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PCs (personal computers) are one of modern life’s essentials, and for millions of people having the latest, fastest and most reliable PC is vital. With so many different kinds of PC on the market, from tiny notebooks to desktop towers, finding the right system can be daunting, but HotUKDeals explains what purchasers need to know and keeps them updated about the best deals on a dedicated page. Read more
Napoleon: Total War™ Collection
Steam Key PC 4.99/4.49 with code @ FANATICAL
Found 11 h, 24 m agoFound 11 h, 24 m ago
Includes:  Napoleon: Total War - Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars Napoleon: Total War - Imperial Eagle Pack Napoleon: Total War™ Napoleon: Total War™ - Coalition Battle Pack Napoleon… Read more

I Can’t remember why but think I preferred it Empire Total War rather than Napoleon for some reason...haven’t played this for years. Good price

Worms World Party Remastered Steam Key PC @ INSTANT GAMING £1.84
Found 11 h, 41 m agoFound 11 h, 41 m ago
Imagine taking the perfect online gaming experience and one of the most popular Worms games ever made, adding a touch of Steam achievements, leaderboards, cloud saves, full control… Read more
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First blood!


Can this still do shoppa mode and wxw ? I remember when it first came out it needed a patch or something.


Thanks, bought two to play with my nephew. Only version i liked and played back in the day.


The arms race remains the best way to play worms and as far as I know is only on this version.heat added


Probably my favourite version of worms.

Micro Machines World Series Steam Key PC @ INSTANT GAMING £1.64
Found 11 h, 50 m agoFound 11 h, 50 m ago
The legend is back! Micro Machines World Series combines the thrilling madness of racing micro vehicles with epic team battle strategies, set against the extraordinary interactive … Read more
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Yeah it's probably one of the few games I wasted a lot of money on through in-game purchases.


Yep. Made by Codemasters before they got back the micro machines license. Toybox Turbos is a much better game IMHO. MM:WS is just made for mobiles though. Designed to be no fun to play unless your credit card is being bled dry for those sweet, sweet micro transactions.


Isn't it made by the same people, just a newer version of the game?


Toybox Turbos. The best micro machines clone you'll get on the PC. Better than this tosh.


Was gonna say the same thing! Loved MM on the mega drive and this game is nothing like the game of my childhood. Save the pennies, it's not worth it

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Buffalo HD-LC3.0U3B-EU 3 TB DriveStation 3.5-Inch USB 3.0 External Hard Drive - Black@ Amazon £73.34
Found 15 h, 44 m agoFound 15 h, 44 m ago
Buffalo’s DriveStation (HD-LCU3) is an easy-to-use, nomical, and silent solution that enables users to quickly store, access, and transfer files, digital images, documents, and bac… Read more
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No problem (y)


Buffalo are deliberately ambiguous about the brand inside, because it's not guaranteed and can vary, according to what I read before I purchased my Buffalo external drive last year.


Any idea the brand of drive inside?


Magic. Thanks for the info, @MBeeching


Excellent. Thanks, @thewrecker7477

LaCie Porsche Design 3TB Desktop Drive. Free Delivery, Collect + and 2 Year Warranty @ Ebuyer £67.98
Found 15 h, 50 m agoFound 15 h, 50 m ago
With the LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive's USB 3.0 interface, you'll be able to get the job done faster than ever before. Speeds up to 5 Gb/s allow you to transfer a 700 MB vide… Read more
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Portable version in 2tb with USB C available on Amazon for £70.88 prime delivery too.. 2TB Portable USB-C


Yeah...since 4.50 fw... will stick with my internal 2tb, but good to know all the same!... great price anyways... heated...


Yep. (y) I think they did a firmware update which enabled the use of external storage. I don't think a lot of people realise because quite a few still ask if drives can be broken and used internally :D


Apologies... didnt realise you could do that now!.. (embarrassed)

Rocket League PC cdkeys  ( £4.55 with fbook like code )
Found 16 h, 43 m agoFound 16 h, 43 m ago
Rocket League PC cdkeys ( £4.55 with fbook like code ) Soccer meets driving once again in the long-awaited, physics-based sequel to the beloved arena classic, Supersonic Acrobati… Read more
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The only game i'm playing atm...addicted!!!


Thank you for your report. Action has been taken against an unsportsmanlike player.


My favourite game to play if I've got 10 mins spare. Although I have been known to lose a night or two or fifty to "just one more match" syndrome...


OMG! Wow!

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EVGA bundles. GTX 1080 FTW2 & SuperNOVA 650 G3 + Powerlink at EVGA for £484.62
Found 17 h, 25 m agoFound 17 h, 25 m ago
EVGA have some pretty good bundle offers on at the moment. Clearing stock for the impending RTX launch on Monday. For example you can get the GTX1080 FTW2 with a G3 650 superNOVA… Read more
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Oh my god people its the same every generation the old cards drop in price the 980 dropped to under £200 when the 1060 came out its the same every year my god you don't see the pattern its been this way for years. If the 2060 comes out at it mainstream price £250-£300 which it will, it will replace the 1080 now there only so many 1080's left they will all be sold off at first matching the price of the 2060 then £25 cheaper then £50 cheaper. if we see a 2060 at £250 we will see a 1080 at £250 then £240 then £225 etc. until all old stock is gone all company's do this over and over why do people think NVidia will price over the old stock it makes no sense it would hamper sales nobody will buy new cards and they'll just push people to spend that money in the used market, if they do that NVidia make no money. It s always the same doom Sayers are there own worst enemy effectively giving permission to sell these cards at insane prices because that's what you expect lol, all businesses drop the price of old stock cpu's, gpu's, motherboards, t.v's, consoles, had drives, av receivers, couches, over and over year after year, geez lol people make me laugh even when it right in front of there face, they always look for the worst case. What keeps NVidia in check is not so much amd at the mo but the used market it is flooded with old stock why would you buy an overpriced £300 2060 with a supposed 5gb vram (which is a problem 4 me) vs a used 1080/1080ti for the same price or a touch more? id shop used at that point, NVidia know this they have to be very careful or all the money we've got for our new gpu's might just be spent in the used market not only giving them no money but also low sales figures and a PR S**t storm because of overpriced underselling gpu's. Please think before doom & gloom.


Yep, people dont seem to understand that nvidia wont sell their new gpus at prices lower or equal to their current lineup if the performance is increased. For example a gtx 1080 costs £400-£450, so if the new 2070 is equal or better than the 1080, why on Earth would NV sell the 2070 for anything less than £450? Of course they wont....they have old stock to shift they wont just instantly make the old stock useless they need to sell it, because who in their right mind would pay more for an old 1080 when the new offering is better and cheaper?! Plus dont forget there is always a premium added onto release cards too. My estimate is £450-£500 for 2070, and £575-£625 for 2080 region (this assumes a 2070>1080, and 2080 better than or equal to 1080ti). To be honest this happens every new gpu release, these "top dog source" websites release bs info saying ohh new gpus gonna be awesome and cheap, everyone gets excited, then release day comes and its not the case but people decide to buy them anyway. I think NV release snippets to these websites on purpose just to drum up support and create mild panic amongst potential buyers really.


Ah ok cheers for that, I hopefully should be able to get it then!


the price for this is great, i know they are going to want to shift their older stock, but I would be confident in saying the new 1180 will be over the £550 mark. Buying this you wont be disappointed.


Absolutely no chance will it be under $300. I really hope it is but id bet a lot of money it wont.

Icewind Dale + Planescape Torment Pack (PC) @ Fanatical - £4.49 - 48 hour deal
Found 20 h, 20 m agoFound 20 h, 20 m ago
Two classic CRPGs. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with magic, dungeons and dragons in the Icewind Dale + Planescape Torment Pack! What are you waiting for? Grab a Steam ke… Read more
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So much gameplay for so little money


had icewind dale ee in my steam library for a while. cheers op


Might have just been randomly applied, usually you can't apply coupons to star deals.


Hot! Summer sale coupon was applied automaticaly for me so price went down to £4.04 Use code: SUMMER10

Samsung 970 EVO 500GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD/Solid State Drive with FREE The Crew 2 and ScanFX M.2 SSD Cooler £152.39 (+£4.79 c&c) @ Scan
Found 22 h, 15 m agoFound 22 h, 15 m ago
Not a bad price for the SSD itself, but it comes with a couple of freebies! (excited) It includes: Accelerate into the next generation of computing with the Samsung 970 EVO. Kn… Read more
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Cheers, a 10% drop is still pretty big.


I exaggerated, I thought I read up to 25% lower by end of this year but these articles suggesting up to 10% by the end of this year and still continue to fall into next year.


Are you sure, can you link a couple articles?


Completely agree, the only benefit to nvme drives are when you copy large files. There's a few videos on YouTube of comparisons and these drives are pretty much similar to an SSD when using them for gaming. Spend the money of buying a larger capacity SSD if that's what you want this drive for.


Not meaning to sound exactly like a troll, but going from a 500MB/s SSD to a 2000MB/s pcie drive, I'm really surprised it's only 15-25% quicker. Its the sort of shorter loading time I don't think I'd notice....5s or 13s.... compared to the HDD->SSD improvment, those times have actually put me off considering getting one. Thanks for posting those figres tho.

Found 23 h, 59 m agoFound 23 h, 59 m ago
This is a preorder, but I can't remeber a time when I saw a Vega 56 under £400! (excited) PowerColor Red Dragon RX Vega 56 complements the already successful Red Devil Vega card… Read more
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very impressed with PowerColor over the years. have RX580 8GB red devil




We can only hope. ;)


I wouldn't even count on 50%. But I hope 1080Ti will drop on price a bit (steeping down for a 2080-nonTI). And that is all I count for after selling TitanX (maxwell) for 400 quid last week :D


They are not going to be cheap, brace yourself. Woah steady on there fella :) There is very little chance that the 2080 Ti is 70% faster than the 1080 Ti. I would say there is almost no chance of that being the case. Performance increase over the 1080 Ti will be between 15-50% as per rumours.

Grand Theft Auto III PC 99p @ INSTANT GAMING
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Crime does pay. The hugely successful, highly controversial Grand Theft Auto franchise moves into 3 dimensions in the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City. With the freedom to… Read more
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Wouldn't this be better emulated for optional hd resolutions like 4k?


Usually older games require a bit of fiddling and a patch or two made by some guy on a forum to even boot the thing up. Then it ends up crashing after a while. Saints Row 2 is a prime example of this. I still can't get it to play without crashing on me to this day. I don't think GTA IV worked out of the box either, but doesn't crash often once working unless you had mods.


It works perfectly on Windows 10...


Playing the Android port was amazing, although it did make me feel old :) To start a nerd argument what was the best version? I remember the original Xbox port being good, stuff like when you ripped the bonnet off there was actually an engine there.


Bought it... and then realised I'd already got it. Damn you steam backlog.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.PC@ INSTANT GAMING
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Shadow Tactics is a hardcore tactical stealth game set in Japan around the Edo period.  Take control of a team of deadly specialists and sneak in the shadows between dozens of ene… Read more
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Anyway to get this cheaper with a VPN?


Absolutely fantastic game \o/


Amazing game! Got it free via Twitch on Amazon and not quite completed it but it's really rewarding when you solve the puzzles! Ha. I try and do missions without using the guns so it takes me a bit longer as I see some people on youtube using guns and I'm like.. doh no wonder that was hard for me :) But there are so many ways to do each level!


Really good game. Throwback to Desperados, Robin Hood, Commandos...

LEGO Jurassic World Complete Pack. 3.99/3.59 with code. PC @ FANATICAL
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
An adventure 65 million years in the making! Wreak havoc as LEGO dinosaurs with LEGO Jurassic World plus three DLC packs adding new characters and vehicles, saving 80%! LEGO Juras… Read more

Thanks OP, got this hoping it works nicely with my steam controller


Thanks my kids got this game thought I was on to a winner lol


It's for PC, so no


Does this work on PS4?

Life is strange episode one FREE @ Steam Store
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Episode 1 now FREE! Life is Strange is an award-winning and critically acclaimed episodic adventure game that allows the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and fut… Read more
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I don't mind a reminder!


I like that (y)


hotukreminders ;)


It was free since forever but yeah spread the word.


Haha it's a great game though. Worth reposting.

PS4, Xbox one and 3DS games reduced to clear aswell as PC and Nintendo accessories! e.g Dark Souls Remastered at £3.50 @ Tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Tesco Seems to be reducing alot of their stock in-store right now which includes games like Dark Souls Remastered at £3.50 and South Park Fractured but whole at £5.

Never ever anything at Guildford


The large Tesco in Streatham had nothing :(


Any at Haverfordwest


Yeah there were


I am guessing there are none in the Southport store? I have never seen any electrical stuff reduced in there! Only ever groceries and clothes

ASUS Republic of Gamers G11CD Gaming PC - i5 7400, 8GB DDR4, GTX 1060 6GB - £626.85 Delivered @ Currys ebay
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
I purchased this a few months ago at a similar price, although it states no keyboard/mouse included mine did come with a wired keyboard/mouse. Use code PIGGYBANK for £50 off and g… Read more

Won't let me pm you so here's the link. uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/hamedali/saved/njxLD3 With this build the RAM and case are cheaper brands so you can spend a bit more to get better brands. The motherboard can support the new 8th gen socket. Also I dropped the SSD to 120gb to match the price of this tower, that can also be increased for a bit extra. Hope this helps!


Any chance you can pm me part list


I'd wait just a little longer and hopefully after Mondays announcement from Nvidia we should start and see the 10 series gpu prices come down.


Good deal, However if you're willing to build your own you can upgrade the i5 7400 to an i5 8400 as well as add a 240gb SSD for fast boot times. You can have these upgrades while having the 1060 6gb for under £700


Not to do with this deal particularly but I did recently buy this exact machine from John Lewis as an ex demo for £595. Great machine but too much bloat. Once I did a clean windows install it flew. The description here says no mouse or keyboard but mine came with both in the box. Very happy with it.

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