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Pyrex large roaster and baking tray from £2.70 @ Tesco (Royston Hertfordshire)
08/06/2020Expires on 08/06/2020LocalLocalPosted 9 m agoPosted 9 m ago
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsi… Read more
Joseph Joseph Drawer Store with Cutlery Tray - Dark Grey - £10.21 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non-prime)
234° Expired
Posted 6 h, 57 m agoPosted 6 h, 57 m ago
Looks like cheapest ever according to 3 Camels

I put one of these in my desk drawer. It's really good for organising stationery.



Still £10.21 for me


Weird, it's gone back down for me too now, anyway - ordered, thanks OP. Have some heat (y) (y) (y)


It’s gone back down to £10.21 I’ve just purchased! I already have one these and they’re honestly fab!

BRITA Marella Water Filter Starter Pack with 3 BRITA MAXTRA+ Cartridges £14.55 (+ £4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 7 h, 40 m agoPosted 7 h, 40 m ago
Seems like a decent price for this product, especially for prime members. Featuring Micro Carbon Pearls which reduce chlorine and organic impurities improving taste and odour of… Read more
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The Optima Evolve filters seem much better value. I recently got a years supply for £15 on Amazon.


I have no idea i saw on another thread you can get wilko cartridges that fit also but notices on amazon 6 filters are £20 so works out alot cheaper than all the bottled water i buy


I've just put my last Aqua Optima filter in my jug but want to change it as I don't like the design. Has anyone used both filters, what's the difference if there is any? I've never used the Brita ones. I usually get the 60 day Optima ones and they last most of that time before they need changing. Reviews for the Brita ones say change in around 3 weeks so could the filters work out more expensive?


Ordered never had one before but with 4 of us in the house more than usual the amount of water bottles we go through is ridiculous


Very good value considering the cartrides are more than £10 on their own...

Eagle Hand Held Metal/knife Detector Body Scanner - Connevans - (£1.80) £8.16 delivered @ Connevans
Posted 7 h, 46 m agoPosted 7 h, 46 m ago
A fairly niche device (dependent upon your neighbourhood I suppose) but priced a lot lower than anywhere else and on that basis I'm posting it. I've no idea how effective it is but… Read more
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I took onboard all those comments about these been crap so I’ve just ordered one of those x-ray scanners you get in the airport instead, bargain at only £225,000 each. Just need the trailer to carry it around with me now.


Haha, it’s when the buzzer goes off in areas where it shouldn’t! All those piercings! (lol) (lol)


Maybe he married a 20 year old? His MIL might be quite nice?! XD



Ann Summers do similar for a fiver

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Philips Daily Collection Blender Pro Blend 4 -Free Delivery + 2 years warranty
Posted 7 h, 55 m agoPosted 7 h, 55 m ago
Fresh smoothie and food made easy This Philips Daily Collection Blender offers a 400-W motor, 1.5-l jar and ProBlend 4 star blade combined to create perfect end results for your s… Read more

This blender does not blend that well


Thank you! Ordered. My daughter has got into smoothies during lockdown- this will be ideal. (y) 🏻


Great find! Thank you


Just ordered! Thanks

Lidl Ernesto Espresso Maker £6.99 instore @ Lidl Glasgow Maryhill
Posted 15 h, 42 m agoPosted 15 h, 42 m ago
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop… Read more



"Covid-19.Perfect for lovers of strong, flavourful espresso" Wait, what?


The Aldi version was a 6 cup, as I bought one myself. Bear in mind that, in my experience, an Espresso in the UK is larger than an Espresso in Italy. Italian visitors to the UK are amazed at how much coffee there is in ours.:{


Honest question. I have an aeropress which I use a lot, love it. Any benefit in getting this?


Managed to pick one up in Aldi a couple of weeks ago reduced to £1.99, but it is in battleship grey, and is a 6 cup version, but hey it works! I have a nespresso machine and an Aeropress but my wife prefers coffee made with this.:{

Used - Acceptable - De'Longhi Magnifica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine ESAM 4200.S, Silver £167.25 @ Amazon Warehouse
Posted 19 h, 8 m agoPosted 19 h, 8 m ago
INTEGRATED GRINDER: Includes an integrated Coffee burr grinder with 7 adjustable coarseness levels; the beans are ground instantly for fuller flavour and a fresher cup of Coffee … Read more

No stock left at this price


207 now


That's a bit overkill? But fair enough. I'd be concerned about plastics in the bottles but I guess if you boil and pressurise them with coffee it maybe a good enough filter. (y) We just use brita for ours and do limescale rinse once a 2-3 months. I'm tempted to see if you can slap some vinager in it and see if it helps. But I may need to source a spare one if it goes to pot (seals and stuff perishing) :D


Had mine (in black) for 6 years now. Still going strong. I only ever use bottled water in it, just cheap 17p stuff, but it stops limescale & give it a good clean out once a month if you’re going to use it everyday. Coffee tastes excellent (depending on the bean).


I bought one "used like new" for £151. 46 on 28th March 2018 and it was brand new. Still going strong, used many times every single day.

Pataks Cooking Sauce 450g for £1 each / Tikka Masala, Jalfrezi, Madras, Balti, Butter Chicken, Mild Korma & Medium Hot Rogan Josh @ Tesco
16/06/2020Expires on 16/06/2020Posted 19 h, 15 m agoPosted 19 h, 15 m ago
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsib… Read more
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Just add two tablespoon chilli powder in Pataks Madras sauce for phall hot & 1 tablespoon for Vindaloo.(y) you can do the same with Jalfrezi sauce as well.


Not necessarily - the pastes often insist you use either 1/2 or the whole tin per curry, and cost the same as the sauce jars. I like making curries from scratch, and used to use the pastes all the time, but when I can't be bothered I just use one of these + a tin of chopped tomatoes or coconut milk. Saves time and tastes great.


I didn't know fish had fingers.


No more phall.... I had 1 few weeks ago.... Shame


Most places very often have them at a £1

NUTRIBULLET Starter Kit - Graphite - £28.97 @ Currys PC World
473° Expired
Posted 20 h, 59 m agoPosted 20 h, 59 m ago
Ok price including delivery if your in the market for one. Could even be some quidco or nectar points if bought via these sites. Info pasted from website: Top features: - Easy … Read more

It was showing for me too however at checkout it went out of stock and I couldn’t proceed to order was annoyed! I then googled the item and found on curry’s ebay store its still showing in stock so could possibly check both places if anyone wants to order


Still in stock on Curry's website. Just ordered one! :)


Was able to order through curry’s eBay store, it is in stock for those who missed out there is a few left. eBay item number 133282109193 Thanks OP


Back in stock now. So be quick!


Managed to order one just now :)

LG GBF61PZJZN Fridge Freezer with Water Dispenser £469 with code (£369 after cashback) @ PRC Direct
14/06/2020Expires on 14/06/2020Posted 21 h, 2 m agoPosted 21 h, 2 m ago
NatureFRESH™ Enjoy fresh food and produce. Delight your senses for a joyful eating experience. LINEARCooling - Keep Food Fresher for Longer The LG Inverter Linear Compressor he… Read more

Overpriced and does not work correctly


Good price. Just wish they’d do a plumbed one at standard 60cm width. Only plumbed dispensers seem to be the double door American style or 70cm wide single door...

Circulon Ultimum High Density Forged 28cm Square Grill - Cast Fittings £54.95 delivered @ Circulon Shop
Posted 21 h, 56 m agoPosted 21 h, 56 m ago
Get an extra 10% off when you sign up to their newsletter Ideal for grilling homemade burgers or sausages, this 28cm square grill pan from our Ultimum range is an ideal addition t… Read more
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Those non stick pans need to be used very carefully. Apart from can’t use metal utensils, you can’t use those to cook anything with bones in. Even one, yes one, fish bone will damage the surface :(


I bought pans from this range thinking they would last me for life... I was wrong! One of the pans weirdly ended up with a flat edge (hadn’t) been dropped, returned to the store as was within 12 months and was replaced ‘as good will’ since then I have dropped the frying pan and the same thing has happened. I don’t expect this from such expensive pans. I will not buy from this company again!


I see! I don’t have it anymore, but I remember when I first got mine there was a care “manual” in the box, and it definitely mentioned conditioning them with oil after use . This was many years ago so that advice may have changed, but it hasn’t done them any harm- quite the opposite. Anyway, sorry to hear you’ve had nothing but trouble with them!


According to Circulon professional non stick care instructions online it says nothing about having to oil after each wash. I’ve heard you do that for steel woks but not non stick. In fact it says oil is not needed and may cause it to burn and bond to the surface affecting the non stick qualities


Very strange indeed. Do you avoid using washing up liquid on them, and oil them after use per the care instructions? I have had the Infinite range pans for years and they still look as good as new!

Ninja Foodi 6L Multi-Cooker OP300UK £179 at Ninja Kitchen
Posted 23 h, 47 m agoPosted 23 h, 47 m ago
Extra 20% for blue light card holder

The grill version is very well rated but the big plus with this one is the pressure cooking capability. Just depends what you mostly want to use it for.


Fab device. Hardly ever use my hob or oven now. Bakes, air frys, pressure cooker and saute are my main uses. Home made chips in the air fryer are brill. Healthier way to cook. Would defo recommend.


I can't decide between this and the grill version.


Same price Argos, Currys, Amazon, AO. £170 from Very if you BNPL, with new account, get £30 off first spend. (not incl BL card)


Blue Light Card The discount service for the Emergency Services, NHS, social care sector and Armed Forces. We provide discounts online and on the high street through a physical Blue Light Card. If you are in the UK's Emergency Services, NHS, social care sector or Armed Forces basically another discount card if you work for the above initially you pay £5 for it but you can save on loads of things including this deal gives you 20% off even if its already on sale (y)

Brita Maxtra+ 6 Pack Cartridges £20 (+£4.49 non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Absolute lowest price according to Keepa. Featuring Micro Carbon Pearls which reduce chlorine and impurities for improved taste and appearance of food and drinks Maxtra+ contai… Read more

That's because you're wrapped up so tightly in your nice, safe little cocoon of nationalism that you have absolutely no idea you don't know what you're talking about and you probably wouldn't care even if you did. The fact we have some of the best water quality in the world does not mean that we don't have limescale, because we do, and it doesn't mean that these filters won't help, because they do as well:…tml "Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it." - George Bernard Shaw


It does (y)


You hang on to that mate if it makes you happy. Enjoy your weekend.


Only UK water which is one of the best In the world


I work in the water industry so speak from experience. But it sounds like your water must have some strong additives that make you sound absurd. Are you sure you drink water these days?

Morphy Richards Coffee On The Go Filter Coffee Machine (Includes Thermal travel mug) £19.99 prime / +£4.49 non prime @ Amazon
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Totally aimed at prime users or find a cheap item to nudge over £20 mark for free delivery for non prime. Save yourself a trip to the coffee bar on your way to work by using your … Read more

Have you got help?


Sumatra gayo Highlands by grumpy mule. Very good coffee imo, but this is very personal. Recently I tried the Costa Rican beans from Costco but felt like I was drinking ashtray. Not nice.


Same. Theyve recently changed it though and don't like the new house blend/espresso; so now get the French blend from Lidl.


I use the coffee from Aldi tastes pretty good to me


I use a breville coffee express machine attached to a smart plus controlled by Alexa

Breville Lustra (Stainless Steel) Kettle now £35.50 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Available in Grey or Cream. FREE click & collect from Waitrose stores. Matching toaster is also on sale for £32.

£32 delivered at Amazon:


It's about where it should be priced imo, nothing special if you read the reviews apart from "looking nice".


£32 on Amazon -


I suspected John Lewis were price matching... You got a good deal- are now selling the grey set for £70 (other colours are £90).


Got both kettle and toaster it’s price match from for £57ish

Nespresso by Magimix Vertuo Plus Limited Edition £69 del @ AO
09/06/2020Expires on 09/06/2020Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Nespresso by Magimix Vertuo Plus Limited Edition Plus you can claim 100 capsules and a carry coffee mug from Nespresso before 9th June, which essentially make the machine free. P… Read more

ah i gotcha, i have the inissia magimix and its died a horrible death and im looking at which one to replace it with, knowing i still have about 150 odd leftover l'or pods :(


Not sure if you mean the old system or the Vertuo. Yes you can pump more water from the old system but that's through about 7g of coffee so that's all it is, water. Vertuo has more coffee in the pod, hence a full strength mug sized drink.


you know you can change the volume of water flowing through by holding the buttons down right? or am i missing something here?


+1 We were using two pods in the old machine to get a cupful compared to one of these. Also, we drink our coffee americano and frankly you knew the difference with the cheap pods.


Got this from Nespresso about a month ago as an upgrade from our original style machine. Much much better. Makes a better cup of coffee, and we were using two pods to make a full cup now, so working out significantly cheaper. Much better system all round and a bargain at this price. (y)

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