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Famously advertised by movie legend George Clooney, Nespresso machines allow coffee lovers to brew gourmet cappuccinos and espressos in the comfort of their own home. Simple to set up and use, Nespresso machines are relied upon by hundreds of thousands of Brits to perk them up in the morning. You’ll find every type of Nespresso at huge discounts by checking the Nespresso hotukdeals listings. Read more
Amazon Brand Solimo Nespresso compatible capsules 100 Lungo £7.84 (Prime) / £12.33 (non Prime) at Amazon
Made hot 18th AprMade hot 18th Apr
Obviously not as good as the original, but still not bad, can always use 2 and it will still be less than half the price of the originals.

THey are very good considering the price!


Back on now at £8.23




If you subscribe, how does the postage work, I don't have prime..


Back again, at £8.23

Starbucks Nespresso coffee pods 90p instore @ Asda Kingsway, Gloucester
LocalLocalMade hot 14th AprMade hot 14th Apr
Starbucks Nespresso compatible capsules, House Blend (7 strength) reduced to 90p. Unsure if nationwide, these are normally £3.49 so I'm not sure where they got the old price of £1.… Read more
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Yeah they are great, I have to give them Kudos for that! I just more people would use it, as half the time the store employees don't know (the managers normally do though) what I'm on about or they've run out of bags :/


It's worth stressing that Starbucks will recycle any Nespresso compatible capsules. I always have 2 recycling bags in use - a Nespresso one and a Starbucks one.


Picked up a bag, thanks for the heads up


Had no idea this service existed, I will do this, thanks.


I love how there are so many ill-informed quips on here. Pick up a recycling bag from any store. Fill-up said bag with your used capsules. Return to any store. That’s what I’ve been doing forever. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a pictorial step-by-step guide:

Nespresso Compatible Capsule Coffee Maker by TEXET - Instore £24.99 At Iceland (Wolverhampton)
LocalLocalMade hot 13th AprMade hot 13th Apr
Compact coffee machine from Iceland Food Warehouse. Found in Wolverhampton store. Bought 1 for me and 2 for work. Compatible with Nespresso pods. I buy the Aldi versions or th… Read more
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This is the first coffee machine I've had so I can't compare. It works well and is small. It doesn't froth milk so I bought a little handheld whisk for £6 which is great.


I have an old Tassimo, but it's been on cupboard so long (put at when needed descaling and had no tablets) that I might replace it. How would this compare? Assume doesn't froth milk?


Thats great thank you. I managed to find some bits on youtube about it. It seems very straight foreward to use.


Oh no! I will post a photo of mine when I'm home. Basically get the water tray out then take the orange rubber bit off before putting the filled water cylinder on. Then press the cup button on the top to start it


Just picked one up for a pressie for my parents, got it home and no instruction manual in the box ;(

Magimix M600 Nespresso Vertuo machine (with. 100 free capsules via redemption) - £79.99 @ Currys
Made hot 13th AprMade hot 13th Apr
Absolute steal! £100 off RRP plus you get 100 free capsules, which being a Vertuo machine, is worth at least £43. You wouldn't buy a coffee machine and no capsules so this effectiv… Read more
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Anyone know what the expiry is like from Nespresso? I have no more than one coffee a day and if it comes with 100 wondering if will last 3-4 months


Reserved online, went to the store looked at the display model. Hmmmmm not so sure, shame the black wasn’t the same price.


As the man said in the orthopedic shoes, i stand corrected.


WoW! Thanks for the info. The ones I bought from Iceland had a May 19 expiry date so I was afraid they wouldn't get all used in time


Yeah, because nobody innovates anymore, right?

Recycle Nespresso pods for free via collection or drop off and get a free Nespresso recycling bag @ Nespresso
Refreshed 9th AprRefreshed 9th Apr
I didn't know about this and like to think that I keep myself "In the know" so thought I'd share in case anyone else didn't know about it either as I can't see anything mentioned p… Read more

You can still put the aluminium ones in a Nespresso recycling bag so just buy one set of pods from Nespresso with a bunch of recycling bags. Also as a new Nespresso customer you usually get a great offer for first orders


Aye. Greenwash at its finest. I suppose it's better than nowt (or is it)?


Haha so true! Why not use the refillable ones? Then you can use yer own coffee and make it even cheaper and tastier? I've repaired a coupla these things not good in England you lot have a lot of hard water its what causes 90% of these machines to fail. (angel)


I will be arranging a large collection next week! :)


Haha I wish. My understanding is if the bag has a actual handle they charge.

L'Or Nespresso compatible capsules - variety 100-pack DOTD £17.99 (£22.48 non-Prime, £17.49 S&S)
Refreshed 8th AprRefreshed 8th Apr
These are the best compatible Nespresso capsules available IMHO, and the variety pack is rarely this cheap. £17.49 with 5% Subscribe & Save discount or as low £15.29 with the… Read more

Cafe lor isn’t 100% Arabic that’s the expensive coffee and Starbucks and Taylor’s state this . Cafe lor is just random ground coffee and aluminium seal may help freshness but I’m not convinced it’s better coffee that other the capsules


Ah, sorry, I get you now! That's a stonking deal!


There's no extra 15% voucher for this variety pack, but there is for most of others. Please check the website.


Definitely £12.59.


Or any other s&s item.

Nespresso Expert Coffee Machine, Black by Krups for £139 at Amazon
Made hot 31st MarMade hot 31st Mar
Americano feature Bluetooth Smart technology Three different temperature settings Distinct design with cutting edge flat-to-the wall design
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They’re not. Krups is part of group SEB and Magimix is French. All Nespresso machines are manufactured by an OEM with the exception of DeLonghi Lattissima range, Sage Creatista range and the KitchenAid range. Magimix and Krups simply distribute them in certain markets and that’s why there are branded Machines. If you look at Vertuo machines on Nespresso’s website you will see they are simply branded as Nespresso, yet the same machines through other retailers are branded either Magimix or Krups.


There's no evidence to suggest that they're the same company. Do you have a source?


Magimix is just an alternative brand name used by Krups- they are exactly the same machine. Krups use the name in markets that remember their munitions making past. Magimix is their ‘soft’ brandname.


Correct, current promotion is on Vertuo Line only. John Lewis have Vertuo machines down from £199 to £109 plus 100 complimentary capsules.

L'or Nespresso Capsules Pods - £2 @ Asda (Instore & Online)
Made hot 30th MarMade hot 30th Mar
L'or Nesspresso Capsules Pods £2 Asda 7 different types Probably the best alternatives to Original Nespresso Pods Ideal for someone who does not live close to the boutique or do… Read more

Absolutely minging!


I thought Starbucks were ok, the front and back in foil which is good. Don't taste better than this but they are a good alternative


These being aluminium is the reason why these are a good alternative, it's safer in the machine mechanism, plastic pipes take a little more force


Me too!


What’s truly awful these lor capsules

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L'OR Espresso Ristretto Decaf Intensity 8 - Aluminium Nespresso compatible coffee  Pack of 10 100 Capsules £20 / £14 with code s&s at Amazon
Made hot 28th MarMade hot 28th Mar
15% voucher on these and they can be added to subscribe and save.lowest possible price is £14.00current offer price is £20.00 pre voucher. save an additional 5 or 15 % using subscr… Read more

That is true


they should all be good for a latte, - I use splendente (out of the LOR pods). if you are making a big mug, you probably would need two pods. Coffee houses would generally put two shots of espresso into a med or lrg milk based drink.


Which are good for laate / milk based drink ? Out the door like a smooth bold strong flavour ideally similar to coffeehouses


I have a s&s for the splendente & Columbia. The defcaf I have not yet tried. Ordered blind


Which one you reccomend

Cru Kafe - Original Light Roast - 10 pack Nespresso compatible (Aluminium) - £1.55 Instore Tesco's (Goodmayes)
LocalLocalMade hot 28th MarMade hot 28th Mar
Bright and balanced with notes of citrus and flora, our Light Roast was the first blend we ever created - and one that has more than stood the test of time. Only this flavour is r… Read more

These were reduced to clear for £2.44 in Tesco's at Trowbridge when checking yesterday


Weak like water.


No personal experience of these, but tend to think if you're going to give up the convenience of the single use pods then you might as well just use a regular espresso machine.


Is it worth getting reusable capsules


Empty shelf where these were in Cheltenham store.

Amazon Brand Solimo Nespresso* Compatible Lungo capsules (100 capsules) - £7.93 / 8p/capsule (+£4.49 non Prime) @ Amazon
Made hot 13th MarMade hot 13th Mar
First post: if you have Amazon Prime, you'll get 100 (2 x 50) of these Nespresso* Compatible Lungo capsules for £7.93, working out at just 8p per capsule, best I've seen in a while… Read more
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Thank you Sir.

winchman £7.26


Anyone suggest good capsules


gone up ? now £14.44

Nespresso EN550.B Lattissima Touch Automatic Coffee Machine Black @ Amazon Warehouse Described As Used Acceptable £85.43 Delivered
Made hot 9th MarMade hot 9th Mar
amazon has a few of these in stock.used acceptable are £85.43 used good £100.23 used very good £105.93.john lewis sells this machine for £199.99.yes its a nespresso but for those i… Read more
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what worked well for me was add a teaspoon of cocoa powder to a bit of hot water, then top up with milk, turned out better than capsule varieties


Sort of, but not in 1 button push. I have the same model, and the bottom right mode button only froths milk (doesn't do anything with the coffee part). You can put a spoonful of cocoa in the mug while it pours the milk and stir it at the same time. Mind you, the flavour is nice but the texture is a bit too "foamy" even at the lowest froth setting. Also, there's an updated Lattissima Touch model which looks nearly identical, but has different modes and the milk-only setting is (apparently) dropped. In short though, don't bother with this if you want it only/primarily for hot chocolate.


Bump, I was wondering the same


Can you make hot chocolate from this or is there a similar machine that can, one button push and out comes hot chocolate all frothed up for you? TIA


(y) (y) (y)

NESPRESSO by Magimix Vertuo Plus M600 Coffee Machine - Piano Red + 100 capsules - £79.99 was £180 @ Currys
Refreshed 7th AprRefreshed 7th Apr
In store and online by the looks of it. Down from £180 on Curry’s site, next cheapest seems to be £119.99
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Thanks OP; I picked mine up yesterday. The reason for the reduction is that the coffees have a best before date of end April 2019. I was impressed that the sales assistant pointed that out to me before I paid. I prefer a larger coffee, and this is a step up from the Dolce Gusto machine I'd used previously.


As I said I really like the lungo. The flavour is great, with espresso beans you get an interesting flavour that you can't really get with filter or espresso machine. The 7g espressos are really nice too. Not so sure about the bigger 230ml ones, they are 14G of coffee and they are OK. Refilling them didn't work that well for me, because I think you need a different grind so the extra volume of water can get through the extra volume of beans. Sadly most of my free 10 boxes were the larger size.


Apparently Vertuo has been out in the USA for a while are were intended to be more like filter coffee which is the favourite coffee over there rather than espresso. 10 grams per cup is about right for filter coffee.


If you look at the boxes, it tells you the net weight, you can divide by the number of capsules to get the weight of coffee in each capsule. It's quite possible that even for the same size, different types of bean/roast have different weights. Because I'm refilling them, I also cut one of mine open before use to check the grind and smell, and the amount of space in the capsule (they rattle a bit when you shake them). At that point I weighed the amount of coffee inside and it was just under 10 grams.


I couldn't find much info about the amount of coffee in these, someone on Reddit said 12.5g but obviously that's not official.

Sage Nespresso Creatista Royal Champagne Coffee Machine at Argos for £236.99
Made hot 4th MarMade hot 4th Mar
Nescafe does for me but this looks a good deal for coffee connoisseurs. £399.99 other reputable sellers. Good reviews and reasonable stock. 2 year guarantee. Coffee options: espr… Read more
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What are your settings. I bought one after everyone here raved and I just can’t get a coffee as nice as the nespresso..


I have had this machine for about 15 months. The Plus gives you smaller steps between the heat and froth min and max settings and I think the Plus is supposed to heat up a couple of seconds earlier but otherwise very little difference. The Plus does occasionally go down to £270 on Amazon with some sort of Nespresso pod incentive (c£50 worth of coffee) but we're talking about 2-3 24hr price drops per year. If you're in the market for a Nespresso machine this is a good price for an excellent machine. The steamed milk is far superior to the alternative Nespresso options.


The difference between this and the plus is the plus has 11 heat setting for milk and Vs 8 the plus has 8 froth settings vs 4 settings Just the colour options other then that all they are all internally thr same on all Nespresso machine


Useful info and nicely explained


I have the plus version of this machine and it’s brilliant. I have gone through the whole “coffee journey” including everything from expensive espresso machines and grinders through to bean to cup and also other pod machines. The grinder/espresso machine option in theory will give you the best coffee. What I found was that it was to difficult to get that fantastic shot of espresso consistently - you had to get grind, pressure, tamp weight all 100% correct to pull the perfect shot - I couldn’t get good enough to get a perfect shot every time. The issue with the bean to cup machine for me was I would fill the bean holder with beans and then be stuck with that variety until it was empty unless I wanted to empty the bean container which was frankly a pain. I started my nespresso experience with their basic machine. This gave me a (for me) good quality espresso shot which was consistent every time. The only thing I couldn’t get was good milk. Using a milk wand manually gave me inconsistent results. I tried various milk frothers but I didn’t like these - I prefer steamed milk which these didn’t do. I then came across this machine. Not only does it do a good consistent shot it also steams the milk automatically. I do not know if there is a difference between my plus model and this one but with mine I can choose how hot I want the milk and how much foam. This is all programmed using the screen on the top of the machine - press the go button and it heats and froths the milk automatically and even cleans the steam wand once it’s finished. What I have now is consistency of quality and a variety of coffee flavours I can use any time.

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine by KRUPS £62.99 (£50.39 until 3/2/19) instore @ Tefal Outlet Store Castleford
LocalLocalMade hot 3rd MarMade hot 3rd Mar
Went to junction 32 outlet today. Found the Krups Essenza for £62.99 which is a bargain in itself. This weekend only they also have 20% off in most stores at the centre. You … Read more

Good one 😁


So is it just that they have a diuretic effect?


I like the pods. It's a quick fix in the morning and the Aldi/Lidl ones that fit aren't bad either. I'm not a coffee expert but I enjoy these and this machine is the most consistent I've used.


Are the pods that bad?


Great wee machine!!!

Café Royal Lungo Nespresso machine compatible Pods. 33 pack RTC - 50p Instore @ Sainsburys (Middlesbrough)
LocalLocalMade hot 1st MarMade hot 1st Mar
Large box of pods Reduced to clear at Sainsburys in Middlesbrough. Also have many other brand such as Taylors, Starbucks etc. Seems like they are making way for new stock so nearl… Read more
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CAFEPOD 20 Nespresso Compatible pods - All varieties 50p RTC @ Sainsburys instore (Middlesbrough)
LocalLocalMade hot 28th FebMade hot 28th Feb
Found these just getting reduced to clear in my local sainsburys store in Middlesbrough. They were £5.00, now 50p Lots left on the shelf, I didn't buy them all.
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4.50 in chelmsford


£4.50 in Luton bramingham


I paid £2 for the 12 'supercharger' pods a few weeks ago. They're weak as pee and not worth 50p



10 Asda Extra Special Vezzoso Lungo Nespresso Compatible Pods - Others also reduced. - £1.24
Made hot 27th FebMade hot 27th Feb
Asda have halved the price of their Nespresso compatible Vezzoso Lungo pods to £1.24 for 10 - 12.4p a pod! I picked up some packs in store, but they are also available online. … Read more

Picked 2 packs up from Kirkcaldy Asda, they had around a box and a half left. Decent for £1.24! Cheers OP.


Oos for me. Shame




Alu or plastic?


How do they taste in comparison to other brands??

Cafepod Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods - 10 Capsules £1.50 Asda
Refreshed 20th FebRefreshed 20th Feb
Cafepod nespresso compatible coffee pods 10 pack £1.50 asda insotre (intense, live wire and supercharger all on offer) 15p per pod (y)

any reccomendations for pods


The Nespresso machines themselves can be quite cheap. Some of the cheaper "compatible" pods can be really good (though it is a bit hit and miss)...


Never understood why you'd buy a Nespresso machine then get crap quality pods. Each to their own.


Just a warning - these aren’t good compared to Nespresso. I got 2 on a certain cash back app (so £1 each) and they just really are poor quality. For 10p a pod, not bad as a one-off, but if you care about your espresso quality, don’t stock up on these!


Looks like the end of this comment has been deleted!

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