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XCY Quad-Core Mini PC Intel Celeron N4100 8GB LPDDR4 128GB M.2 SSD 2.4G/5.0G WiFi Bluetooth - £140.41 @ Ali Express Deals / XCY Store
Posted 4 h, 18 m agoPosted 4 h, 18 m ago
Sold by XCY 7-14 days delivery via DHL XCY WARRANTY 90 Days-Free Replacement of New Mini PC Within 90 days, if your mini PC appear hardware problems without improper operation,… Read more

Not sure if it's pre-installed mate title just says Windows 10


But via USB is facile and cheap?




No ethernet makes me sad


Interesting. (confused)

New Apple Mac mini (3.6GHz quad-core 8th-generation Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB) £749 @ Amazon
-73° Expired
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Eighth-generation quad-core Intel Core i3 Intel UHD Graphics 630 8GB 2666MHz DDR4 Ultrafast SSD storage Four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports, one HDMI 2.0 port, and two USB 3 ports Gig… Read more

£647 on the edu store if have a email


Yes it’s an eGPU, Razor core X enclosure with a 5700 XT inside.


Go you. So the GPU was an eGPU right?


It’s the 2018 model, refurbished.


Is that a Mac mini from last gen? How come so cheap? Thanks.

Asus Pro E510-B0714 Mini PC w/ Intel i5-4460T@1.90ghz 4GB (NO HDD/NO Charger) £64.95 @ pcbitzuk / eBay
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Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Hi, was looking for small pc for my daughter to do school work, found this one. Seems like a good deal. Please note that there is no hdd but any 2.5 hdd will do , and no charger - … Read more

Hey @karlic it almost got to 100! Well done for your first deal! Thanks for sharing (y)




Stick a 2080ti in there and you’ll be flying.


I'm not saying its slow but its got a starting handle on the side! (embarrassed)


OOS (poo)

Save 20% on Mac Mini (2020) 3.0GHz 6-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 512GB £882.70 at Home Essentials
351° Expired
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
This is an excellent deal for a Mac Mini. You need to be a new customer and apply for a credit account to be able to get 20% off but you can pay for the order outright at checkout … Read more

We have very different experiences of macOS (I’ve never had a problem finding anything or doing anything).


Power bi, excel and most accounts packages are my issue for Linux and macOS.


I wish I could do the same, but for one application I'm stuck in windows land (Power BI)...It pays the bills I suppose. On the positive side, the new XPS 17 is quite nice, and WSL isn't half bad.


You know your stuff man! I've enjoyed your comments in this thread. :D


It's personal preference. I'm a professional designer, I've used macs for over 20 years. My mac is a tax deductible business expense that will still be worth several hundred pounds in five or six years. It's costing me very little in real terms. It works seamlessly for me and helps me run my business in a way that a £100 laptop would not. It will pay for itself many times over. Please don't call me a fool.

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ASUS PN50 Ryzen 7 4700U - Barebone mini PC - £369.99 Amazon (pre-order)
165° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
As per my last deal post for the Ryzen 5 PN50 - these are new out and no stock yet, but Amazon are letting you order with delivery to be confirmed. This is a decent upgrade from t… Read more
Avatardeleted2512491Get deal*Get deal*

My thoughts too. I've still got a pre-order...


Suspicious. Bet they weren't supposed to be listed so will probably come back at a higher price (skeptical)


These products have all disappeared on Amazon....


This would be a pretty decent mini workstation that'll be good for photoshop etc...


does suitable mini server for Plex (4k stream)+ ubuntu server + Adguard Home (DNS server)? how much idle power eating? I am looking for mini server instead Raspberry Pi4.

MSI Cubi N 8GL-001BEU Barebone SFF PC Intel Celeron N4000, up to 8GB for £109 delivered @ Amazon
297° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Reduced by nearly £80 on Amazon for this tiny PC. Was £188.78, now £109 - lowest price i think. Main Features DDR4 2400MHz up to 8GB Intel Celeron Processor Fan-less desi… Read more
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It's 4x the size XD


I bought a whole aluminium laptop with full HD ios screen and N4200 Pentium for lower price. One of them curry's geos


Glad to see it back in stock. If you're a HUKD regular, chances are you've got at least one SSD and maybe even some RAM lying about. Bought this to try with CloudyReady. If it works, that's a bargain Chromebox.


I never managed to get OpenElec to work. What a pain to press the secret reset button and only to see the build failed again.


Yeah long gone are the days of media pc's and xbmc\OpenElec now that plug in streamers are so competent. Must admit I don't miss the days of messing around with OpenElec builds trying to get my Media centre remote to work properly!

ASUS PN50 Barebone mini PC - Ryzen 5 4500U - £319.99 @ Amazon Pre-order
294° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
This looks like a nice barebone mini box with a Ryzen 5 4500U processor. New out I think so on pre-order for the 1st July. CPU is a 7nm Zen 2 based chip and has Radeon Vega graph… Read more
Avatardeleted2512491Get deal*Get deal*

Ebuyer has this item with a release date of 18th August. I was looking for a laptop first but now I'm thinking about getting this. My budget is around £500 and I won't be able to find any decent Ryzen 4000 laptops with a decent IPS screen. So it might have to be this and I'll have to add RAM, storage and monitor and it should come to around £550 in total with a 500GB NVME and 16GB of RAM.


Amazon just sent me an email with a revised delivery date of 8th Sep. This is despite the page being deleted. (confused)


I don't think anyone has one yet. All the products have vanished off the Amazon store suggesting possible supply issues.


Did anyone get theirs on the 1st or not? Inlet the Swedish retailer which listed it first pushed theirs back to 20th July I was curious to see if amazon will likely be the same


It would - but as I said, it would be slower and more of a faff than just building a mITX gaming machine.

MINI PC W5 Pro Intel atom Z8350 quad core Windows 10 4GB / 64GB £87.37 Delivered using code @ AliExpress / WooYi Store
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Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
MINI PC W5 Pro Intel atom Z8350 quad core Windows 10 4GB / 64GB £87.37 Delivered using code @ AliExpress / WooYi Store
Good price for this PC on a stick, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage, and a licensed copy of Windows 10. SD card slot for expandable storage :) Use the code MAYAE7MAY at checkou… Read more

I imagine GTA5 wil be coming to Google's Stadia cloud gaming platform so this stick probably would be able to run it yeah. Depending on WiFi quality.


I also had no idea that this was a thing, amazing really!


Would this thing be capable of running vcarve for a desktop CNC machine?


Probably ready to go but other freight has been a priority. I had an item declared lost by Hermes to a non-EU country. The minute their restrictions lifted, it arrived. DHL is currently 3 x normal cost per kg.


Great for multi media stuff . Even skygo works on this .

Mac Mini 2018 Refurbished with 24 months interest free credit - From £589 @ Apple Store
-152° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Mac Mini 2018 Refurbished with 24 months interest free credit - From £589 @ Apple Store
Apple just launched the 2020 mac minis which are basically identical to the 2018 versions but with more storage. 2018 ones are coming onto the refurb site. You can upgrade the ram … Read more
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I love IOS & Mac but seriously second hand macs are so not worth it. If you buy a MAC mini £800 and it lasts 10 years that’s £80 / yr. very likely but what’s unlikely is buying a 2014 MAC mini for £250 lasting 4 years and no warranty!! Figures don’t add up your paying more for an old product. Are people mad!


Yes, all apple stuff is expensive. A top spec maxed out mac pro is over £50000 on the apple store!


Not to mention how much more upgradeable they were.


Wow, how ridiculously expensive they made the new Mac Minis, starting at £799. These things used to start at £399.

richteabiscuit Seems photoshop doesn't use gpu much. Take your point for something like video editing though. Thanks.

ASRock DeskMini A300 Mini PC Barebone for Socket AM4 - £134.99 Delivered @ cclonline
235° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
ASRock DeskMini A300 Mini PC Barebone for Socket AM4 - £134.99 Delivered @ cclonline
£134.99 Free P&P FreeCCLOnline Deals
Supports AMD AM4 Socket APUs up to 65W 2 x SO-DIMM DDR4 slots Dual M.2 PCIe Gen3 slots 2 x 2.5" SATA III support HDMI, DisplayPort & VGA outputs

I have a load of tasmota-flashed devices but still don't understand the advantages of MQTT (I use them with Alexa). Is it easy enough to play with? Home assistant or Code Red?


I'm not very into much into downloading, but occasionally it is very practical to have the tools on hand. My "home" stack also includes unifi, grafana, influxdb and mqtt server and esphome. I also have some stuff for 3d printing. I'm always open to new ideias tho, I recommend the self hosted sub reddit, always a thing or two over there


Thanks Shadzz. I'm not big on tv / film enough to want Radarr or Sonarr. Portainer looks interesting but I'm looking for more things to do with it! Anything generative, creative etc. Make use of the spare GPUs I have hanging around perhaps... (e.g. wondering if there are some more non-deepfakery uses for something like faceswap) Pi 4 was a big enough jump that I wouldn't be surprised if we see them capable of being more viable for more than just hosting files and such.


Hey, I do software for work, radarr sonarr poetainer plex Jellyfin are most used, but sometimes I spawn something at home if there isnt something in the office, but I mainly do homeassistant, zigbee2mqtt and few others, I basically have a docker compose for home and another for media, I actually would prefer two servers, the home stuff could use a raspberry pi 5 in the future if they get powerful enough.


Would be interested to know what else you use other than Plex? I'm diving into this stuff at the moment. Openmediavault + Jellyfin is covering a LOT of what I need, but there seems to be a ton of other good stuff to get into for a little homelab setup. Organizr looks great...

PC Stick Windows 10 Professional, 4GB RAM/ 64GB eMMC Intel Cherry Trail Mini PC Stick at Amazon £101.99
238° Expired
Posted 29th Dec 2019Posted 29th Dec 2019
PC Stick Windows 10 Professional, 4GB RAM/ 64GB eMMC Intel Cherry Trail Mini PC Stick at Amazon £101.99
£101.99£148.8831%Amazon Deals
Stick pc 4gb 64gb
Get deal*Get deal*

Fill yer boots Don't swing your cat into the graphic card fans though might get a bit hairy!


Does this work with skygo? Or any other way to have skygo on the TV?


Raspberry pi


This competes with a Raspberry Pi 4 once you add case, power supply, storage (£55 + £20 + £9 + £10). Geekbench 4 scores ... Raspberry Pi 4 Single-Core Score Multi-Core Score 978 1768 Intel Atom x5-Z8350 1439 MHz 934 2339


Thanks OP. Exactly what I was after. Need some advice if someone can help. I need a basic windows PC which I connect at home & need remote access to perform operations like office usage & google chrome browser 1. Will this serve the purpose? 2. Any cheap alternatives? 3. Is cloud computer is better option ? Thanks

Apple Mac Mini 256gb Intel i5 6-Core CPU £1001.10 @ Currys
-515° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Apple Mac Mini 256gb Intel i5 6-Core CPU £1001.10 @ Currys
Apple Mac Mini Mac OS Mojave 256gb SSD 8gb RAM

It’s Ssd in the MacBook and older magnetic drive in the iMac. The former is only two CPUs while iMac has 4. One of my diagnostic tools show that the RAM is constantly at 75-80% usage even with nothing running but the OS, which leads me to believe that there’s a fault there in one of the 4gb sticks


Are you running with a ssd? I’ve found this makes the biggest difference. My 4gb MAC mini with ssd feels smoother than the iMac I have at work which has 32gb and a i7 but with a hard drive.


Seems a bonkers price to me. I must be out of touch, but the last time I considered a Mac mini, they were about £450 for decent ish spec.


It would be fine for Photoshop cs6 as that’s what I still run. Tried the Adobe cloud tools and it was a tad slower. If wanted to edit video then I’d go for more, but it should be okay


Might be my older machines getting bottlenecks elsewhere. My iMac really hangs with 8gb (but I suspect I have a RAM fault there) and my MacBook Air can even beachball using Safari with 3 tabs and an FTP client running. I’d always recommend 8gb+ for anything heavier than an Office suite and browsing

ASRock DeskMini A300 Mini PC Barebone for Socket AM4 - £129.98 delivered @ CCLOnline
349° Expired
Posted 6th Dec 2019Posted 6th Dec 2019
ASRock DeskMini A300 Mini PC Barebone for Socket AM4 - £129.98 delivered @ CCLOnline
£129.98£142.379%CCLOnline Deals
If you are after a really tiny AMD PC, this barebones system is smaller than ITX! NOTE it uses SO-DIMMs (laptop memory) and is suitable only for Socket AM4 APUs. Features: Dime… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*


Mine arrived today, bought the 3400g to go in it. Seems a nice little machine. Took hardly any time to slot in the m2, cpu and ram. Kept the cooler that came with it for now, such a quick setup. Windows installed and running great, thanks op.


Thanks @EDEN188 and @Uncommon.Sense I hadn't realised the AMD chip.was also a looks very promising :D I had previously used shuttles quite a bit for sff rigs but they seem to have ruined a quite positive brand. Happy Christmas to me ! (y)


Depends what you mean by "reasonable games", as this review suggest a Ryzen 3400G ( does a pretty decent job with most games. If that is sufficient, then get 1 of these box and plonk this CPU in and it will do the job for your media server (assuming Plex server? it will support hardware transcoding) and gaming. If you want something beefier and got a deep enough pocket, you can try Uncommon.Sense's suggestion and get a NUC (with thunderbolt) to connect to an external GPU (needs an eGPU enclosure), adds quite a cost. Another alternative is the AsRock's Deskmini GTX (Z390), you can add GTX 1000 series GPU, but it needs to be in MXM format (


As I suggested earlier, some folks get an Intel based NUC and use an external GPU. What dimensions are you looking for?

Mini PC Beelink J45 - Black 8GB + 128GB UK Plug £158 @ Gearbest
261° Expired
Posted 29th Oct 2019Posted 29th Oct 2019
Mini PC Beelink J45 - Black 8GB + 128GB UK Plug £158 @ Gearbest
It is a tiny pc which works well for web browsing, youtube, netflix, email, microsoft office etc. I have posted this because I want people to realise that you do not have to spend… Read more
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Interesting offer


If you're using it 24/7 there are environmental and power concerns for sure. OP isn't though, they're using it as a desktop in which case we're talking about maybe 10W vs 50W for 4 hours a day. 0.16kwh difference per day every day is about 58kwh a year or £8.76 at 15p/kwh. I hear you on 24/7 usage completely and am looking at replacing my underutilised x86 desktops-repurposed-as-servers with a stack of ARM boards. If I could make a 40W saving that's £50 a year, though it might be more difficult than I thought since the two of them idling with 6 drives in total spun up make for about 80W of consumption, I reckon 60W of that is the drives.


I would ask you about the power consumption, but I'd guess you won't know (I can't even see the CPU model stated). Great headline price.


Was about to like that post, then you got flippant about £10/year. Not to mention environmental harm. I've had my mini PC for years & often leave it on while away (to process recordings so that I can pick them up), so power consumption is a concern. 10W more 24/7 is approx. the cost of this unit over 12 years if my mental arithmetic holds. Heck an old P4 could cost as much in extra power as two of these over time!


Beelink T4 New Desktop Mini PC - Black 4GB RAM + 64GB EMMC EU Plug - £81.22 (With Code) @ GearBest
263° Expired
Posted 24th Oct 2019Posted 24th Oct 2019Shipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong Kong
Beelink T4 New Desktop Mini PC - Black 4GB RAM + 64GB EMMC EU Plug - £81.22 (With Code) @ GearBest
£81.22£110.6027%GearBest Deals
Mini PC with following specs: Intel Atom x5 - Z8500 Intel HD Graphics 600 / 4GB RAM + 64GB EMMC / 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz WiFi / 1000Mbps / 2 x USB3.0 / BT4.0 / Support 4K 30fps To red… Read more

Got slightly different use for this little guy, but thanks for feedback, very useful!


Works great. I have this little fella sitting next to my server and churning away at my CD collection that is being converted to .flac Enough power for a small home server and to do the conversion. 10/10 would recommend (also comes with W10 license however I have installed linux). So far I have converted around 100 cd's on an automatic script (can send link to setup guide via PM if you want it)


This is still live btw. @Halfang what's your experience so far?


Just got mine today. No import taxes, it was declared as a 20$ media player 🤫


Thanks for the heads up I haven't heard of this.

Apple Mac Mini 7.1 A1347 i5 1.4Ghz 4260U 8GB 10.11.2 2014 With Upgraded 8GB RAM - £225 (With Code) @ ITZoo
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Posted 6th Oct 2019Posted 6th Oct 2019
Apple Mac Mini 7.1 A1347 i5 1.4Ghz 4260U 8GB 10.11.2 2014 With Upgraded 8GB RAM - £225 (With Code) @ ITZoo
£225£24910%ITZOO Deals
Not a bad little machine for £225 as this has the 8GB RAM upgrade (can't be upgraded after on the 2014 models). You can upgrade the hard disk to a SSD easily though as this model t… Read more

My mate borrowed this off me that I'd upgraded to a 2TB SSHD (SSD would be faster but I was using it for media and photo storage etc). He's been using it with two decent displays and doing logic X work on it. Says has been a massive improvement from his MacBook Pro 2011. It's all use case and cost/power are just some factors. For me the 4K output was very useful.


Same and I think this is a good comment. When you look at the multicore scores on Geekbench, the i7 model is a superb performer. I only just bought another i7 quad for £350 on eBay (16GB RAM) for use with legacy software. £200 is a great price if you can get it. Pending your purposes, this deal is actually a good price for what it is.


Where from? Yeah very good as a server for Plex work machine as it’s quad core! Only bad thing is no easy eGPU and 1440p max output. Easy to swap the HDD for SSD and the RAM was the expensive upgrade.


This is back in stock if anyone wants it Is £270 good for this? Mini late 2012,i7 2.30GHZ, 16GB RAM, 1tb hdd


Having said that, the 1.4 Ghz is absolutely useless. The 2.6Ghz is available for little more elsewhere

ASRock DeskMini A300 Mini PC Barebone for Socket AM4 £107 @ Amazon
81° Expired
Posted 2nd Oct 2019Posted 2nd Oct 2019
ASRock DeskMini A300 Mini PC Barebone for Socket AM4 £107 @ Amazon
£107£139.9924%Amazon Deals
Great price for this little barebone PC. This is around £140-145 delivered from every other retailer at the moment. Only 1 in stock because I just bought one, but more on the way (… Read more

YEp good little box .. might have bought it at this price but its back @ £143 for now (annoyed)


Not that I can see I'm afraid. I do know that the price has only been this low very recently, because I've been watching the price of them for the last week. It's new enough that Google shopping hasn't picked it up yet. Hopefully it'll stay this price for a while.

pablo_el_diablo + Used Like New £104.86


Anything to say how long it is on for?

VOYO VMac Pentium N4200 Google License 4GB/120GB Windows 10 Mini PC 4K - £126.28 (With Code) @ Geekbuying
109° Expired
Posted 16th Aug 2019Posted 16th Aug 2019Shipping from ChinaShipping from China
VOYO VMac Pentium N4200 Google License 4GB/120GB Windows 10 Mini PC 4K - £126.28 (With Code) @ Geekbuying
£126.28£207.6339%geekbuying Deals
I found this coupon on this site: Pre-installed with … Read more

Wouldn’t touch this with somebody else’s. The description alone is not only confusing but cringy to read. Chinese Junk.


or a Lenovo Thinkcentre tiny. I picked one up for £19, had to add SSD, 4GB laptop memory, cpu and power supply, but had them all lying around and picked up the cpu for £18. You should be able to find one for under £75 and just swap the HDD for an SSD. Takes 2.5" and M.2 so could have an m.2 ssd boot and 2.5" 2tb HDD for media. Can also upgrade to i7


Damn! Doesn't post to Northern Ireland :-(


Spend a little bit more and get one of these SSD's are cheap enough to swap out the HDD.


I had a look... for the deal price it seems good.All reviews say the WiFi is poor. Upgrading to 8gb isn’t easy. Also fan noise is distracting. Great review here... appreciate the deal price, looks a nice item but it is ultimately limited by its size and I might like it when it arrives but get frustrated by it in 3-4 months time, but price I think is good

Beelink J45 Mini PC - Intel Pentium / 8GB RAM / 256GB HDD / Windows 10 £179.52 using code @ Gearbest
340° Expired
Posted 2nd Aug 2019Posted 2nd Aug 2019Shipping from ChinaShipping from China
Beelink J45 Mini PC - Intel Pentium / 8GB RAM / 256GB HDD / Windows 10 £179.52 using code @ Gearbest
£179.52£20412%GearBest Deals
Cheapest price available for the 256GB storage version. just use the code GBCNJ45 at checkout and untick shipping guarantee to get this price. ● Intel Apollo Lake Penti… Read more

From what I can tell, the Mi Box S (released late last year) is still on Android 8.1, which isn't ideal. The last update was in March/April.


*Android box. Android boxes never get long-term updates, regardless of manufacturer." I couldn't agree with you more there, lol. But could the same be said of Xiaomi Android/MUI boxes though?, or ... (genuine question by the way), thanx. As I know the Xiaomi phone's + tablet's are definitely on point, when it comes down to 'stuffs' like that, etc, etc. :-)


This is a Windows 10 PC, not an Android box. Android boxes never get long-term updates, regardless of manufacturer. Windows 10, on the other hand, will be updated indefinitely, as it is the 'last' version of Windows. The reason I don't use Windows 10 on my Beelink much is because it receives updates too often for my liking, forcing me to restart the PC when I need to use it. That's why I installed Linux on it, to avoid that problem.


The last Beelink android box I bought never received updates which is enough to put me off the brand.


I've got the X45. it came with a 128GB SSD. I added a 1TB drive to the 2.5" 'bay'. I'm extremely happy with it. I shrank the Windows partition and installed Linux Mint. I don't boot into Windows much because there seems to be a big new update to install every other week. Great little machine.

Mac mini 1.4ghz 4th Gen Core i5, 4GB, 500GB HD - PC World £234 (instore)
573° Expired
Posted 7th Jul 2019Posted 7th Jul 2019LocalLocal
Mac mini 1.4ghz 4th Gen Core i5, 4GB, 500GB HD - PC World £234 (instore)

+1 (y)


I had one and upgraded the drive to an ssd. You can get to the drive but some disassembly is required. It’s just a 2.5 inch drive. The ram sadly is not upgradable... These work really well if you want to host a Plex server and don’t want to have a windows machine in the house. For most users what this does as a desktop is more than enough. Even editing some basic video in iMovie. Or web development. Wouldn’t recommend it for video or serious photo editing but it’s not a pro machine so pros won’t even look at it


Because Apple are of course unknown for deliberately kippering their devices in order to nudge people to buy new devices. Apple always have your best interests at heart. Trust Apple. Oh yes.


Best thing to do is watch one of the many disamantle videos a number of times prior and then literally follow and pause it when you come to do it. As long as you take your time and care you'd be fine. Not sure exactly which one I watched but this video below covers it off well. I literally did fetch the whole lot out to do it as the drive I replaced was right at the bottom (technically the top but you operate on it upside down of course!):


I need to do the ssd upgrade but am scared!

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