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Famously advertised by movie legend George Clooney, Nespresso machines allow coffee lovers to brew gourmet cappuccinos and espressos in the comfort of their own home. Simple to set up and use, Nespresso machines are relied upon by hundreds of thousands of Brits to perk them up in the morning. You’ll find every type of Nespresso at huge discounts by checking the Nespresso hotukdeals listings. Read more
Nespresso Vertuo Plus - Expert Membership
LocalLocalFound 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
So I went to start another subscription, but wasnt available in the machine colour I wanted, staff said well machine is normally £199, down to £129. The as an expert member I got … Read more

No, Nespresso does not sell it's capsules on Amazon. All of them are through resellers only. Can only claim them through Nespresso directly!


Original nespresso capsules are now no longer patented because of the time they've been on the market. I expect Vertuo is an attempt to regain customers lost to competitors as the patent will protect it from copy capsules for about 10 years.


Espresso shot on the machine, so double espresso with hot milk gives me about 250ml kinda flat white.


I’m just thinking I could make milk drinks reasonable on the normal Nespresso with the Lungo capsules plus you can get third party alternative , whereas these will cost 52p each almost double the price I know you get more coffee but I wonder if the taste is that different ... hmm


I bought a machine just before Christmas from Amazon and claimed the capsules.

Nespresso Essenza with Aeroccino in white £98.70 delivered with voucher code @ jdwilliams
26/03/2019Expires on 26/03/2019Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
The Nespresso XN111140 Essenza Mini White Bundle Capsule Coffee Machine is a very small and compact footprint machine which is easy to place and move in the kitchen/house. Features… Read more
Amazon  Solimo Nespresso* Compatible Ristretto capsules, 100 capsules (2 x 50)  pods £10.83 (Prime) / £15.32 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Following on from @gerriohear Lungo deal. Amazon Nespresso compatible pods £10.83 for 100 so 11p each. +£4.49 non prime. Amazon Brand Solimo Nespresso* Compatible Ristretto c… Read more
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Nope. These are great for the money imo. Better than a lot of "premium" pods.


Received these today, and they are not nice at all. Tastes like weak percolated coffee, then again that might be your ‘cup of tea’ as they say , but not for me. Leaves me with 95 to use on guests😁


Just ordered some Lungos - Currently on L'ors at work. Am I going to be very disappointed?


I ordered a box of these last time and they dont taste any stronger or different to the Lungo. Stick with the Lungo and keep your eye out for a deal on L'or Ristretto if you want a really nice coffee.


Is this compatibile with Tchibo cafissimo?

Amazon Brand Solimo Nespresso* Compatible Lungo capsules (100 capsules) - £7.93 / 8p/capsule (+£4.49 non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
First post: if you have Amazon Prime, you'll get 100 (2 x 50) of these Nespresso* Compatible Lungo capsules for £7.93, working out at just 8p per capsule, best I've seen in a while… Read more
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gone up ? now £14.44


Im on prime how do i get this price? churp


Odd, perhaps it's account specific... With amazon prime doing the recurring subscription service.


Code doesn't work


Make a subscription to the product with code SNS20 and get 20% off this already discounted price (then cancel the subscription order). Should work out under 6p per pod! Excellent deal!

Nespresso EN550.B Lattissima Touch Automatic Coffee Machine Black @ Amazon Warehouse Described As Used Acceptable £85.43 Delivered
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
amazon has a few of these in stock.used acceptable are £85.43 used good £100.23 used very good £105.93.john lewis sells this machine for £199.99.yes its a nespresso but for those i… Read more
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what worked well for me was add a teaspoon of cocoa powder to a bit of hot water, then top up with milk, turned out better than capsule varieties


Sort of, but not in 1 button push. I have the same model, and the bottom right mode button only froths milk (doesn't do anything with the coffee part). You can put a spoonful of cocoa in the mug while it pours the milk and stir it at the same time. Mind you, the flavour is nice but the texture is a bit too "foamy" even at the lowest froth setting. Also, there's an updated Lattissima Touch model which looks nearly identical, but has different modes and the milk-only setting is (apparently) dropped. In short though, don't bother with this if you want it only/primarily for hot chocolate.


Bump, I was wondering the same


Can you make hot chocolate from this or is there a similar machine that can, one button push and out comes hot chocolate all frothed up for you? TIA


(y) (y) (y)

Nespresso Inissia XN1005 by Krups from (Italy) in Red or Black - £58.22 Delivered
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
I posted a link to a DeLonghi nespresso machine on earlier, but have since also found this one on It's slightly cheaper at €58.58 + €7.02 postage (note, the di… Read more
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At home I grind fresh beans and use a traditional espresso machine, but I find nespresso type pods pretty useful for a quick, clean and easy solution at work (although not very environmentally friendly). I've been using a Wacaco Minipresso in the office which I'd originally bought for camping/travelling, and fancy getting a proper machine that can sit somewhere discretely and not make too much noise or mess. I find the Aldi ristretto pods pretty nice and they're only about £1.80 for 10.


I've got this machine along with several others, personally I find Nespresso coffee is average at best and fairly expensive (great if your not into strong coffee or only drink it occasionally as the machine and pods are very compact). Other brands such as Lavazza make significantly better coffee. There have been better deals on this machine recently, PC World sold it for £59 with £10 off Nespresso voucher, 165 free coffee pods, and a free Nespresso travel mug, still some heat for the currently offer price.

DeLonghi EN 125.S Nespresso Pixie in Silver from £62.35
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
This same model is £130+ on Amazon UK, but only €62.89 + €7.30 postage from Germany. If you have a foreign currency fee-free credit card (such as Halifax Clarity) this works out to… Read more
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As an alternative, I've also found a Krups Inissia for a similar price on Amazon Italy. See:


Yes, but you can either swap it for a 3 pin plug (I'm showing my age now, but no appliances came fitted with plugs when I was a kid, you had to fit one after you bought it!!), or buy a simple EU to UK adapter.


So this would have a eu plug not a 3 pin as in the uk

L'OR Espresso Profondo / Splendente / Supremo   - Nespresso* Compatible  (Pack of 10, 100 Caps total) £20 / £14 with S&S Amazon
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
£20, with a 15% voucher and 15% off via S&S equals a low price of £14 for 100 capsules or 14p per capsule. You need 5 items a month to get the 15% S&S saving in addition to… Read more
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it says "15% extra saving on the FIRST Subscribe & Save delivery" - so remember to review the price again after your first order has been sent as you won't get the 15% voucher of subsequent price and the S+S prices do vary from month to month, so what was a deal initially, may not always be .


for those wanting to "bulk" up the S&S


subscribe to cheap stuff like plasters :-)


Without S&S - same price as at Sainsburys/Asda (current offers)


Mine won't show the reduction :/ Only getting 5% due to not having enough subscribe and save products (flirt)

NESPRESSO by Magimix Vertuo Plus M600 Coffee Machine - Piano Red + 100 capsules - £79.99 was £180 @ Currys
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
In store and online by the looks of it. Down from £180 on Curry’s site, next cheapest seems to be £119.99
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That’s a total contradiction.


Not only that, and as much as I'd love to flaggelate myself over this, and how morally superior it is to blame the consumer, I really do feel that it's the responsibility of nation states and other organisations e.g. EU to mandate that manufacturers make their goods easily disassembled and recycled by for example limiting materials that can be used somehow. Although we all have to play our part in fixing this seemingly doomed planet, it's no good if the temptation is there for the majority. Perhaps if we can also make changes so that people can have decent jobs disassembling this crap we would have a chance! By the way, I walked to the office today, past some schoolchildren who were on strike with banners and I almost got a tear to my eye thinking about their simple optimism and effort and how futile it might be because they are powerless in the face of the forces at work higher up...


Although I appreciate your intentions in reducing waste, personally I don't like the mokka pot they are too strong and taste burnt. Also if you had read all my comments you may also have noticed I am refilling the capsules not just consigning them to landfill.


So...what's the point? Why buy this plastic crap that's reinventing the wheel? Use an Italian stove pot that has a massively smaller negative environmental impact than these skip fillers. The pods are floating in the sea so they just don't make any environmental sense. Don't buy these coffee machines!


I tried one a few months ago in the Nespresso boutique in Knightsbridge. I didn't see any appreciable difference between the coffee from the Vertuo machines and the regular Nespresso machines.

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Sage Creatista Nespresso Machine - £261.99 @ Argos
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Seems a great deal, hasn’t been on offer for a while now!

This or thenppus


261 quid plus the rip off capsules? No thanks!


This does capsules only right ?


Yep. Just saying. Original title was that it was the plus version


Still a hot deal

Sage Nespresso Creatista Royal Champagne Coffee Machine at Argos for £236.99
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
Nescafe does for me but this looks a good deal for coffee connoisseurs. £399.99 other reputable sellers. Good reviews and reasonable stock. 2 year guarantee. Coffee options: espr… Read more
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What are your settings. I bought one after everyone here raved and I just can’t get a coffee as nice as the nespresso..


I have had this machine for about 15 months. The Plus gives you smaller steps between the heat and froth min and max settings and I think the Plus is supposed to heat up a couple of seconds earlier but otherwise very little difference. The Plus does occasionally go down to £270 on Amazon with some sort of Nespresso pod incentive (c£50 worth of coffee) but we're talking about 2-3 24hr price drops per year. If you're in the market for a Nespresso machine this is a good price for an excellent machine. The steamed milk is far superior to the alternative Nespresso options.


The difference between this and the plus is the plus has 11 heat setting for milk and Vs 8 the plus has 8 froth settings vs 4 settings Just the colour options other then that all they are all internally thr same on all Nespresso machine


Useful info and nicely explained


I have the plus version of this machine and it’s brilliant. I have gone through the whole “coffee journey” including everything from expensive espresso machines and grinders through to bean to cup and also other pod machines. The grinder/espresso machine option in theory will give you the best coffee. What I found was that it was to difficult to get that fantastic shot of espresso consistently - you had to get grind, pressure, tamp weight all 100% correct to pull the perfect shot - I couldn’t get good enough to get a perfect shot every time. The issue with the bean to cup machine for me was I would fill the bean holder with beans and then be stuck with that variety until it was empty unless I wanted to empty the bean container which was frankly a pain. I started my nespresso experience with their basic machine. This gave me a (for me) good quality espresso shot which was consistent every time. The only thing I couldn’t get was good milk. Using a milk wand manually gave me inconsistent results. I tried various milk frothers but I didn’t like these - I prefer steamed milk which these didn’t do. I then came across this machine. Not only does it do a good consistent shot it also steams the milk automatically. I do not know if there is a difference between my plus model and this one but with mine I can choose how hot I want the milk and how much foam. This is all programmed using the screen on the top of the machine - press the go button and it heats and froths the milk automatically and even cleans the steam wand once it’s finished. What I have now is consistency of quality and a variety of coffee flavours I can use any time.

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine by KRUPS £62.99 (£50.39 until 3/2/19) instore @ Tefal Outlet Store Castleford
LocalLocalFound 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Went to junction 32 outlet today. Found the Krups Essenza for £62.99 which is a bargain in itself. This weekend only they also have 20% off in most stores at the centre. You … Read more

Good one 😁


So is it just that they have a diuretic effect?


I like the pods. It's a quick fix in the morning and the Aldi/Lidl ones that fit aren't bad either. I'm not a coffee expert but I enjoy these and this machine is the most consistent I've used.


Are the pods that bad?


Great wee machine!!!

Café Royal Lungo Nespresso machine compatible Pods. 33 pack RTC - 50p Instore @ Sainsburys (Middlesbrough)
LocalLocalFound 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Large box of pods Reduced to clear at Sainsburys in Middlesbrough. Also have many other brand such as Taylors, Starbucks etc. Seems like they are making way for new stock so nearl… Read more
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CAFEPOD 20 Nespresso Compatible pods - All varieties 50p RTC @ Sainsburys instore (Middlesbrough)
LocalLocalFound 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Found these just getting reduced to clear in my local sainsburys store in Middlesbrough. They were £5.00, now 50p Lots left on the shelf, I didn't buy them all.
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4.50 in chelmsford


£4.50 in Luton bramingham


I paid £2 for the 12 'supercharger' pods a few weeks ago. They're weak as pee and not worth 50p



NESPRESSO by Magimix Vertuo Plus M600 Coffee Machine - Piano Red £79.99 at currys pc world
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
A warming cup of coffee on a winters morning is just what is needed! Wife loves this but we got it in black a while back, red would liven up the kitchen a little more. free deliver… Read more
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You must be joking. Try calling them! Very rude and useless company.


Thought nespresso were renowned for their customer service. This is a great price for a great machine


Piano red. Lol. Such a common colour for a piano.


Nespresso are the useless company. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻


'These guys' as in Currys PC World or Nespresso? :/ Either way, this machine uses Vertuo capsules, not the classic ones and these are only available by Nespresso.

10 Asda Extra Special Vezzoso Lungo Nespresso Compatible Pods - Others also reduced. - £1.24
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Asda have halved the price of their Nespresso compatible Vezzoso Lungo pods to £1.24 for 10 - 12.4p a pod! I picked up some packs in store, but they are also available online. … Read more

Picked 2 packs up from Kirkcaldy Asda, they had around a box and a half left. Decent for £1.24! Cheers OP.


Oos for me. Shame




Alu or plastic?


How do they taste in comparison to other brands??

Tassimo 60 Coffee Pod Storage Drawer & Machine Stand in Black or Grey £9.99 Del w/code (Nespresso also £9.99) @ Shop4World - Mother's Day?
Refreshed 22nd MarRefreshed 22nd Mar
Have bought a couple of the Tassimo versions of these & have been extremely pleased with them, great quality & paid far more - they're ideal to give with machines as housew… Read more

Tell him to crack on


My dad saves all his empty pods up in a black bin bag and when it's full, he burns them in his back garden. He says that they catch light very quickly and he doesn't have to pour on that much diesel to get them going. He's doing his bit for the environment because they aren't going to landfill or in the sea.


Grabbed the nespresso one, missed it last time it was on offer. Have some heat! Thank you!


It looks more like an outdoor thing than something stylish in the kitchen. Not my cup of tea.


I keep my pods in an old ice-cream container in a cupboard,It doesn't take up any worktop space at all! Sometimes I look for my favourite colour, other times I do a "lucky dip" and grab one with my eyes shut - talk about taking a walk on the wild side? I'm just that kinda guy! 8)

L'OR Espresso Variety Pack (Nespresso Compatible Capsules) Pack of 10, 100 Capsules £23.90 Amazon
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
L'OR Nespresso Compatible Capsules A good alternative from the full price Nespresso capsules. I've not tried them all but like the purple ones and going to give the others a go wh… Read more
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Decent deal, I recently paid £27.63 for these as a birthday present for my dad. Great coffee too and presumably recyclable anywhere that recycles genuine Nespresso capsules, as they're fully aluminium. I've picked up the Profondo packs for £17.99 in the past, but the variety packs are generally more expensive. Potentially even cheaper with Subscribe & Save: - £19.12 with 20% discount (if it's your first subscription) - £20.32 with 15% discount (for 5+ items) - £22.71 with standard 5% discount


Three camels suggests these have never been lower than £19.99...


I bought L'or supreme for £17/100 capsules during xmas offers, but never seen L'or varieties on offer for this low before, L'or is often sold at £2 in tesco and other retailers but only couple or few flavours would be shelved. Heat added.


This was around £18-19 for past few months


Are you sure? They're £2.50 at York asda and online.

Amazon Brand Solimo Nespresso* Compatible Lungo capsules- UTZ certified, 100 capsules (2 x 50) £7.26 (Prime) / £11.72 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Not tried them yet but worth a punt at this price This coffee was grown by UTZ certified farmers who implement better farming practices, with respect for people and planet. Nes… Read more
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yes i jammed a tea pod in mine as forgot to remove the plastic lid so removed water jug and tipped upside banged a few times and it opened up! phew thought I had broken my new achine!! Is there an easier way?


What he said. Drinkable. I will have in cupboard as back up for when I run out.


They dont jam and are a perfect fit. All capsules have the potential to jam if you dont site them properly before pulling the lever. Theses capsules arrived within days. They are fine. Not the best but at this price whose complaining. Certainly better than Taylors.


All the ones I've tried of this brand piece in all 3 areas


Cheers op

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