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Updated 12th Dec 2020Last updated 12th Dec 2020 by Adao
Hi all Been looking at these for awhile and wondered if any knew of any difference between the two? Some reviews and websites state the magimix had a 1.8l tank vs the 1.2l on kru… Read more

thanks all! Will probably go for the magimix! (although not red as other half wouldnt be too pleased with the colour!)


I had a red magimix for around 2 years then it died. I used it 2 or 3 times a day. Good value for money. Now, I am on a bean to cup machine.


No different in terms of usage whatsoever


We have had our Krups Dolce Gusto machine for many years without any problems , so would think the Nespresso machine would be just as reliable . We are in an hard water area and this means the coffee machine has to be descaled every 4 months or so but that would depend on usage. We now have a bean to cup so our machine is now at the caravan. I wouldn't recommend a large water tank on any coffee machine unless you use the full amount every day, water easily goes 'off' after long periods at room temperature and taints the coffee flavour.


Yep its aesthetics. I have the magimix and has always been good. They both do a 1.2L and 18L version - i'd recommend paying the extra for the bigger tank just to reduce hassle of filling it up every couple of drinks as the vertuo pods tend to be for larger coffees.

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Updated 5th Nov 2020Last updated 5th Nov 2020 by JRSC01
San Pellegrino Essenza - Tangerine/Strawberry or Dark Cherry/Pomegranate
I am just really asking if anybody has tried these and what your opinions were, i am currently researching a couple of flavours for the Insiders UK and bought 4 packs for £3 each i… Read more

I was the same, but i noticed they also wee asking others to pick them up a few days later, so i think it was all done in batches too, admittedly I was already heading over ASDA in any case but yes it was all a bit hurried. Yes I also had a few campaigns with stuff delivered too, but usually avoid the self ordering or deposit ones. Another campaign however i am on they are sending the stuff, so not sure if this was just a one off due to the weight of the cans and spillage concern during shipping? They do taste OK though, and its not something i usually buy at all.


Didnt bother picking these up , they gave me 48 hours to purchase them and apply for the refund , don’t know if I just got the email late , but honestly did they not consider most people have a life (lol) This doesn’t seem to be the ideal time to trawl the shops for things , I preferred it when they sent the product to you directly, although I appreciate it cost them more .


Didn't like them to be honest. Tastes like sparkling water with a splash of cordial. I'd rather have Sparkling Water, or the right amount of cordial


Sounds good (y)

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Best Nespresso machine?
Hi, I’m looking to buy my parents a Nespresso coffee machine but unsure which is the best opinion. I’ve heard the new machine is only compatible with one type of pod. I am wanting … Read more

Not sure if you saw this -


As said the original machines brew shots but you simply press the button again to make bigger cups, all be it that the second and subsequent press dilutes the strength.


We have a Latissima+ (think it’s called the Latissima Touch now) had it for years and still going strong, we buy Amazon’s Solimo pods, which are like £10 for 100 capsules, and they work great with it


Buy a bean to cup machine, refurb ones from delonghi usually sold by them for around £200 and last for your years. Perfect coffee, flat white, espresso etc! And massive choice of beans...


Yes your right the vertuo range is exclusive to nespresso so you can’t buy the cartridges at supermarkets - as the capsule is copyrighted to nespresso. The original line is available at nearly every supermarket as the copyright lapsed years ago. The 3rd party capsules range from absolutely dreadful to nice, it’s really hit and miss and mostly down to personal taste, I prefer the original ones but the Starbucks ones are really good from the supermarket. One thing to bear in mind is the environmental impact of these machines, I bought the original nespresso because they offer a recycling for the aluminium cartridges they use, but quite a lot of the 3rd party capsules use plastic and can’t be recycled so I’d stick to the aluminium ones if possible - I know there’s still quite an impact but it’s lessened by the recycling

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Updated 19th Sep 2020Last updated 19th Sep 2020 by Haircut_100
I just want a white nespresso machine not cream
For the life of me I cannot find a small original nespresso machine in bright white. Anyone??

Just Google "white Nespresso machine" looks to be several white ones, if you can't find one that is the exact shade of white you are looking for then maybe there isn't one.

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Updated 8th Sep 2020Last updated 8th Sep 2020 by alg
£1 Nespresso Coffee Machine With Subscription From £20p/m
Get a Nespresso coffee machine for only £1 when you subscribe to one of their coffee monthly subscriptions for 24 months. Subscriptions start from £20 per month which gets added… Read more

Which includes £480 for coffee. The £20 a month allows you to pick coffee from their website, to order when you want it. If you have the machine, you'd probably be buying coffee for it anyway. It just depends if you want genuine or third party coffees. I'm neutral on this as I don't own a Nespresso machine, so no idea if it works out as cheaper than buying in the shops.


So £481 your paying for it. No thanks

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Updated 27th Jul 2020Last updated 27th Jul 2020 by tds09k
Nespresso Coffee Machine Advice
Good Evening I am thinking of replacing my Dulce Gusto machine with a Nespresso version, honestly the milk is just getting too overpowering in them and the black coffee just tastes… Read more

Hi, If anyone is looking for a fab coffee machine... Here's a fab offer... Buy 200 pods at £106 and Nespresso will give you a coffee machine for free....


Instead of changing the machine, why not try 'compatible' brand coffees. There's plenty on Amazon for a start. I've just bought these Caffeluxe and think the coffee is great, nice and smooth with no bitter aftertaste. I just add milk or cream and liquor, depending on what type of 'coffee' I fancy.