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Panasonic Eneloop Batteries
Hi, Im wondering if anyone knows where is the best place currently to get some Genuine Panasonic Eneloop batteries from please? I am looking at stocking up on rechargable AA batter… Read more

After doing some research I bought this a couple of years ago:


What charger would you all recommend? I've never had "good" rechargables before. I've only ever really used Energizer or I've tried cheap Lidl ones, but only used a basic Energizer charger I have. Don't want to ruin good rechargeable's on a charger that might damage them


I’ve. Purchased Panasonic eneloop pros on Amazon, Fujitsu also brand this battery. I have since moved to mostly IKEA, bought some during the last lockdown online from IKEA, all made in Japan. All the mentioned batteries still work great and recharge to the stated capacity each time at a 200ma charge.


I recently bought some Eneloops off eBay that turned out to be counterfeit -managed to obtain a refund. The AA (ones which I bought) should weigh 30g, the fakes weighed 24-26g. There is quite a lot of info online that advises on some of the issues to look out for.


I'm going to state the obvious here... Amazon? That's where I got mine a few months ago.

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10 Panasonic AA batteries delivered free with Amazon Prime
We’re about £2.50 just before Christmas

The 4 maxell alkaline for 99p are a better deal Zinc are garbage.


Panasonic batteries = NO


Terrible deal. You can get 20 AA Alkaline batteries for £2.99 at home bargains. (granted these aren't delivered, but this is still an awful price for awful zinc batteries)


Okay for remotes and clocks, not high-power devices.


These are Zinc, not much performance out of these.

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Panasonic TVs
Is there a big difference between the Panasonic HX600B and HX820B Tv's? I am looking at buying a new TV 49 to-58 in size ideally from John Lewis as I have some JL gift voucher. Th… Read more

This always makes me cry inside. How the mighty have fallen.


Thanks for replying, what TV would you guys recommend, I mainly just watch freeview, iPlayer, All4 and movies off usb sticks Ideally around the £500-600.. less would be good too.


The Panasonic supports Dolby vision which the Samsung doesn’t so picture wise I think it’s better but the Samsung’s have much better smart features so it depends what matters more to you. I got rid of my Samsung due to an issue with the lamps coming off at the back and it being only months out of warranty so I decided against another one.. The Panasonic has been great my only gripe is the plex app is terrible and plex don’t support it anymore and no Disney plus but I use my Xbox for those apps. The HDR and picture quality is a big improvement on my old mid range Samsung though.


Thanks guys. I usually go for Samsung tv's. Is the HX820 better than the Samsung TU8500?


Massive difference the 600 isn’t made by Panasonic I think it’s a Vestel

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Panasonic vs LG (TVs)
If you are not bother about HDMI 2.1!! Do you get a Panasonic TX-65GZ950B 65" UHD 4K Smart OLED TV- Dolby Atmos or a LG BX 65-INCH?

THanks for ur comment. I got the Panasonic in the end so should be super nice!! Not sure if I had to sell in two years... If I will loose so much money...


I bought the Panasonic in 55 inch. At the time I was deciding, the GZ950 was competing with the C9 and general consensus was the Panasonic has the best out of box picture and LG can just about catch up if professionally calibrated. So I am not sure on the picture quality advances on the CX. But if no interest in HDMI 2.1. I would just get the Panasonic and save a couple of hundred pounds.


I Don't care about the software lol. Want best picture


Id get the lg better software user expierience (y) (y) (y) (y)

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Updated 19th Nov 2020Last updated 19th Nov 2020 by .MUFC.
PANASONIC TX-65HX800B or SONY XF9005 65"
Both round £1000, but which one is the best??



Sony by far


I would go one up and look at the xh95 if you dont need the hdmi 2.1





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Updated 28th Sep 2020Last updated 28th Sep 2020 by Tom32s
Panasonic bread maker
Anyone know where to get one Or be alerted when one is available

Thanks guys


Probably too late, but now stocked by AO and Currys.


You can put your email address in on the item pages at Currys and you get an email when back in stock. Not sure about anywhere else.