1 air? Can be had for not much more than the mini. I’m using the M1 pro and it’s absolutely great for the price. Stellar performer


RAM. 8gb is far too small. If you have a high res screen and/or external, then you are using a chunk of your 8GB to support that. Your pro would be much more palatable at 16GB. Dont contemplate an M1 to solve this problem, if you opt for the 8GB model. 16GB M1's are available. Hopefully the next gen pros or whatever, will go to 32GB or more. 16gb is still puny in this day and age.


1. repaste CPU/GPU 2. clean all fans 3. add more RAM if possible, i.e. if not soldered RAM


You will notice a big difference, speed, temperature, quietness . I have a 2020 intel MBP and an M1 mini 16gb, and the M1 edges it. It also runs stone cold. I would suggest you shell out for the 16gb ram as has been mentioned. That’s the Max on these chips at the moment Also obviously they’re very different machines. You’ll need your own keyboard mouse display etc. For imaging work you’ll need a high quality colour accurate monitor. I’d recommend the LG ultra fine 4K/5k (currently out of stock) as they connect via thunderbolt and integrate extremely well with Mac OS (or the X DR if you can shell out! (lol) (lol) )

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Updated 15th JanLast updated 15th Jan by mutav
New M1 Mac Mini 2020 256GB (with free Apple TV+ for a year) £699.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
Cheaper than the current £799 the earlier 2020 model is selling for.... … Read more

Worth being aware that you can only get the free 1 yr Apple TV+ once per account.


If you use Windows or Chrome OS, they log a lot more of what you do to their servers. At least with Apple, they’re taking a stance against big companies like Facebook to protect users. Use third party apps? They’ll likely be logging your data. Definitely not saying Apple are saints but probably the better company out of the tech giants at the moment. If you don’t want anything to be logged, then go to something like Arch Linux where you can control everything that’s on your computer. Even then, you’ll have to stop using a lot of major applications


Yeah, I agree with that. Adding RAM to my old iMac definitely gave it an extra couple of years. Unfortunately, it seems that will be the situation going forward for Mac’s with Apple’s chip. Maybe the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro will be the exceptions with such a high starting price when they eventually get their ‘M’ chip. If there was a 32GB model for RAM, I’d 100% go for it. Seems odd to have a maximum of 16GB, especially for the “Pro” model MacBook.


Without a doubt its the better machine performance wise. Its just a shame its sold as a package deal now with no internal upgradable anything.


I guess it depends what you need it for. The performance of the M1 Mac Mini is superior in every way to the Intel Mac Mini. The benchmarks and real world use cases bring the M1 to around the same level as the Intel i9. The base Intel is i5 and it brings it to almost £1k upgrading to an i7, then add RAM and an eGPU and you’re spending way more than the M1 anyway and it still will be slower than the M1 with most use. Also, you can use more than two monitors using a display link adapter if you really need it. You can run Windows 10 through Parallels and still get good performance. If you’re only wanting Windows 10 only on the Mac Mini, I could see this being an issue but why not get an Intel NUC at that point?

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Updated 8th Dec 2020Last updated 8th Dec 2020 by kappaz187
Keyboard for mac mini
Hello, Looking to buy a keyboard that is mac compatible. I found that my existing RGB lit keyboard will not light up with a mac mini. Does anybody know which brand of keyboards are… Read more

Logitech mx keys and other similar ones from 3rd party providers. Be aware that the mx keys is similar to a Mac keyboard - low profile so if you wish to use something with more key travel and a bit more feel look to a Keychron one instead


As far as I know, the Corsair line of keyboards have their iCUE software for Mac ( Take a look at some of those keyboards.


Keyboards are one of the standard USB device classes so they'll work with every machine that supports any keyboard (bluetooth also uses this). If it has a custom feature like light shows which is run by manufacturer's software then you will need one where that manufacturer has developed the software for the version of Mac OS you're running. You may also find something with a simpler backlight designed for function-only isn't run by computer software.


I would’ve thought any keyboard would work fine? That’s the case on my Mac.

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Updated 22nd Nov 2020Last updated 22nd Nov 2020 by Benjamin_M
Best monitor for Mac Mini under £300?
Evening boyos As per title - any good recommendations? Will be used solely for productivity. I've already got a TV for gaming etc But yeah - any recs?

Might be outside your budget No way to answer that question without knowing the screen size you want I'd get one with thunderbolt but they probably all start around 500 pounds mark. Just get a 32 or 34 Inch 4k ultrawide Some really cheap monitors can have a very dark or poor quality image. Remember an old Belinea Monitor I used to have. .check review and avoid fake reviews theres a few out there for monitors.