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Fallout 76 S.*.*.C.*.*.L. Edition w/ 4 part pin set Prime Student Offer £57.98 (PS4/XB1), £52.98 (PC) @ Amazon
13/11/2018Expires on 13/11/2018Found 1 h, 20 m agoFound 1 h, 20 m ago
Not the best price around for Fallout 76 but may be of use for collectors interested in the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. pin badges. Must have Prime student membership to receive the offer Fall… Read more
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Because the edition of the game comes with 3 badges (S, C and L), the other 4 badges are sold in the part pin badge set


Why has S.P.E.C.I.A.L got stars where the letters should be? :/


Just tried it out, looks like rather than buying the S.*.*.C.*.*.L. Edition and getting the discount on the badges separately, you have to do the already bundled package and they knock the discount off at checkout


Doesn't appear to be working for me and I have student prime



Battlefield 5 PC is just £35.99 (digital code) @ CDKeys
15/11/2018Expires on 15/11/2018LocalLocalFound 5 h, 0 m agoFound 5 h, 0 m ago
Buy battlefield 5 at cdkeys.com and save a lot of money. (Deluxe edition is £45.99)
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Do they take money now or on day of release?


Well I enjoyed it, I'm sorry for your loss 💷 Just hope you don't get bit twice


Been this price for ages now and was actually cheaper via cdkeys until a few weeks ago


Bf1 was terrible. Bf5 is more traditional viva battlefield


Loved bf1 and have all the other bf games but just couldn't get on with the bfv beta. I feel they missed the ball on this one with upgrades like faster bullets!! I bought blacks ops 4 instead and I've not bought a cod game in about 8 years but feel they've won me over with this one. Good price though..... hot

Corsair CX450W PSU £39.99 @ Currys/Amazon
Found 9 h, 56 m agoFound 9 h, 56 m ago
Picked this up around a month ago for £47.99 from amazon, great power supply that's bronze rated. Seems to be free delivery or collection too! Edit: Can be found at Amazon her… Read more
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Yeah not ideal for a 450w PSU to only have one PCI-e connector, but in reality it shouldn't affect that many, unless you have some 1070's or above which require two power connectors. The CX450m does have two PCI-e power connectors which isn't normally too much more than this.


Is that unusual for a 450w PSU? That would allow it to provide 225w of power to a graphics card leaving 225w for the rest of the system.


Tier 3: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/631048-psu-tier-list-updated/ Not bad for £40


Whoops, I thought it was the semi-modular version. Thanks letting me know.


Yeah its an OK PSU, good for budget builds (basically its not dangerous like lots of other budget PSU's). But be aware it only has one PCI-E power connector.

HP 27 Quad-HD Display - extra 40% off @ hp official site
21/10/2018Expires on 21/10/2018Found 15 h, 3 m agoFound 15 h, 3 m ago
£ 419.40 for this monitor: https://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=Z4D33AA&opt=ABU&sel=MTO From the HP store - their blurb= 68.58 cm (27") QHD lightning … Read more


Goldenfir 1TB 2.5" SATA SSD - £99.51 (New Sign Ups only) @ AliExpress
Found 15 h, 26 m agoFound 15 h, 26 m ago
Sub £100 1TB SSDs are here! Even though Goldenfir isn't a well known brand, their SSDs seem to be receiving decent reviews, all being true to capacity with average read/writes aro… Read more

All these SSD co's love to quote the fastest seq speeds (clean, unfilled drive),.which wont really affect most people, rather than the 4k block speeds which will affect people esp. if this drive is used as a boot drive. Dram -less means that it gets a lot more writes than a normal cached drive. It would be nice to know what controller and namd it uses .. supposedly JMICRON ("the horror, the horror") but even then their problems were a few years ago. Cheap yes, worth your money?? highly debateable ...specially when known good brands are dropping their prices significantly


Poor read/writes, along with lower 4k reads than writes. (based on 120gb/240gb). Basically don't buy


Interesting! So potentially rebadged refurbished devices, or(more likely) built from NAND that was rejected by big brand QA due to having too many dead cells. That's a lot more encouraging.


lol. guess i have morals, i eat meat, i drive a petrol car and cant be arsed with recycling, but have no choice as they wont take my bins otherwise (lol)


They’re just an operating company it’s not like they kill people lol if you’re going to take a stand on a tech YouTube channel being sponsored by Cisco you’d better already be a vegan that doesn’t drive cars and splits all your recycling religiously (:I

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider PC £29.69 @ Steam
Found 17 h, 15 m agoFound 17 h, 15 m ago
Cheapest yet for PC I think. Only on offer until 22nd October. (y)

This game looks like a casualty of the release period. It will be sub-£20 soon enough.


Nice deal considering game is one month old. Heat addedddd. :)


Beginning of price war?


Not from cd-keys. Cold


It's a good thing in my opinion as the second game was good. I'm a fan of a series. It's not as good as uncharted but good enough

Jackbox Party Pack 3 for £3.79 (PC / Steam) @ Fanatical
TODAY at 15:59Expires TODAY at 15:59Found 19 h, 43 m agoFound 19 h, 43 m ago
Always popular, and a great party game! 24 hours only, or until stock lasts, the third party pack in the series is reduced to £3.79! The king of party games returns for a zany… Read more

I bought this on Xbox for £11 and I definitely think it's the best bundle so far! It's a bargain to get it at this price!


Dang, my sister paid full price for this only this weekend as she wanted us to play it. Great games though and fantastic value at this price!


Party pack 5 out today cant wait !!!


Can’t see why not. You just mirror the screen from the cast it icon.


Nice 1. Got the first 2 packs! This one in sure is just as good!

XCOM® 2 on Steam for PC, £8.74 at Fanatical
Found 19 h, 51 m agoFound 19 h, 51 m ago
Platforms:SteamSystems:WindowsPublishers: 2K Games Developers:FiraxisReleased:February 04, 2016 Genres: Strategy Features: Singleplayer Multiplayer Steam trading cards Steam … Read more

good price but i have waited this long for a complete edition, so gonna stay strong :)


Why was your friend a bleep?


Not a fan of the xCOM series. I would have liked it on PC but my friend was an **s!


yawn. different system and it's not free if you PAY for a subsription is it. Thanks OP, been playing the free weekend so I'll get myself a copy.


180 hrs sunk in and still not enough

PES 2019 (PC Steam Key) @ CD Keys £22.99 (£21.84 via Facebook)
Found 20 h, 11 m agoFound 20 h, 11 m ago
PES 2019 £22.99 steam key via CD Keys. Absolutely cracking price. Possible to get it at £21.84 via the usual Facebook 5% like and purchase.

Nicer graphics which means a bit slower on my older pc and especially my laptop. The game seems identical to me but there are now 3 to 4 x more online players on pes 19 than 18. That said I only do online division so don't know if myclub has changed


How does this one compare to PES 2018 on pc?


Really great gsme on pc... Though I am not too good and my ranking just 160! Any other bad players want to have a match?


Super game on ps4. Don't know if the pc is different or not

FREE MONEY Earn £100 cashback @ betfaircasino through TCB when depositing and betting £50!! - New accounts
Found 21 h, 16 m agoFound 21 h, 16 m ago
This is for betfair's casino through topcashback New Account - VIP Casino - Minimum deposit and bet of £50 is necessary to qualify for cashback. NEW ACCOUNT HOLDERS ONLY. Term… Read more
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Please don’t take this in the wrong way but in my opinion the end game is to get people to carry on betting afterwards and this is when you get caught in the trap. And the worst thing that can happen is that you win in your first £50 as then there is this perception that you will carry on winning when the reality is that in the long run there is only one winner. I only say this as I got caught in this trap and it was so hard to get out. By the way, this is no reflection on the deal as it is good. I was just sharing something personal. Not trying to offend or annoy anyone.


I am still awaiting £50 from TCB for a CASINO.COM deal back in August 2017. That's 14 months and counting. You'll have to make your own minds up, but I certainly wouldn't trust them with any large purchases again (and yes, I have complained 3 or 4 times).


Normally the t&c's say you cannot place bets that cover the majority of the board on Roulette for example. But every one I've ever done has had no restrictions for bets where the odds are roughly 50/50. If you place 25 x £2 bets of Roulette just betting on odd/even or red/black you will almost certainly end up with between £40 and £60 left over from your original £50 stake. The odds are marginally less than 50/50 so your win or loss should be minimal. I'd say it's worth the gamble to potentially get £100 cashback. Some online casinos won't pay out (the same as other retailers) but when I used betfair they paid the cashback with no hassle


On a positive note, I did one of these Betfair TCB offers a while back, I think it was £60 back if you put on £20... they paid out quickly and I think I ended up about £25-30 up once i took off my original stake. Haven’t played since though, I took the money and ran!


Can you not play low stake blackjack? If you can then you should not lose much at the very worse

Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Sim Racing Wheel & Pedals [Xbox One / PC] £479.99 @ Box
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Total beast of a wheel set up, looks a solid build, as you'd expect at this price point. It won't be for everyone, but it's a heck of a unit and a really decent price right now. Th… Read more

Cheap...... purchased 2 for split screen.


Not sure I agree, never had a problem with accuracy on driving games with a controller, I find its quicker to flick a thumb left or right than to turn a wheel.


Using a wheel and pedals does add a lot to the experience of driving games. For the casual player because you get used to the controller for most games I suspect it will be easier. However once you get used to the wheel it gives you far more control over the car. The thumb sticks due to the size it is difficult to be so accurate as is with the button control for speed control. When you are chasing seconds on the track such detail can make a big difference. However even as a more casual player myself it is just a lot more fun. I use for Euro Truck games it is a lot easier to control and more relexed than using the keyboard for example. I have to be honest this is a bit out of my price range you would have the be a serious on line racer to splash out this money. So hot deal but only for those with money to burn or a career in online racing :)


Wheels can take a bit of getting used to if you're used to being competitive with a gamepad. But 95% of people will end up better with a wheel after a decent amount of practice with it. And yea, you need a *somewhat* decent wheel, at least something with FFB. Anything below that isn't really worth having at all. The game you play also makes a difference. Wheels aren't that game changing for non-racing sims and the wheel support for non-sims isn't usually that great to begin with. It's the sim racing titles that start to make a wheel more of a necessity for higher level competition, particularly the more serious ones like Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Project Cars 2, etc. Games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport are still fine with a gamepad cuz they offer more forgiveness in the handling model so that really proper driving technique(what you'd really want a wheel for) isn't so crucial.


I have this wheel and I payed less than this from Box £439.99 !!! . It's a great wheel. The FFB is INSANELY powerful. Feels butter smooth compared to the Logitech G29 it has replaced.

Forza Horizon 4 (digital) Xbox One/PC Play Anywhere £38.99 @ Electronic First
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Dynamic seasons change everything at the world’s greatest automotive festival. Go it alone or team up with others to explore beautiful and historic Britain in a shared open world. … Read more
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Absolutely love Forza Horizon 4, it is an excellent game in my honest opinion. I find my game time limited but have got on most nights lately for this masterpiece. Already got 520/1000G and hoping to scoop the lot. The seasons are a brilliant idea, the only small criticisms I have is the seasons are locked (You can get around it if you have disc copy or console set as home if a digital/Game Pass owner and you turn the Xbox offline and change the clock) however traditionally the season lock lasts 1 week. Currently its Winter and I have about 4 or 5 Drift zones which I can't complete because despite having every decent drift setup under the sun, I can't get the 3 star scores because of snow on the floor, think it’s Spring in about 3 days so should finish these off then. Also I do like (again) the auction house, I do have some small criticisms for this which were similar to Forza Horizon 3, the timer saying ENDING SOON doesn't give enough warning and it can be impossible for you to win an auction despite wanting to pay more than the winner, unless its changed I used to prefer Fifa Ultimate Teams auction house in which the time reset for each successive bid allowing the highest paying person to win, also its slow in the auction house and having no relist option for cars that didn't sell (have to reclaim) and having to manually collect credits for unsuccessful auctions seems quite a chore, these could be done automatically I think. Other than that, I think this is a sterling open world racer with glorious graphics. In the past I was mainly a PlayStation owner/player but no racer on PS4 comes close in my opinion to the Forza Horizon series. I eagerly await the expansions, like FH3 I hear this will be around the December mark. An excellent decision to include this on Game Pass, I went and purchased the Ultimate Bundle add-ons and see a lot of VIP badges in online races, this to me strikes that people are happy with this game. Would have happily paid the going rate of this had I not benefitted from the Wuntu Game Pass subscription which allows me GP until 2021. Have some heat.


Bit the bullet and paid for it using 'Skrill' which I was reluctant with. Payment gone through buy guy on support said it is out of stock and they are waiting another batch to come through within the next day...so will see what happens there....


Yes you get it via email (y)


What;s electronic first like? Do they email you the code?


No I love driving games, had many of the non Horizon versions of Forza, Projects Cars, Assetto Corsa plus many more I have forgotten. I found the only unique thing about the game was it’s open world aspect but past that it just wasn’t engaging.

Team - Vulcan 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory £109.99 Amazon Prime Exclusive
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Great price for 16GB RAM. :D Features: - Asymmetric cutting design heat spreader - High Quality Aluminum forged heat spreader all-covered. - Selected high quality IC chips - 1… Read more
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This can be overclocked to 3000MHz, and anyway, unless you have a Ryzen build, it won't make too much of a difference. It is also currently, the cheapest 16GB's of RAM that you can buy NEW. Also, could you link the 3200MHz RAM for £120? The cheapest new 16GB 3200MHz RAM I can find is £137... https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/products/memory/#Z=16384001,16384002,16384004&sort=price&s=403200


Yep different barnds can work fine .. I'm using 12gb ...8gb of vengeance 3000 and 4gb of hperx fury 2400.. it all works fine and seems to run at 3000mhz .. altho I have two sticks of the hyperx fury, which only run at 2400mhz when used together ... :Shrug .. all one intel C/lake ....


This isn't bad but if you have a bit more money to spend on ram for 120 you can get 3200hmz ddr4 16gb so why does this have so much heat?


You *can* mix brands, but unless you're good with BIOS tinkering or find a perfect matching stick in terms of latency(CL), speed(Mhz) and voltage(Xv), it's usually recommended to get another stick of the very same type(not just brand) for the most worry-free compatibility. Another option would be to buy a 2x8GB set, and then sell your existing 2x4GB pair, though that does require a bit of extra hassle.


wise words, thank you. It does seem abit steep £75 im reluctant to pay it especially when i got my first lot for £45 :) I wonder if i could mix the ram brands? so a pair of g.skill and a pair of corsair for example

Patriot Viper 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz kit at Ebuyer for £128.72
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Best price for 16GB 3000mhz kit I've seeen. Some Corsair LPX has been getting pretty hot on here but is pricier than this stuff. CL16 - 16-16-16-36
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The main thing is to make sure your system supports DDR4. If it's a really old system it may only support DDR3. Other than that you should be fine, though motherboard websites do have a compatibility list if you're really concerned. As for whether it will make a difference... it kind of depends...


Would depend on what you currently have. Needs to be compatible. E.g. if you have DDR3 currently then you can't just swap it for this


*+` just google it, as impossible for folk to know by just saying g.skill 3200mhz lots of variations of g skill,


Could I just swap out mine from my tower and replace it with this, would it make it run quicker, not clued up on p.cs


Going to be sub £100 for 16GB 3200 by Xmas at this rate.

All items 25% off with unidays code!) @ Sennheiser.com
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
25% off all sennheiser items!
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Can the code be used on the outlet too?


You mean the QC35 Series II, right?


How can you see what's on offer if you don't have a student ID???


egb3gjpmh code if anyone wants it


Anyone need a code message me

[XBox] Halo Wars 2 // [PC] Halo Wars Definitive Edition Free to Play 18-21 October
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Specifically, as part of a Free Play Days event, Xbox One owners will be able to download and play Halo Wars 2 between October 18-21. PC gamers can try out Halo Wars: Definitive Ed… Read more

The cutscenes on Halo Wars 2 really are something else.


Loved both Halo Wars & Halo Wars 2. Worth it for the cutscene cinematics, amazing!

Hitman 2 PC Steam key (releases 13.11.18) £19.31 @ Gamivo/Cidiki ltd
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Includes: DLC Sniper Assassin, which can be played instantly after the purchase! Hitman 2 is an upcoming stealth video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Warner Bro… Read more
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When you realize that question marks means that it's a question not a statement, you will look much less of an idiot :)


While I appreciate the link, I would remind anyone looking to use this company that they advise you buy their "Consumer Protection" which sounds a lot like "if this was bought using a stolen credit card used we'll give you your money back" used in other places like Kinguin and G2A. Buyer beware!


Can you do just A BIT of research before complaining? You'd look much less of an idiot.


This is a steal. Season One was absolutely phenomenal, well worth playing and re-playing in anticipation for this!


Cheapest now 23 quid

Lenovo TAB 4 10 10.1 inches IPS Tablet PC - (Polar White) (Qualcomm MSM8917 1.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, Android 7.0) £108.62 @ Amazon
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Brilliant HD display - Enjoy a solid visual experience with the 10.1" HD display, which gives your photos and movies a vibrant feel that you'll want to share with the entire family… Read more
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yeah i wouldnt have the money for the 10 inch version, rather get the 8inch version and sacrafice screen size for better performance.


I couldn't agree with you more. :-D But unfortunately, not everyone has money for one though, do they? (even though it is a better beast, but as you're already aware, it cost significantly more than the OP's Tablet does too ... ) So, for everyone else, I believe the OP's Lenovo is more than sufficient for most things I reckon?. :-)


Poor specs?


not at all. Trust me dont go for it. you will regret it. Lenovos are really bad with updates for tablets as well. I had one and never ever received a system update for it. I had it for over a year. Im not joking updating an app can take minutes I have got 350mb internet at work. Think about the rest yourself.


Sd 425 is going to be slow.

Kingston 240gb SSD £34.97 @ Amazon
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Well reviewed drive for what I believe to be a good price.

Is it worth buying a m.2 SSD over this? Eyeing out a m.2 ssd samsung 970 250mb, the write and read speed are huge different to the standard ssd


there also a deal for the 120GO for 21€ !! ;)


I’ve used quite a few over the last few years, many second hand from CEX and had no issues. Sandisk, Kingspec, intel, Kingston, Samsung etc. No issues so far...... I’ve just jinxed myself haven’t I !!


Now that these things have come down in price, I've often thought about about striping a pair of these. If only for giggles but I wonder what the speed/access times would be like


2012 Crucial M4 drive still going strong here. Showing 95% life left...

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