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Imagine how hard it would be to start a day without coffee. More and more people are noticing the difference between instant coffee and what a good coffee machine can offer. That's why coffee machines are becoming a big deal in the UK. All kinds of coffee machines can be found on the hotukdeals listings, always with big discounts. Read more
Morphy Richards Coffee On The Go Filter Coffee Machine (Includes Thermal travel mug) £19.99 prime / +£4.49 non prime @ Amazon
Posted 13 h, 38 m agoPosted 13 h, 38 m ago
Totally aimed at prime users or find a cheap item to nudge over £20 mark for free delivery for non prime. Save yourself a trip to the coffee bar on your way to work by using your … Read more



Oops didn't quote. Please see above 😁


I just bought a pack in M&S.. I cut them down as they are too big


Hi Mate, which paper filters do you use please? If you can send me the link for them on Amazon it would be really appreciated :)


I use this with my hive plug... Well not now I'm not commuting. It works great. I use a paper filter in the plastic one. Not only does that make a stronger coffee but also makes cleaning a breeze.

Nespresso by Magimix Vertuo Plus Limited Edition £69 del @ AO
09/06/2020Expires on 09/06/2020Posted 20 h, 37 m agoPosted 20 h, 37 m ago
Nespresso by Magimix Vertuo Plus Limited Edition Plus you can claim 100 capsules and a carry coffee mug from Nespresso before 9th June, which essentially make the machine free. P… Read more

+1 We were using two pods in the old machine to get a cupful compared to one of these. Also, we drink our coffee americano and frankly you knew the difference with the cheap pods.


Got this from Nespresso about a month ago as an upgrade from our original style machine. Much much better. Makes a better cup of coffee, and we were using two pods to make a full cup now, so working out significantly cheaper. Much better system all round and a bargain at this price. (y)


Well I toyed between this and the £1 machine with subscription, but they are now 24m term, nowhere as good as before when it was 12m.


From the Nespresso site, you must purchase the machine by 9th June, but you have until 30th June to register your claim for the 100 free capsules. Wondering what the new Nespresso offer will be after 9th June.... hoping for a decent free capsule offer on the original system, although I think I'll be disappointed.


Thanks thats a well balanced comment. I didn't consider the size of the pod. In that case the extra cost the the Vertuo pods do makes sense. And definitely wasn't aware of the length of the patent. Personally I think Nespresso pods are one of the best, so this new machine is bad at all, although tiny bit expensive to refill pods.

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De'Longhi Autentica Cappuccino, Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso Maker, ETAM29.660.SB, Silver and Black-£499.99 @ Amazon
Posted 22 h, 52 m agoPosted 22 h, 52 m ago
ONE TOUCH: Automatic Coffee Machine offering the Bean-to-Cup functionality; preparing Espresso and Cappuccino has never been so easy thanks to the touch control panel and the one t… Read more

Normally £350 at currys ?


It's a great machine, but check out the delonghi ebay outlet first for a damaged box job...


I paid around £400 for the Eletta. Great machines but I wouldn’t go in at this price at all unless I desperately needed one. Cheaper to go for the bean to cup from Costco. I believe they have a Melitta which has good reviews and is going for £300.00.


I also got mine in the £300 bracket, so unless you desperately needing to buy it now I’d hold out.


Not the best price looking at the camels?

De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino, Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Machine ECAM 45.760.W - £627.68 @ Amazon
-65° Expired
Posted 22 h, 58 m agoPosted 22 h, 58 m ago
Bring the Italian coffee experience to your home with the chic De'Longhi ECAM45. 760 eletta enjoy velvety cappuccinos and the smoothest espressos with this easy to use bean-to-cup … Read more

This has been as low as £470 at amazon before, so afraid not a good deal.

De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine ESAM 4200.S, Silver £265.48 @ Amazon
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino, ESAM 4200.S, Silver. Reduced from £299.99 to £265.48. Advertised for £273.60 here: https://www.h… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Missed this comment, you can just run the descale function with normal water and the light will go out all the same ;) I do imagine it may be worth doing once in a while, but the water my father uses doesn't even scale the kettle so there really is no need. It's the best thing about living in Wales, lots of rain and the water comes straight from a natural spring from the mountain. I am thinking of buying the same machine my self but I would use a reverse osmosis filter on the water first.


LOL yup but, a deal for 8 fruit shoots for £1 plus £4 delivery went to over 300 degrees the other day, when 4 packs are available in poundland..... If you can figure out what makes a deal here you are a better man than I.


Exactly, but my point is this is not a deal, it's the normal price.... why do people post things on hukd just because they like something. It's called hot deals not just any deal...


To be honest I think our water is pretty mineral free too "Birmingham" but, hate the flashing light and descale tablets are only pennies so figure why not?


My father has this machine and he paid about that too but he bought his about 10 years ago and it is still going strong which is surprising considering it has had daily use and he does not keep it clean or do any sort of maintenance. No need to descale it though as the water is lime free which must help! When I visit I have cleaned mold out of it on multiple occasions though.... (lol)

Breville All-in-One Coffee House, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Dolce Gusto Compatible  - £219.99 @ Amazon
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
About this item All-in-one system for authentic espresso, filter coffee and capsules Easy to use: Auto-detect senses your chosen attachment and provides the appropriate brewing o… Read more

I purchased and can confirm build quality seems great for the price point and coffee of good quality. Tried various beans, pods, and methods etc and quite please with results. Iced coffees with syrup easily nicer than Costa / Starbucks (probably as perfected what I like). It will require an external bean grinder but this doesn't fuss me as quite satisfying grinding my own beans. The steamer works fine, not the fastest but it certainly does the job... I guess that's a good thing to not heat the milk too quickly though! Only complaint is pods... But that's the pods themselves... Machine recognises suggested size etc but for me they are either not strong enough or too watery which makes sense I guess! Also a bonus it can fit under a travel cup! Will save me a fortune from buying a 'decent' coffee every other day!


I'd also be concerned that this is jack of all trades, master of none. This might be a better option if you can stretch the extra cost. I recently got the ECAM23.420 which is great. Without comparing the specs in detail, I expect it's pretty much the same machine but with digital controls. These suit lazy sods too as they are bean to cup - no messing around with tampers and such like. Fill it with beans and water, turn it on, let it warm up, press a button and there's your drink. Has a steam wand on the side if you want steamed milk drinks.


Wonder why this didn't take the Sage badge?


For lazy sods like me? Seriously tho, I miss my proper espresso machine. Does anyone know if this is any good? I’m sort of concerned about the “versatility” really being complexity and code for, “will do everything mediocrely and probably break quickly” (:I (flirt)


I don't disagree, easily nicer! However, in my house not everyone is a coffee drinker but really enjoy the pods and milk frother for hot chocolate, mocha etc so ticks all the boxes for us. I agree though I prefer proper espresso over pods!

TASSIMO by Bosch My Way TAS6004GB Coffee Machine Red , White or Black Free Del £79.99 @ Currys eBay
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
- Personalise your drinks with adjustable settings that are remembered from person-to-person - Auto-cleaning between drinks prevents flavours mixing between cups - Choose from … Read more

Tassimo are selling it directly with a 5 pack of pods for £89.99 -


Costco usually have this at 75 quid. You can get the my way 2 with water filter for 80 quid from most places including amazon so unless I'm missing something this doesn't feel like a deal?

De'Longhi Magnifica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino, ESAM 4200.S, Silver £226.84 @ Amazon
336° Expired
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Great price for this machine, it’s a great starter into the world of bean to cup! Had mine for about a year and use it a couple of times a day, cleaning is a bit of a bore, but f… Read more

At some point it's likely to start spilling coffee grounds everywhere inside the machine. The fix is to strip down the brewing unit, clean and regrease with food safe silicone, and maybe replace the seals too. There's videos on YouTube. I've also had to replace the whole stream wand and knob mechanism as that started leaking, and that was relatively easy to do too.


I’ve had my machine for almost five years now. I use it twice a day and absolutely love it. It requires very little maintenance. It makes a brilliant coffee.


Got this machine and cannot recommend it enough. Robust and makes 2-3 cups a day. Had it 2 and a half years now. Definitely worth the step up from Nespresso!


Got the De’Longhi Autentica ETAM29.510.B For £200 from the same shop (£250 less 20% voucher) - awaiting delivery......... mmmmm coffee


Back up to £265.48 now

Sage SES500BTR The Bambino Plus Espresso Coffee Machine 15 bar Black Truffle £249 @ AO / eBay
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Not the best price ever, but by far the best price I can find at the moment Sage SES500BTR The Bambino Plus Espresso Coffee Machine 15 bar Black Truffle £249 Also the same price … Read more

Apart from that it's from a that it's from a Sage approved supplier with 12 months warranty. But your choice


Used no warranty and from outside UK, what could possibly go wrong?


I’ve been trying to track down one of the Grey - Smoked Hickory ones but just can’t find one.


I don't blame you, Costco was a good price, but fyi my stock alert from currys/pcworld came back and said that they will not be getting any more stock. Also that German 1 on ebay was showing 2-3 weeks delivery time. I've been trying to get a reasonably priced one for 3 weeks since my coffee machine broke, second hand have been going for this much on ebay so right now this is a good price for me. If your happy to wait a few months though you should get it cheaper.


Personally I'm holding out for Costco or PcWorld having these back in stock at lower amounts. It's from Germany and dented but this might of interest to someone

Free Sage Appliances online barista session for Sage coffee machine owners (up to £40 - details in post).
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Like most of my posts, this may be a little niche but hopefully will be useful for some folks. Learn coffee making skills for your Sage coffee machine either virtually or in a co… Read more

Yeah, I love mine. Have had the Delonghi Lattissima touch and a Delonghi bean to cup and they haven't compared to this machine. I agree with the in built drinks, I have a list of my own ones that I have set up!


Thanks, I'd quite like to look into the art side. Ended up with a machine that did it all for me though... Not sure I'd have survived lock down without my Creatista Pro! Wonderful machine with a brilliant steam wand that does it all for you. (Not convinced by the in built drink settings, but easy enough to change. A flat white to me needs more texture on milk and hotter milk - a froth of 4 and the highest 'hot' setting - not very hot is my ideal).


Different Breville to the one in the UK - the name was sold off in the 80s hence the same products being sold under the name Sage Appliances. Heston is still associated with the brand:


OP These are no longer sold as 'sage by heston', they are Sage Appliances, a brand of BREVILLE, not sure how they (breville) justify the markup tbh.


Okay, might still take a look as I want to polish up my coffee art skills. Can't quite get it right...

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine (black) - £60 @ Amazon
220° Expired
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Black unit price dropped to £60 (free delivery with Prime) White and grey models both more expensive. Ultra-compact design: Very small footprint 33 cm x 8.4 cm x 20.4 cm (L x W… Read more

Pods add up... Ger a Pump espresso machine of a bean to cup if you can afford it


Nespresso are the nicest pod machines but there exactly that. Expensive. Bean to cup convert for 3 years now. Cost £270 for machine but it's defenitely been more cost effective in that time Not knocking it


Dammit! Waiting for a deal on Original Nespresso, and one comes and goes within an hour!


Grey is £75.00, other two colours seems to be £86.16. £60 would have been a bargain!


The price seems to have gone back up to £85. Gutted as this would have been a bargain!

Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Espresso Coffee Machine - Red or White £49 + £3.50 delivery at John Lewis & Partners - 2 year guarantee
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Highest rated Coffee Machine on Which. Free collection or spend an additional £1 for free delivery. Using 10-bar pressure, this modern machine extracts a perfect crema-topped sing… Read more

I realise that the machine is important but, for me, the quality and price of the pods is more important. The beauty of the original Nespresso machine is the range of compatible pods that you can buy. If you want to, you can buy the Nespresso branded ones for about 35p a pod all the way down to about 6p a pod for Amazon's Solimo branded pods. Personally, I never buy Nespresso pods because I drink so many cups a day that the total cost would soon mount up. My favourite make is L'Or which I normally pick up from Amazon for about 17p a pod using subscribe&save. I did buy them once directly from L'Or when they had two vouchers that double stacked. There were 19 different varieties so I got a few packets of each of them. The problem with this machine is that there isn't the same range of compatibles out there. There are some, and perhaps the range will grow if the machine becomes more popular but, for now, I will stick with my Nespresso pod machine plus my De'Longhi bean to cup.


Anyone got any experience of using for compatible capsules?


Great info thanks (y)


You could buy the capsules from most supermarkets. 16 capsules cost around £4. Alternatively, Amazon sells 16 boxes for £49.95 which is around £3 a box. I own both this and a Nespresso and personally I find that the coffee tastes more intense and creamer with this. It’s rated very well on Which.


Well crack on with your own deals rather than criticising others. That’s the job for a mod, of which you are not.

Russell Hobbs Chester Grind and Brew Coffee Machine 22000 - Black £58.99 @ Amazon
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
This is essentially a much larger version of the bean to cup filter coffee deal I posted yesterday for £40. 12 cups instead of 2. Next cheapest is on AO for £65, it's over £100 els… Read more


Great deal if you meet the criteria for membership. Unfortunately plebs like myself would need to pay VAT on top of that plus a 5% fee .. I wonder if AO will price match Costco?


That was a delivered price as well


£50 is a great price for it. Wish I were closer to a Costco


Was £49.99 del from costco but out of stock again now, so amazon deal is good price for what it is. Seems to be regular price at amazon?

Delonghi EN500W Nespresso machine with Milk frother £119.99 delivered Delonghi direct @ Ebay
211° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
I just missed this by a week, bought the Innisia from Currys and the frother from Aldi. But hopefully helps someone else, good reviews and seems like a fantastic product for the p… Read more

I agree, I have this machine. Take the milk parts off immediately rinse through until clear with hot water tap. I’ve not had any clogging problems and makes epic flat white or cappuccinos


Have this machine along with a range of other capsule based and espresso machines and I rate it pretty highly. You need to get decent quality capsules. You can make big drinks but you'd have to run the milk device a couple of times and refill. Cleaning parts is literally seconds once you have the disassemble and assemble routine down. you can put it all in the dishwasher, the milk parts I mean if you prefer, or every day or two. I default to a flat white, so first capsulke in and run. Extracts for around 23 sconds and cuts off. Add the milk container and a second capsule and press. This runs the milk foamer and a second extraction. A 5oz cup and job done. Really pretty good. To avoid milk deposits you wash through the milk foamer each time. If you're lazy you'll get problems no doubt. It's less mission using this this machine than a pro espresso machine and milk wand. Just discipline needed. I paid £80 for mine delivered as an ex demo machine. so worth a shop around.


Doesn’t have the best reviews on Which


I agree though about the self cleaning, I use to rep for them and it was ALWAYS clogging because of milk deposits. Don’t even get me started on the amount of milk you get. For better temp control and a true barista taste buy separate nespresso and aerrocino. Better to buy a smaller nespresso


Wouldn't suggest this machine. Brought it just recently for the modern look but it's just not worth the hassle. The milk frother doesn't have a self clean function, And you have to clean about 5 parts after every use, Even then I just don't feel it's hygienic due to the amount of nooks and crannies that milk can hide in. Resorted to using my old Aerroccino for frothed Milk.

De'longhi ECAM23.420 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine (Refurb)- £215.99 - @ eBay / delonghiuk
257° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Been debating last few weeks whether to get a Nespresso or B2C machine (quality and costs being one of few factors). This popped on offer today and it was a no brainer! Use code '… Read more

Received this morning with a total count of 12 coffees (which have been made) on the machine


Exactly my maths too. Worked out I would genuinely save money. not the usual tell myself it saves money as I spend a fortune on somethnig.


You'll end up drinking a lot more coffee. I'm not even going to look at the counter on mine.ECAM25.462


I've got an earlier Delonghi model and don't have this problem, as it seems to regulate steaming ok, so can make 2-3 drinks no problem consecutively..I would get it looked at, although I don't know if it's a quirk of this specific model.


I have this machine but it seems incapable of making two milk based drinks in a row as the steam wand either overheats or runs out of steam after using it for a minute. And then steam comes out the side/drip tray and it makes a hissing sound. Before that point it steams milk fine but only enough for 1 drink. Is this normal and is this just to prevent it overheating? Or should I get it looked at by someone?

Morphy Richards 162100 Bean to Cup Grind and Brew Coffee Machine, Glass, 600 W, Black/Brushed £40 @ Amazon
270° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Saw someone post this on AO which charges for next day delivery, and the deal expired. I noticed its the same reduction on amazon, and free delivery with prime. Hope its useful to… Read more

Or just do it all by hand lol


Agreed and you can buy a cheap filter coffee machine for around £12 and a burr grinder when on offer from around £35 which would IMO make a much better purchase


Back up to £ 80


Same process but different vessel? Or actually a different process? It says bean to cup in the description.


Looks similar-ish to the Kalorik Bean To Cup I got last year (also has a blade grinder, I've actually never used the grinder, I really should). No timer function on mine. I'm happy with the coffee it makes, some aficionados may not be. It has a removable plastic/metal mesh filter, though make sure you put it in (I sometimes forget) or it will piddle brown water all over your worktop. The "paint" on top of the unit is flaking off but that's probably my fault because I put it in the dishwasher. You can remove most bits to give it all a clean but obviously the water inlet/outlet can't be cleaned. Not sure if running a descaler through it might work. I used to have a "real" bean to cup machine (a Saeco Xsmall) but that thing drove me mad. It was always overheating and spitting out grains then flashing errors - gave it to boyf.

Morphy Richards Evoke Grind & Brew 162100 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for £40 delivered @ AO
288° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Neat and versatile bean to cup coffee machine. Free delivery and comes with 2 years warranty. (y) £40 (Was £64) Enjoy a rich, aromatic drink any time thanks to this fantastic… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Don't even think about getting these beans! just Get them, had mine delivered a couple of days ago and they make fantastic coffee, just ordered another bag, THANKS!


ADVICE ON THIS MACHINE - SAVE LOT OF EFFORT - If you are not used to these kind of machines can I advise that you rinse this out ASAP after making the coffee, press button on left of the top and lift, rinse out thoroughly, then rotate the top lower oval piece on the machine that this bit came out of ANTI CLOCKWISE about 1/2 inch and it then lifts up, pull out the filter using the tab in the middle and give a good rinse, then rinse the holder you took that out from, then replace all remembering to lock the bit CLOCKWISE you previously unlocked. IF you leave the coffee residue in the machine it will be harder to clean out, doing it immediately is a breeze, 1 or 2 mins, hope that helps (y)


Nespresso Altissio ... setting the bar high there then (cheeky) . At that price per kilo though I might give their smaller bag a go and see what it's like, I'll probably stick to my Square Mile Red Brick though. It tastes amazing but damn is that coffee expensive (£30 a kilo! Worth it though)


WoW! What a GREAT little machine, especially with grinder and timer, arrived yesterday set it up by my bed, this morning the grinding woke me up (takes about 20 seconds), it then takes about 2 minutes to make the perfect 2 cups of coffee, I used Kirkland (Costco own brand) Starbucks coffee beans, between the grinder waking me up and making love with my wife it was perfect timing as the two cups of coffee dispensed into the glass jug which we then poured int our mugs. I don't think I will ever just make 1 cup as I wouldn't have enough time if it reduced to a minute, got to wake up as well ;) (lol)


Arrived this morning , all set up, registered for the extra 12 month guarantee. Had a Easy to clean and tastes better than my old Tassimo. Thanks op. (y)

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones + Free Cuisinart Coffee Machine worth £49 ish - £239.99 With Code @ PRC Direct
421° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
And the award for the most random bundle deal in the history of bundles, goes to PRC Direct for this doozie. :D Good deal though I'd say, the Purifier worth about £70 currently a… Read more

Code expired


Thanks bud, have updated


£10 code still working plus..... Free Cuisinart DGB1U Coffee Machine worth £50 Certainly more appealing to me than the original offer!


Only seems to take £10 off now


I've just tried the code and it worked for me?

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